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Link Favourites archive – 29 October 2009

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* Artificial heart breakthrough
* Super slow-motion camera can follow firing neurons
* Russia Develops Spaceship With Nuclear Engine

* Living wallpaper that devices can relate to
* Scientists make cells that form eggs and sperm in lab
* Genes drive behaviour, but culture can select genes: study (AFP)

* Brain responds to human voice in one fifth of a second
* Intel touts NAND-killer breakthrough
* Toyota Creates Its Own Flower Species to Gobble Harmful Gases

* Gene therapy repairs injured human donor lungs for the first time
* Fermi Telescope Caps First Year With Glimpse of Space-Time (w/ Video)

* Physicist makes new high-res panorama of Milky Way
* Liquavista’s E-Paper Plays Full-Color Movies

* Animated stereoviews of old Japan =
* Brain scanners can tell what you’re thinking about-

* Technorati index of science blogs –

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Link Favourites archive – 28 October 2009

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* ROPID can supposedly walk, run, jump faster than many other similarity constructed robots he can respond to voice…
* Architecture that repairs itself: Rachel Armstrong on

* Video – Muscle-Computer Interface Meets Microsoft’s Surface
* Technology Review: Muscle-Bound Computer Interface

* Check out this new YouTube feature: l
* Time Travel with Augmented Reality

* Photoelastic Touch takes the multi touch experience to a whole new level -…
* With Robot-Performed Virtual Autopsies, Your Corpse Gets a Stunt Double [Robots]
* Electrodes in Brain Give Insight Into How We Use Language
* Magnifye Makes Powerful 17 Tesla Superconducting Magnets That Take up 2 Million times Less Space and Are Cheaper to…

* Augmented Teddy Bear You Can Touch
* Self-powered smart window
* A Virtual Voyage Through the Brain of a Mouse

* Xerox Develops Ink To Print Circuits On Nearly Anything
* Robotis Demonstrates New Balance Sensor Module

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Link Favourites archive – 27 October 2009

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* Ibn Sina Is First Robot To Chat In Arabic
* Brother, NEC look to invade your retinas next year -…
* h+ Darwin’s Robots: Robot Swarms evolve effective communication -…
* Robot Bricklayer Flawlessly Builds 7000 Brick “Infinite Loop” Without Mortar [Robots]
* Petman Walking/Balancing Robot Is Like BigDog’s “Human” Master [Robots]

* Interactive Multitouch Sphere Will Make you Feel Like Gandalf [Multitouch]
* Robotic perception, on purpose
* Journey to the Edge of the Universe (Feature VIDEO)
* Seven questions that keep physicists up at night
* First Hyperlens For Sound Waves Created

* ProFORMA Rapid Model Acquisition –
* Genome: The future is now : Documentary —
* ISMAR09 Demos
* Top 10 Thinking Traps Exposed — How to Foolproof Your Mind, Part I –

* psaffo: Sunday Times: What’s your place in the brave new future?
* How The iPhone Is Blowing Everyone Else Away (In Charts)

* Rethinking What Leads the Way – Science, or New Technology? –
* Stacking Up the World’s Tallest Rockets (
* Martine Rothblatt What is Techno-Immortality?
* Doctors Work Towards Womb Transplants–But Are They Ethical?
* High-Tech Glasses Beam Info Directly Onto Your Retinas

* Does Economics Violate the Laws of Physics?
* I Want To Be Titan The Robot For Halloween
* Holy Grail Of Cancer Therapy: Researchers Find Way To Protect Healthy Cells From Radiation Damage
* You Are Not Tripping: This Car Is Real [Image Cache]
* Virtual Autopsy Table Makes a Dirty Business Clean
* Engineers create fingernail-size chip that holds 1TB of data -…
* GaitAid Augmented Reality System Might Help with Walking, Gait
* bebe le strange | poortaste:(via sparo)

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Link Favourites archive – 21,22 October 2009

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* University Of Maryland Demonstrates Mini Monocopter
* Robot Gets Swine Flu, Cries About It
* Reduced genome works fine with 2000 chunks missing –
* What’s Next In Augmented Reality?

