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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 March 2013

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* Scientists Link Lab Rat Brains | Video >>
* NASA Discovers New Radiation Belt Around Earth >>
* Watch a swarm of aquatic robots assemble into an emergency water-bridge >>

* First mind-reading implant gives rats telepathic power >>
* TED2013 so far, in comic form >>
* Watch Boeing’s Chubby Hydrogen-Powered Drone Take Off With Its Special Skateboard >>

* Radical Improvement like a 290 mpg car from 3D Printing Requires Radical Redesign >>
* 4D printed objects ‘make themselves’ >>
* Smart ‘stickers’ let you find things by phone >>

* 1st Photo of Alien Planet Forming Snapped by Telescope >>
* Fujitsu’s Future Phones And Tablets Could Skip The Physical Keyboard And Watch Your Fingers Instead >>
* 5 Reasons E.T. Would Already Know We’re Here >>

* AirBurr MAV Navigates by Bouncing Off Walls and Floors >>
* Brain-to-brain interfaces have arrived, and they are absolutely mindblowing >>
* Challenges in Simulating a Human Brain >>

* Researchers Plant Optical ‘Bug’ in Cancer Cells >>
* High-Tech Clothing Store Hointer Employs Robots And Mobile Tech Instead Of Salespeople >>

* 3D Printing On The Frontlines — Army Deploying $2.8M Mobile Fabrication Labs >>
* Stem cells aboard SpaceX will seed mice back on Earth >>

* Virtual body double gets ill so you don’t have to >>
* Brain Activity Map Project is futile, say some scientists, others enthused >>
* Russia calls for united meteor defense >>

* I.B.M. Exploring New Feats for Watson >>
* Feasibility Analysis for a Manned Mars Free – Return Mission in 2018 technical paper is online: The 18 page te… >>
* Wildly optimistic mission to Mars plan earns skepticism >>

* What happens after the droids take our jobs? Andrew McAfee at TED2013 >>
* Imagine an Aircraft Carrier Made Out of … Robots >>
* Lice Genes Reveal Human Migration >>

* Mars And Back In 501 Days | Video Animation >>
* Holographic Imaging System Could Let Firefighters See Through Flames To Rescue Victims >>
* 3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production >>

* Thriving cancer’s ‘chaos’ explained >>
* What is killing smartphones? >>
* YouTube iOS App Now Beams Video to Your TV >>

* Obese Pets: A Growing Problem [Video] >>
* How the Age of Google Glasses Is Likely to Change Us >>
* Can a Married Couple Survive a Trip to Mars? >>

* Scientist creates lifelike cells out of metal >>
* Learning Without Schools >>

* Google CFO: Will cling to cash for acquisitions >>
* The simulation hypothesis and other things I don’t believe >>

* Synopsis: Why the Solar Wind Blows Hot and Cold >>
* Scientists engineer bacterial live wires >>
* The next big smartphone accessory: Your car >>

* One rat brain ‘talks’ to another >>
* Scientist develops Harry Potter-style ‘invisibility cloak’ >>
* Welcome to >>
* Yudkowsky on “What can we do now?” >>

* Fully Implantable Wireless Brain-Machine Interface Announced >>
* Mobile phones to match globe’s population in 2014 >>
* Fifteen influencers shaping digital health >>

* turns heads with 3-D iPad app >>
* Liquid keeps computer servers cool and quiet >>
* Rodent Mind Meld: Scientists Wire Two Rats’ Brains Together >>

* Brain’s careful timing lets songbirds sing >>
* Nanorods 10,000x better at targeting cancer >>
* New technology Movie heroes to be transferred to virtual worlds more easily, realistically >>

* Smartphones to rescue for lost cats, grandmas >>
* After the human genome project: The human microbiome project >>

* 3D? Feh. MIT has already moved on to 4D printing (video) >>
* First NeuroGaming Meetup hosts live brain-controlled music >>
* Augumented Human ’13: 4th International Conference in Cooperation with ACM SIGCHI >>

* Here’s How AT&T Is Planning to Rob Americans of an Open Public Telco Network >>
* 3-D Printed Car Nears Production >>
* Rodent Mind Meld: Scientists Wire Two Rats’ Brains Together >>

* Stunning Photos Of Google’s Massive Data Centers >>
* Watson ponders careers in cooking, drug research as IBM makes it earn its keep >>
* Baby Monitor of the Future? MIT Scientists Create Program That Makes a Person’s Heartbeat Visible >>

* 4G, quad-core, pah. Now connect the next billion bods to mobile web >>
* How movies can influence technology >>
* Why Innovation By Brainstorming Doesn’t Work >>

* Can Solar Challenge Natural Gas? >>
* Novel wireless brain sensor >>

* Breakthrough in sight for cataract treatment >>
* Crews rehearse Launch Abort System stacking with Orion >>
* Tech Giants Promote Video With A Simple Message: Kids Need to Learn Programming >>

* Another Reason To Be an Astronaut: You Get To Hang With This Adorable Zero G Robot >>
* What Happens When You Try to Skydive With an Umbrella >>
* Space miners hope to build first off-Earth economy >>

* Leap Motion unveils contents of its own app store >>
* Canine intelligence tests reveal how dogs think >>
* The self: Why are you like you are? >>

* Infrared digital holography allows firefighters to see through flames >>
* How it feels [through Glass] >>
* Space-based solar farms power up >>

* Flexible battery completes stretchable electronics package >>
* A Password You Wear on Your Wrist >>
* Designing a cloud: Yu “Jordy” Fu at TED2013 >>

* Manipulating electrons, playing with paper: Kate Stone at TED2013 >>
* Holy Crap, This Insane 300 Foot Rope Swing Looks Like Heart Stopping Fun >>
* Mars plan could be crazy enough to work >>

* Chinese Scientists Create Ultra Light, Low-Cost Carbon Nanotube Aerogels from Bacteria >>
* Why does one language succeed and another one fail? >>
* Mobile Traffic, Connections, and Network Speeds—Oh My! >>

* Pain from the brain >>
* Video: Computer Program Reveals Colors and Motions Invisible to the Human Eye >>
* In new bodies, brain cells find longer lives >>

* Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Bans Working from Home But Has a Nursery in Her Office >>
* Yahoo’s Insistence That All 11,500 Employees Commute is a Blow to the Environment >>
* PHD comic: ‘Parenting: Almost totally worth it’ >>

* Researchers marvel at world’s deepest sea vents >>
* Shape matters for targeted chemotherapy drugs >>
* Bacteria defeat antibiotics they have never met before >>

* CSC 2013 International Conference on Scientific Computing >>
* ICWN 2013 International Conference on Wireless Networks >>
* ICAI 2013 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence >>

* Marissa Mayer’s Guide to Being Productive: It’s About Data, Not Politics >>
* Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo! Mistake (It’s Not What You Think) >>
* China To Erect Tallest Skyscraper In 90 Days? Not So Fast >>

* VIDEO: Older couple sought for Mars mission >>
* This Is how Dennis Tito plans to send people to Mars >>
* PHD comic: ‘The Out-Of-Office Reply’ >>

* China’s next manned space mission to launch this summer >>
* The Difference Between Apple HQ And Google HQ Really Says It All >>
* America Is Just At The Beginning Of A Gas Boom That Will Last For Decade >>

* Five smartphone and tablet trends from Mobile World Congress >>
* Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: March 2013 >>
* 11 Emerging Scientific Fields That Everyone Should Know About >>

* Ever heard of BioTime and Dr. Michael West? CLIO hadn’t, nor had I until we found this link. >>
* Is the TImeship back afloat? >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 February 2013 >>

