Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 October 2016

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* Watch this autonomous Tesla drive from home to work on its own >>
* Scientists say they’ve identified the physical source of depression in the brain >>
* ExoMars update: Schiaparelli probe’s parachute malfunctioned >>

* Japanese Projector Displays Smooth Video On A Wriggling, Dancing Surface >>
* NASA’s Human Mars Mission Will Require Living Off the Land >>
* $100 million project to make intelligence-boosting brain implant >>

* “Odd Tilt of Our Sun Caused by Planet 9” >>
* This Is the Most Detailed Hydrogen Map of the Milky Way Ever Created >>
* Apple’s TV boss: ‘Television needs to be reinvented’ >>

* PlayStation VR Managed To Sell Over Fifty Thousand Units In Its First Week In Japan >>
* Kickstart An Antimatter Propulsion System To Another Star! >>
* UK begins next generation nuclear submarine construction and it will have all-electric magnet motor >>

* SRI Demonstrates Abacus, the First New Rotary Transmission Design in 50 Years >>
* Salesforce looks to the future with Einstein artificial intelligence >>
* Artificially intelligent robot can teach humans ping pong >>

* 3-D wiring technique is progress to scalable quantum computers >>
* Fujitsu FPGA architecture 10,000 times faster than conventional computers for optimization problems, prototype in 2018 >>
* DARPA Hands Over Space Tracking Telescope to the Air Force >>

* Carbon nanospikes can convert CO2 into Ethaol with a 63% yield and a room temperature reaction >>
* Spacex ITS rocket could get to Saturn’s moon Titan in 400 days and could refuel at Titan >>
* All Tesla Cars Being Produced Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware >>

* If Germany Bans Internal Combustion Engines, It’ll Change the Game >>
* Agriculture Drones Are Finally Cleared for Takeoff >>
* The Final Arrival Trailer Is the Ultimate Communication Breakdown >>

* Gene Editing Shifts Food Possibilities Forward >>
* Apple’s Big MacBook Event Is October 27 >>
* Watch a Tesla Model X drive itself to the office >>

* The Husarion CORE2 is a brain for your death-dealing robotic projects >>
* Automakers and Google balk at California’s self-driving rules >>
* From Cellphone Tracking To Facial Recognition: Minority Report Is Here >>

* NSA’s hacking tools found among data stolen by contractor >>
* Singapore to start trialing self-driving electric buses on its roads >>
* The 128GB version of Google’s Pixel XL is sold out at Verizon >>

* Qualcomm Introduces First Gigabit and multigigabit modems >>
* Either Stars Are Strange, Or There Are 234 Aliens Trying To Contact Us >>
* ‘Planet Nine’ Can’t Hide Much Longer, Scientists Say >>

* Experimental Projector Shoots Steady Images Even On Moving Objects >>
* Tiny body-roaming robots could be the future of wearables >>

* Is VR a leap back in time for the games industry? >>
* Google To Launch Streaming TV Service In Early 2017 >>
* Google’s Android 7.1 Developer Preview starts rolling out to beta testers >>

* Wearable Technology Is Improving Cancer Treatment One Day At A Time >>
* Engineers are testing a new name-based internet >>
* Maybe We Should Call Psychiatry Something Else >>

* Mice’s love songs go wrong when ‘language gene’ is messed up >>
* Google’s Unplugged TV service signs deal with CBS >>

* Take flight: USA TODAY Network debuts VR show >>
* Apple to debut new Macs at Oct. 27 event, report says >>
* These Intelligent Traffic Lights are Reducing Commutes by 25 Percent >>

* Apple’s new keyboard could be named the ‘Magic Toolbar’ >>
* The new game from the team behind ‘Grand Theft Auto’ is drop dead gorgeous >>

* Here’s everything leaving Netflix in November that you need to watch before it disappears >>
* Start Networking with People Outside Your Industry >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 October 2016

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* A Speech Recognition System Has Reached Human Parity >>
* ESA Lander’s Signal Cut Out Just Before It Was Supposed To Land on Mars >>
* Update: Exomars Lander Status “Inconclusive,” More To Come >>

