Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 April 2014

* Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner hacked with glue mould >>
* Cyborg glasses save users the need to control emotions >>
* Google Camera App Brings Lens Blur Background Defocus To Any KitKat Android Devices >>

* Pressure sensors to help prevent pain for amputees >>
* Chrome Remote Desktop for Android browses a PC or Mac from your phone >>
* Machine Learning: The Best Photo Organizing App? I’m Still Looking >>

* Google I/O To Elevate Focus On Design >>
* NASA may have witnessed Saturn creating a moon for the first time >>
* Nanomaterials Keep Pushing Lithium-Sulfur Battery Capabilities for EVs >>

* Scientists explain how memories stick together >>
* In old age, lack of emotion and interest may signal your brain is shrinking >>
* Oh baby: Scientists find protein that lets egg and sperm hook up >>

* Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor hacked >>
* Genetic therapy may repair spinal chord: Study >>
* Life may have begun near gentle springs on ocean floors, Nasa research says >>

* Bill Gates Patents Detecting, Responding To “Glassholes” >>
* Floating Nuclear Reactors Might Make More Sense Than You’d Think >>
* Here’s How You Might Drive Your Next SUV From A Smartphone >>

* Honda’s ASIMO Robot Is Now Surprisingly Human >>
* Bill Gates’ New Patent Would Keep Glassholes From Spying on Your Screens >>
* Giant 3D printer starts spitting out a house >>

* Mobile robots support airplane manufacturers >>
* Google Street View Accidentally Made an Algorithm That Cracks CAPTCHAs >>
* Microrobots, Working Together, Build with Metal, Glass, and Electronics >>

* $82 a Day Is the Average Savings for a Comfortable Retirement >>
* Bits Blog: Can Facebook Innovate? A Conversation With Mark Zuckerberg >>

* How many downloads does it take to hit No. 1 in the App Store? >>
* Everyone But NASA Wants To Wake Up This Long-Dormant Spacecraft >>
* #IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans >>

* Hidden Vulnerability Discovered in the World’s Airline Network >>
* Drones to extend Internet to remote areas >>
* The Future of Interstellar Communication Goes “Pew, Pew, Pew” >>

* Ten ways 3D printing could change space >>
* The Limits of Social Engineering >>
* Google’s Next Big Conference Is About Design >>

* The High-Tech Soldiers of the Future Are Here >>
* Is Moore’s Law Dying? >>
* Personal informatics trends tracked >>

* Breakthrough points to new drugs from nature >>
* Slow-motion tremors making Tokyo megaquake more likely >>
* Targeting cancer with a triple threat: New nanoparticles can deliver three drugs at once >>

* BT preparing to fix Heartbleed-affected Home Hubs >>
* Caffeine Actually Impacts Your Body In Four Different Ways >>
* Futuristic robots allow doctors to examine patients from anywhere >>

* NASA catches a glimpse of Saturn birthing a new moon >>
* Microsoft CEO is driving data-culture mindset >>
* For cells, internal stress leads to unique shapes >>

* Bing’s home page gets personalized info cards, just like Google Now >>
* IBM Looks To The Cloud To Fight Disruption >>

* Brain Machine Interface Exoskeleton will be demonstrated at Soccer’s 2014 World Cup in less than 60 days >>
* Spacex and NASA have rescheduled a launch until this Friday >>

* Google Camera hits the Play Store, which means Photospheres for all >>
* Your Voice Will Control The Future >>

* ‘The Simpsons’ producers spill details on Lego episode; plus, first image of Lego Homer! >>
* Why Royal Caribbean’s Newest Ship Represents A Critical Test For The Cruise Industry >>

* Floating nuclear power plants could avoid disasters like Fukushima >>
* Google develops computer vision accurate enough to solve its own CAPTCHAs >>

* Creating a New Solar System >>
* How to test the twin paradox without using a spaceship >>

* Researcher’s lens turns any smartphone into a portable microscope >>
* A Rare Genetic Mutation in These Siblings Makes Them Immune to Viruses >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 April 2014

* Google X tried to design a Space Elevator >>
* NASA Signs Over Historic Apollo-Era Launch Pad to SpaceX >>
* Google buys drone maker Titan Aerospace >>

* Sperm RNA Carries Marks of Trauma >>
* Google patents smart contact lens system with a CAMERA built in >>
* Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology >>

