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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 February 2016

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* Moth Eye’ Graphene Breakthrough Could Create Indoor Solar Cells >>
* Volvo shows off a prototype of its self-emptying trash can >>
* Rapidly building artificial arteries for testing drugs >>

* AI learns to predict human reactions by reading our fiction >>
* Biden Comes To Silicon Valley For Innovation In White House Cancer Moonshot Initiative >>

* Scientists Are Trying to Grow Potatoes on ‘Mars’ >>
* How the Brain Dumps Its Trash [Video] >>
* Dementia cure just five years away – world expert >>

* Hypersonic missiles will be operational in the 2020s and hypersonic spyplanes in the 2030s >>
* Kurzweil debates the role of tech firms in personal privacy >>
* A practical solution to mass-producing low-cost nanoparticles >>

* Precision guided mini-grenade guns and smart rifles that turn any soldier into a sharpshooter >>
* Spacex Resets Launch Of Upgraded Falcon 9 Rocket For Serene Sunday Sunset On Feb. 28 >>
* 1950s America relied on a greater share of renewable energy than the present day. >>

* The Perseus Signal — “What We Found Could Not Be Explained by Known Physics” >>
* All the space missions you should be hyped for this year >>

* Precision guided mini-grenade guns and smart rifles that turn any soldier into a sharpshooter >>
* Gravitational Waves: Did Merging Black Holes Form from Single Star? >>
* U.S. Air Force reveals the first picture of its top secret $100bn B-21 stealth bomber that will replace the B-52 >>

* Black holes banish matter to the ‘loneliest places in the universe,’ scientists claim >>
* Take a tour of the $367 million jet that will soon be called Air Force One >>
* People are hanging off the edge of a 300-foot waterfall in Zambia >>

* Pentagon Research Could Make ‘Brain Modem’ A Reality >>
* Monetizing Mobile Gaming >>
* This Is What Darth Vader’s Theme Would Have Been If He Had Been The Hero >>

* ‘SUPERHOT’ Is A Super Rad First-Person Shooter Like Nothing You’ve Played Before >>
* How Brave New World Is Sneaking Up On Us >>
* Graphene ‘moth eyes’ to power future smart technologies >>

* Shark-spotting drones to patrol the skies above Australian beaches >>
* Scientists Plot Sea Levels Using GPS Satellites >>
* Lab-grown sperm cells successfully produced fertile baby mice >>

* Study finds a link between oral bacteria and oesophageal cancer >>
* The wealthier you are, the more you chase well-being, says survey >>

* Illumina, the Google of Genetic Testing, Has Plans for World Domination >>
* 5G was the real star of Mobile World Congress >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 February 2016

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* Doctors perform the first US uterus transplant >>
* Solar Cells So Thin They Could Blow Away >>
* Doctors implant 3D-printed vertebrae in ‘world’s first’ surgery >>

* Meet Brain, The AI Engine That Wants To Replace Search >>
* Building Living, Breathing Supercomputers >>
* Can SkyFi Really Give the Entire World Free Internet? >>

* British scientists say depleting enzyme hastens aging >>
* Ageing skin may become a thing of the past as scientists hail breakthrough in fight against wrinkles >>
* The language you speak does not change how you hear music, study finds >>

* Physicists May Have Discovered a New “Tetraquark” Particle >>
* What Is the Largest Number? [Video] >>
* Your next smartphone should have these features >>

* Is This a Huge Million-Year-Old, Man-Made Underground Complex? >>
* Chinese Scientists Turn Mouse Stem Cells Into Working Sperm Cells >>
* A Map of Mars That’s Perfect for Everyday Earthlings >>
* How Self-Driving Cars Could Make Traffic Worse >>

* VR Will Make Life Better—Or Just Be an Opiate for the Masses >>
* Researchers made sperm-like cells and used them to create new mice >>
* A world where everyone has a robot: why 2040 could blow your mind >>

* Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole —“A Million Times Brighter Three Centuries Ago” >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Feb. 26, 2016: Fast Radio Bursts & Missing Baryons >>
* Power Beaming Parameters & SETI re KIC 8462852 >>

* The Milky Way’s Striking Symmetry –“Habitable Planets More Than 5-Billion-Years Old Closer to Galaxy’s Center” >>
* NASA, Made in Space Think Big with Archinaut, a Robotic 3D-Printing Demo >>
* Future Air Force fighter planes will be controlling many advanced combat UAV and jam resistant smart missiles >>

* Tackling the Future of Digital Trust—While It Still Exists >>
* Do Self-Driving Cars Have a Dirty Future? >>
* Neil deGrasse Tyson, PhD and futurist Ray Kurzweil on what will happen to our brains and everything else >>

* Zap&Go’s Graphene Supercapacitor Powers Portable Charger >>
* Is 3D Printing The Next Industrial Revolution? >>
* A New Algorithm Could Protect Ships From ‘Rogue Waves’ >>

* EVs will cost the same as gas-powered cars by 2025 >>
* CowTech’s $99 3D scanner captures detail from small objects >>
* Australian surgeon inserts 3D-printed vertebrae in world-first >>

* Barriers To Augmented Reality Are Holding Us Back From The Holodeck >>
* ARM’s new Cortex-A32 chip should boost battery life in Android Wear gadgets >>
* Netflix lifted the lid on how the algorithm that recommends you titles to watch actually works >>

* World’s first parallel computer based on biomolecular motors >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 February 2016

February 25, 2016 Leave a comment

* Scientists Have Created Functional Sperm From Stem Cells >>
* Fast Radio Bursts: First Distance Measurement >>
* Google’s latest AI doesn’t need geotags to figure out a photo’s location >>

* When will the universe end? Not for at least 2.8 billion years >>
* Next-Gen Sensors Make Golf Clubs, Tennis Rackets, and Baseball Bats Smarter Than Ever >>

* New Speech-Enhancing Software Ensures Loudspeaker Announcements Are Always Understandable >>
* How A Robotic Octopus Could Help Us Control Autonomous Drone Swarms >>
* The New Dream Jobs >>

* Watch this drone-guided robot empty the trash >>
* AI ‘frees us up to be humans again,’ chief says >>
* YouTube is launching a new tool that lets filmmakers blur out any object >>

* Morgan Freeman can now be your GPS navigation voice >>
* Science Explains Why You Love Morgan Freeman’s Voice >>

* Facebook’s AI is learning by reading loads of children’s books >>
* What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team >>

* Tabletop electron microscope requires no preprocessing to observe and analyze non-conductive samples >>
* Watch The Splashdown Test Of Boeing’s Astronaut Capsule >>
* Atlas, The Next Generation >>

* Palm-Size Satellites Could Hunt for New Alien Worlds >>
* Quantum dot solids could usher in a post-silicon era in electronics >>

* Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit 2016 >>
* New electronic stethoscope and app diagnose lung conditions >>
* Lightning fast SD cards for 4K and 8K video are coming soon >>

* Mathematicians Write A Formula To Describe Waves >>
* Artificial tail-less sperm is the best test-tube sex cell yet >>
* Scientists Turn Skin Cells Into Stem Cells That Kill Brain Cancer >>

* Titanic Galaxy Explosion Pinpointed 6 Billion Light Years Away | Video >>
* Forever Data in Quartz: The Quest for the Immortal Bit >>
* Passive Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power >>

* New app splits up dinner bill based on wage inequality >>
* You’d pay $12.8 billion to buy one of everything on Amazon >>
* Apple’s case for encryption >>
* Startup puts diagnostic lab on a chip >>

* Chinese scientists isolate two Zika virus strains >>
* Pancreatic cancer identified as 4 different diseases >>

