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Link Favourites archive – 03 October 2009

* Singularity Summit Media Page, for Videos, Flickr, and Tweets
* Ray Kurzweils; 2009 Predictions – Age of Spiritual Machines(98) -…

* Using synthetic evolution to study the brain: Researchers model key part of neurons
* Supermicroscope shrunk down to lab-size
* Does Genius Have a Genetic Advantage? Experts Say “Yes”
* The neuroscience of optimism – how the brain creates a rosy outlook

* Concept Watch Actually Projects the Time Onto Your Wrist…With Lasers
* Physics world buzzing over faster-than-ever particles
* Todder-Sized Robotic Chairs Help Kids With Disabilities Get Around [Robots]
* Battery 500 Project Wants to Make a 500 Mile Range Electric Car Battery [Science]
* Is ‘Stem Cell’ Concept Holding Back Biology?

* Artificial ionosphere creates bullseye in the sky
* Avatar Toys Go Augmented Reality, Courtesy Of Mattel And Total Immersion
* Dissolvable Glass For Bone Repair
* Video: Laser Gunship Blowtorches Truck
* Europe’s Tallest Skyscraper Will Also Be Its Greenest

* Infographic of the Day: Real Time Simulation of Global CO2 Emissions
* Vook combines reading, video, and social networking
* YouTube Edu Releases Version 2.0, Goes International
* Apple’s Next Move: Location-Aware Apps for Your Car

* Physicists observe magnetism in gas for the first time
* Scientists Discover What Makes The Same Type Of Cells Different
* APPLE awarded an additional patent for their HMD eyewear video display .#AR -…
* Boston architects propose vertical farms tended by robotic arms

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