Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 February 2016

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* Google Deepmind’s Algorithm Can Now Explore 3d Mazes >>
* Spacex Gears Up For Mass Production Of Falcon Rockets >>
* Umbilical blood cells kill cancer quicker than adult cells >>

* Pic-scanning AI estimates city air pollution from mass of photos >>
* First flight of hydrogen-powered drone with water vapour exhaust >>
* Bye-bye Internet bubble 2.0 >>

* AI Is Transforming Google Search. The Rest of the Web Is Next >>
* Your beard may help create new antibiotics >>

* Google AI to play live Go match against world champion >>
* The Sharing Age >>

* An Asteroid Will Pass Earth So Closely Next Month That We Could See It in the Sky >>
* This Samsung Patent Lets Smartwatches Recognize You By Your Veins >>
* Swinging an iPhone Around Your Head Creates a Stunning Bullet-Time Effect >>

* Earth From Afar Would Look Only 82% Right For Life >>
* Nanomembrane May Bring Rechargeable Lithium-Metal Batteries Back >>
* What’s Behind North Korea’s Space Launch? A View From the Inside >>

* Video Friday: Droneboarding, RoboCoaster, and AI Video Competition >>
* Google Wants Its Driverless Cars to Be Wireless Too >>
* A Deep Learning AI Chip for Your Phone >>

* First Phase Of Giant Solar Power Plant In Morocco Turns On >>
* Elon Musk and Spacex to reveal the Spacex Mars roadmap at IAC from Sept 26-30th 2016 >>
* Mayo Clinic researchers extend lifespan by up to 35 percent in mice >>

* Video of a Crane Collapsing in Manhattan >>
* A Giant Crane Just Flipped Upside Down and Killed Someone in Downtown Manhattan >>
* Scientists Made the Perfect Skipping Stone and Skipped It Across Their Lab >>

* Pirate Bay Transforms Into The World’s Biggest Streaming Site >>
* What’s new with iOS 9.3? >>
* Microsoft Reveals Real Cost Of ‘Free’ Windows 10 >>

* In Japan, a Battle Brewing Over the Right To Record 4k and 8k Broadcasts >>
* Visa wakes up to the sound of the internet >>
* TED Talks: Watch The Top 10 TED Talks On Health >>

* The Two Big Bangs >>
* Create VR experiences within VR itself using Unreal Engine >>
* Galaxy Clusters Are Way More Complicated Than We Thought >>

* Engineers Made Battery Electrodes Out Of Pollen >>
* Manipulating Brain May Ease Pain Of Drug Withdrawal >>
* New Estimate Boosts the Human Brain’s Memory Capacity 10-Fold >>

* Who Needs Advanced Math? Not Everybody >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Feb. 5, 2016: Dr. Or Graur >>
* Jupiter Not The Planetary Protector We Thought It Was? >>

* Why there’s nothing fake about Facebook friends >>
* End of road for car side mirrors? >>
* Zika: The key unanswered questions >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 February 2016

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* Can Our Minds Live Forever? >>
* These 2 robot chefs will make you ramen (college dreams do come true) >>
* NASA’s Spirit Mars rover found mysterious growths on Mars, could be big discovery >>

* Tiny doses of opioid could be first fast anti-suicide drug >>
* Robot chameleon changes colour to blend into its surroundings >>
* Fastest Light Pulses Show Electrons Are Sluggish >>

* Someday We May All Be on Anti-Aging Drugs >>
* The Sun Looks Like A Disco Ball In This Trippy Nasa Video >>
* Scientists propose new theory about how life came on Earth >>

* Facebook’s 12th anniversary >>
* New NASA Spacecraft Will Be Propelled By Light >>

* The 3d-printed Semi-automatic Gun Is Almost Here >>
* Japanese Robotic Farm’s First Harvest Next Year—Half a Million Lettuces a Day in Five Years >>
* The Highest-resolution Image Ever Seen In Astronomy >>

* After 100 years, scientists are finally closing in on Einstein’s ripples >>
* NASA is quietly planning for a disastrous asteroid strike. Here’s how. >>
* The Gear VR is now open for virtual stand-up comedy and parties >>

* Harnessing Artificial Intelligence To Build an Army of Virtual Analysts >>
* Mystery invaders conquered Europe at the end of last ice age >>
* NASA’s Juno Spacecraft On Course to Jupiter –“1st Probe Beneath the Gas Giant’s Obscuring Cloud Cover” >>