* A More Youthful Vagina? CO2 Laser ‘Mona Lisa Touch’ Resurfaces The Vagina >>
* You can use putty to get past the iPhone’s fingerprint security >>
* 20 negotiation tips for getting the salary you want >>

* Electric cars could be nearing a critically important tipping point for explosive growth >>
* This glider will fly 90,000 feet higher than most aircraft >>
* Scientists are getting closer to finding the mysterious 9th planet in our solar system >>

* Bill Gates’ letter to high schoolers: We need an ‘energy miracle’ to stop climate change >>
* Ultra-fast 5G wireless will be 300% faster than Google Fiber — and it could be here by 2017 >>

* The Drone Racing League just shared a video of its first race — and it looks intense >>
* Apple is working to make future iPhones even harder to break into >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 February 2016

February 24, 2016 Leave a comment

* The Next Generation of Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS Robot Is Quiet, Robust, and Tether Free >>
* Brazil plans to zap mosquitoes with radiation to halt spread of Zika virus >>
* Flexible Optical Metasurfaces Promise “Smart” Contact Lenses >>

* SES-9 >>
* How To Kill A Supercomputer: Dirty Power, Cosmic Rays, and Bad Solder >>
* “Genetic Scissors” Can Completely Eliminate Hiv From Cells >>
* New Milky Way Map Reveals a View of Our Galaxy Four Times Bigger Than We’ve Ever Seen >>

* Watch Google’s Humanoid Robot Learn The World Is A Harsh Place >>
* MSI’s Eye-Tracking Laptop Is the Future, But Not the Present >>
* Can Billionaire Robert Bigelow Create A Life For Humans In Space? >>

* Google Will Draw Your Selfie Using An Algorithm >>
* Gravitational Wave Might Have Come From ‘twin’ Black Holes Born In The Same Star >>
* There’s a New Kind of Wi-Fi That Uses 10,000 Times Less Power >>

* Google wants hard drives designed to store your cloud data >>
* Fast 5G Networks Will Require Flashy Clouds >>
* How IBM Plans To Innovate Past Moore’s Law >>

* 5 Oculus Rift Games That Will Blow You Away >>
* This is 5G’s moment — four years early >>
* Facebook’s Like button Reactions now available to everyone >>

* Facebook’s new Like button is here: Reactions are now available to everyone >>
* How the Internet of Things is becoming the ‘Internet of Commerce’ >>
* ‘Star Wars’ helmets translate your words to droidspeak >>

* This $245,495 Range Rover comes with a built-in gun case >>
* Air NZ to use 3D printed parts on planes >>
* Searching for the Gravitational Waves LIGO Can’t Hear >>

* Billion Sun–Bright Events Leave Radio Wave Clues >>
* 3D printing heralds faster routes to new robots >>
* How to reboot your New Year’s Resolutions >>

* Dodos were not that dumb, new research finds >>
* Major insight into killer pancreatic cancer >>
* Radio flash tracked to faraway galaxy >>

* Bill Gates: ‘Billionaires should never be responsible for solving problems’ >>
* Scientists just got some worrisome new information about the link between Zika and sex >>
* McLaren just created a hatchback supercar >>

* Bill Gates says cancer won’t be a problem in 30 years >>
* Global military laser market will reach $4.63 billion by 2020 >>
* NASA Studies the Effects of Human Spaceflight at the Molecular Level >>

* Alien Megastructures and Dark Matter: How Imagination Fuels Science >>
* Powerful Laser Could Blast Spacecraft to Mars in 3 Days (Video) >>

* Autonomous Nanosatellites: Satellites that Make Up Their Mind >>
* Driving Simulation Without Tears—Or Nausea >>
* Battery Powered Homes >>

* USA’s Northeast Megalopolis from Space >>
* Can Machine Learning Decode Depression? >>
* Watch the Next Generation Atlas Robot Get Bullied By A Mean Human (And Stay On His Feet) >>