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Ted Quotes
$40 billion of electricity is wasted a year – that’s half our coal usage right there. – @opower #TED2013
A wheelbarrow full of coal will light one lightbulb for a year. – @opower #TED2013
Our teachers taught us how to learn through discovery. – Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao#TED2013
One day of extra energy use from electric kettles is enough to light all the streetlights in London for a night. – @EcoInnovators #TED2013
Big refrigerators means we can’t find food. If we can’t find the food it goes to waste. – @EcoInnovators #TED2013
“You don’t have to be a professor with multiple degrees to have your ideas valued.” — Jake Andraka #TED2013
15-year old @jackandraka: “Making a cancer sensor out of paper is about as simple as making chocolate chip cookies.” #TED2013
A teenager’s two best friends: Google and Wikipedia @jackandraka #TED2013
Multi-sense designer Jinsop Lee: Why is sex so damn good? Maybe because it uses all of the 5 senses. #TED2013
My ideal world is where no one is left behind. Everyone is needed right where they are, like every fiber in the bow. Dong Woo Jang #TED2013
“We are going to see more & more things that look like science fiction, and fewer things that look like jobs.” -Andrew McAffe at #TED2013
A new product hasn’t yet thought about the problems it’s going to encounter when it exists in the world. – @EcoInnovators #TED2013
One day of extra energy use from electric kettles is enough to light all the streetlights in London for a night. – @EcoInnovators #TED2013

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 February 2013

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* For first time astrophysicists reliably measured the spinning speed of a supermassive black hole. >>
* Debate: Erik Brynjolfsson and Robert J. Gordon at TED2013 >>
* Google Glass Will Make You Manly, Says Sergey Brin >>

* Swine cells could power artificial liver >>
* Leap Motion Controller Ships Pre-Orders May 13, Hits Shelves May 19 For $79.99 >>
* NASA Supermassive-Black-Hole Gravity Discovery: “Confirms Einstein’s Theory of Space-Time” >>

* How long would it take to read every possible English language tweet? >>
* Android Smartphone Users Consuming Twice As Much Data As iPhone Users >>
* Could You Build a Banana-Powered Generator? >>

* Wanted: Married Couple for Private Mars Voyage in 2018 >>
* Sergey Brin On The Motivation Behind Glass >>
* Defending the internet itself: Danny Hillis at TED2013 >>

* 11 Emerging Scientific Fields That Everyone Should Know About >>
* Kickstarter 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen Nothing of the Sort – But Somehow Raises $2 Million >>
* Overseas Hackers Have Been Snatching More Than 1TB of Data Per Day >>

* Insanely Rubbery Battery Stretches To 4 Times Its Length >>
* Live hologram reveals moving people trapped in a fire >>
* ‘Wet’ computer server could cut wasted energy for cooling >>

* Complex circuits made of carbon nanotubes demonstrated >>
* The Power of Imagination >>
* Space-based solar farms power up >>

* An Autopsy of a Dead Social Network >>
* The World’s Smallest Arm Chip Is Going To Be Inside You >>
* A school in the cloud: Sugata Mitra accepts the TED Prize at TED2013 >>

* Wearable Electronic sensor readings communicated via touch feedback can simulate a “Spider Sense” >>
* Rise of the Chinese Smartphones – >>
* New crowdfunding platforms let you sell stock in yourself >>

* The Redefinition of Work >>
* Wireless connections creep into everyday things >>

* Your future self already exists in the cloud >>
* 8 great ideas for cities: The City 2.0 award-winners in video >>
* De-extinction to save a species: Stewart Brand at TED2013 >>

* Millionaire Backed Mars Mission Looking For Older, Married Couple To Withstand Adversity >>
* VIDEO: Robots replace migrants to milk cows >>
* Holograph help for firefighters >>

* VIDEO: Plans for Mars mission announced >>
* Schizophrenia genes increase chance of IQ loss: Study >>
* Scientists unveil secrets of important natural antibiotic >>

* BII REPORT: Why The “Second Screen” Industry Is Set To Explode >>
* Who Will Win As Mobile Payments Go Mainstream? >>
* A ‘Nation-Busting’ Asteroid Could Hit Earth In 2036 >>

* You Have To See The Futuristic 3D ‘SpaceTop’ Computer >>
* Intel’s creepy face-tracking takes cues from ‘Minority Report’ ads (hands-on) >>

* Stretchable, serpentine lithium-ion battery works at three times its usual size >>
* Good energy comes in small packages: Taylor Wilson at TED2013 >>
* Mars Flyby Plan will cost 1 to 2 Billion dollars and will send Middle Aged Couple that Already had Children >>

* ‘Hedgehogs’ Designed to Explore Martian Moon Phobos >>
* Plastic analog–digital converter bring applications in the food and pharmaceuticals industries within reach, can greatly reduce food waste worldwide Less than one cent >>

* Autonomous systems are imminent >>
* We can build safe systems using mathematical proof >>
* Why It Is Ethical to Cure the Disease of Aging >>

* New X-Ray Purification System Provides a Breath of Fresh Air >>
* Extinction Level Event >>
* Microscopy Technique for Visualizing EGFR to Help Discover New Cancer Drugs >>

* Reading minds with a brain scanner — it’s happening: Mary Lou Jepsen at TED2013 >>
* Sergey Brin Talks Google Glass: ‘Not a Done Deal Yet’ >>
* RSA: Self-Encrypting USB Hard Drives for all Operating Systems (Video) >>

* Transforming transportation: Elon Musk at TED2013 >>
* Reading the human genome: First step-by-step look at transcription initiation >>

* “It’s a little freaky at first, but you get used to it”: Sergey Brin and Google Glass at TED2013 >>
* The DIY house of the future: Alastair Parvin at TED2013 >>
* Mapping Happiness In American Cities, Using Twitter >>

* Seeing the Blue Marble for the First Time >>
* Analyze Your Urine With Your iPhone >>
* Unlocking fuel cell conductivity >>

* Samsung Clones Apple’s Passbook >>
* The View From Behind Sergey Brin’s Google Glass >>
* Hack takes voice-search to Rdio via Google Chrome’s new Web Speech API >>

* Industrial sapphire might be your next smartphone display >>
* Your iPhone or Your Toilet: Which Would You Pick? >>
* Samsung announces Android Wallet app for tickets and coupons, opens API to developers >>

* Research update: Chemists find help from nature in fighting cancer >>
* Computer scientists prevent data theft on smartphones and tablet computers >>
* Controlling nanoclusters with surface defects could lead to construction of nanodevices (w/ Video) >>

* Researchers build nanotube photodetector >>
* Hubble Telescope Reveals Milky Way Galaxy’s Cannibal Past >>
* Physicists crack science of ice formation >>

* Nano ‘beads on a string’ could advance battery technology >>
* US Court mulls whether DNA swabs violate privacy >>
* The Wildly Ambitious Quest to Build a Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton by 2014 >>

* A School in the Cloud and the Future of Learning >>
* A Medical Lab in Your Smartphone >>
* Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku explain E=MC2 to music >>

* IVF sperm do better in a diamond dish >>
* Arctic thaw may be first in cascade of tipping points >>
* NASA has found a free particle accelerator floating in space >>

* See Every Car Toyota Has Ever Made In This Mind-Boggling Interactive Timeline >>
* Fresh From TED: A Mind-Blowing App That Could Remake Mobile Retail >>
* An electric vehicle you can carry in hand: Sanjay Dastoor at TED2013 >>

* The Secret of the Stars >>
* Astrophoto: Planet Aurora >>
* MIT Teaching PR2 to Be Better at Not Failing >>

