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Link Favourites archive – 13 October 2009

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* The Collider, the Particle and a Theory About Fate
* 10/GUI: One Very Slick Desktop Multi-Touch Concept (Video)
* HP LD4200tm 42-Inch Touch Display Hands-On: Meant For Retail
* Germans to build satellite rescue robots

* Video: Is your phone spying on you? Software that can turn your cell phone into a tool of espionage

* Android Application Development
* Internet Eyes
* Video camera that records at the speed of thought
* Video: Wi-Fi Imaging Lets You See Through Walls

* NASA – From Nothing, Something: One Layer at a Time
* Recession creating a lost generation: High unemployment is damaging the future for America’s youth
* Spider Pill Camera Bots Could Crawl Your Colon
* Million-Dollar Question: Who Owns Your Genetic Data?

* Video camera that records at the speed of thought
* The Chemistry of Information Addiction
* IFPI: 2.8 Million File-Sharers Break Law Daily In Sweden
* YouTube serves over 1 billion videos a day

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