* MIT’s 168-core chip could give big brains to mobile devices and robots >>
* Will AI-Powered Hedge Funds Outsmart the Market? >>
* Delivering genes across the blood-brain barrier to treat brain diseases >>

* DNA Study of First Ancient African Genome Flawed, Researchers Report >>
* Taming Superconductors with String Theory >>
* These 2 robot chefs will make you ramen (college dreams do come true) >>

* Twisty fusion reactor goes online after 19 years of work >>
* We Won’t Be Battling Terminators Anytime Soon, But Here’s How AI Will Shape The Future >>
* What’s the Deal With Algorithms? >>

* The Coming Age of the Military Micro-Drone >>
* Government Seeks High-Fidelity “Brain-Computer” Interface >>
* Latest Version of Gazebo Simulator Makes It Easier Than Ever to Not Build a Robot >>

* New Hacker-Proof RFID Chips Make Great Gifts for Paranoid Friends >>
* Android Wear Gets Speaker Support And New Gestures, Voice Input Options >>
* The Unreal Engine now lets you build games inside virtual reality >>

* Scientists extend life of mice by 35 per cent by removing accumulated cells that no longer divide with compound AP20187 >>
* In New Anti-Aging Strategy, Clearing Out Old Cells Increases Life Span of Mice by 25 Percent >>
* Fusion Stellarator Wendelstein 7-x Fires Up for Real >>

* Holy Heck, Here’s A Perfect Game Of Snake >>
* NASA assembles the primary mirrors on the world’s most powerful space telescope >>
* New Zealand from above: beautiful drone footage of the islands >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 February 2016

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* Mice live 25 per cent longer when worn-out cells are cleared >>
* Shortest ever pulse of visible light spots photons fleeing atoms >>
* Meet the Soft, Cuddly Robots of the Future >>

* Signs of life found in Earth’s mantle >>
* Killing cancer cells: Get them addicted to drugs >>
* Magic Leap promises ‘whirligigs test machines’ soon, technological revolution later >>

* Google self-driving cars are getting wet >>
* 7 useless body parts we no longer need >>
* Scientists to inject fuel in experimental fusion device >>

* How to build a Hyperloop >>
* SpaceX will modify its Falcon 9 rocket based on tests of its landed vehicle >>

* New Research into 3D Printed Bone Implants Could Change the Way We Heal Broken Bones >>
* Artificial Skin >>
* Microsoft’s Conception Of How We’ll Watch Football With HoloLens Is Awesome — And Overwhelming >>

* Scientists in Germany Take a Major Step Towards Nuclear Fusion >>
* A New Light-Based Transistor Could Completely Change the Way Chips Work >>
* CSIR launches first ayurvedic anti-diabetic drug >>

* Luxembourg Wants to Be a Global Leader in Asteroid Mining >>
* NASA new large scale aircraft demonstrator could be supersonic low-boom plane or other breakthrough aviation possibilities >>
* World’s First Single-Atom Optical Switch Fabricated >>

* Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson says technology is causing humans to ‘evolve’ >>
* Penn study has implications for developing safe therapies for an array of rare diseases via new gene cut-and-paste methods >>
* IBM Watson Personality Insights can now offer an unbiased analysis of any given body of text in matter of seconds >>

* The MacGyver reimagining has officially gotten a pilot order from CBS. >>
* $12 million project aims to ‘reverse-engineer’ the brain to help computers learn >>
* Winning Hyperloop design revealed by MIT engineers >>

* Three-parent babies may get US go-ahead, but only for sons >>
* NASA CubeSat missions will pave way for human space flight >>
* Physicists investigate the structure of time, with implications for quantum mechanics and philosophy >>

* Dark Matter Nixed as Source of Massive Bursts from Milky Way’s Center >>
* CubeSats Will Swarm NASA’s SLS First Flight >>
* Nanotechnology in Manufacturing: The Future is Now (Part 1) >>

* Augmented Reality Turns Rock Climbing Into A Real Life Video Game >>
* The Millionaire Who Wants To Make You Live Longer >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 February 2016

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* European Scientists Want To Shoot A Giant Bullet At Europa >>
* Craig Venter: We Are Not Ready to Edit Human Embryos Yet >>
* NASA’s New Mission to Mars Will Include a Giant Laser ‘Lunar Flashlight’ >>

* Quantum Chess Is Coming To The Real World >>
* Mind-altering Drugs Could Cure Ptsd >>
* Mind-reading Algorithm Knows What You’re Looking At >>

* Support #CrowdfundingTheMovie >>
* Putting servers in ocean could solve overheating issues, save electricity >>
* Lab-grown corals help restore critically endangered reefs >>