* Google just showed me the future of indoor navigation >>
* DARPA developing truly autonomous commercial UAV quadcopters that go 45 mph with no communication to operator and no GPS >>
* Caltech Astronomers Search for Habitable Exoplanets Orbiting Very Cool Red Dwarf Stars >>

* Earth Hit by Multiple Cosmic Impacts 790,000 Years Ago –“Tsunamis Hundreds of Meters High” >>
* Watch this gorgeous 4K time-lapse showing horizons all over the world >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 February 2016

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* IBM’s supercomputer will power an online, anime VR game >>
* Facebook Is Making a Map of Everyone in the World >>
* Mastercard to let Brits confirm payments with a selfie >>

* Lg Brought A Rolling Robot To Mwc 2016 >>
* This Is The Defining Photo Of Virtual Reality (SO FAR) >>
* LIGO Expands Its Reach Across Universe in Search for Gravitational Waves >>

* Bill Gates backs the U.S. government in Apple’s iPhone privacy standoff >>
* Bill Gates Clarifies Statements On Apple Vs. FBI, Calls For Safeguards And Discussion >>

* Using Nothing But Google’s Project Tango Tablet To Escape A Maze >>
* Lasers Could Send A Wafer-thin Spaceship To A Star >>
* SpaceX’s SES-9 Launch And Why They Land Rockets At Sea >>

* This Little Bluetooth Sensor Shouts The Second Anyone Tries To Move Your Stuff >>
* An Egg-shaped Drone Built To Nestle Into A Backpack >>

* Here’s All the Cool Stuff From Mobile World Congress (So Far) >>
* Earth May Be Unique In The Universe >>
* Body Odor Is Less Repulsive When It Comes from “One of Us” >>

* Scientists Ponder the Prospect of Contagious Cancer >>
* 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2016 >>

* Dinosaurs Are So Much Better in 360-Degree Virtual Reality >>
* Justice Department Forcing Apple to Unlock ‘About 12 Other iPhones’ Says WSJ >>
* Ricoh’s New Action Cam Captures 204 Degrees of Your Escapades >>

* Oppo Claims It Can Fully Charge a Phone in Just 15 Minutes >>
* NASA’s Orion: 100,000 parts riding 8 million pounds of thrust >>
* This Mask Lets You Smell The Rainbow >>

* Feed Your 3d Printer Recycled Plastic >>
* Turning To The Ocean To Tackle Antibiotic Resistance >>
* Facebook’s Enormous Internet Drone Is Almost Ready For Primetime >>

* Spacex Ready For Next Launch And Landing Attempt Tomorrow >>
* Tesla Powerwalls Just Got a Gorgeous Competitor >>
* China’s Ban on ‘Weird’ Architecture Is a Damn Shame >>

* Vibrating Bat Wings Inspire Efficient Sea-Skimming Drones >>
* Thirty Meter Telescope Project Is Stalled, but the Robot Needed to Build It Is Ready >>
* Exomars 2016 Orbiter And Lander Mated For March Launch >>

* Plans Being Devised for Human Outpost Near the Moon >>
* Wild Theory: 5-Dimensional Black Holes Could Break Laws of Physics >>
* LIGO Team Probes Milky-Way Neutron Star Scorpius X-1 for Ancient Gravitational Waves >>

* Https Renders Uk Pirate Site Blocklist Useless >>
* Four Counter-Drone Technologies We Need Now >>
* Mastercard’s working on selfie-based security for online payments >>

* Engineered Mini-Stomachs Could Be Future Of Diabetes Treatment >>
* Facebook And Samsung’s VR Project Has One Big Obstacle >>
* Do we really need Volvo to replace car keys with an app? >>

* Bill Gates’ superpower: More (and cheaper) energy >>
* Facebook: Say happy birthday with video >>

* Nasa releases ‘Moon music’ heard by astronauts >>
* Coming, a `smart’ window that turns into a TV screen >>
* You can soon download films on mobiles in 5 seconds >>