* Collective intelligence – a large bunch of humans connected using suitable software and social networks

* Rene Daalder: Tinkering till the end of time
* How Engineers Think and How People Think
* Augmented Reality VIDEOS: MIT shares technologies showcased at #ISMAR-..

* Toyota shows a couple of concept vehicles with joystick control systems –

* Anders Sandberg: Cloud Superintelligence
* The GE Vscan Is Like a Having Ultrasound on a Cellphone –
* The Dancing Robot at GITEX!
* Industrial Robots Make Giant Custom Mosaics

* Timewarp: How your brain creates the fourth dimension
* Robot Controlled By Human Brain Cells
* Video – Redirecting Motion in Augmented Reality

* Total recall achieved
* Get Out: Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks Overnight (
* Roppie The Home Service Robot Can’t Dance

* Artificial Robotic Hand Transmits Feeling To Nerves

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Link Favourites archive – 17-20 October 2009

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* Ultracapacitor Bus Recharges At Each Stop
* Robotic Sperm Injection Into Egg Developed!
* Researcher honored for experimental work in nanotechnology -…
* Inhabiting a robot hand
* Infants able to identify humans as source of speech, monkeys as source of monkey calls
* For the First Time, Geneticists Diagnose Disease Through Whole-Genome Analysis

* Self-Propelling Bacteria Harnessed to Turn Gears
* Livescribe Pulse smartpen hits 4GB, launching app store (video)
* How to easily create AI chat bots from transcripts…
* Fwd: Chaoscope – a 3D strange attractors rendering software –
* Smallest Electronic Component: Researchers Create Molecular Diode
* To spot an alien, follow the pollution trail
* Henry Markram Builds a Brain in a Supercomputer
* Five Technologies That Could Change Everything

* Fold-up plane fits in the gauage. -…
* Evolution details revealed through 21-year E. coli experiment
* Hacked iPhone API takes AR to the next level
* 45 Beautiful Dual-Screen Wallpapers

* ViaMoi’s Photostream — Another interesting Flickr Set
* MIT’s Autonomous Helicopter: What if Big Dog Could Fly? [Robots]
* IdeaPaint: Turn Your Entire Office Into a Whiteboard
* Friday video: Car Configurator with MS Surface
* The Eye-Popping Moment When Human Life Begins [Mad Microscopy]
* Skiing Robot Races Down Slope
* YouTube’s Bandwidth Bill Is Zero. Welcome to the New Net

* Placebo Effect’s Neural Activity Photographed for First Time
* New camera promises to capture your whole life
* Wellcome Awards: The Most Stunning Medical Images of 2009
* Wires Inserted Into Human Brain Reveal Speech Surprise
* Physicists Calculate Number of Universes in the Multiverse
* Speed of Thought-to-Speech Traced in Brain (
* Laser creates false memories in fly brains

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Link Favourites archive – 15 October 2009

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* Spherical Robot Can Climb Over Obstacles
* David Calkins Interview by Sander Olson
* Master List of 500+ TED Videos With Summaries
* The “//” in URLs was a Mistake, Says Sir Berners-Lee
* The Future of Money
* Artificial Black Hole Created in Chinese Lab

* Body Computing Is a Glimmer of Hope in the Health-Care Chasm
* 3D CMOS camera for your cell phone?
* Facial width-to-height ratio predicts aggression
* Mass Spectrometer Smells Out Tumor Cells During Surgery
* Is This The World’s Smallest Astromech Droid?
* Hydrogen-Powered Navy UAV Shatters Flight Endurance Record

* Stanford Magnetic Biosensor 1000 times more Sensitive to Cancer Biomarker Proteins
* Internet coalescing into lump of Google
* BMW Simple Handles Itself Like a Real-Life Tron Lightcycle [Concept]
* iRobot Makes First Version of T-1000 or Number Six—We Will All Die Anyway [Robots]
* ‘Spider pill’ used for scans
* ‘Naked’ scanner in airport trial –