* WhatsApp hits 1 billion users >>
* Microsoft app used to tally votes at Iowa caucus fails in some areas >>

* Microsoft Mobile Voting App >>
* Microsoft’s Iowa caucus app worked well, but people still complained >>
* Virtual reality storms into 2016 with big pros and potential cons >>

* This Is The World’s Smallest Optical Switch >>
* Obama seeks $1 billion for cancer ‘moonshot’ over two years >>
* Wi-Fi Gets A Boost From 60GHz >>

* Physicists create artificial ‘graphene’ >>
* New research uses nanomedicine to prevent preterm birth >>
* Things Will Get Messy if We Don’t Start Wrangling Drones Now >>

* NASA’s Super Guppy Gives Mars-Bound Spacecraft A Lift >>
* New delivery method boosts efficiency of CRISPR genome-editing system >>
* Starry using phased array technology to enable gigabit millimeter wireless internet >>

* Google parent Alphabet passes Apple market cap at the open >>
* These male mice don’t have Y chromosomes, but they had babies anyway >>
* A Telescope Eight Times the Diameter of Earth >>

* Massive Ariane 5 To Launch Giant Nextgen Telescope In Dynamic Deployment To L2 >>
* Election 2016: Keep Tabs on the Presidential Candidates’ Space Plans – See more at: >>

* When Black Holes Run Out of Gas, They Turn Off the Lights – See more at: >>
* CubeSats Are Bound For The Planets | Video >>
* Swarm of aquatic robots learns to cooperate by themselves >>

* Military Tests Robo-Parachute Delivery Needing No GPS >>
* Russia using Generation 4.5 Su-35s fighter in Syria >>
* Google Reveals Project Skybender for solar powered millimeter wave 5G internet drones 40 times faster than 4G >>

* Graphene Cages Cover Silicon Anodes for High Capacity Batteries >>
* Scientists discover how the human brain folds >>
* Alphabetti spaghetti: What Wall Street isn’t telling you about Google >>

* The Future Of Virtual Assistants Lies In Children’s Stories And Shoes >>
* The New Lego Star Wars Game Gives Us an Official Parody of the First Force Awakens Trailer >>
* Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors: Everything We Think We Know >>

* Nasa’s Weird Giant Airplane Carried The Future Of Mars In Its Belly >>
* Why Are Scientists So Excited About This New Cancer Drug? >>
* Torrents-time Brings Popcorn Time To Any Windows Browser >>

* The New Lego Star Wars Game Gives Us an Official Parody of the First Force Awakens Trailer >>
* I want this Android-powered mirror that a Google engineer invented in his spare time >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 February 2016

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* Scientists Are Allowed To Genetically Modify Human Embryos >>
* Japanese Company to Build the World’s First Autonomous Farm >>
* NASA will use laser communication that is up to 100 times faster data rates than todays communication >>

* Facebook is finally bringing live streaming to everyone >>
* MIT students win Hyperloop pod design competition >>
* Scientists decode brain signals to recognize images in real time >>

* Our body adapts to intense exercise to burn fewer calories >>
* Apple Sets Its Sights on Virtual Reality >>
* France To Pave 1000km of Road With Solar Panels >>

* SpaceX Plans to Send People to Mars by 2025 and Elon Musk wants to personally visit space by 2021 >>
* The Sun’s Magnetic Field Is a Beautifully Complicated Riddle >>

* Breakthroughs in high power fiber lasers enables four times faster drilling through hard rock >>
* Gillmor Gang: Parse This >>
* Google’s Go Victory Is Just a Glimpse of How Powerful AI Will Be >>

* Genetically Modified Mosquito May Become Weapon Against Zika Virus >>
* Real Virtuality – Sundance New Frontier Experience >>
* Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts computers as small as blood cells >>

* Daredevil Paraglider Sails with the Northern Lights in Awesome Video >>
* Elon Musk identifies electric aircraft, genetics and neuron scale brain computer interfaces as high potential technologies >>
* 3-D printers, the blockchain and drones >>

* This Is How to Stop the Zika Virus >>
* Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) 2016 >>
* Neurotech 2016 >>

* New acoustic-tweezer design allows for 3D bioprinting >>
* Droneboarding Is A Thing Now Because Of Course It Is >>
* Jibo Creator Cynthia Breazeal Is Building A Robot For Every Home >>