* The Internet Is Undermining America’s Power >>
* We tried out a flexible LCD bracelet, and it was the geekiest thing ever >>
* Room-Scale VR Turns Your Whole Body Into a Game Controller >>


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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 February 2016

February 22, 2016 Leave a comment

* Facebook working on social interactions in VR >>
* Next-gen 5G data tech could be done long before 2020 >>
* Not Every Drop of a Person’s Blood Is the Same, a Study Says >>

* FlexEnable’s flexible display >>
* App-less Video Calling Service >>
* Facebook wants to help internet providers get ready for virtual reality >>

* A new dating app is using AI to help you write the perfect message every time >>
* Amazon’s $400 Billion Opportunity To Disrupt the Global Supply Chain with one click international shipping >>

* Samsung’s Gear 360 Camera Wants to Make Everyone a VR Creator >>
* LG’s ultra lightweight VR headset won’t weigh your face down >>
* According to Futurists We Will Be 3D Printing Underwater Cities, House-Moving Drones and Even Our Meals within 100 Years >>

* Our first look at Disney’s Star Wars theme park expansions >>
* Google Wants to Replace SMS With a Better Messaging Platform >>
* The Next Star Wars Movie Has Recruited a Team of Drones to Protect Its Secrets >>

* AT&T Plans to Use LTE to Help Control Drones Over Long Distances >>
* Facebook sniffs at slow telcos, launches own Telecom Infrastructure Project >>
* Sony Xperia Ear, Projector And More Announced At Mwc 2016 >>

* Intelligent Energy secures $7.5m to develop smartphone fuel cell >>
* What makes swear words so offensive? >>
* Algae DNA could help the blind see in upcoming trials >>

* What 5G Will Mean for You >>
* Beyond Centrino: Intel drives device changes for a 5G world >>

* A disturbing image of Mark Zuckerberg and our virtual reality future >>
* Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Big Bet That Facebook Can Make VR Social >>
* Facebook Is Building a Team to Take Virtual Reality Beyond Gaming >>

* Apple’s iPhone Already Has a Backdoor >>
* Read Tim Cook’s email to Apple employees about its fight against the FBI >>

* DNA Tags Help the Hunt for Drugs >>
* Researchers develop portable device that can detect Ebola, other diseases >>
* Traditional Pay-TV may be doomed >>

* All the Brain-Boosting Goodness of Exercise…in a Pill? >>
* ‘Hitomi’ Superior X-Ray Vision Spacecraft Enables New Views of a Violent Universe >>
* Spiral Galaxy Discovered with a Spectacular Tail 300,000 Light Years Across >>

* Ep. 403: Funding Big Science: From Alma To Ligo To Tmt >>
* Graphene’s Role as a Superconductor Just Got Better >>
* Software Helps Gene Editing Tool CRISPR Live Up to Its Hype >>

* I Controlled A RC Car With My Mind And It Was Amazing >>
* DARPA has electronic-photonic integrated chip >>
* Epson Announces Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses >>

* Will Your Next Pet Be A Robotic Cat? >>
* This 4.7-Inch Organic LCD Wraps Right Around Your Wrist >>

* SpaceX Is Busy >>
* NASA’s next space telescope sees 100 times more than Hubble >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 February 2016

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* New Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones >>
* Global Wind Power Capacity Tops Nuclear Energy For First Time >>
* Paper Skin Mimics the Real Thing >>

* The world’s first phone with a built-in thermal camera is kinda hot >>
* Photonic Laser Propulsion to send a 100 kg vehicle to Mars in 3 days >>
* In First Human Test of Optogenetics, Doctors Aim to Restore Sight to the Blind >>
* “The Universe is Shrinking” –A Radical Alternative to Big Bang Theory >>