* Scientists “Switch Off” Self-Control Using Brain Stimulation >>
* Mystery cosmic objects light up in X-ray then go dim in an hour >>

* Finally, a robot crib from Yves Behar >>
* Meet the Giant Robot That Builds Boeing’s Wings >>
* Scientists just broke a new record for quantum computing stability >>

* DARPA’s telescope will keep the military’s satellites safe >>
* More than 300 wild mammal species are in peril after being ‘consumed to extinction’ by humans using them for meat, ornaments and medicine >>

* Cops Have a Database of 117M Faces. You’re Probably in It >>
* AI’s Language Problem >>
* New Horizons: Looking Further Out >>

* The First Teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Is Here and It’s Fantastic (Obviously) >>
* Orbital ATK’s Antares Rocket Launch Success Lauded by Space Experts >>
* Photos of China J-20 stealth fighter with camouflage paint as they move toward 2019 combat readiness and the start of full production >>

* Software, the Invisible Technology >>
* Computer Vision Leader Fei-Fei Li on Why AI Needs Diversity >>
* Bendable electronic color ‘paper’ invented >>

* Zapping deep tumors with microwave-heated photosensitizer nanoparticle >>
* Bendable electronic paper display can have ten thousand dots per inch of resolution and use ten times less power than a Kindle >>
* Insight on mechanism of unconventional superconductivity >>

* Russia will place GPS jammers on 250,000 cellphone towers to reduce enemy cruise missile and drone accuracy in the event of large scale conventional war >>
* Aussie Uses Arduino Chips To Roboticize a Ford Focus >>
* Flexible and Colorful Electronic Paper Promises a New Look for eBooks >>

* North Korea’s Zoo Chimp Smokes a Pack a Day Because Life Is Cruel and People Are Terrible >>
* Pluto’s Skies Look More Earth-Like Than We Imagined >>
* We’ve Climbed Great Heights to Bring You This Year’s Best Wildlife Photos >>

* The 10 Most Important Aerospace Innovations Of The Year >>
* The 6 Greatest Software Innovations Of The Year >>
* The 10 Greatest Home Innovations Of The Year >>

* Surprising Familiar Faces Are Returning to Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow >>
* Watch Two Space Agencies Attempt a Daredevil Landing on Mars This Morning [Updated] >>
* All the Fine Print In Your Cell Phone’s “Unlimited” Data Plan >>

* This ‘Evil Genius’ Can Build You A Drone In Minutes >>
* Google Docs helps you figure out who’s responsible for tasks >>
* New Galaxy S8 Leak Recycles Note 7 Technology >>

* Wireless Power With The Help of Wi-Fi? One Startup’s Dream >>
* Virgin America debuts First Class shoes with Wi-FI and video display. >>
* Meet the Giant Robot That Builds Boeing’s Wings >>

* Microsoft made speech recognition software that’s as accurate as humans >>
* The rich really DO ignore the poor: Researchers find wealthy people tend to overlook those around them >>

* Is YOUR phone spying on you? Technique records Wi-Fi signals used by mobiles to track ‘entire populations’ >>
* Scientists Accidentally Discover Method to Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Ethanol >>
* A robot has been tested as a plane pilot >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 October 2016

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* Entangled Wormholes Could Pave the Way for Quantum Gravity >>
* This Robot Can Do More Push-Ups Because It Sweats >>
* Watch DARPA’s autopilot system fly a turboprop plane >>

* Antimatter Sail: Focus on Storage >>
* Qualcomm Announces The World’s First 5G Modem, Leading The Way To Multi-Gigabit Internet Speeds On Phones >>

* Last Time the Sun Was In This Exact Spot, Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet” “Sun’s has orbited 20.4 times since Sun formed 4.6b years ago. Sun will continue fusing hydrogen for 7 billion years. In other words, we have 31 orbits left before it runs out of fuel.” >>

* NASA Researchers Probe “Future Earths” –“We are Young in the Universe” >>
* Maven Takes This Trippy, Nightglowing Photo Of Mars In Uv >>
* China creates fund and mobilizes to eliminate extreme poverty by 2020 >>

