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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 February 2018

January 31, 2018 Leave a comment

* Nuro’s self-driving vehicle carries packages, not passengers >>
* Imverse’s groundbreaking mixed reality renders you inside VR >>
* Watch Blue Origin Fire Up Engine for Huge New Glenn Rocket (Video) >>

* These Smart Banknotes Could Bring Crypto To The Masses >>
* What Changes When AI Is So Accessible That Everyone Can Use It? >>
* Listen to the world’s first TALKING killer whale >>

* Apple could let you run iPad apps on your Mac >>
* Samsung is making chips for cryptocurrency mining >>
* Is the world headed toward an AI Cold War? >>

* Inside Amazon’s Spheres >>
* Sony patents detail VR motion controller concepts >>
* How Blockchain Could Kill Both Cable and Netflix >>

* Podcast #20: Ending Aging, Part Two, with Elizabeth Parrish >>
* Amazon, JPMorgan, and Berkshire are creating a healthcare company >>
* Cobalt Could Untangle Chips’ Wiring Problems >>

* Everything we know about iOS 12, the biggest software update coming this year >>
* Robotic Habitats imagines a self-sustaining AI ecosystem >>
* Get around underwater in style >>

* Bill Gates Reveals Father Suffers From Alzheimer’s Disease, committing $100 Million >>
* A futuristic Hyperloop system may be coming to 3 unlikely cities >>
* Applying machine learning to the universe’s mysteries >>

* World’s tallest man meets shortest woman >>
* Andrew Ng is launching a $175 million fund for AI startups >>

* Google credits AI for stopping more rogue Android apps in 2017 >>
* Microsoft is helping developers make cloud-connected games >>

* Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse Thrills Millions Around the World >>
* Sex differences in human brain structure are already apparent at one month of age >>
* A.I. researchers develop neural networks to predict government corruption >>

* Yamaha’s AI transformed a dancer into a pianist >>
* Measuring space telescope distortion to one-tenth the size of a hydrogen atom will enable earth sized exoplanet analysis >>
* Zocdoc builds patient confidence using TensorFlow on AWS >>

* 50 Years Ago a US Military Jet Crashed in Greenland – With 4 H-Bombs On Board >>
* NASA Astronaut’s Rocker Past Helped Shape His Future in Space (Video) >>
* Superpowered Chinese Lasers Could Soon Rip Open Raw Vacuum >>

* The Most Detailed Map Ever Made Of The Milky Way In Radio Waves >>
* Brain Waves Control Our Memory >>
* What is hot in multi-billion dollar RNAi, Gene therapy and CAR-T biotech? >>

* China’s 240 petaflop supercomputer >>
* Super-strong aluminum as strong as steel >>
* A Nationalized 5G Network Could Settle Network Neutrality For Good >>

* What is Microsoft’s ‘Polaris’ project? >>
* Jet-powered flying Segway >>
* AI May Have Finally Decoded the Mysterious ‘Voynich Manuscript’ >>

* Your fitness tracker knows too much about you >>
* Piece of DNA Containing Coded Key to One Bitcoin Cracked Days Before Deadline >>
* The problem with building a “fair” system >>

* Diligent Robotics Bringing Autonomous Mobile Manipulation to Hospitals >>
* South Korea will regulate, not ban, cryptocurrency trading >>
* Alexa can send SMS messages using your voice >>

* MPEG Founder Says the MPEG Business Model Is Broken >>
* 60+ new live online trainings just launched on O’Reilly’s learning platform >>

* First students arrive on campus to pursue “hybrid” masters degrees >>
* Volvo’s first EV will be a hatchback shooting for 310-mile range >>
* Google’s cleaning up the Play Store, using machine learning to remove 700,000 bad apps >>

* What Trump means when he talks nukes at the State of the Union >>
* Learn how to code with Python by taking these online classes for just $19 >>
* Scientists are zeroing in on where intuition comes from, biologically >>

* Soon in-flight Wi-Fi will be both inescapable and really fast >>
* Incredible £700 pocket-sized DNA scanner could help detect diseases in real-time >>
* People know when they are dying and prefer to be alone, reveals academic >>

* To control RNA, hide it under a ‘blanket’ >>
* How Responsible are Killers with Brain Damage? >>
* Trump’s Tax Bill Seen as a “Poke in the Eye” to America’s Solar Future >>

* Its Other ‘smart’ devices at home that should really frighten you.. >>
* Erica, robot that is so life-like, will replace a Japanese TV news anchor in April >>

* Brain systems responsible for our ability to learn language came into existence BEFORE humans >>
* The DeLorean is Coming Back, in the Future >>
* Why your airplane’s wings will never snap off from turbulence >>

* Trump Endorses “Right to Try” for Terminally Ill Patients >>
* Separating Science Fact From Science Hype: How Far off Is the Singularity? >>
* Ford patents driverless police car that ambushes speeding drivers using AI video >>