* Physical rehab and athlete training in VR >>
* 7 Trends You’ll See at MWC 2016 >>
* Mitsubishi projects a 56-inch screen in midair you can walk through >>

* Quantum weirdness may hide an orderly reality after all >>
* Plants have evolved forgetfulness to wipe out memory of stress >>

* Samsung Pay racks up 5 million users in half a year >>
* Samsung NYC flagship store: Sneak peek into a new tech playground >>
* Engineers 3D Print Tissue That Mimics How The Human Liver Functions >>

* Fan-powered hoverboard needs your money to kickstart production >>
* NASA’s Search For Astronauts Yields a Deluge of Applicants >>
* Exoplanet census suggests Earth really is special >>

* U.S. Army Testing 3D-Printed Mission-Specific Drones >>
* You’ll soon be able to unlock, start your Volvo with your smartphone — no key required >>
* Mitsubishi is working on a floating display >>

* The Future of Wearables Is Implanted >>
* The $4 Android phone debuts in India >>
* Facebook Lures Video Creators With Minutes Watched And 10-Second View Metrics >>

* Bat-drone uses shape-shifting wings to skim over water >>
* Diagnosis of liver fibrosis possible through blood test >>
* New smart skin may transform medicine, robotics >>

* Here’s why Google invested $1 billion in Elon Musk’s SpaceX >>
* Power over Ethernet, a Source for Area Lighting? >>
* 7 TED Talks you should watch if you want to be an entrepreneur >>

* 6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Gravitational Waves >>
* Meet the dazzling flying machines of the future >>
* Virgin Galactic revealed an upgrade Spaceship Two >>

* Don’t Be Alarmed: AI Won’t Leave Half the World Unemployed >>
* Hubble Directly Measures Rotation Of Cloudy ‘super-jupiter’ >>

* WFIRST: Moving Closer to a Mission >>
* Antarctic IceCube Observatory: “Hidden Objects Beyond the Milky Way Prevent Escape of High-Energy Gamma Rays” >>

* Virgin Galactic revealed an upgrade Spaceship Two >>
* TF-X Flying Car Protoytype with fold out engines and vertical takeoff flying 2018 >>
* Video Friday: Robot Gets Coffee, Drone in a Box, and Self-Driving Chairs >>

* Cheap Plasmonic Interferometer Could Enable Prickless Glucose Monitor >>
* The best words of TED2016 >>
* We All Need a Robot Like This to Iron Our Clothes >>

* What happens in the brain when we hear stories? Uri Hasson at TED2016 >>
* In Case You Missed It: Lessons learned from the fourth day of TED2016 >>

* Robots Could One Day Have Gecko Ears >>
* A 19-Year-Old Made A Free Robot Lawyer That Has Appealed $3M In Parking Tickets >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 February 2016

February 18, 2016 Leave a comment

* This Remarkable Robot Hand Is Worthy of Luke Skywalker >>
* How Can We Teach Morals To Robots? By Telling Them Stories >>
* Flexible smartphones may be coming sooner than you think >>

* Myopia may affect half by world by 2050 >>
* The World Is Rapidly Becoming More Nearsighted >>
* Apple Does The Right Thing To Defend Customer Privacy >>

* First Internet delivering Google Loons launched in Sri Lanka >>
* ‘Eternal 5D’ data storage could reliably record the history of humankind >>
* First detection of super-Earth atmosphere >>

* Impossible isn’t a fact; it’s an attitude: Christiana Figueres at TED2016 >>
* This Lab Can Create Category 5 Hurricanes >>
* Watch: Guy Uses Robotic Limb To Play Drums With 3 Arms >>

* Sound wave therapy could provide long lasting erectile dysfunction treatment >>
* Tin Oxide: The First Stable p-type 2-D Semiconductor Material >>
* Quantum Computing With Ordinary CMOS Transistors >>

* Google Opens Its Cloud Vision API To All Developers >>
* Microsoft’s new Wireless Display Adapter is more responsive >>
* Russian space robot offers look at rise of ‘Terminator’ style military droids >>