* Critical Thinking Is Best Taught Outside the Classroom >>
* Why It’s Smart to Be Reckless on Wall Street >>
* Asperatus Clouds Over New Zealand >>

* Samsung Wallet Is Apple’s Passbook, on Android >>
* Mouse Brain Cells Can Live Years Longer Than The Mice They Came From >>
* Someone Bothered To Look Up The Science Of Hating Anne Hathaway >>

* Time is running out for the solar revolution >>
* Graphene micro-supercapacitors to replace batteries for microelectonics devices >>
* Android smartphone to control satellite in orbit >>

* Giant laser creates an artificial star to clear the sky >>
* The Reality of Google Glass (Comic) >>
* Dvorsky, Hughes, Bostrom & Villard on x-risks with HuffPostLive seen here: >>

* The Redefinition of Work >>
* Al Gore: Human Biotech is a “Driver of Global Change” >>
* Genetic variation behind acute myeloid leukemia treatment success identified >>

* Music Industry Has First Revenue Increase Since 1999 >>
* Clouds as ‘lovely monsters’: Camille Seaman at TED2013 >>
* Watch This Guy Fire 600 Rounds With A Partially 3-D Printed Gun >>

* Face Neurons >>
* An AI can build and try out statistical models using an open-ended generative grammar >>

* Mangled Worlds Quantum Mechanics >>
* A quantum PCP theorem? >>
* Wow – Charlie Stross >>

* Why Flying A Drone Is Just As Stressful As Flying A Bomber >>
* Watch: How Cockroaches Are Helping Scientists Design Better Robots >>

* PayPal co-founder Max Levchin returns to online payments with Affirm >>
* Walk with me, talk with me: Nilofer Merchant at TED2013 >>
* Eradicating extreme poverty doesn’t have to be a dream: Bono at TED2013 >>

* Race with the machines: Erik Brynjolfsson at TED2013 >>
* Robots as part of daily life: Rodney Brooks at TED2013 >>
* Is artificial intelligence more of a threat to humanity than an asteroid from space? >>

* Make your smartphone a personal robot: Keller Rinaudo at TED2013 >>
* Astronomers Calculate Russian Meteorite’s Orbit, Find It Has 80 Million Cousins >>
* The Age of Edison: Electric Light and the Invention of Modern America Author Ernest Freeberg >>

* dvorsky Huffington Post talk about existential risks with N. Bostrom and J. Hughes. Link: >>
* Are you ready for robot carnage?? #RobotCombatLeague premiers tonight 10/9c >>
* Could Better Syringes Reduce HIV Transmission? >>

* Can a city be too technological? Saskia Sassen at TED2013 >>
* Rethink’s Baxter Robot Got A Job Packaging Toys And Sending Them To China >>
* Hyper fuel efficient 150 Person electric aircraft doable without superconductors and just todays technology >>

* Transhumanism and Religion Group meeting in Baltimore >>
* Revolutionary Superconducting Technology Capabilities will scale over next 10-30 years >>
* What Movies Look Like Before Special Effects >>

* First study to analyze 25 yrs of data after radiation therapy for prostate cancer patients >>
* Al Gore: Human Biotech is a “Driver of Global Change” >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 February 2013 >>

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TED2013 Tweet Quotes ……
Edie Widder: “Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation is the engine that drives economic growth.” @teamorca #TED2013
We must rebuild the forests. The only machines capable of transforming CO2 into oxygen is trees.” – Sebastiao Salgado #TED2013
“Keeping cities complex and incomplete is essential, otherwise we will have a lot of dead, obsolete cities.” – @saskiasassen #TED2013
“When you tell a 20-something ‘you have an extra 10 yrs to start your life,’ you have robbed that person of urgency and ambition” #TED2013
“30 is not the new 20, so claim your adulthood” — @drmegjay
Freeman Hrabowski quotes Aristotle: Excellence is never an accident. Choice, not chance determines your destiny. #TED2013
Smart simply means you’re ready to learn. What did you learn in school? vs. did you ask a good question today? — Freeman Hrabowski
“There seems to be lots of education going on & very little learning taking place.” @SirKenRobinson #TED2013 Antidote
The education system is wonderfully constructed — it’s just that we don’t need it anymore. #TED2013
@amcafee “We’re going to see more and more things that look like science fiction and fewer and fewer things that look like jobs.” #TED2013
“Humans have made a huge hole in nature. We have the ability now, and maybe the obligation, to repair some of that damage.” #TED2013
We’re in a system to save the status quo – this saves the left & the right but helps no one. – @lessig #TED2013
In 1982 there were only 2 other Dannys on the Internet and I knew them both – Danny Hillis #TED2013
You can build a small house in one day with a CNC machine. – @AlastairParvin #TED2013

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 February 2013

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

* In probing mysteries of glass, researchers find a key to toughness >>
* European Space Agency Decides Which Asteroid They’ll Go Smash Into First >>
* House of Cards and Our Future of Algorithmic Programming >>

* Functional Maps of Fetal Brain Activity Created Using fMRI >>
* New App Turns Your iPhone Into a Mobile Urine Lab >>
* The “World’s Young and Hungry”: Where Real Mobile Innovation Will Come From >>

* Blazing Fast Staubli Robot Picks 200 Items Per Minute >>
* Blueprint for a Memristor based artificial brain >>
* DNA Testing Case Goes To The Supreme Court >>

* MasterCard’s New Digital Wallet Service Will Let You Skip The Checkout Line >>
* Pneumatic Muscles Power Sinewy New Leopard Robot >>
* Researchers Unveil World’s First 4-D Printer >>

* LG unveils world’s smallest wireless charger, preps it for global availability >>
* Mind of its own: building a human brain >>
* Apophis asteroid may strike Earth in 2068 >>

* Mobiles of future will be like virtual reality >>
* Artificial Intelligence For Everyone: Var and the Vikings on Kickstarter >>
* Awesome Thermochromic Jeans Changes Colors with Heat >>

* Pre-order MYO for $149 here >>
* Babies can decipher human speech as early as three months before birth, say scientists. >>
* Mind-machine: George Napp (Coast-to-Coast am) Interviews Ray Kurzweil >>

* Chief Justices Should Not Allow DNA Collection During an Arrest Booking >>
* TED2013: How to follow along >>
* Why Android is ahead of iOS contextually >>

* For Autodesk, a Step Into a Nanoscale World >>
* DIY Robots Make a Sandwich >>
* Meet the scientific accident that could change the world >>

* Get a Massage From WheeMe the Robot >>
* Bots High Documentary >>
* Meet Atlas, The Official Robot Competing in the DARPA Challenge >>

* TED Day 1: Transforming the Way We See, Hear and Feel the World >>
* Compact Digital Microscopes >>

* Flexible wireless charging battery developed that can be stretched to 3x its size >>
* Graphene Can Create “Hot Carrier” Cells for Photovoltaics >>
* Did Pollution Make These Otter Penises Tiny—And Is Yours Next? >>

* Is growth over? Robert J. Gordon at TED2013 >>
* New TED Book: The City 2.0 >>
* Talks from the audience: TED University session 1 at TED2013 >>

* That Samsung Monster Story: Where is Google At Risk? >>
* Bad sleep ‘dramatically’ alters body >>
* Slow-growing babies ‘catch-up’ by teens >>

* Here Are Some Crazy Things People Would Do With Google’s Glasses >>
* Illegal P2P Song Downloads Dropped 26 Percent In 2012 >>
* House of Cards and Our Future of Algorithmic Programming >>
* 2,000 pound turtle could be extinct within 20 years >>