* Tesla customers get their first glimpse of the Model 3 >>
* Xbox is in trouble — and Microsoft is considering a major acquisition to fix it >>
* Google is launching a new digital store to sell cloud-based software >>

* Amazon just revealed its new Spheres building, which features a mini tropical forest >>
* US Report Confirms Russia Is Developing the World’s Most Powerful Nuclear Weapon >>
* World’s oceans in 2017 were the hottest on record ‘by far’ >>

* China Wants to Create the Chips to Power the Future of AI >>
* China Has Built a Huge Floating Solar Farm on Top of a Deserted Coal Mine >>
* China gathering AI and quantum technology researchers as part of military applications push >>
* China has no plans to clone humans following success of monkey trial >>
* China takes lead in space technology in 2018 >>

* You can now use selfies to help you make a flawless Bitmoji >>
* DroneGun Tactical is a portable (but still illegal) drone scrambler >>
* You can use Alexa to send SMS messages now, if you’ve also got an Android phone >>

* The Startling Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer’s >>
* This 60 FPS Footage Of A Drone Racing Down Mountains Will Give You Vertigo >>
* Molly Maloof, Silicon Valley doctor and health tech innovator >>

* New Study Links Human Consciousness to a Law That Governs the Universe >>
* Ready Player One Trailers >>
* Antman and Wasp Trailer >>

* Tensorflow Lite: Neat, but an ordeal to get running on your mobe >>
* Art history AI sees links between hundreds of years of paintings >>

* Robots might help prevent toxic mine spills >>
* Hey, Elon Musk: This Arizona company says it has a better flamethrower >>
* Op-Ed: America under Trump should seek strength through cooperation and not competition >>

* Researchers Cure Lung Fibrosis in Mice With a Single Gene Therapy >>
* The End Of Root Canals: Stem Cell Fillings Trigger Teeth To Repair Themselves, Research Study Claims >>
* ‘Holy Grail’ of dinosaur fossils found in Egypt >>

* Ways AI Will Fight the Cybersecurity Battles of the Future >>
* Thousands in Kenya are getting free money for 12 years in UBI experiment could redefine social welfare >>
* VRLA 2018 Tickets On Sale For May 4 and 5 >>

* Trump didn’t say much about tech in his first-ever State of the Union address >>
* Netflix parents get a paid year off and Amazon pays for spouses’ parental leave >>
* Here are the three sectors in China with the most billionaires >>

* Experts Answer: Should You Be Allowed to Create Your Own Clone? >>
* Artificial Intelligence Can Support Killer Viruses in the War Against Superbugs >>
* In a World First, Children Get New Ears Grown From Their Own Cells >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 January 2018

January 29, 2018 3 comments

* White House says it’s not considering a national 5G network >>
* Pocket-sized scanner helps fill gaps in the human genome >>
* Bank-based blockchain projects are going to transform the financial services industry >>

* Nissan has developed slippers that ‘park’ themselves >>
* Facebook tries giving chatbots a consistent personality >>
* UK hits its 95 percent ‘superfast’ broadband coverage target >>

* FCC chairman Ajit Pai is opposed to a government-run 5G network >>
* Trump’s rush to build a national 5G network may backfire, give China edge >>
* Trump administration considering government takeover of 5G network >>

* Twitter erupts after man steals menstrual pads from Amazon’s new cashier-less store, showing how a person could exploit the company’s honor system policy >>
* Silicon Valley’s Secret Test Track for Self-Driving Cars >>
* Trump will reportedly ask for $716 billion in defense spending in 2019 budget >>

* SpaceX Falcon Heavy success could kill Space Launch System >>
* Bringing the Sharing Economy to the Airwaves Will Boost Your Bandwidth >>
* Boeing HorizonX invests in Berkeley aerospace battery tech startup >>

* Researchers Use a Blockchain to Boost Anonymous Torrent Sharing >>
* Investing in Indonesia >>
* As AI Meets the Reputation Economy, We’re All Being Silently Judged >>

* Changing the color of 3-D printed objects >>
* MIT’s ColorFab can 3D print jewelry that changes colors >>
* New Wave of Mini Satellites Could Boost Climate Research >>

* Simple, Energy-Efficient Recycling Process for Lithium-Ion Batteries >>
* Robert Afzal is developing powerful laser blasters for the U.S. military >>
* A microscopic fungus could mop up our Cold War-era nuclear waste >>

* Another blow for ego-depletion theory – practice counteracts effects of diminished willpower >>
* Backward wind on ‘hot Jupiter’ confuses astronomers >>

* Alibaba, Foxconn Invest in Chinese Electric-Vehicle Maker >>
* BMW takes full ownership of DriveNow’s car sharing service (updated) >>
* MIT 3D Prints Color-Changing Accessories >>