* Japanese city subsidizing 80% of the cost for women to freeze eggs in order to boost birth rate >>
* China’s Shenzhou 11 blasts off on space station mission >>
* Orbital ATK Antares successfully launches with a return to flight after 2014 rocket failure >>

* Factories 2.0 >>
* Wind on the Upswing >>
* Deep Driving A revolutionary AI technique is about to transform the self-driving car. >>

* Quantum Enhanced Machine Learning >>
* The Antlia Cluster of Galaxies >>
* The Difference Between Disruptions and Solutions >>

* Fully Automated Unmanned Garages have arrived where the Whole Parking building is robotic and enables more cars to be parked in expensive city real estate >>
* Superconducting EMDrive Patented >>
* Google has taken nearly 2000 multi-gigapixel images of great works of Art by using servers to stitch together lower resolution images >>

* How Analog and Neuromorphic Chips Will Rule the Robotic Age >>
* Failing to include people from Asian, African, Latino and other non-European ancestries in DNA databases is causing errors in identification of disease genes >>
* High-Speed Classroom: Building an Electric Racing Motorcycle >>

* Baby mice made from skin cells and the eggs were made entirely outside body in a dish and procedure should work for humans too >>
* Unmanned flying drone will deliver up to 3000 pounds of on demand supplies at 300 mph to combat squads sending requests by cellphone ‘ >>
* New High Speed Elevators twice as fast as Usain Bolt running the 100 meters >>

* Can Being Cold Really Make You Sick? >>
* Vodafone and Inmarsat hang satellites over potential Internet of Things customers >>
* AI software should be able to register its own patents, law prof argues >>

* MIT’s Fusion Reactor Broke a World Record Right Before the Feds Shut It Off >>
* This Electric Cart Lets Puny Humans Pull an 18-Wheeler’s 20-Ton Trailer >>
* Police Use Facial Recognition Tools With Little Oversight, Study Says >>

* Research Shows Post-Surgical Infection Is A Very Real Threat >>
* Say Hello To Branded Internet Addresses >>
* Netflix Versus Uber: Does The Subscription Or Sharing Economy Have More Potential? >>

* Researchers reveal next-gen AI at World of Watson >>
* How Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining The Future Of Work >>
* Qualcomm bets big on 5G networks >>

* Apple hires CMU professor as director of AI research to smarten up Siri >>
* NASA Reveals Dark Side of the Mystery of Sun’s Bursts of Radiation >>
* Qualcomm-powered 5G devices may arrive in first half of 2018 >>

* NASA unveils a new testbed for electric aircraft >>
* Has Chinese firm Xiaomi made a BENDABLE smartphone? Leaked video shows a mobile with a flexible screen >>
* Galaxy Rotation Negates Dark Matter >>

* How Much Heat Does the Ocean Trap? Robots Find Out >>
* Is THIS the key to finding alien life? Antimatter sail propulsion spacecraft could reach ‘Earth’s twin’ in 84 years >>
* Google’s AI can book your vacation: New update warns users of impending price surges on flights and can even show them hotel deals >>

* AI’s should be allowed to patent their inventions: Researchers say human are taking too much credit for computer creations >>
* Google Pixel review: Assistant, camera add up to a winner >>
* Netflix shares soar as video service posts jump in subscribers >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 October 2016

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* The first device that can use gigabit LTE is launching this year >>
* Engineers reveal fabrication process for revolutionary transparent graphene neural sensors >>
* Scientists Create Fully Functional Eggs from Skin Cells >>

* Gliding Algorithm Lets Drones Surf The Winds For Hours >>
* Ad-carrying Drones Hover Over Mexican Highways >>

* Experimental “stretchy” optical fibers could warn about disease early >>
* Auto Industry Cranks Up For More Electric Cars As Hybrids Edge Batteries >>

* ExoMars, Poised to Reach Red Planet and Gather Clues >>
* Atomic-sized ‘MRI scanners’ may lead to new drugs: Quantum bits will pick up the structure of single molecules >>
* A genetics company that wants to sequence and analyse your entire genome for $999 just raised another $30 million >>