* Skype’s Android and iOS apps let you video chat with 24 other people >>
* 3D-Printed Ear Comes To Life After Implantation In Mice >>
* New MIT tech could help robots and humans work together >>

* Evidence Mounts for Interbreeding Bonanza in Ancient Human Species >>
* New Research Bolsters Link Between Zika and Birth Defects >>

* Insulin-producing mini-stomachs: a game-changer for diabetes? >>
* Self-assembling nano-insulin could mean fewer side effects for diabetics medication >>
* Ultrafast microscope used to make slow-motion electron movie >>

* If you hate telemarketers, you’ll love this robot designed to waste their time >>
* The Human Brain’s Memory Could Store the Entire Internet >>
* Mini-Brains Allow Scientists to Study Brain Disorders >>

* New hardware to lower cost of expanding up to 10 Gbps fiber-to-the-home >>
* First Internet delivering Google Loons launched in Sri Lanka >>
* IBM and Microsoft Will Let You Roll Your Own Blockchain >>

* A Go Grandmaster Will Battle Google’s AI in a $1M Prizefight >>
* IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, a Cognitive Computing Competition, was announced at TED >>
* NASA Set to Unravel Mysteries of Cosmos with WFIRST –“100 Times Bigger View than Hubble” >>

* “Bigger Than LIGO’s Detection of Gravitational Waves?” –The Discovery of Dark Matter, Argue Scientists >>
* China To Relocate Thousands For World’s Largest Radio Telescope >>
* First Super-earth Atmosphere Detected >>

* NextMed/MMVR22 Conference >>
* This Is the Most Amazing Biomimetic Anthropomorphic Robot Hand We’ve Ever Seen >>
* Tractors From The Future >>

* The World’s Most Slender Tower Is 13 Feet Wide But 531 Feet Tall >>
* Are we gods now? Jennifer Kahn talks CRISPR at TED2016 >>
* Google Translate Now Works With 13 More Languages >>

* The personal talks of TED University at TED2016 >>
* Forget About a Back to the Future Sequel, Someone Should Make This Prequel >>
* These Images of Sound Waves in Water Are Hypnotic >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 February 2016

February 18, 2016 Leave a comment

* Google AI solves 100-hat puzzle used in Google job interviews >>
* The world’s cheapest smartphone is cheaper than expected, launches in India for $4 >>
* Are human beings just a group of traits? TED2016 >>

* Apple vs. the FBI >>
* XPRIZE is challenging A.I. to save the world >>
* Virtual Reality Companies Look to Science Fiction for Their Next Play >>

* Apple vs. the FBI: all the news on the battle for encryption’s future >>
* Tim Cook: Apple will fight US demands to build an iPhone backdoor >>

* Mobile Finger Gestures Will Supercharge Virtual Reality >>
* Russia’s New Ballistic Missiles To Be Tested On Asteroids >>
* Sound wave therapy is first alternative to Viagra in 15 years >>

* Our first sex with Neanderthals happened 100,000 years ago >>
* Dark Energy: No Answers but More Questions >>

* Why Sleep Deprivation Makes You Crabby >>
* Leap Motion’s new motion-sensing tech is built for VR >>
* Here’s How 8-year-olds Around The World Feel About Their Lives >>

* Google Express debuts fresh groceries in SF, LA >>
* New way to turn sunlight into hydrogen developed >>
* X Prize and IBM announce a $5 million artificial intelligence competition >>

* China Telescope to Displace 9,000 Villagers in Hunt for Extraterrestrials >>
* Gravitational-Wave Afterglow of Merging Black Holes –“Opens a Whole New Field of Astrophysics” >>
* Time-lapse Video Documents Assembly Of Webb Telescope Primary Mirror >>