* Malaysia’s capital will adopt ‘smart city’ platform from Alibaba >>
* The ‘Holy Grail’ of dinosaur fossils has been uncovered by scientists >>
* AI Promises Life-Changing Alzheimer’s Drug Breakthrough >>

* Introducing the airport built over a motorway >>
* Why we need to create AI that thinks in ways that we can’t even imagine >>
* Artificial intelligence is the weapon of the next Cold War >>

* Learning From First Principles — Demis Hassabis >>
* Superconducting switch, which can ‘learn’ like human brain, developed >>
* For AI to Get Creative, It Must Learn the Rules—Then How to Break ‘Em >>

* MIT nanosystem delivers precise amounts of drugs directly to a tiny spot in the brain >>
* China Plans to Build the World’s Largest Steerable Radio Telescope >>
* Are We Living in a Hologram? >>

* “Einstein’s Toolkit” –Reveals as Yet Undetected Spacetime Events >>
* Chinese Investors Keep Losing Billions Online. Here’s Why >>
* Get 3x more performance than an entire rack of 24 HDD >>

* The Likelihood of Massive Exomoons >>
* GOLDMAN; ‘High probability’ of a stock market correction in the coming months >>
* 2 bitcoin traders were held at gunpoint in an armed raid in rural England >>

* Scientists use pocket-size device to map human genetic code >>
* NASA tests light, foldable plane wings for supersonic flights >>
* Scientists Just Created Rain and Snow on Demand in Idaho With Cloud Seeding >>

* Google confirms investment in Indonesia’s ride-hailing leader Go-Jek >>
* Anvato, Google’s complete OTT video platform, now on Google Cloud Platform >>
* Intel reportedly notified Chinese companies of chip security flaw before the U.S. government >>

* Samsung Galaxy S9 may pack more reliable face recognition >>
* Security fears over fitness devices mapping the locations of US soldiers and secret military bases >>
* Grammys 2018: See the Full List of Winners >>

* ‘A true bloodbath’: The timebomb that may bring down bitcoin >>
* Breakthrough could provide new allergy, asthma treatments >>
* An ER visit, $12,000 bill — and a health insurer that wouldn’t pay; A new insurance policy expects patients to diagnose themselves >>

* Personalization through tech is the future of the beauty industry >>
* How to file your income taxes on bitcoin in 2018 >>
* Blockchain Platforms: One Chain to rule them all? >>

* Alibaba expands into mobile gaming in India with eye on digital payments, e-commerce >>
* Alibaba helps Malaysia implement smart city programme >>

* Xi’s book on governance republished amid worldwide demand >>
* Key equipment of ITER project produced by Chinese enterprise, shipped to France >>

* More private investment goes to China’s space industry >>
* 64GB phones aren’t big enough for me anymore >>
* Apple could use ARM coprocessors for three updated Mac models >>

* The Future Is Automated And Every Job Is At Risk [Pt. 1] >>
* A Tale Of Two Cities: How Smart Robots And AI Will Transform America [Pt. 2] >>
* Robots, Retraining And UBI: How To Solve The Coming Automation Crisis [Pt. 3] >>
* Screw Emotional Intelligence–Here’s The Key To The Future Of Work >>
* Suppliers Say the Future of Fruit Growing is Automated >>
* Amazon’s New Supermarket Could Be Grim News for Human Workers >>
* One in five jobs could be lost to robots in the next 12 years >>
* Jobs most at risk from automation are in cities that voted ‘most strongly for Brexit’, think tank claims >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 Janurary 2018

January 28, 2018 Leave a comment

* Giant Tesla Battery In Australia Earns A Million Bucks In a Few Days >>
* ATM ‘jackpotting’ hacks reach the US >>
* Artificial Intelligence’s ‘Black Box’ Is Nothing to Fear >>

* Here’s how to live stream the Grammys tonight >>
* Is your TV Super Bowl Sunday ready? >>
* Jeff Bezos stars in a new Super Bowl ad where Alexa loses her voice >>

* Don’t Make Ai Artificially Stupid In The Name Of Transparency >>

* Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Feature Dual Camera, New Facial Unlocking Called ‘IntelligentScan’ >>
* IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad dies at 91 >>

* Davos, Real Star May Have Been China, Not Trump >>
* Davos, Artificial intelligence and climate change will ruin us, blockchain and women will save us >>
* Davos, Big Tech Is Waiting For Its Grace Period To Run Out >>
* Davos, economists and execs say strategies that led major corporations to world domination in past won’t work anymore >>

* Japanese exchange says hackers stole over $400M in cryptocurrency >>
* Japanese crypto exchange set to repay victims of a $400 million hack >>
* Crypto-jackers slip Coinhive mining code into YouTube site ads >>

* AI-powered face swapping has taken a dystopian turn >>
* Sweatcoin’s app pays you to exercise >>
* CTRL+T podcast: Artificial intelligence may become a human rights issue >>