* China’s continues work to nuclear aircraft carriers & stealth missile frigates >>
* How Entheogens Are Enhancing Cognition, Boosting Intelligence, and Raising Values >>
* Peter Sims on “Little Bets and Black Sheep: The Revolution Will Be Improvised” >>

* George Dyson: No Time Is There— Why Things Appear To Be Speeding Up >>
* Check out this mining robot under development at Kennedy: >>
* SpaceX’s #Dragon launch webcast Fri at 6:30A PT – submit questions we’ll answer live >>

* Greg Adamson – Norbert Wiener – Humanity+ @Melbourne 2012 >>
* The World In 2020 >>
* Antifragile Systems >>

* Tracking trains with satellite precision >>
* Ultrasound at birth can predict autism risk >>
* Could fifth force reveal Earth’s core? >>

* An atlas of the human heart is drawn using statistics >>
* Eat too much? Maybe it’s in the blood >>
* Sterilizing with the sun >>

* CEO Survival Guide: How to Win in a Software-Driven World >>
* Watch Zuck, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey Short Film To Inspire Kids To Learn How To Code >>
* MIT algorithms teach robot arms to think outside of the box (video) >>

* Bank Lending (to small biz) Just Got Interesting for the First Time in 250 Years >>
* The Navy Is Sick of the One-Person Subs It Uses for Deep-Sea Diving >>
* Keen On…The Cloud: How Digital Technology Is Making Us More Human >>

* Chrome gets an audio icon to point out noisy tabs, so you can reload in peace >>
* This Shirt Has Special Pockets for Your Smartphone >>
* Is This The Smartest Comment Ever About Google And Facebook? >>

* Google Anxiety, Samsung’s Long Shadow And The Motorola Hedge >>
* Internet Explorer 10 Comes to Windows 7 With New Ad >>
* Google+ Adds Sign-In Feature, Matching Facebook And Twitter >>

* Yahoo Says No to Working at Home – Outrage Ensues >>
* Marissa Mayer Is No Fool >>
* Marissa Mayer Is Wrong: Freedom For Workers Means Productivity For Companies >>
* Congress Should Listen To Marissa Mayer >>

* Activated graphene breaks record for low temperature storage of electrical energy >>
* SK Telecom’s Atti learning robot hands-on (video) >>
* Hollow bones led dinosaurs to grow world’s longest necks >>

* How To Build A Bot Army: Inside The Robot Combat League >>
* Could a comet hit Mars in 2014? >>
* Transplanted Brain Cells Can Outlast The Body’s Biological Clock >>

* SpaceX Fires Up Private Rocket for Friday Launch to Space Station >>
* The Real Story of Stuxnet >>
* Are Boeing’s Battery Difficulties Part of a Much Bigger Problem? >>

* Virtual Assistance Grows In Popularity >>
* Artificial brain: Scientists experiment with memristors that imitate natural nerves >>
* Connecting the (quantum) dots: First viable high-speed quantum computer moves closer >>

* Quest to Model the Human Brain Nets a Billion Euros >>
* The Pirate Bay Leaves Sweden Over Legal Threats >>
* Too Many Sleepless Nights Can Actually Shut Down Important Genes >>

* Android smartphone to control satellite in orbit >>
* Giant laser creates an artificial star to clear the sky >>
* Quantum algorithm breakthrough >>

* Teaching household robots to manipulate objects more efficiently >>
* How tension changes the structure of DNA >>
* Special RNAs guide epigenetic factors to activate genes >>

* A protein ‘passport’ that helps nanoparticles get past immune system >>
* Scientists produce densest artificial ionospheric plasma clouds using HAARP >>
* Pre-order MYO for $149 here >>

* Super-humans like X-Men to exist in 30 years? >>
* NASA to Livestream Black Hole Observations Wednesday >>

* Big Data’s Value Lies in Self-Regulation >>
* Bad sleep ‘dramatically’ alters body >>
* What the Library of Congress Plans to Do With All Your Tweets >>

* Using nothing but soap and a macro lens, Janet Waters… >> >>
* 4 ways mobile health could save $400B in health costs >>

* Smallest space satelitte will look for ‘starquakes’ >>
* Vulcan and Cerberus Win Pluto Moon Naming Poll >>

* Astronomers Calculate Orbit and Origins of Russian Fireball >>
* DARPA Wants To Invent An Aircraft That Hovers Like a Helicopter But Flies Like A Plane >>
* Smartphone-Powered Satellite Blasts Into Space >>

* What Are Some Mind Blowing Facts About Wall Street? >>
* Graphene: the miracle material explained >>
* The professional understanding of quantum… >>

* Robotic Car Valet: Residential Automated Parking Garage >>
* News Analysis: Proposed Brain Mapping Project Faces Significant Hurdles >>
* Intel lands Altera as its biggest chip manufacturing customer to date >>

* Ford And GM Forge Different Wireless Paths >>
* FutureMed 2013: Interviews and Video Highlights >>
* Asha de Vos meets a puppet of herself >>

* Elon Musk Talks Spacex and Mentions Hyperloop on Jimmy Kimmel >>
* Experiments on Cadavers Settle 100 Year-Old Puzzle Over Human Skin Strength >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 February 2013 >>

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TED2013 Tweet Quotes ……

Erik Brynjokffson: our reality is changing exponentially w/advances in AI, Internet, robotics, computer process power…
“15 years ago the best supercomputer beat Gary Kasparov. Today a cellphone can beat a Grand Master!” -Erik Brynjolfsson at #TED2013
.@TEDChris quotes Mitch Kapor: Many homes in China lack indoor plumbing but everyone has cell phone. Which would you choose? #TED2013
#TEDMED 2013 speaker Eli Beer witnessed his first terrorist attack at age 7 – and it impacted his career:
Robert Gordon #TED2013: What good is a world with snazzy machines and great music for free, but we don’t have gainful employment?
Big debate on #TED2013 stage: is progress accelerating or decelerating? Bob Gordon (its slowing) vs Erik Brynjokffson (speeding up!) Fun.
Robert Gordon at #TED2013: Early retirement = pension problems (like Greek fiscal blowup). We must raise retirement age with life expectancy
The answer is not to try to slow down technology. Humans need to race with the machine. @erikbryn #TED2013
People are racing against the machine, and losing. How can a skilled tax preparer compete with a $39 copy of Turbotax? @erikbryn #TED2013
The New Machine Age…Is Digital, Exponential & Combinatorial. Here is @ibmwatson learning curve @erikbryn #TED2013
IBM’s Watson is growing up fast. It’s applying for legal and banking jobs. And it’s getting them. @erikbryn #TED2013
A child’s Playstation today is more powerful than a military supercomputer from 1996. @erikbryn #TED2013
We’re getting more + more stuff for free: Wikipedia, Google, Skype. But that’s not how economists measure GDP. @erikbryn at #TED2013
1900-1960 we went from buggies to jets. To grow in the 21st century requires our inventions be just as important. Robert J. Gordon #TED2013
The cost inflation of higher ed dwarfs that of healthcare. We’re racking up trillions of $$s in student debt. Robert J Gordon at #TED2013
Americans can no longer afford to expect to be twice as well off as their parents. Robert J Gordon at #TED2013
We face 4 headwinds against further progress: education, demographics, debt and inequality, says Robert J. Gordon at #TED2013
Economist Robert J Gordon asks: Could it be that the best years of American economic growth are almost over? #TED2013
In Greenville, MI, 3,000 of 8,000 people worked at Electrolux factory. When it closed, “it was like a bomb went off.” @JenGranholm #TED2013
Questions @TEDChris is asking at #TED2013: What is the future of work? How can we educate our kids for an unknown future? Who’ll pay for it?
“Racing WITH the machine is better than racing against the machine.” – Erik Brynjolffson at #TED2013
What’s the fuel that drives #innovation? #TEDMED curator Jay Walker via @WSJ on The Power of #Imagination
Bruno Maisonnier: Dance, tiny robots! >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 February 2013