* AT&T is using drones to inspect cell towers and find bird nests >>
* Netflix and Amazon are spending a truckload on TV programming >>
* Deep-seated parts of some people’s brains seem to hate cheese, and scientists are trying to understand why >>

* Next generation US Navy manned and unmanned fighters will have new stealth, smart sensor skins, hypersonic and laser weapons >>
* Atomic-scale MRI based on atom sized quantum qubits sensors for individual biomolecules >>
* Kello trains your sleeping habits without using sensors >>

* Quantum qubits with ten times longer superposition stability >>
* Pittsburgh’s AI Traffic Signals Will Make Driving Less Boring >>
* China’s Manned Shenzhou XI Spaceship Blasted Off Today to Dock With Orbiting Science Lab –“A Step Towards Tracking Nuclear Submarines Via Gravitational Waves” >>

* Space Station Mockup In Houston – Astronaut Guided Tour | Video >>
* Give a 3D printer artificial intelligence, and this is what you’ll get >>
* White House wants the nation to get ready for AI >>

* Hints for Another Major New Alliance Coming to Game of Thrones >>
* HTC brings its virtual reality storefront to mobile >>
* Apple hires a Carnegie Mellon professor to improve its AI >>

* A Higgs Boson Scientist Created A Fertility App That’s As Effective As The Pill >>
‘* The Simpsons’ celebrates 600 episodes with a VR couch gag >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 October 2016

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* Strange signals from 234 stars could be ET – or human error >>
* This Robot Can Do More Push-Ups Because It Sweats >>
* Scientists Seek to Map All Human Cells in Vast Atlas >>

* Google added a fact-check feature to help you tell if news stories are accurate >>
* European Mars Lander Separates From Mothership, Takes Aim at Red Planet >>
* Europe’s ExoMars’ Touchdown: October 19th >>

* Experiment in Monkeys Raises Hopes of “Functional Cure” for HIV >>
* More Planet Earth II unveiled: Leaping gangs of monkeys, flipping penguins >>
* Could your next TV and phone be as thin as a sheet of paper? >>

* Google’s nit-picky interview process is a huge turnoff for some experienced coders >>
* Google will show different search results to mobile and desktop users >>
* THE FUTURE OF TV (It’s toast — this is what will replace it) >>

* Gillmor Gang: Bret Taylor Talks Quip >>
* Obama Wants the Government to Help Develop AI >>

* Schiaparelli Lander Separates From TGO – ExoMars Mission Control Applauds | Video >>
* The Moon Is Getting Slammed Way More Than We Thought >>
* The Week’s Most Viewed –From Rising Sea Levels to Messages to Alien Civilizations >>

* More Radioisotope Power – NASA Wants ‘Nuclear Batteries’ To Last Longer | Video >>
* Our “AI” Future –“Apple’s iPhone Manufacturer to Replace 500,000 workers with One Million Robots Over Next 3-5 Years” >>

* Chinese Scientists Discover Earth’s Largest Field of Extraterrestrial Objects in Remote Autonomous Region >>
* Monkeys Can Think about Thinking, Too >>

* Buckle Up, Space Tourists! Blue Origin on Track to Launch People Next Year >>
* What Is Mercury Made Of? >>
* Blue Origin will launch suborbital test pilots in 2017 and commercial passengers in 2018 >>

* China Shenzhou-11 launch tomorrow is part of Tiangong 2 space station program >>
* Better lasers could lead to future atomic clocks that are 100 times more accurate >>
* Breakthrough Listen Project will follow up on possible Alien laser beacon detections but think it is most likely instrument or analysis >>

* Virgin Galactic’s sub-orbital tourism is a step towards a point to point hypersonic transportation anywhere in the world >>
* This astronaut robot is the friend you’ve been looking for >>
* Scientist builds incredible ladder for pet after landlord bans catflap >>

* Uranus might have two dark moons we’ve never seen before >>
* DNA Scaffold Self-Assembles Into Single-Electron Device >>

* ‘A Sharper Scaling’ Upscales Images Better Than Photoshop >>
* Google Maps Adds Shortcut to Find Out How Traffic Is In Your Area >>
* China Has Now Eclipsed The US in AI Research >>

