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Link Favourites archive – 02 October 2009

* Future of Social Networking and Games
* Cyclopedia Augmented Reality iPhone App Drenches Your World In Wikipedia [IPhone]
* This Insane Photo Destroyed a Camera Lens [Space]

* A Mobile Phone Mesh That Can Survive Carrier Network Failure
* Brainbow paints individual neurons with different colours
* Molecular Nanomachines: Physical Principles and Implementation Strategies
* A Startup That Builds Biological Parts
* Laser Fusion and Exawatt Lasers

* Microsoft’s Anechoic Chamber: The Place Where Sound Goes To Die
* Pew! Airborne Military Laser Takes Out Truck
* Eye Tagging
* Most babies born this century will live to 100
* Power generating backpack

* Hello, Ardi: New Oldest Humanoid Fossil Million Years Older Than Lucy
* Infinite Book: An Infinite Brochure, Digital Media Reader Concept
* Video: Rapid Prototyping Using Legos
* Will Computer Programs Replace Mozart?

* Space Elevator Games one Kilometer Tether Finally Ready
* Consciousness is the brain’s Wi-Fi – San Francisco State University
* Consciousness resolves competing muscle demands, study finds
* Solar blinds gather energy by day, charge gadgets at night

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