* Virtual Intercourse with Real People Combines Sex Robots With VR >>
* Facebook Only Cares About Facebook >>
* Superconducting synapse may be missing piece for ‘artificial brains’ >>

* Neutrinos may have more kinds of cosmic sources than we thought >>

* Evolutionary Leap? AI is Mimicing the Human Brain >>
* China developing faster and slower maglev trains >>
* Benefits of clot removal for strokes extended to 24 hours >>

* Apple investors getting spooked ahead of first iPhone X earnings report >>
* First-Ever Evidence That Mosquitoes Can Be Trained >>
* SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch February 6th Launch time 13:30-16:30 EST >>

* A China AI-Powered Robot Army –“Could Help Them Conquer the World” (WATCH Video) >>
* Deploy a Web UI for Your Chatbot >>

* How to Stream The Grammys Without a TV >>
* Tech startups want to go inside your mouth >>
* Progress to molecular quantum computing >>

* Facebook creates gamers program, adds in-app tipping to take on Twitch >>
* The making of Elton John’s VR retirement party >>
* Tesla Employees Say Gigafactory Problems Are Worse Than Known >>

* My Pacemaker Is Tracking Me From Inside My Body >>
* Google’s $249 AI-powered Clips camera is finally on sale >>
* Prototypes for the new space age >>

* Animals Worldwide Stick Close to Home When Humans Move In >>
* The Amazon Go store: techy-cool or creepy-weird? >>
* A ‘Westworld’ mobile game is in the works >>

* In hunt for alien life, oxygen isn’t the only possible sign >>
* Ocumetics Bionic Lens could give you vision 3x better than 20/20 >>
* Car Manufacturers Are Tracking Millions of Cars >>

* The Insight-industrial Complex >>
* Yes, There Is Gravity In Space >>
* Elon Musk’s new Tesla pay plan encourages him to shoot for the stars >>

* Is It Time For Zero-Trust Corporate Networks? >>
* Donald Trump hopes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘happy’ – even if he’s not invited to wedding >>
* Meghan Markle defying another tradition will make speech at her wedding >>

* San Francisco wants to build 12,000 new homes on a former nuclear test site >>
* China’s latest energy megaproject shows that coal really is on the way out >>
* Russia military spending almost halved from 2015 peak and Russia near financial collapse >>

* Economist mag is wrong – Russia-US war risks are dropping >>
* Blockchain Technology Concepts Explained >>
* Superconducting Synapse could enable artificial brains >>

* Portable DNA Sequencer Searches for Life in Extraterrestrial-Like Conditions >>
* Xiaomi knocks Samsung off perch to claim top spot for smartphone sales in India >>
* Major shake-up seen as Chinese smartphone market contracts for first time ever >>

* Social media is giving us trypophobia >>
* China’s Huawei Pay debuts in Russia, as first port of call in global push >>
* China’s Uber ramps up AI arms race, to open third deep learning research lab >>

* Watch Kara Swisher interview with Google CEO Sundar Pichai tonight >>
* Tencent Invests In VR Maker Skydance Media >>
* Samsung Galaxy S9 may pack more reliable face recognition >>

* The Astronaut Who Might Actually Get Us to Mars >>

Davos Video….
World Economic Forum videos >>
Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers keynote speech >>
India’s Role in the World >>
Donald Trump speaks at Davos 2018 >>
Future Shocks: Cyberwar without Rules >>
A New Era for Global Health >>
Creating a Shared Future through Education and Empowerment >>
Data Responsibility in a Fractured World >>
Questioning Our Human Future >>
China in the New Era >>
An Insight An Idea with Sundar Pichai >>
Jack Ma: “Everything we teach should be different from machines.” >>
Finding a New Equilibrium in the Middle East >>
Press Conference: The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Japan >>
The Next Financial Crisis >>
Putting Jobs Out of Work >>
Will the Future Be Human? >>
Agile Governance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution >>
Asia Works: The Fourth Industrial Revolution >>
Future Shocks: Rogue Technology >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 Janurary 2018

January 26, 2018 Leave a comment

* SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch is reportedly set for February 6th >>
* Alphabet’s X births a new AI-powered security company, Chronicle >>
* AI Platform Alice Aims To Help 4 Million Underrepresented Entrepreneurs >>

* MoviePass pulls out of AMC’s top theaters as negotiations fail >>
* Trump tells leaders at Davos: “America first does not mean America alone.” >>
* The auto industry is head over heels for VR >>

* Breaking Up Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook Could Save Capitalism, NYU Professor Says >>
* Perfectionism Is Increasing, and That’s Not Good News >>
* Algorithms are making American inequality worse >>

* Nasa’s Insight Lander Spreads Its Solar Wings. It’ll Fly To Mars In May, 2018 >>
* NASA Sends Historic Apollo Mission Control Consoles to Kansas to be Restored >>
* Rocket Lab Launch Also Tested New Kick Stage >>