* MacGyver’s Body-Bag Freefall Might Actually Work. Physics Says So >>
* Great White Shark Breaks Into Diver’s Shark Cage, Terror Ensues >>
* Personalized Medicine Draws Closer With Cheap and Accurate DNA Sequencer >>

* US Navy Secretary says Ford aircraft carrier is a textbook example of how not to build a ship >>
* Third trailer for Star Wars Rogue One >>
* Great Wall trailer >>

* Humans Are Still Evolving >>
* CRISPR gene editing corrects sickle cells in a mouse >>
* US Army testing self driving supply trucks >>

* Structured light and quantum dot film let flying drones detect obstacles while flying at 43 mph and 20 meter detection range will get boosted to over 100 meters within a year >>
* Low energy terahertz radiation could reset computer memory in a picosecond which is 1000 times faster then current memory >>
* Verizon is now selling unlimited data in 30-minute increments >>

* Sharecare Acquires BioLucid to Bring Your Body into Virtual Reality With ‘YOU VR’ >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 October 2016 >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 October 2016

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* The Universe May Contain 10 Times More Galaxies Than We Thought >>
* The Hover Camera is here, ready to shoot all your aerial selfies >>
* Brain-Implant Allows Man to Feel Touch on Robotic Hand >>

* Injectable Wires can prod individual brain cells and be safely stay in the brain for more than a year >>
* 3D Animation In Film Will Always Be Far Ahead Of Video Games >>
* President Obama warns AI could learn to manipulate stock markets and even launch nuclear missiles as White House launches smart machines study >>

* Virus genome carries spider venom DNA >>
* DeepMind teaches itself to navigate the London Underground: Google’s secretive AI shows off human-like reasoning and memory skills >>

* BMW sees radical transition in auto industry >>
* ‘Star Wars: Episode Viii’ Leaks Suggest Han Solo Survived Fall >>

* Baidu launches medical chatbot to help Chinese doctors diagnose patients >>
* Samsung Wins Design Patents for a Bold Hybrid Foldable Tablet, Computer Display Glasses & Curved Gaming Display >>
* Boeing Delays CST-100 Space Capsule Test Flights by Six Months >>

* Watch the Disney Accelerator Demo Day here >>
* This drone will play with your dog >>
* The foldable, fully-enclosed Passport drone is yours for $549 >>

* Private Space Stations May Take Flight in 2020 >>
* NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory –“Machines Will Soon Have Their Own Consciousness” >>
* How Far Away Are The Stars? Scientists Still Don’t Know >>

* Virtual Reality Needs To Move Past Its Potential In Order To Survive In Video Games >>
* The Universe Has More Than 200 Galaxies For Each Person On Earth >>
* Quantum film sensor stops delivery drones crashing into things >>

* Caltech Scientists: Ultraviolet Light from Stars –“The Catalyst of Molecules Needed for Life” >>
* Rogue Black Hole Wanders Toward Galaxy’s Edge >>
* Rocket Lab Aims to Win Cubesat-Launching Race >>

* Tennessee develop mach 4 wind tunnel and then upgrading to hypersonic mach 5 >>
* Japan plans for unmanned wingmen robotics support fighters >>
* Beyond Exaflop supercomputers will require new materials, new architectures, new memory and quantum computers >>

* Historic Shrinking Of Antarctic Ice Sheet Linked To Co2 Spike >>
* How Will Robots Learn? >>
* This Upgraded Nikon Chills the Sensor for Clearer Shots of the Stars >>

* The Daring Plan to Find the Next Earth Within a Decade >>
* Everything You May Have Missed in the Newest Rogue One Trailer >>
* We Were Very Wrong About the Number of Galaxies in the Universe >>

* Can We Predict Global Dust Storms On Mars? >>
* Google’s Sprayscape App Makes Collages In Virtual Worlds >>
* Google and Facebook Are Laying a Big Cable >>

* Our Universe Has Trillions of Galaxies, Hubble Study | Video >>
* Brain Stimulation Allows Paralyzed Man to Feel His Hand Again >>
* Cheese-making led to gene-swapping orgy of bacterial bestiality >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 October 2016