* Early air points to cold, dry Mars >>
* Sensors to prevent pain for amputees >>
* How Flesh-Eating Bacteria Evolved To Be Deadly >>

* Darpa Turns Aging Surveillance Drones Into Wi-Fi Hotspots >>
* 10-Gigabit Wi-Fi Is Promised By 2015 >>
* SuperEarths with Exposed Continents Boost Chances for Extraterrestrial Life >>

* Hi-tech start-ups aim for the stars >>
* Report: Amazon’s Smartphone Might Include Eye-Tracking 3D >>
* Google Glass On Sale Today, For One Day Only >>

* How The Brain Decides Which Memories To Hold On To >>
* Researchers achieve complete control over on/off switching of movement of nanomachine >>
* Combining Google Glass and mobile EEG headsets >>

* NASA Livestream Kepler-Mission Discovery Thursday –Will Announce a Twin Earth? >>
* Handy! 3-D Printing Could Build Moon Bases And Improve Items Used In Space >>
* Let’s Put a Sailboat on Titan >>

* It’s a Shame To Think These 3D Milled Ice Cubes Will Melt Away >>
* Paper Microscope Magnifies Objects 2100 Times and Costs Less Than $1 >>
* Documentary on LIGO’s Search for Gravitational Waves Watch It Online >>

* Microsoft delivers preview of new Azure cloud service for Internet of Things >>
* Office 365 Personal now available for $7 per month >>
* Glow-in-the-dark roads hit the streets in the Netherlands >>

* The Rufus Cuff ‘Wrist Communicator’: A Step Above the Smartwatch? >>
* Connected stuff is catching on — just don’t call it IoT >>
* Bits Blog: With Purchase of Drone Maker, Google Sees a Fleet of Satellites >>

* Astronomers: ‘Tilt-a-worlds’ could harbor life >>
* Earthquake simulation tops 1 quadrillion flops >>
* How Do Dolphins Sleep? >>

* First Artificial Red Blood Cells Made >>
* Soon We May Be Mass Producing Human Blood >>
* Watch Cortana, Siri, and Google Now Yell at Each Other and Go Insane >>

* The Rise Of Augmented Reality Makes Humanity Easier To Enslave >>
* World Cup Mind-Control Demo Faces Deadlines, Critics >>
* Nanostructures Could Bridge Gap Between Optics and Electronics >>

* SpaceX to Attempt Daring Reusable Rocket Test During Dragon Launch Today >>
* Two-Way Communication With Dolphins Begins With ‘Sargassum’ >>
* Capitalism not working – analysis 200 years data shows worsening inequality is inevitable >>

* Nanoelectronic circuits that operate more than 10,000 times faster than current >>
* Body hack app shortcuts jet lag recovery >>
* Improving the human-robot connection >>

* What is the optimal size of a power grid? >>
* Patent Suggests Sony Still Sees Future for Household Robots >>
* $56 Million Nail Polish: Why Andreesen Horowitz Upped Stake >>

* Windows Phone 8.1 Review: Gloriously Good Enough >>
* Will 3D Printing Be Staples’ Field of Dreams? >>
* State Your Sexual Intentions With HeavenlySinful Dating App >>

* Elon Musk is late shipping lettuce to outer space >>
* Smart home tech is smarter in Europe >>
* A Chinese company 3D printed 10 houses in a day >>

* Regular exercise can extend a person’s lifespan: Study >>
* Stem cells grown on ‘soft carpets’ function better >>
* Coming soon, glasses as strong as steel >>

* The Latest Data Continues To Confirm A Slowdown In China >>
* Engineers develop new materials for hydrogen storage >>
* The Future of Taxes: April 15, 2020, 2050, 2100, and Beyond – Apr 16,2014 >>

* Why nobody can tell whether the world’s biggest quantum computer is a Qc >>
* All sent and received e-mails in Gmail will be analyzed, says Google >>

* Why the Origins of the Universe Matter Today >>
* The inventor of everything >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 April 2014

* Google Invents Micro Camera System for Future Contact Lenses >>
* What Will We Find On Passengers’ Cell Phones From Flight MH370? >>
* Microsoft Research adds interactivity to Windows 8 Live Tiles >>

* Coming, ATMs that retaliate when they are attacked >>
* Scientists Detect A Particle That Could Be A New Form Of Matter >>
* SpaceX Cargo Launch to Station “GO” for April 14 – Watch Live >>