* Superconducting Synapse Could Let Neuromorphic Chips Beat Brain’s Energy Efficiency >>
* Here’s How Graphene Makes Photodetectors 100,000 Times More Responsive Than Silicon >>
* Ford X incubator to develop new transit ideas >>

* Researchers Warn of Physics-Based Attacks On Sensors >>
* Research into full-body tracking at Facebook hints at broader AR/VR ambitions >>
* Artificial intelligence will define the cyber battlefield >>

* My new favorite book of all time By Bill Gates ; Enlightenment Now >>
* Utilities Bury More Transmission Lines to Prevent Storm Damage >>
* The Bitcoin Psyop >>

* BMW’s next generation of hybrids relies on modular electrification >>
* Twitter AI Learns to Auto-Crop Photos Better >>
* Ford patent details system for autonomous police cars >>

* Google experiments in local news with an app called Bulletin >>
* How AI Could Help the Public Sector >>
* People Can Put Your Face On Porn—and The Law Can’t Help You >>

* Elon Musk apparently wasn’t joking about a Boring Company flamethrower — it’s here >>
* What Good Is Crispr If It Can’t Get Where It Needs To Go? >>
* Robinhood will let users trade cryptocurrencies for free >>

* Machines learning to think for themselves. But there’s growing evidence they are acquiring racial and class prejudices too >>
* Scientists discover ‘Kiss hormone’ fuels sex drive and helps women orgasm paving the way for a new libido treatment >>

* Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt says he is ‘very concerned’ that Russia and China will use AI to conquer the world >>
* Google Home smart speaker DOESN’T know who Jesus is but can identify Muhammad, Buddha and Satan, outraged users claim >>
* Your next job interview could be playing a weird smartphone game >>

* Autonomous Cars Will Need “Autonomous Maintenance” Solutions >>
* Virtual reality’s moment looks to be over in gaming, at least for now >>
* Detect sentiment from customer reviews using Amazon Comprehend >>

* Graphene ink could lead to washable electronics >>
* Music really IS a universal language: People know what type of song they are hearing, no matter where they are from >>
* We live in a tiny mobile home—here’s how we cook dinner every night >>

* 4 smart home trends to watch in 2018 >>
* Robots Will Be Busy at the Winter Olympics >>
* This Tiny Implant Can Deliver Medicine to Your Brain With the Push of a Button >>

* Putin is behind one of the most expensive parks in the world — take a look >>
* $400 million of cryptocurrency disappeared on a Japanese exchange — and no one knows what happened >>
* The world’s first ‘smog vacuum cleaner’ can suck up air pollution and turn it into jewelry >>

* Bill Gates is funding genetic research into how to create the perfect cow >>
* Everyone at Davos is talking about ‘Larry’s letter’ >>
* The modern human brain may only be 40,000 years old, scientists say >>

* Video: Artificial leaves to produce fuel on Earth and, one day, Mars >>
* The Next Generation of Cameras Might See Behind Walls >>
* Self-driving car crashes can trigger a complex blame game >>

* China tells world: It’s us or the United States >>
* Exclusive: ICE is about to start tracking license plates across the US >>
* How I Saw the Crypto Market Crash Coming Five Hours Early and Got My People Out Before It Was Too Late >>

* How Can Blockchain Technology Innovate Your Education >>
* How Far Are We from a Fully Autonomous Driving World? >>
* Losing Weight in the Future Will Not Be One Size Fits All >>

* Canada’s Blockchain Trial Adds Transparency to Government Funding >>
* We Could Have an In-Orbit Satellite Repair Service by 2020 >>
* We’ve Seen Less Than One Percent of Mars. NASA’s New Lander Is Going To Change That. >>

* Didi Chuxing ramps up artificial intelligence arms race, says it will open third deep learning research lab >>
* Major shake-up seen as Chinese smartphone market contracts for the first time ever >>
* Didi Chuxing looks beyond ride-hailing to help Chinese cities tackle transport challenge >>

* China is closing the tech gap, says US agency … as federal shutdown forces it to partially close >>
* Xi’s ‘shared future’ now a consensus >>
* Military rebuts “China military threat” >>

* China approves technical plan for 600 km/h maglev train >>
* Beijing’s tech-infused Olympic show to debut at PyeongChang 2018 >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 Janurary 2018

January 25, 2018 Leave a comment

* Closer To Midnight: The Doomsday Clock And The Threat Of Nuclear War >>
* Davos; Watch the full discussion: AI and its impact on society >>
* World Economic Forum Videos: >>

* Trump administration wants to end NASA funding for the International Space Station by 2025 >>
* Deep-sea robots are scoping out the secret origins of algae blooms >>
* DJI’s Mavic Air Drone uses more than a dozen sensors to keep it from crashing >>