February 25, 2013 Leave a comment

* Brain Cells Can Outlive the Body >>
* Pluto May Soon Have a Moon Named Vulcan (Thanks to William Shatner) >>
* Russian Meteorite Was An Everyday Space Rock, Common Throughout Solar System >>

* Researchers create interactive apartment where every surface is a touchscreen >>
* Are We Really on the Verge of a Napster-fication of Physical Objects? >>
* minutephysics: How Big is the Universe? >>

* The Fastest, Fullest TED Conference Ever Starts Today >>
* Willow Glass Is Ultraslim >>
* New Research Sheds Light On How Dogs Became Dogs >>

* Aptina’s new 13MP image sensor captures 4K video at 30fps, 1080p at 96fps >>
* NEC’s Medias W prototype: 4.3-inch Android phone or 5.6-inch tablet? (hands-on) >>
* OPTiM’s Optia Android screensharing and remote control app hands-on >>

* Smartphone fired into space for test >>
* Use Your Smartphone as a 3D Scanner >>
* Smart Concrete Conducts Electricity >>

* This App Syncs Multi-Camera Footage Into One Video >>
* Ziphius is a smartphone-controlled aquatic drone >>
* Meet Pneupard, Osaka University’s Air-Powered Cheetah Robot >>

* Scientists Create Mice That Can’t Feel Cold >>
* Interview: 16 Year Old Jack Andraka Invents Cheap, Accurate Cancer Test >>
* Panasonic’s New Sensor Captures 3D Images With a Single Lens >>

* This Is The World’s Smallest Space Telescope >>
* Could This Smart Armband Take The Cameras Out of Gesture Control? >>
* Armband adds a twitch to gesture control >>

* The great illusion of the self >>
* A solid-state sequencer >>
* Insects inspiring new robot vision technology for collision avoidance >>

* Watch This Amazing Robot Cube Deftly Balance Itself Like a Cirque Du Soleil Performer >>
* Let There Be NanoLight, the World-Changing Lightbulb >>
* LG shows off Wireless Ultra HD video streaming from phone to TV at MWC >>

* Teaching robots lateral thinking >>
* Red Planet Mars Not So Red Beneath the Surface >>
* staceythinx:Beautifully atmospheric photography by Adnan… >>

* Less Innovation, More Inequality >>
* What will the billion dollar brain projects do? >>
* SmartThings puts Internet to work at home >>

* The Next Frontier Is Inside Your Brain >>
* This Is Firefox OS in Action >>
* Big Data Era: Not just More Data but New Kinds of Data >>

* Tongueduino: Hackable, High-bandwidth Sensory Augmentation >>
* Kyocera Smart Sonic receiver transmits call audio through cranial vibrations (video) >>
* Google Glass Is As Much About Working With Our Past As Our Future >>

* Innovation for the ‘one percent’ >>
* Weird Science programs its zombie robot sparrows to KILL >>
* Book Review…What’s the Future of Business? >>

* Intel Agrees To Serve As Foundry For Altera FPGAs >>
* Rise of smartphones reshapes competitive order in the cellphone chip market >>
* Internet providers launch controversial Copyright Alert System >>

* Your brain: During early pregnancy, brain is adding staggering 250,000 neurons per minute >>
* Digital Medicine: Machines for living >>
* Targeting junk DNA can help suppress cancers: Study >>

* More Sex Partners Linked to Higher Risk of Drug Addiction, Alcoholism >>
* Why Your Smartphone Will Be Your Next PC >>
* Advancing Humanity Symposium 2013 >>

* Researchers develop new method of controlling nanodevices >>
* Brain Implants Can Reset Misfiring Circuits >>

* Your Next Computer Will Live on Your Arm >>
* Existence: The new paperback…and now a Reading Guide >>
* If Richard Dawkins Died and Met His Maker… >>

* Rethinking wind power >>
* Homemade Jetpack Designed To Reach An Altitude Of 25,000 Feet >>
* Darpa Wants to Rethink the Helicopter to Make It Go Way Faster >>

* The Drama Over Project Encode, And Why Big Science And Small Science Are Different >>
* Wristband Tracks Your Muscle Movements For Super-Precise Gesture Controls >>
* Enjoy These Amazing High-Def Nature GIFs >>

* CAVE2: Not a Star Trek Holodeck Yet, but Getting Closer >>
* Ancient Color-Shifting Goblet Inspires Nanoplasmonic Biosensor >>
* Are We Really on the Verge of a Napster-fication of Physical Objects? >>

* Paving the way for pioneering new cancer treatment >>
* The hi-tech row that could kill off hopes of wireless charging for ANY gadget >>
* Harder and harder to measure TV viewership (Update) >>

* Researchers develop new method of controlling nanodevices >>
* ‘Bracelet’ implant eases chronic heartburn >>
* Sex life of plants can alter their defenses >>

* Future evidence for extraterrestrial life might come from dying stars >>
* Boomers Take More Risks, Start More Businesses Than 20-Somethings: Study >>
* Samsung Video Discovery hands-on >>

* GPS cane hands-on: the future of monitoring and protecting elderly >>
* Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 voice activation and photo editing abilities (video) >>
* IBM eyes mobile, social add-ons for mainframe >>

* Intel gets aggressive with new smartphone and tablet chips >>
* How Close Is Iran, Really, To Nuclear Weapons >>
* Earthquakes’ booms big enough to be detected from orbit >>

* Mobile Data to Overtake Voice By 2018 >>
* You Can’t Build A PS4: Why Sony’s Next Console Is Truly Next-Gen And Your PC Isn’t >>
* Hands On With Huawei Ascend P2, the ‘World’s Fastest Smartphone’ >>

* Infographic: The Languages Of New York, Mapped By Tweets >>
* Will This Crazy Home Win The 3-D Printed House Race? >>
* Long-Lost Continent Found under the Indian Ocean >>

* Big Neuroscience: Billions and Billions (Maybe) to Unravel Mysteries of the Brain >>
* Research to probe deep within a solar cell >>
* NASA Joins Europe for Exploration of Jupiter’s Icy Moons: Europa, Ganymede and Callisto >>

* Fly Me to the Moons >>
* Samsung Confirms the Galaxy IV’s Coming March 14th >>
* Packing Up A Solar-Powered Plane That Will Fly Across America [Video] >>

* The U.S. Army’s New 84-Ton Tank Is Nearly IED-Proof >>
* Treat malware as biology to know it better >>
* A 3D-printing pen >>

* Independent Mars mission planned for 2018 >>
* First MRI movies capture fetal brain connecting up >>
* New Google campus planned, turning the Googleplex into a megaplex >>

* Memory strategy may help depressed people remember the good times >>
* Apple’s Real Opportunity In Television: Everything But The TV Itself >>
* Big Data “A-Ha” Moment? >>

* Intel launches dual-core Clover Trail+ mobile Atom processors >>
* Startup Engineers See-Through Solar Cells >>
* Can new technology save fish? >>

* Mars Colony Premature Without Genetic Engineering >>
* Researchers devise new image sensor that could meld screens with cameras >>
* How Skynet Could Help Save the Planet >>

* The Next Frontier Is Inside Your Brain >>
* This Is Firefox OS in Action >>
* Big Data Era: Not just More Data but New Kinds of Data >>