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Link Favourites archive – 13 October 2009

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* The Collider, the Particle and a Theory About Fate
* 10/GUI: One Very Slick Desktop Multi-Touch Concept (Video)
* HP LD4200tm 42-Inch Touch Display Hands-On: Meant For Retail
* Germans to build satellite rescue robots

* Video: Is your phone spying on you? Software that can turn your cell phone into a tool of espionage

* Android Application Development
* Internet Eyes
* Video camera that records at the speed of thought
* Video: Wi-Fi Imaging Lets You See Through Walls

* NASA – From Nothing, Something: One Layer at a Time
* Recession creating a lost generation: High unemployment is damaging the future for America’s youth
* Spider Pill Camera Bots Could Crawl Your Colon
* Million-Dollar Question: Who Owns Your Genetic Data?

* Video camera that records at the speed of thought
* The Chemistry of Information Addiction
* IFPI: 2.8 Million File-Sharers Break Law Daily In Sweden
* YouTube serves over 1 billion videos a day

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Link Favourites archive – 12 October 2009

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* VIDEO: Sakhr Mobile S2S, augmented reality language translation –
* VIDEO: Augmented Reality Map/Globe + Stars/Constellations at Infotropism –
* VIDEO: Omni-Directional Treadmill

* Snacks Are Tastier When Served By A Robot

* Physicists Measure Elusive ‘Persistent Current’ That Flows Forever
* Imaging Breakthrough Heralds Snapshots of Individual Biomolecules
* An Electron Microscope For Your Home?
* 35 Years of the World’s Best Microscope Photography

* Prefer Law To Values
* Segway Concept Emboldens Mall Security With Aggressive Lines, Comfy Seats [Segways]
* Coded Programmable Magnets

* The Speed Of Computing – Computers Faster Only for 75 More Years?
* FutureThink: the Mindset of the Future
* Nanomedicine Kills Brain Cancer Cells
* Nanotech Could Make Nuclear Weapons Much, Much Tinier

* Video: TED Optical illusions show how we see –

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Link Favourites archive – 09 October 2009

* How Dangerous Could a Hacked Robot Possibly Be?
* Nissan’s new concept car ‘feels like flying’
* Who’s the better translator: Machines or humans?
* Mitsubishi astonishes CEATEC with gigantic 155-inch OLED display
* Glass TVs blend screens into arty surroudings

* SHIFT: You can’t afford to be poor
* How Your Body Packs Two Meters of DNA Into a Six-Micron Cell Nucleus
* Artificial skin can’t fool the human touch
* How Memories are Maintained Over Time

* The butterfly effect gets entangled
* Early hominid first walked on 2 legs in the woods
* Philips’ New Digital Photomultipliers May Replace Large, Imprecise, Power Hungry Tubes

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Link Favourites archive – 08 October 2009

* What Is This Guy Doing? Controlling a phone with his eyes
* Graft Lab’s Vertical Village in Dubai Has Spider Web of Solar Panels
* Uzi Vishkin, Who Has a New Computer Programming Paradigm, Interview by Sander Olson
* Physicist Looks to Build a Kilometer-Long Cannon for Space Launches

* Virtual Autopsy On Multi-Touch Table Surface
* Hoya Robot can go into burning buildings
* Life in Futuristic Floating Pods: Can Design Harness Tidal Power?

* Singularity Summit 2009: Ten Unanswered Questions For Our Future Robot Overlords
* Liquid Nuclear Battery Has Potential to Reach One Million Times Chemical Battery Power Density
* Strange journeys of the mind
* Stem cells which ‘fool immune system’ may provide vaccination for cancer

* Sony concept camera shoots 3D via single lens (result: not bad)
* Hyperdrive Propulsion Could Be Tested At The LHC
* GoGo Gajitz! Great Gadgets, Strange Science & Tech with a Twist
* Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities

* Fantastic Photos of our Solar System

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