* How do you stop your smart glasses filming in the toilet? >>
* Now THAT’S high-speed rail! 1,500 Chinese workers build railway for a new train station in just NINE HOURS >>
* That’s a soaring skyscraper! Chinese company builds a 106-storey tower at a staggering speed of one floor every THREE DAYS >>

* Calm down – China is not racing ahead with human CRISPR trials >>
* CSIRO partners with Saildrone for ocean monitoring >>
* Volumetric Display achieves quality moving 3D images that are better than holograms >>

* NASA tests light, foldable plane wings for supersonic flights >>
* If You Had a Human Head Transplant, Would You Still Be You? >>
* New Antennas Will Take CubeSats to Mars and Beyond >>

* Apple grows fleet of self-driving test cars to 27 >>
* Samsung teases camera improvements for Galaxy S9 >>
* SEC warns against public companies adding blockchain to their name >>

* AI Startup Using Robots and Lidar to Boost Productivity on Construction Sites >>
* The Dawn of Solar Windows >>
* Smart Contact Lens Doubles as Blood Sugar Monitor >>

* This video of a Model X driving itself out of a puddle to its owner shows why Tesla cars are the future >>
* Smart contact lens monitors sweetness of diabetics’ tears >>
* For AI to Get Creative, It Must Learn the Rules—Then How to Break ‘Em >>

* A 3-D imaging robot could help construction workers make fewer mistakes >>
* A New Recipe for Hunting Alien Life >>
* China wants to make the chips that will add AI to any gadget >>
* Facebook’s experimental chatbot is learning to do small talk >>

* Every study we could find on what automation will do to jobs, in one chart >>
* Decoding 5G New Radio >>
* What Does Every Engineer Need to Know about 5G? >>

* Robinhood adds zero-fee cryptocurrency trading and tracking >>
* Google I/O 2018 Dated, Watch For Daydream, ARCore Updates >>

* Elton John Announced His Last Ever Tour In An Amazing VR Video >>
* 5 Things We’re Likely To See In 2019 VR Headsets >>

* How to buy a smartwatch in 2018; After years of fine-tuning .. >>
* The robots that will sweep Earth’s skies >>
* Microsoft’s President set out the economic risks of AI with an ominous story about horses and the Great Depression >>

* IoT/IIoT Device Companies Are Making The ‘Smart Meter Mistake’. >>
* How Far Are We from a Fully Autonomous Driving World? >>
* Facebook and Crypto: what you need to know for 2018 >>

* I experienced the future of retail: Amazon Go >>
* A Needle the Size of a Human Hair Makes Brain Injections Possible >>
* Doctors Can Now Use Augmented Reality to Peek Under a Patient’s Skin >>

* Fully Electric “Tesla of the Canals” Set to Make Maiden Voyage This Summer >>
* Alibaba joins Tencent in the exclusive US$500 billion market value club >>
* China moves further towards cashless society as payment giants Alipay, WeChat Pay gain ground >>

* Alibaba’s UC mobile browser is No. 1 in India, but Google is closing in as phones get fancier >>
* Will Americans love Chinese tech brands? Two of China’s tech giants are about to find out >>
* This drone is as light as an iPhone and flies as fast as a car >>

* Xi’s ‘historic’ speeches are validated at Davos >>
* China as Innovator >>
* AI that cracked ancient secret code could help robot translation >>

* UK PM Seeks ‘Safe and Ethical’ Artificial Intelligence >>
* Alphabet launches new cybersecurity company, Chronicle, out of its X moonshot factory >>
* Is this the end of the satellite dish? >>

* Tiny worm-like robots that can crawl and swim could one day be used to deliver medicine INSIDE the body >>
* ‘We want peace and prosperity’ says Trump as he storms Davos with offers of better trade deals and pleas for big business to invest in America >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 Janurary 2018

January 24, 2018 Leave a comment

* SpaceX performs crucial test fire of Falcon Heavy, potentially paving way for launch >>
* Scientists Have Cloned Monkeys for the First Time. Are Humans Next? >>
* The first self-driven bus line in Stockholm >>

* Pictures in the Air: 3D Printing with Light >>
* This Robot Can Walk and Swim — Inside You >>
* 3D ‘holograms’ made with lasers by moving one particle at a time >>

* Wearable technology that can spot cancer ‘several months’ before it occurs coming >>
* Researchers recorded a thought making its way through the brain in real time >>
* Elon Musk could become the richest man in the world without receiving a single paycheck >>

* AT&T calls for net neutrality laws after fighting to end FCC rules >>
* This Burger King video is the net neutrality explainer you never knew you needed >>

* Electric cars to create new peak hour when they all need a charge >>
* Amazon’s New Store, Shopping Feels Like Shoplifting >>
* Darpa Wants To Build An Image Search Engine Out Of Dna >>