* Tongueduino: Hackable, High-bandwidth Sensory Augmentation >>
* Kyocera Smart Sonic receiver transmits call audio through cranial vibrations (video) >>
* Google Glass Is As Much About Working With Our Past As Our Future >>

* Innovation for the ‘one percent’ >>
* Weird Science programs its zombie robot sparrows to KILL >>
* Book review…What’s the Future of Business? >>

* Quantum computer one step closer after ‘true’ quantum calculation >>
* A new look at high-temperature superconductors >>
* #BOOK: “‘Death of the Internet’ Portends >>

* Augmented Reality: The MIT Tongueduino >>
* Is Technology Driven Distraction Good? Do We Want More? >>
* What will the billion dollar brain projects do? >>

* Ramez Naam: Future of the Human Race >>
* Obama’s Brain Activity Map Could Be The Future Of Neuroscience Research (VIDEO) >>
* DSM 5 Confirms That Rape Is Crime, Not Mental Disorder >>

* Royal Navy Discovers Underwater ‘Grand Canyon,’ Maps Spectacular Images >>
* #BOOK: “‘Death of the Internet’ Portends >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 February 2013 >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 February 2013

February 24, 2013 Leave a comment

* More Details Leak About Microsoft’s Next Operating System: Windows Blue >>
* Brain’s ‘stroke shielding’ cracked >>
* The top 10 emerging technologies for 2013 >>

* “Neuromorphic: Ultimate Parallel Processors” >>
* TED is changing – as the world becomes more connected >>

* PowerbyProxi debuts wireless charging solution for smartphones (video) >>
* Exoplanet Habitability adjusted for atmospheric pressure and seasonality >>
* Super Space Germs Could Threaten Astronauts >>

* It’s time for a real policy on asteroids >>
* Digital Domain: Bra-Selling Web Site Uses Algorithm to Determine Fit >>
* Computer designed by scientists to compose music which makes the brain feel happy >>

* James Howard Kunstler: The Dangers of the Age of Delusion >>
* Groundbreaking Virtual Robotics Allow Us Our Very Own Robot Avatar >>
* The Moral Imperative and Technical Feasibility of Defeating Death >>

* MIT discovers the location of memories: Individual neurons >>
* Scientists develop a whole new way of harvesting energy from the sun >>

* I used Google Glass: the future, but with monthly updates >>
* Watches And Embarrassingly Large Smartphones At Mobile World Congress >>

* Deep Brain Stimulation Used To Treat Early Stage Parkinson’s Disease >>
* TED Weekends listens to outer space >>
* Satellite Swarm — Including an Asteroid Hunter — Readies For Spaceflight >>

* Aubrey De Grey Provides a Review of SENS Anti-Aging Projects >>
* Patent Watch: A Heart Monitor in Your Phone >>
* MIT Researcher Teaches Robots To Adapt >>

* MRI compatible pacemakers could be boon to many >>
* Bizarre Star-Shaped Gravity Waves Created >>
* Has evolution given humans unique brain structures? >>

* Patent Application Reveals Key Factors In Google News Algorithm >>
* World Wildlife Federation turns to drones in bid to tackle poaching >>
* Google Confirms That Project Glass Will Work With iPhone >>

* 7 talks on mapping the human brain >>
* Google Glass Will Be On Sale By End Of 2013, Cost Less Than $1,500 >>
* Milky Way Galaxy: Facts About Our Galactic Home >>

* Spray-Painting Asteroids Could Protect Earth from Space Rock Threat >>
* In Reality, Nebulae Offer No Place for Spaceships to Hide >>
* Curiosity Self-Portrait Panorama >>

* Scientists Are Developing A Blood Test To Determine Whether People Are Suicidal >>
* First MRI movies capture fetal brain connecting up >>
* Rusty rocks reveal ancient origin of photosynthesis >>

* New retinal implant gives sight to nine blind people >>
* New injectable hydrogel encourages regeneration after a heart attack >>
* With robots, humans face ‘new society’ >>

* Catherine Mohr: The Da Vinci Surgical Robot and Beyond >>
* Watch These Quadrocopters Balance And Juggle Long Poles, Like Robotic Clowns >>
* Radical New Image Sensor Turns your Entire Display Into a Digital Camera >>

* Giant laser needs a revamp to achieve nuclear fusion >>
* Engineering College Lets Students Shop With Biometric Scans Instead Of Credit Cards >>
* A flexible, transparent gesture sensor >>

* Miguel Nicolelis: a monkey that controls a robot with its thoughts >>
* ‘Zombie’ cells are created in lab… and they outperform their living counterparts >>
* GPS Sensor Tags That Make Cowboys And Fences Obsolete >>

* Autonomous navigation of mobile robots based on locust vision >>
* Are You Human? This Test Will Tell >>
* A pill that acts like liver is sure cure for hangover >>

* Nasa to turn ISS into coldest spot in the universe >>
* Gene Therapy Shows Early Promise for Heart Failure >>
* Glassholes Only, Please >>

* When brain damage unlocks the genius within >>
* Mobile Revolution Buffets Taiwan PC Rivals >>
* Wired Space Photo of the Day: Glowing Gas in Omega Nebula >>

* Asteroid Hunter: An Interview with NEOSSat Scientist Alan Hildebrand >>
* Taking the gamble out of DNA sequencing >>
* Huawei Ascend P2 hitting Europe in Q2 for 399 euros, we go hands-on (update: video) >>

* Physicist proposes to his physicist girlfriend in the form of an academic paper >>
* Growing Generation Of Housebound Kids Telecommuting To School With Robots >>
* Questioning your faith? Tattoo robot will randomly assign you a religion >>

* TED2013 springs to life as Fellows arrive! >>
* New blood test finds elusive fetal gene problem >>
* MIND Reviews: Love 2.0 >>
* Saudi Arabia, China, Kuwait Pakistan competing Next Worlds Tallest Building >>

* Did Evolution Select for Better Human Brains? >>
* How electrodes in the brain block obsessive behaviour >>
* Scientists Reprogram Cells to Fight Diabetes >>

* Why Focus Makes Us Smarter–and 8 Ways to Sharpen Yours >>
* 3D-Printed Rocket Parts Will Take NASA to Mars >>
* NASA: A Nuclear Reactor To Replace Your Water Heater >>

* Smart Handle for Surgical Tools Gets The Tightness Just Right >>
* Putting The Freeze on Trauma Induced Epilepsy >>
* The Simulation Argument (Full) >>

* Empifi: Writing the Future of Understanding Human Emotions, and Broadcasting Empathy >>
* Lessons from cockroaches could inform robotics >>
* Prone to Colds? Blame This Bit of Your DNA >>

* Radiation time for cancer treatment reduced to 2-minute >>
* Drug discovered against flu virus >>
* Giving makes you feel much better than receiving: Study >>

* Is A Mysterious Millionaire Planning A Manned Mission To Mars And Back? >>
* Has evolution given humans unique brain structures? >>
* How To Create a Mind: Can a marriage between man and machine solve the world’s problems? >>

* The Reason All Your Favorite Companies Are Being Hacked? Dumb Employees >>
* These Are the Bacteria Lurking on Your Phone >>
* Here’s how Obama’s brain mapping project will actually work >>

* Police software mines social media >>
* World’s smallest space telescope >>
* Photo-immunotherapy boosts nanoparticle delivery to tumors >>

* Why the Higgs Boson May Seal Fate of the Universe >>
* I’ll Pay You to Read My Book >>
* TOPOLSKY: Google’s Glass Design Is Better Than What Apple Has Been Doing Lately >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 February 2013