* A New Frontier: OpenSignal Creates Crowedsourced Sensor Network >>
* Gillmor Gang: Deep Bench >>
* First Massive Planet With A Potential Exomoon Buddy Spotted Out In Space On Their Own >>

* Watch NASA simulate a Mars landing on Earth to test supersonic parachutes >>
* We may soon use lasers to redirect lightning strikes >>
* Allwinner bringing 4K video to smartphones and tablets >>

* Scientists 3D Print a “Tumor” of Cancer Cells >>
* NASA Space Apps ‘Hackathon’ Draws Future Tech Trailblazers >>
* Computer rendering: Graduate student brings extinct plants ‘back to life’ >>

* Notes on the history of nuclear physics >>
* A radical new toaster changes breakfast forever (Reviewed.com) >>
* Surf Report: Dashcam on a windshield captures the road >>

* Mars has a volcanic ‘heart’! >>
* Nasa to grow lettuce in space >>
* Siri, You’re Messing Up a Generation of Children >>

* Prototype: How a Bicycle Maker Saw the Light, and Found Its Balance >>
* The Navy Just Christened Its Most Futuristic Ship Ever >>
* NSA monitors WiFi on US planes >>

* Oculus VR Founder Explains Why We Can Breathe A Sigh Of Relief About Facebook Deal >>
* Work Longer, Think Longer: Why Your Brain Loves the Economic Crisis >>
* Samsung looks to life beyond the smartphone >>

* Bend It, Charge It, Dunk It: Graphene, the Material of Tomorrow >>
* Girl Ages From 0 To 14-Years-Old In 4 Minutes >>
* Ocean Shield, the Ship That Saved the Search for MH370 >>

* Google Glass Is Appearing in Some Places You Would Never Expect >>
* Does Intel Corporation Finally Have a Chance in Smartphones? >>
* Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth will take humanity to space this fall >>

* Sperm can pass trauma symptoms through generations, study finds >>
* Harrison Ford would be ‘very anxious’ to return for ‘Blade Runner’ sequel >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 April 2014

* Hi-tech goggles ‘detect cancer cells’ >>
* Airbus to build critical European weather satellites >>
* This Incredible Drone Footage Shows Off Sydney In Ways Never Seen Before >>

* General Fusion will start building a full size prototype fusion reactor as early as this year >>
* The Forecasting Challenge for Power Networks of the Future >>
* A quantum logic gate combining light and matter >>

* A light lattice that traps atoms could power networks of quantum computing >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – April 11, 2014 >>
* Project LIGO: How Lasers Could Reveal Glimpses of Gravitational Waves >>

* Ten years later: Dan Gilbert on life after “The surprising science of happiness” >>
* Trying Out a 3D-Scanner That Makes Helmets Custom-Molded to Your Head >>
* NASA’s New Mars-Landing Technology Is Almost Ready For Its Test Flight >>

* Pixel Insanity Continues: Here’s the First Quad HD OLED Phone Screen >>
* Origami DNA robots intelligently control drug delivery in living animals >>
* Tibco 6.0 moves outside the data center >>

* Microsoft experiments with making Windows Live Tiles interactive >>
* ‘Wearable Eyes’ Make You Appear Friendly, Social Even When You’re Not >>
* Lab-grown Vaginas Implanted Successfully in Four Girls >>

* Why Are Search-and-Rescue Drones Grounded? >>
* Updated: Micro $299 3D Printer Passes $2M On Kickstarter In 3 Days >>
​* Staples is launching an in-store 3D printing service >>

* How Obesity May Raise Breast Cancer Risk >>
* Facial selection technique for ads can increase buyers by 15 percent >>
* The 3D-printed TUMOURS that could help doctors develop more effective cancer treatments >>

* Game researchers develop an augmented climbing wall >>
* Software lets baby faces ‘grow up’ in seconds >>
* This App Is Supposed to Help You Get Over Jet Lag >>

* Nasa gets clearance to build spacecraft to collect samples from an asteroid >>
* ‘Cherry tree from space’ mystery baffles Japan >>
* Tech crash in numbers: Are we on the verge of another dotcom bubble? >>

* Dropbox faces online protests after appointing Condoleezza Rice to board >>
* Eye of the beholder: Improving the human-robot connection >>
* Perfectly Age Your Face Through 80 Years Based on a Single Photograph >>