* Walt Disney Animation is Officially as Good as Pixar Now >>
* Scientists Will Let Hurricanes Destroy These Drones To Gather Storm Data >>
* Smartphone can alert users to earthquakes >>

* Retrained T-cells cause cancer remission in over 90% of terminally ill acute lymphoblastic leukaemia patients >>
* Scientists Take Key Step Toward Custom-made Nanoscale Chemical Factories in bacterial microcompartments >>
* Metallic Mesh Becomes Invisible to Antenna Signals >>

* Average age of Japanese farmers is 66 so Japan starting to shift to robotic farms >>
* Laser-activated superconductor >>
* Iran and Russia to Co-Produce Su-30 Fighter Jet >>

* Samsung’s Edge display gets smarter as part of Marshmallow update >>
* This Chart Shows Who Marries CEOs, Doctors, Chefs and Janitors >>
* Wearable Tech Market To Be Worth $34 Billion By 2020 >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 February 2016

February 17, 2016 Leave a comment

* Cancer breakthrough: T-cell therapy offers prospect of lasting cure, say scientists >>
* Hold Up, Did We Just Crack Time Travel? >>
* Optical Data Storage Squeezes 360TB on to a Quartz Disc—Forever >>

* Study: Nobody Wants Social Robots That Look Like Humans Because They Threaten Our Identity >>
* LIGO’s black holes may have lived and died inside a huge star >>

* Our tomorrow: Hopeful/challenging talks in Session 1 of TED2016 >>
* Exercise slows growth of cancer in marathon mice >>
* Stop Calling It False Memory “Syndrome” >>

* GameStop CEO: PlayStation VR launching this fall >>
* New microbes that thrive deep inside Earth discovered >>
* Gas Cloud Flung Out of Milky Way Is Coming Back for Revenge >>

* Pixar’s photorealistic latest stunning CGI landscapes >>
* Google’s moonshot lab tried to create automated vertical farms >>
* A team of researchers developed a way to 3D print bone and muscle that survives when implanted >>

* Injectable Radios to Broadcast From Inside the Body >>
* KooKoo, the GPS-Enabled Kitty >>
* Mini-brains Could Help Scientists Understand How Chemicals Affect The Brain >>

* Controlling lasers to a millionth of a percent for trapped ion quantum computer >>
* Where Artificial Intelligence Is Now and What’s Just Around the Corner >>
* 3D-printing a new lifelike liver tissue for drug screening >>

* Energy harvesting from shoes could generate 10 watts per shoe >>
* Less-distracting haptic feedback could make car navigation safer than GPS audio and displays >>
* Digital Baby Project’s Aim: Computers That See Like Humans >>

* Gaming: Amazon’s New Developer Tools Are a Launch Into “Blue Ocean” >>
* The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge >>
* Electronic Qubit Integrated Into Solid-State Switch >>

* New App Could Improve Earthquake Warning Using GPS >>
* Checking in with Andrew Ng at Baidu’s Blooming Silicon Valley Research Lab >>
* Introducing One of the Best Thin-film Transistors Ever >>

* Supercapacitor On-a-Chip Now One Step Closer >>
* Nanotube-Based Tunneling Field Effect Transistor Offers Semiconductor-Free Switching >>
* Revolutionary Cancer Therapy Shows Promise in Terminally Ill Patients >>

* IoT Battle: Carriers’ Big Narrowband Push >>
* Your immune system becomes like your partner’s when you cohabit >>
* A Brand New 2D Semiconductor Could Put Silicon in the Shade >>

* The 2016 Mobile World Congress Parties and Events Guide >>
* The brain may be able to repair itself — with help >>
* World’s Scientists Probe Our Hidden Universe of Microbial Ecosystems –Critical to Life (Today’s Most Popular) >>

* Graphene Leans on Glass to Advance Electronics which could finally enable scalable commercial graphene technologies >>
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* Disparity in Life Spans of the Rich and the Poor Is Growing >>

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