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* BMW just revealed a self-correcting motorcycle you can ride without a helmet >>
* What Leading AI, Machine Learning And Robotics Scientists Say About The Future >>
* Hyperloop One and Dubai Future Accelerators will build the first ‘hyperloop for cargo’ >>

* XYZ launches a $249 3D printer for schools >>
* Google Sprayscapes lets you build surreal 360-degree landscapes >>
* How artificial intelligence is changing online retail forever >>

* Automation Will Make Us Rethink What a “Job” Really Is >>
* The creator of Atari has launched a new VR company called Modal VR >>
* Is machine learning sexist? >>

* These soft robotic muscles could help with physical therapy >>
* How Realistic Is BMW’s Motorcycle From 2116? An Explainer >>
* Why The Next Decade For Gaming Will Be Anything But Casual >>

* ISIS Is Now Using Hobby Drones to Kill People >>
* Wi-Fi Kettle Takes 11 Hours to Make Cup of Tea >>
* Explosion-Proof 93-Year-Old Bridge Refuses to Die >>

* Diver Catches Once in a Lifetime Closeup Footage of a Whale Breach >>
* Try Not to Cry While Watching Earth Rise From the Moon in HD >>
* Samsung’s Exynos 7270 Chip Will Let Wearables Be Way Smaller >>

* Ancient Nightmare Wasp Is Like No Other Insect on Earth >>
* Vertical takeoff and landing boxwing planes capable of twice the speed of helicopters >>
* Indoor Skydivers Wearing Glow Suits Look Like Tron Come to Life >>

* Google’s Android 7.1 Developer Preview will launch later this month >>
* World’s First “Cybathlon” Pits High-Tech Prosthetics Against Each Other >>
* TV shows could use ultrasound to send bonus extras to your phone >>

* Project Blue plans to send space telescope to snap nearby worlds >>
* Virtual reality no one is actually buying >>

* Spherical shell laser sail would simplify interstellar laser sails by getting rid of the need for orientation and solve the beam riding problem >>
* Two-Dimensional Materials Combined to Produce “Quantum LED” >>
* Update on the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor projects in China and the USA >>

* Berkeley Lab announces first transistor with a working 1-nanometer gate >>
* Pulse-radio technology design for 1-terabit wireless >>
* Google’s Deep Mind Gives AI a Memory Boost That Lets It Navigate London’s Underground >>

* Dwarf planet detected three times farther than Pluto >>
* Ep. 10: Measuring Distance in the Universe >>
* Shotwell Says SpaceX ‘Homing In’ On Cause of Falcon 9 Pad Explosion >>

* “Beyond Pluto” –Scientists Identify a New Dwarf Planet in Our Solar System with a 1,100-Year Orbit >>
* Our Neighbor Star Proxima Centauri “Defies Expectation” –Has Magnetic Field Cycle Similar to the Sun >>
* Mar’s “Death Star” Moon, Phobos –Planetary Defense Team’s Model to Deflect Deadly Earth-Bound Asteroids >>

* These are three of the biggest problems facing today’s AI >>
* Massive Disruption Is Coming With Quantum Computing >>
* Is our world a simulation? Why some scientists say it’s more likely than not >>

* What Do You Do With 34 Metric Tons Of Weapons-grade Plutonium? >>
* Why Smaller Airplanes Are So Much Better Than Bigger Airplanes >>
* Supergirl gets off to a strong start on The CW >>

* DeepMind’s AI has learned to navigate the Tube using memory >>
* Pluto has a new friend: The hunt for ‘Planet Nine’ reveals a dwarf world at the edge of our solar system >>
* A New Tack to Stave Off Alzheimer’s Years Before the First Symptom >>

* The Samsung battery fires explained >>
* Meet the Woman Who Designed Google’s Self-Driving Car >>
* Scientists propose space nation named ‘Asgardia’ and cosmic shield to protect Earth from asteroids >>

* ‘Facial-profiling’ could be dangerously inaccurate and biased, experts warn >>
* Dementia risk linked to air pollution and lack of vitamin D >>
* RBS, NatWest and SEB banks employ virtual staff >>

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