* General Fusion will start building a full size prototype fusion reactor as early as this year >>
* Tiny, Logical Robots Injected into Cockroaches >>
* Futurist George Dvorsky – new course on Introduction to Transhumanism >>

* New Self-healing Plastics Developed >>
* 14 Intriguing Ways We Could Detect Signs Of An Alien Civilization >>
* The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience >>

* Is There Anything Beyond Quantum Computing? >>
* There Is No Global Energy Solution, Only Local Ones >>
* This real-time feed of Instagram selfies will hypnotize you >>
* A Brief, Terrifying History of Viruses Escaping From Labs >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 April 2014

* Doctors implant lab-grown vagina >>
* Scientists Manipulate Genes to Make Old Organs Young Again (in Mice) >>
* Turning off a Fat Accumulation Gene to Reduce Obesity proven in Mice >>

* First ‘Exomoon’ Around Alien Planet Possibly Found >>
* Asteroid That Dwarfed Dinosaur-Killer Punched Earth 3 Billion Years Ago. Study Says >>
* This Oculus Rift-Powered Light Cycle Sim Is the Ultimate Arcade Game >>

* The Military Wants to Turn Its Drones into Flying Wi-Fi Hotspots >>
* This Solar-Powered Plane Could Stay In The Air Indefinitely >>
* This Could Be the First Animal to Live Entirely Inside a Computer >>

* Pioneer Exclusive Poster Debut Reveals The Dark Danger of the Sea >>
* For the first time ever, biologists have regenerated an organ in a living animal. >>

* Pocket-Sized Wonder-Printer Would Work Its Own Way Across a Page >>
* What Will Bioengineered Plants Be Like In The Future? >>
* Shortcut Debuts A Siri-Like App For The “Internet Of Things” >>

* Free app converts 4K Panasonic GH4 video to pristine 10-bit HD >>
* Records Labels Lose Big as Court Declares File-Sharing Tools Legal >>
* Microsoft OS chief Myerson on the future of ‘One Windows’ >>

* Scientists use genetics to extend life of lettuce >>
* Tiny, Logical Robots Injected into Cockroaches >>
* The 3D printed HEART: Scientists could soon build replacement organs using a patient’s own cells >>

* Parental guidance advised over virtual embryos >>
* Android Gets a Malware Scanner for Google Play Store Apps >>
* Atom-Photon ‘Switch’ Heralds Quantum Networking Advances >>

* Will Facebook-Oculus purchase advance virtual reality? >>
* A German company is printing food for the elderly >>
* Billions of dollars being wasted on ‘ineffective’ Tamiflu drug: Researchers >>

* Star Wars: Episode VII to recreate Tatooine desert >>
* NASA Aims To Give The Moon A Moon Of Its Own >>
* Amazon Pays Its Staff Up To $5,000 If They Quit — No Strings Attached >>

* Intel and SGI test full-immersion cooling for servers >>
* What Happens to Bacteria in Space? >>
* How do you fix two-thirds of the web in secret? >>

* The cost to build a Samsung Galaxy S5 >>
* Google invests in mysterious service-robot startup Savioke >>
* Flies can manoeuvre like fighter jets >>

* ‘RoboClam’ could anchor submarines >>
* How human culture influences our genetics >>
* Ten more great movies never made >>

* Near Term Thorium Reactors in China, India and the USA >>
* Super Secret Spy Satellite Soars Spectacularly to Space aboard Atlas V booster from Cape Canaveral >>
* Mars Descent Parachute Rips In Rocket Sled Test | Video >>

* Space Legs for NASA’s Robonaut 2 to Ride SpaceX Dragon Into Orbit >>
* Sir Richard Branson Wants to Track Down Kid Who Inspired Virgin Galactic (Video) >>
* Doctors Can Now Grow Engineered Vaginas in Women >>

* This Is How Wearable Computing Will Revolutionize Healthcare >>
* World’s Smallest 3D-Printing Pen Is Coming to Kickstarter >>
* Robots set to work the mines of the future >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 April 2014

* MIT Geniuses Made A Drone That Can Charge Itself Without Coming Back Down To Earth >>
* Future Space Efforts Don’t Have to Look Like the Past >>
* One Of Apple’s Key Designers Is Out, As Jony Ive Gets More Power >>

* These Tests Can Prove Whether You Are in the Fourth Dimension >>
* Microsoft hopes to counter Apple with AI-driven ‘invisible UI’ on future devices >>
* Shooting 4K with the Galaxy S5 >>