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment

* 320-gigapixel snap of London >>
* Unparticle May Lurk in Earth s Mantle >>
* Supercomputers journey to limits of spacetime >>

* PS4 Is Sony’s Last Stand, And It’s Wasting It On A Tired Strategy That Ignores How The Gamer Is Changing >>
* A new solid-state hard drive that uses ultrasound to store more data >>
* Meet The 11 Scientists Getting $33 Million >>

* Brown researchers build robotic bat wing >>
* Robots Can Now Tend Your Garden For You >>
* 3-D Printed Octopus Suckers Help Robots Stick >>

* Smarter networks for smarter phones >>
* Mood-sensing smartphone tells your shrink how you feel >>
* An Augmented Reality Chip Might Speed Adoption >>
* Scientists Recreate Magnetic Fields of Dying Stars in Lab >>

* Whoa: Quadrotors Play Catch With Inverted Pendulum >>
* Robots Now Dealing Blackjack >>
* 3D-printed cyborg muscle produces artificial heartbeat >>

* Temporary tattoos could make ‘electronic telepathy,’ ‘telekinesis’ possible >>
* Fractal Flowers I know you love fractals, because we’re… >>
* Spinning camera gives a ball’s-eye view of the game >>

* MIT researchers build ultrahigh-definition Quad HD (4K) TV chip >>
* MIT imaging chip creates natural-looking flash photos >>

* What Is the Brain Activity Map? >>
* Robot Patients Help Doctors Practice Their Skills >>
* Ray Kurzweil your Brain Cloud >>

* Quantum Dots covering one square inch could produce a watt of power for every one degree temperature difference >>
* Visually and aurally accurate virtual communication system >>

* VIDEO: Drones monitor impact of seaweed >>
* Biological marker of dyslexia discovered >>
* 42 Minutes into the Future >>

* Micro-drones are real, here’s the horror-inducing video to prove it >>
* US Senator: ‘We’ve Killed 4,700’ People With Drones >>
* Algorithm will tweet in your place after you die >>

* The PlayStation 4 Is Here >>
* Microsoft Kinect 2.0 Specifications Leak, Includes Support For USB 3.0>>

* Vending Machines Could Soon Come to a Taxi Near You >>
* Google Glass Needs Phatic Interaction, Stat >>
* Is this the year everybody gets hacked? >>

* How was Earth’s life kindled under a cold sun? >>
* VIDEO: Man speaks after 27 years using app >>
* Smart device games secure milestone >>

* Gene linked with Alzheimer’s plaques found >>
* Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us >>
* The Future and You! Security, Privacy, AI, Geoengineering >>

* Tongueduino, New Electrotactile Device for Sensory Replacement and Augmentation (w/video) >>
* New Commission To Set Standards For Troubled Forensic Sciences >>
* ‘Old Talk’ Edges Out ‘Fat Talk’ As Women Age >>

* Gravity Makes Volcanoes Sag, Influencing Eruptions >>
* With fragile X, brain cells can’t stop ‘talking’ >>
* Sticky fish could inspire better adhesives >>

* New Dimension: Nebulas Are Even More Amazing in 3-D >>
* Scientists unveil secrets of important natural antibiotic >>
* Three Radical New Brain-Mapping Tools Scientists Want Obama to Deliver >>

* How human language could have evolved from birdsong >>
* Google intros Chrome photo app full-res G+ instant upload, intelligent photo selection >>
* India will launch a mission to Mars this year >>

* How Dennis Tito could send humans to Mars and back by 2020 >>
* As Seen From Space: Mt. Etna Boils Over >>
* The Chromebook Pixel, for what’s next >>

* Your Brain is Being Augmented, You Just Don’t Realize It >>
* Major methane release is almost inevitable >>
* Earth’s mantle helps hunt for fifth force of nature >>

* Cornell Researchers Grow A Realistic Bio-Engineered Human Ear >>
* Apple Files For Patent On Snap-Band Watch Thing >>
* Carbon Nanotube-Based Thin Film Creates Hybrid Organic/Silicon Solar Cells >>

* Advancing Humanity Symposium >>
* Microchip Restores Vision >>
* Researchers ‘nanoweld’ by applying light to aligned nanorods in solid materials >>

* Should grandma join Facebook? It may give her a cognitive boost, study finds >>

* The Slowing Pace Of Growth For The Global Solar Market >>
* Biological marker of dyslexia discovered: Ability to consistently encode sound undergirds reading process >>

* Sony Sips; PlayStation 4 Unveiling Gets Mixed Response >>
* CES: Using Eye Movements to Control a Computer or TV (Video) >>
* PS4 Announced: Why Sony’s Next-Gen Console Unveiling Was An Imperfect Success >>

* Is Storage The Next Hot Enterprise Tech Sector? >>
* Launches Its Intelligent Tagging App To Organise The World’s Documents >>
* Chrome’s App Launcher Runs Chrome Apps on Your Desktop >>

* The PlayStation 4 can output in 4K, but not games >>
* Bend it like Schrödinger: Beams of electrons curve around barriers >>
* Wedding Party, The Mobile App That Lets Guests Contribute Photos >>

* 5 Reasons Apple Can’t Disrupt TV–And One Crazy Way It Could >>
* NXP’s silicon fingerprinting promises to annoy the heck out of ID hackers >>
* How human language could have evolved from birdsong >>

* Why aren’t these streams of liquid merging? >>
* Can America Win The 21st Century With Sustainability As Its Grand Strategy? >>
* Future U.S. Weather Will Be Stormy and Drought Filled, Global Prediction Shows | Video >>

* Here Are The (Rumored) Specs for the Next Generation Kinect Sensor >>
* Diamonds: A Key Ingredient in Tomorrow’s Quantum Computers >>
* Extending the Human Senses, or How to Feel Light >>

* Digital processing system avoids 17.4 million drug errors in US in one year >>
* Why mapping the human brain matters,Today’s technology landscape would be completely altered. >>
* Kepler Mission Reveals an Alien Planet Size of Earth’s Moon >>

* Bursting Bubbles At 18,000 FPS Is as Hypnotic as It Sounds >>
* MIT’s Developing a Chip That Makes You a Better Smartphone Photographer >>
* BigPic: Building The World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel >>

* What The Russian Meteor Explosion Sounded Like >>
* First space tourist plans independent Mars mission >>
* How to read a mouse’s mind >>

* Russian fireball largest ever detected by CTBTO’s infrasound sensors >>
* Google Glass: how to get one >>
* Water on the moon: it’s been there all along >>

* These Tiny Telescopes Could Save the Earth from a Deep Impact >>
* Secrets of Human Speech Uncovered >>
* 5 things you should know about the future >>
* Adaptive Optics Explained! In Comic Form >>

* Sony PS4 Will Have Instant Boot-Up, Vita Integration, Cloud-Based PS3 Games >>
* Playstation 4 Has 15x More RAM Than PS3 >>
* GOLDMAN: Sony’s PS4 Is So Lame It May Cause A ‘Downward Spiral’ For The Company >>

* Tiny planet found >>
* Scientists use 3-D printing to help grow an ear >>
* Mark Zuckerberg On Google Glasses, Asks, How Do You Avoid Looking Awkward? >>

* Do you need a futurist? Ray Kurzweil says yes >>
* Dennis Tito Wants to Send Human Mission to Mars in 2018 >>
* 3-D Printed Space Food For the Gourmet Astronaut >>

* ZTE Aims To Launch The First Tegra 4 Smartphones In China By The End Of 1H 2013 >>
* Researchers Able to See in Real-Time Brain Activity of Live Mice (w/video) >>
* Apple Chairman Art Levinson On The Ultimate Biology Prize >>