* Intelligence Agencies Said to Have Hacked These Israeli Drone Feeds >>
* Star Wars: The Force Awakens Summarized in a Hilariously Crude 60-Second Animation >>
* The Hyperloop Competition Is Happening This Weekend In Texas >>

* Elon Musk To Test Hyperloop Before Big Crowds This Summer >>
* Turning One Man’s Electronic Waste Into Another Man’s Cellphone In India >>
* Your Smartphone Can Tell How Well You’re Driving >>

* In The Global Space Race, Seattle Is The New Hub >>
* AI Guru Andrew Ng: Government Must Play Big Role In Rollout Of Self-Driving Cars >>
* The Future Of Astronomy: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope >>

* Deciphering the Language of the Brain >>
* How Ant Colonies Work [Video] >>
* Where Everything is in the Solar System, Right Now >>

* Watch: How To Make Artificial Neurons That Grow >>
* The Fermi Paradox Is Not Fermi’s, and It Is Not a Paradox >>
* NHS to use drones to help chemical, bio and nuke response teams >>

* A Single Cell Shines New Light on How Cancers Develop >>
* Number of ways to arrange 128 balls exceeds atoms in universe >>
* A Silicon Valley startup accelerator wants to fund an experiment to give people free money >>

* Google is trying to make smartphones that can solve problems on their own >>
* Super-fast space laser satellites could help save lives on earth >>
* New computer programme to instantly read mind >>

* Male mice without Y chromosome can father offsprings >>
* ‘Smart’ socks may help prevent diabetic amputations >>
* Machine-learning technique uncovers unknown features of multi-drug-resistant pathogen >>

* World’s first ‘robot run’ farm to open in Japan >>
* Scientists give C-section babies healthy germs >>
* Microsoft Is Test-Driving a Submarine Data Center >>

* Physics of brain wrinkles copied in a jar >>
* Scientists get ‘gene editing’ go-ahead >>
* Following Time’s Arrow to the Universe’s Biggest Mystery >>

* Top Five Features to Expect from Your Future Car >>
* Flyover Video Of Ceres Shows The Grandeur Of Space Exploration >>
* These magnetic headphones may revolutionize audio >>

* Graphene in implants may help control robotic arms in amputees >>
* Miniature microscope will ID cancer cells in real-time >>
* 3D-printed kidney technique enables transplant for 2-year-old >>

* Google SkyBender Drone Project Aims To Deliver 5G Wi-Fi >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 January 2016

January 28, 2016 Leave a comment

* Our Place In The Universe: The Most Detailed Map Yet >>
* A new technique for super-resolution digital microscopy >>
* Facebook Reactions to replace ‘awkward Likes’ >>

* Linking Chips With Light ; 70 million transistors, 850 optical components in silicon processor >>
* First Laser Measurements of Magnetic Fields of Single Nerves >>
* This Robot Changes How It Looks at You to Match Your Personality >>

* A Search Engine for Your Memories >>
* Google’s AI Masters the Game of Go a Decade Earlier Than Expected >>

* New Wearable Sensors Know What’s in Your Sweat >>
* Smart Wearable Sensor Takes Sweat-Monitoring To Next Level >>

* Smartphone makers shipped a record 1.4 billion devices in 2015 >>
* Google Plans Four New Sites for Self-driving Cars >>
* Polywell Fusion and promises more technical disclosure >>

* WHO Extremely Alarmed by Zika, Cases Could Reach 4 Million >>
* WHO says Zika virus is a threat of ‘alarming proportions’ >>
* Your next Android phone might ‘see’ like humans >>

* How cancer cells form tumors by reaching out with ‘cables’ and grabbing cells >>
* Google machine-learning system is first to defeat professional Go player >>
* What species would become dominant on Earth if humans died out? >>

* The Problem with Biofuels >>
* Elon Musk says Electric cars need to be more ‘futuristic’ to attract buyers >>
* 30 Years After Challenger, Remembering All Those Killed In The Pursuit Of Space >>

* Immune System Offers Major Clue to Schizophrenia >>
* Search for Life on Mars –“Organisms on the ISS Survive a Red-Planet Environment” >>
* Milky Way With Nearby Constellations By Matt Dieterich >>

* SpaceX tests Crew Dragon’s parachute landing skills >>
* Brain’s Memory Capacity Rivals World Wide Web >>
* How precise is your fitness band or Wi-Fi scale? >>

* Oculus Rift Could Be A Massive Flop For Facebook >>
* CERN needs to figure out which 9,000 cables to disconnect for LHC upgrade >>
* Robots will soon be able to read our minds >>