* 32 Billion Devices Plugged In And Generating Data By 2020 >>
* Princeton Students Develop Open Source Voice Control Platform For Any Device >>
* Internet-capable pianos may change the way students learn to play >>

* VIDEO: Charge your smartphone in 30 secs >>
* Netflix 4K streaming goes live >>
* Qatar uses Liquified Natural Gas to build ‘extraordinary’ global clout >>

* Hybrid nanotube-graphene material that promises to simplify manufacturing >>
* Is this the first map of dark matter? >>
* Pattern-recognition system for mobile devices blocks ‘shoulder surfers’ >>

* Forcing cancer cells to devour themselves by blocking a protein signal >>
* Going Nuclear: The Global Power Picture >>
* Cryptography Could Add Privacy Protections to NSA Phone Surveillance >>

* Solar-powered aircraft unveiled for round-the-world flight >>
* What are these giant concrete rings built by the Nazis? >>
* Japanese Robots In Danger Of Being Replaced By Human Workers >>

* Teaching Robots Not To Stare >>
* How These Microscopic Diamonds Are Going to Shape the Future >>
* Atom-thin sheets are transferred with ease >>

* SpaceHabs: One man’s architectural vision for colonizing Mars >>
* How to put a human on Mars >>
* German Scientists 3D Print Lightweight Material Stronger than Steel >>

* ‘Sewing machine’ idea gives insight into origins of Alzheimer’s >>
* Apple’s Star Designer Jonathan Ive Set to Expand Role >>
* What Can We Do About Junk Science? >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 April 2014

* STT-MRAM memory could enable super efficient computers and sensors >>
* ‘Transient electronics’ that dissolve when triggered >>
* A video game controller that can sense players’ emotions >>

* Possible Mars Mission ‘Showstopper’: Vision Risks for Astronauts >>
* Is There a Neandertal in Your DNA? –New Confirmation of Interbreeding >>
* AMD unveils Godzilla’s graphics card – ‘the world’s fastest, period’ >>

* As Microsoft Support for XP Expires, Antivirus Vendors Pick Up The Slack >>
* JVC’s first 4K movie cameras include one for flying drones >>
* YouTube live streaming comes to the Chromecast >>

* Future computers that are ‘normally off’: Spintronics-based technology may replace volatile memory >>
* Even thinner solar cells through use of nanoparticles >>
* What Science Tells Us about Why We Lie >>

* NASA Explains Martian Flash, and It’s Not What You Think >>
* Out With Windows XP, In With Windows 8.1 Update >>
* These Robotic Cubes Are Like Real-Life Transformers That Could One Day Revolutionize Construction >>

* These Robotic Cubes Are Like Real-Life Transformers That Could One Day Revolutionize Construction >>
* These Are Some Of The Top Emerging Business Applications For Beacons, Including Apple’s iBeacon System >>
* Samsung Electronics Hit by Earnings Decline as Smartphone Sales Slow >>

* What does a 375 million-year-old fish have to do with.. >>
* Summarizing DNA nanotechnology, Synthetic Biology and Nanoscale Metamaterial >>

* Weird ‘UFO’ Light on Mars May Just Be a Shiny Rock, NASA Says (Video) >>
* NASA Hackathon – Space Apps 2014 | Video >>
* DNA Nanobots Turn Cockroaches Into Living, 8-Bit Computers >>

* How to Design a Smarter Olympics Bid >>
* A 2560×1440 VR Headset That’s Mobile >>
* Molecular Gears Turn Under Pressure >>

* U.S. Navy mulls options to help drones avoid other planes >>
* Search ‘regains missing jet signal’ >>
* A phone battery that recharges in 30 seconds >>

* Battlestar Galactica Remake Announced By Universal Studios >>
* This Is How Google’s New $1 Million Robot Sees The World >>
* MIT Is Destroying The Cost Of Robotics By Building Robots Out Of Paper >>

* Future Limited or Future Unlimited? – Apr 09,2014 >>
* Navy Plans to Test Fire Railgun at Sea in 2016 >>
* Genetically Engineered Humans for Space? >>

* THE INTERNET IS !@#@#! >>
* New ‘Battlestar Galactica’ movie will completely reimagine the sci-fi tale >>
* The Future is Now: The Future of Furniture >>

* The First Meal Eaten on the Moon Was Bacon >>
* Battery offers 30-second phone charging >>

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