* Print Me An Ear: 3-D Printing Tackles Human Cartilage >>
* Super Beings WT008 – Feb 28,2013 >>

* Print Me An Ear: 3-D Printing Tackles Human Cartilage >>
* Best of WT — Reworking the Human Architecture >>

* Singularity: The Future of Now >>
* Over-60s are told: go back to university and retrain >>
* Star Trek-style holodeck becomes reality as scientists invent 3D vitual reality system >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 February 2013 >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 February 2013

February 20, 2013 Leave a comment

* This Is What It Will Look Like When You Wear Project Glass >>
* World’s first 3D printing pen smashes Kickstarter goal in a few hours >>
* Diamandis: Tricorder X Prize Offers $10 Million to Build Star Trek Scanner >>

* Supercomputers used to design superior antioxidants >>
* NASA Designs Space Optics to Directly Image Exoplanets, detect biosignatures >>

* Want Google Glass? Tell Google How You’ll Use it >>
* Computer Program Knows When You’re Struggling With Math By Looking At Your Face >>
* University of Illinois Chicago | CAVE2 wraparound virtual world >>

* Defiance: The First Video-Game Television Show >>
* The Moon is a Natural Platform for Asteroid Mining, Detection and Deflection >>
* Do You Want Real-Life News Injected Into Your Computer Games? >>

* Engineering a better spinal implant >>
* Stay cool and live longer? >>
* Watch This Childlike Humanoid Robot Begin To Comprehend Language >>

* New satellite will be first asteroid sentinel in space >>
* Volvo’s New Exterior Airbags Protect Pedestrians >>
* The Patents That Threaten 3-D Printing >>

* New Software Reveals “Hidden Information” In Video Footage >>
* Proposed Asteroid-Destroying Satellite Sounds An Awful Lot Like A Death Star >>
* Tilera has the World’s Highest-Performance and Highest-Efficiency Manycore Processor >>

* The 50 Disruptive Companies of 2013 >>
* The Swiss Army Knife Robot >>
* The Innovation Efficiency Index >>

* Automation Sets Us Free >>
* On Innovation and Disruption >>
* How predictable is evolution? >>

* Another Incredible Timelapse from the ISS >>
* The Future of Prediction: Predictive Analytics in 2020 >>
* Electronic Telekinesis from Temporary Tattoo >>

* The 50 Disruptive Companies of 2013 >>
* The mind-controlled bionic hand that also controls your mind >>
* Future science: Using 3D worlds to visualize data >>

* Space tech to aid speedy cancer detection >>
* The age of non-invasive pre-natal testing is here >>
* Nano Cantilevers Detect Specific Tumor Mutations >>

* Future science: Using 3D worlds to visualize data >>
* How to ‘Hear’ the Russian Meteor Explosion >>
* Network theory expert sees Web pages as 19 clicks apart >>

* Curiosity Rover Ready To Analyze Martian Time Capsule From Inside of Rock >>
* Record-Breaking Exoplanet Is Just Barely Bigger Than the Moon >>
* Firefox Enables WebRTC, H.264 And MP3 Support By Default >>

* Liveblogging Sony’s ‘Future of Playstation’ Press Conference >>
* What We Expect From Tonight’s PlayStation Announcement >>
* What Not to Expect in New PlayStation >>

* Prosthetics startup aims to make limbs more comfortable >>
* Supercomputers used to design superior antioxidants >>
* Scientists Insert A Light-Emitting Bioprobe Into A Living Cell >>

* Nanocapsule Could Serve as Both Vaccine and Cure for a Hangover >>
* A DIY Bioprinter Is Born >>
* Care for Home Solar Panels with Your Honda? >>

* Semiconductor ‘nano-shish-kebabs’ created with potential for 3-D technologies >>
* The World’s Fastest Electric Boat Skims Over the Sea at 86 Knots >>
* Most Amazing Medical Breakthroughs >>

* Watch a Chinese Hacker Launch an Invasion in Real Time >>
* This 3D Printing Pen Lets You Draw Sculptures in Midair >>
* New self-driving car system tested on UK roads >>

* Albert Bandura on social learning, origins of morality, impact of technological change >>
* Russia Meteor Blast Was Largest Detected by Nuclear Monitoring System >>

* Actual significant technological progress, at least potentially >>
* Learn to Use 23andMe APIs with Codecademy >>
* Utilities Racing To Secure Electric Grid >>

* Sars-like virus claims its first victim in UK >>
* Language protein differs in males, females >>

* Russian Man Flies Power Glider Out of Gas Station >>
* Ills of aging blood: Short-circuited stem cell programming linked to failing blood dev >>

* NASA Killed A Bunch Of Fish In Zero-G Experiments >>

* ‘Bug-Sized’ Drones Are The Most Frightening Type Of Killer Robot Yet >>
* Apple’s Answer To Google Glass Has Moved Past The Experimental Stage >>

* This Company Will Only Accept ‘Twitter Resumes’ For A Six-Figure Job >>
* Nothing Can Stop The Implosion Of Office Supply Chain Stores >>
* $7700 Self Driving Car Uses Off the Shelf Parts, can be added to any Car >>

* The Problem with Our Data Obsession >>
* The Story of a Study of the Mind >>
* Depression Eraser >>

* General Atomics Calls for game-changing nuclear technology >>
* First signals from brain nerve cells with ultrathin nanowires >>
* Setting Silk to Music >>

* First signals from brain nerve cells with ultrathin nanowires >>
* The robocop headset that lets police see round corners >>
* Simple blood test to determine chemotherapy dosage >>

* Your Brain at Work Looks Like Pyrotechnics Exploding In the Sky >>
* Molecules assemble in water, hint at origins of life >>
* New technique scales up production of graphene micro-supercapacitors >>

* Italian Jet Company Converts Passenger Plane Into the World’s Most Stylish UAV >>
* First signals from brain nerve cells with ultrathin nanowires >>
* Harness vast power of quantum computers… for sums >>

* Predictable Evolution? –Identical Mutations Over 1,000 Generations >>
* Immune boost could protect against new killer virus >>
* Sun’s next-door twin: Cool layer in the atmosphere of Alpha Centauri A >>

* Nano-channel disentangles knotted DNA >>
* Stanford scientists fit light-emitting bioprobe in a living cell >>
* What Is Light, Anyway? >>

* Bioengineering cells for more efficient biofuel production >>
* Never-Before-Seen Video Shows Fire Raining On the Sun >>
* First exoplanet smaller than Mercury discovered >>

* A DIY Bioprinter Is Born >>
* Ultrahigh-definition TV: New Quad HD TV chip developed >>
* 15 Uncanny Examples of the Golden Ratio in Nature >>

* Temporary tattoos could make electronic telepathy and telekinesis possible >>
* Google Glass Augmented Reality Project Now Open To Regular People >>
* MIT researchers build Quad HD TV chip >>

* Qualcomm details Quick Charge 2.0 75 percent faster charging, wake by speaking >>
* Backblaze introduces the 180TB Storage Pod 3.0 >>

* The Nebula Desktop >>
* Get Ready to Doodle With The First 3D Drawing Pen >>
* The Virtual Haircut That Could Change the World >>

* Sorry, Google. Here Come The Inevitable #IfIHadGlass Bashtags. >>
* Could Another Chelyabinsk-Scale Meteor Sneak Up on Us? >>
* New imaging device is flexible, flat, and transparent >>

* Human cognition depends upon slow-firing neurons >>
* A self-healing protective coating for concrete >>
* Scientists Building Asteroid Threat Early-Warning System >>
* ‘Dr. Google’ can ease cancer confusion >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 February 2013 >>

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