* Apple is testing a new feature to give you access to medical records on your devices >>
* Apple is going after a project Google abandoned — access to complete medical records >>

* ‘Artificial synapse’ points the way toward portable AI devices >>
* TensorFlow brings AI to the connected device >>
* Why Companies and Universities Should Forge Long-Term Collaborations >>

* IBM is sending Watson to the Grammys >>
* Scientists have cloned monkeys and it could help treat cancer >>
* First Primate Clones Produced Using the “Dolly” Method >>

* Elon Musk’s $0 Salary Encapsulates The Legend Of Tesla >>
* Google teases I/O 2018 with treasure maps and cryptic clues (May 8th-10th) >>
* Half-Assed Solar Geoengineering Is Worse Than Climate Change Itself >>

* Microsoft reorgs the software side of its augmented/virtual reality operations >>
* Apple isn’t really killing the iPhone X >>
* Tencent Software Beats Go Champ, Showing China’s Ai Gains >>

* Facebook shakes up its AI research team >>
* New Breakthrough in Organic Cells Will Make Solar Glass a Reality >>
* Job of the future: Wind farmer >>

* The Rise Of The Contract Workforce >>
* New Real-Time Tsunami Early Warning System Calculates Size and Distance Using Underwater Sound Waves >>
* Dirt from ocean floor could boost quake prediction >>

* Could Artificial Wombs Be a Reality? >>
* Netflix boosts Nasdaq to record high >>

* Nielsen will now take stock of all your Instagram posts about TV shows >>
* Facebook AI guru alt-tabs out, Nvidia EULA audits, Baidu changes, GPU tricks, and more >>
* Amazon will start giving third-party sellers data to Massachusetts tax officials >>

* Data Scientist is the best job in America for the third year in a row >>
* How some facial malformations arise >>
* New type of virus found in the ocean >>

* When is a planet too big to be called a planet? >>
* SteadXP’s DSLR stabilizer is a gimbal with no moving parts >>
* Fiddling with a wonky phone tripod is a thing of the past >>

* How Will AI Change Work? Here Are 5 Schools of Thought >>
* World warned to wake up to threat from tech giants >>

* Facebook buys a company that verifies government IDs >>
* This Tiny Robot Walks, Crawls, Jumps and Swims. But It Is Not Alive. >>

* Machine learning gives environmentalists something to tweet about >>
* Introducing AIY Vision Kit: Make devices that see >>
* Get ready for AI to help make your business more productive >>

* Earth to exoplanet: Hunting for planets with machine learning >>
* Opening the Google AI China Center >>
* A look at one billion drawings from around the world >>

* ‘Bone Glue’ Experiments on the ISS Test Possible Treatment for Osteoporosis >>
* Nasa’s Aqua Satellite Watches Ships Crossing The Atlantic Ocean >>
* The Solar Eclipse Caused A Bow Wave In Earth’s Atmosphere >>

* Next Stop, Mars? Life-Detection Gear Passes Test on Earth >>
* Michigan’s MiDAS Unemployment System: Algorithm Alchemy Created Lead, Not Gold >>
* The Google Lunar X Prize’s Race to the Moon Is Over. Nobody Won >>

* Robots Ready to Ski, Paint, and Clean at South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics >>
* Worldview Stratollites are commercial high altitude balloons like Google Loon – Worldview had an explosion December 2017 >>
* Cyberdyne’s Medical Exoskeleton Strides to FDA Approval >>

* Computing Software Whitepaper Engineers, Stop Doing Algebra by Hand! >>
* DARPA Selects Orbital ATK for Hypersonic Engine Research >>
* New hypersonic plane design could see a radically updated return of the biplane >>

* Alibaba and Microsoft Artificial Intelligence read better than Humans >>
* Virtual Ski Slopes Prepare Olympians for Winter Games >>

* Rocket Lab reveals secret project, ‘humanity star’ satellite orbiting Earth >>
* Plex VR Lets Friends Watch Movies And Shows Together On Daydream >>
* Facebook and Crypto: what you need to know for 2018 >>

* MIT researchers say new chip design takes us closer to computers that work like our brains >>
* Satellite secretly launched by a little rocket is expected to be ‘brightest thing in the night sky’ >>
* New Data Shows Solar Energy Creates More Jobs in America Than Any Other Industry >>

* Google is laying the groundwork to make a big play in video games >>
* Here’s What Life Will Be Like With 3D Printers That Can Create Anything >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 Janurary 2018

January 23, 2018 Leave a comment

* SpaceX plans to fire the Falcon Heavy rocket’s engines on Wednesday >>
* Amazon Go debuts, and its prying cameras foil our shoplifting attempts >>

* AI’s intelligence and stupidity in one photo stitch fail >>
* AI Is Going To Supercharge Surveillance >>