* Human brain uses both sides for number crunching >>
* ‘Back To The Future’ Iconic Delorean Cars Back In Production >>
* Google reveals how much it paid the guy who bought Google.com for one minute — and it’s hysterical >>

* The 6 ways we’re most likely to find aliens in the not-to-distant future >>
* Here’s why a recession might help Netflix and hurt cable companies >>
* What new wearable sensors can reveal from perspiration >>

* This Smartphone-Connected Irrigation Controller Can Pay For Itself >>
* How Google may pull off drone deliveries without putting your dog at risk >>
* California secretly listened to cellphone calls from the air >>

* Warren Buffett controls Nevada’s legacy utility. Elon Musk is behind the solar company that’s upending the market. Let the fun begin. >>
* Zika Virus Is ‘Spreading Explosively’ Through The Americas — Here’s What We Know About It >>
* First Click: Clamping down on VPNs will turn Netflix subscribers into pirates >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 January 2016

January 27, 2016 Leave a comment

* Computer Beats Go Champion for First Time >>
* Scientists Discover Genetic, Biologic Cause Of Schizophrenia >>
* Sweat Sensors Track Athletes’ Health >>

* Nanowire Transistors Could Let You Talk, Text, and Tweet Longer >>
* We Asked a Robot to Write an Obit for AI Pioneer Marvin Minsky >>

* Microsoft Open Sources Its Artificial Brain To One-up Google >>
* Woven nanomaterials into the first 3D covalent organic framework makes more flexible and resilient material >>

* Opportunity Robustly In Action On 12th Anniversary Of Red Planet Touchdown >>
* Curiosity Sticks Her Toes In A Martian Sand Dune, Takes A Selfie >>

* At Saturn, Cassini Spacecraft Adjusts Orbit for Titan-ic ‘Grand Finale’ >>
* Astronomy Cast Ep. 400: State Of The Universe >>
* A novel ’4D printing’ method inspired by plants >>

* Lily’s Flying Camera Is Flying Off of Virtual Shelves >>
* Roll to Roll Electronics Manufacturing Rolls On >>
* Russia, China, North Korea and Iran are developing anti-satellite capabilities >>

* Flexible Pressure Sensors Stay Accurate Even When Bent >>
* Charles Bombardier has improved hypersonic design able to go 24 times the speed of sound with counterflow air cooling >>
* Woven nanomaterials into the first 3D covalent organic framework makes more flexible and resilient material >>

* Your Future Self-Driving Car Will Be Way More Hackable >>
* Squishy Robot Fingers Gently Tickle Deep Sea Critters >>
* Is 3-D Printing the Key to Cheap Carbon-Fiber Parts? >>

* What Marvin Minsky Still Means for AI >>
* Lawmakers Still Battling Over Russian Rocket Engines >>
* Google Just Beat Facebook in Race to Artificial Intelligence Milestone >>

* Google patents robotic ‘mobile delivery receptacle’ >>
* This Is How Google’s Project Wing Drone Delivery Service Could Work >>
* How The Next Generation Of Drones Could Reshape Future War >>

* The Doomsday Clock Remains at 3 Minutes to Midnight, But That’s Horrible News >>
* The iPhone 7 Might Get A Dual-Camera System To Take Better Photos >>
* India get its first beach with free public Wi-Fi >>

* Oculus “Quill” Turns VR Painting Into Performance Art >>
* Monster Machine Cracks The Game Of Go >>
* Nanotube Coating Makes Coaxial Cables 50% Lighter >>

* Our Brains Are Built To Ignore Things. Here’s Why That’s Great News >>
* Overactive brain pruning in teens could cause schizophrenia >>
* Wearable sweat sensor shows how hydrated you are during workouts >>

* 3-D Scanners Race to Monuments before Terrorists Blow Them Up >>
* Zika Testing Is Urged for Some Newborns >>
* Surgeons Could Use This ‘pen’ To See Cancer >>

* The Surge of Zika Virus >>
* Alzheimer’s may get transmitted through ‘medical accidents’ >>
* Face value: How fertile women spot rivals >>

* SpaceX just announced more details about its Hyperloop test track >>
* 7 things that hold people back from being successful >>
* A Match Made in Chip Verification Heaven: Simulation and Emulation >>

* Could This Be The Hover Board? >>
* Google’s Deep Learning Comes to Movidius >>
* The Milky Way’s Odd, Shapeless Pristine Neighbor (ESO) >>

* Scientists Move Closer to Understanding Schizophrenia’s Cause >>

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