* Dumb Driver Attempts Tesla ‘Autopilot’ Defense During DUI Arrest >>
* Melinda Gates just made a move to put the male-dominated VC world on notice >>
* Melania Trump says she’s a ‘full-time mum’ who refuses to hire a nanny — and it reveals a growing trend with the rich and powerful >>

* AI that cracked ancient secret code could help robot translation >>
* Elon Musk could make up to $55 BILLION on new pay deal >>
* What Elon Musk’s Insane $55 Billion Pay Deal Says About The Tech Industry >>

* Adobe’s AI-powered Photoshop update is a time-saver >>
* The latest Photoshop update makes it usable on 8K displays >>
* Adobe Photoshop CC now makes selecting objects a one-click affair >>

* Elon Musk’s Boring Co. pitches plan to build a tunnel under Culver City to LA >>
* The Boring Company’s plan to dig a longer tunnel under Los Angeles is up in the air >>

* Netflix is now worth more than $100B >>
* Netflix added 8.3 million customers in Q4, its biggest growth ever >>
* Netflix’s programming boss says ‘Everything Sucks!’ is the next ‘sleeper hit’ you should keep an eye on >>

* Many consumers are sceptical about Amazon Go — first-day lines aside >>
* Researchers are worried that a brain illness known as ‘zombie deer’ disease may start infecting humans >>

* Spy balloons flying 40km up track drug smugglers on the ground >>
* The working relationship between AIs and humans isn’t master/slave >>
* VR helps US Olympic ski and snowboard teams prep for South Korea >>

* A New Kind Of Propulsion System That Doesn’t Need Propellant. It Converts Electricity Into Thrust And Vice Versa. >>
* First Image Ever of the Surface of Giant Star Beyond Our Solar System >>
* Why You Should Fear ‘Slaughterbots’—A Response >>

* How Social Media Is Killing Athletes; We can’t normalize bigger, faster, farther anymore >>
* Jennifer Aniston Is Not Starring In ‘Friends’ Movie, Viral Trailer Is Fake >>

* Companies not investing in AI will miss out on revenue boost and new jobs >>
* Udacity opens applications for its Flying Car Nanodegree program >>
* IBM researchers use AI to predict risk of developing psychosis >>

* Element AI opens London outpost with focus on ‘AI for good’ >>
* AI-powered robot finds common soap ingredient may combat malaria >>
* Robots must be taught MORALS to help them make decisions in life-or-death situations such as car crashes, May warns >>

* A Super Cool Demonstration Of What Different Singing Styles Look Like Under An MRI >>
* Trump’s new solar tariffs could kill 23,000 US jobs >>
* Google is building an AI research team in France >>

* Why cutting-edge braneworld theories say our universe began in a white hole >>
* Experts reveal how the male sex chromosome could one day disappear completely >>
* When A Mom Feels Depressed, Her Baby’s Cells Might Feel It Too >>

* The Physics Of Why Bigger Drones Can Fly Longer >>
* China’s new drone company is building a UAV with a 20-ton payload >>
* Atom-Thin Memristors Discovered >>

* An artificial synapse for future miniaturized portable ‘brain-on-a-chip’ devices >>
* Air Force Maintains Trust in SpaceX After Secret Zuma Mission: Report >>
* Become a data science prodigy with these online courses that are 95% off >>

* Life on Earth Started Earlier Than Thought, Challenging Theory of Solar System’s Origin >>
* Can the Human Species Adapt to Life Beyond Earth? >>
* China – US economies will be within 10% currency fluctuations from 2022-2027 >>

* Finland is the Mobile Data Capitol of the World >>
* Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography is finally happening for 7 nanometer and 5 nanometer chips >>
* Self-driving cars and AI will leave a ‘THIRD of the population unemployed’, expert warns >>

* Drones learn to navigate autonomously by imitating cars and bicycles >>
* Grappling with the Futures Symposium >>
* How AI will reshape the logistics and transportation industry >>

* Speech analysis software predicted psychosis in at-risk patients with up to 83 percent accuracy >>
* The future of education is virtual >>
* AI Silicon Preps for 2018 Debuts >>

* Artificial synapses fill the gaps for brainier computer chips >>
* Robots could take your job – but you can retrain to find a better one report >>
* Facebook AI chief Yann LeCun is stepping down to take on dedicated research role >>

* At-Home Medical Tests Are Putting the Power of the Clinic in Your Hands >>
* When Robots Take Over Our Jobs, It’s Women Who Will Lose Out Most >>
* Dark Future: Here’s When We’ll Have a Location-Tracking Implant from Black Mirror >>

* Why I am leaving Google for blockchain endeavors >>
* Learn Blockchains by Building One >>
* Hacking Nuclear Systems Is The Ultimate Cyber Threat. Are We Prepared? >>

* Sony May Have Just Patented New PSVR Controllers >>
* Olympic Athletes Are Using STRIVR To Train For 2018 Winter Games >>

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