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Tristans Link archive; 29-30 Jan 2010

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* AMAZING: Scale of the Universe
* Top 10 Revolutionary Technologies
* Intel Launches Industry’s First 10GBase-T Server Adapter
* Hand-Mounted Mouse – AirMouse
* Bees Can Be Trained to Recognize Human Faces
* Craig Venter on Genetics, Synthetic Life at TEDMED 2009
* Genetics Web Sites Win Online Award

* What alien worlds orbit our nearest star? – New Scientist
* 200-Meter-Long Superyacht
* Al Fin: Nanotech Builds a Synaptic Beginning
* Seoul to Get a Giant 131 Acre Green Roof
* Virgin Galactic Richard Branson Personal Submarine
* Renovating American Infrastructure, Step 2: Water
* Silicone Implants Become Energy-Harvesting Devices

* Fighting cancer with light : Lasers
* Young Blood Can Reverse Circulatory System Age in Older Mice
* Cool Omnitread Snake Robot Still Slithering (Video) | Singularity Hub
* MITnews: Peering inside an artificial sun
* Airports Could Get Mind-Reading Scanners – Yahoo! News

* Stem Cell Breakthrough: Bone Marrow Cells Are the Answer
* Tiny Antennas to Help Miniaturize Implantable Devices
* Horizontal and vertical: The evolution of evolution – New Scientist
* Does Personalized News Lead To Ignorance? | via Slashdot
* Quantum Computer Simulates Hydrogen Molecule Just Right

* Social Robotics – Humanoid Robots and Social Robotics
* Research breakthrough could lead to new treatment for malaria
* New ‘suicide’ molecule halts rheumatoid arthritis
* Neuroscientists making computers smart enough to see connections between brain’s neurons
* Scientists Produce Unprecedented 1 Megajoule Laser Shot, Step Towards Fusion Ignition
* Robots Display Predator-Prey Co-Evolution, Evolve Better Homing Techniques
* Too many superfoods could be harmful

* Supercomputer Breakthrough Allows Astronomers to Share Universe Simulations
* Effective UI = The Art of Building Great User Experience in Software

* Alexander Kruel: Amazing: Scale of the Universe:
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Better Thinking Through Chemistry:
* Alexander Kruel: Genetics Magic: Two Examples of a Startling Future:
* Wildcat: In the Future We’ll All Have Online Reputation Scores « I’m Not Actually a Geek:

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Tristans Link archive; 27-28 Jan 2010

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* Official Apple iPad Demo –
* Best Free Documentaries: The Secret Life Of Chaos
* Safety in numbers: A cloud-based immune system for computers
* Augmented (hyper) Reality: Domestic Robocop
* Video: Free Kick Robot, Goalie Robots Surrender | BotJunkie
* Microid Robots Meant to Act in Colony Swarms
* Responsible Nanotechnology: Molecular Manufacturing vs. Self-Assembly
* iMicroscope Turns Your iPhone Into a Practical Lab Tool
* The Moon May Have Been Created By a Massive Nuclear Blast Inside the Earth

* Researchers directly turn mouse skin cells into neurons skipping IPS stage
* Blood tells old cells to act young | HarvardScience
* Disarming specialized stem cells might combat deadly ovarian cancer
* Brain responses during anesthesia mimic those during natural deep sleep
* Stopping Bacterial Infections Without Antibiotics

* Scobleizer: Light Blue Optics Display Demo…
* Ex-Officer Says Air Force’s Failure to Deploy Airships Costs Lives
* Why humans outlive apes
* Groundbreaking research shows platelets can reproduce in circulation
* Mammoth Achievement: Researchers at the forefront of molecular biology
* PLEN Is One Neat Little Android Android – Gizmodo
* The Healthcare System: Apple Tablet’s Biggest Opportunity

* Computer mimics nature by watching TV
* Universe Is 30 Times More Run Down Than Thought, Astronomers Find
* Creating Synthetic Bacteria From Existing Genomes Easier Than Building From The Ground Up
* Video: Boeing’s Truck-Mounted Laser Neatly Picks Off 50 IEDs in a Row
* New Chip Provides Cheap At-Home Sperm Counting
* At Cambridge Alien Conference, Scientists Warn Of An Invisible Earth and Hostile ETs

* Genetic ‘atlas’ of cells will pinpoint causes of disease
* Complete Genomics To Sequence 1 Million Genomes – Interview With CEO
* Extinction Timeline: what will disappear from our lives before 2050
* Internet backbone breaks the 100-gigabit barrier – New Scientist
* HiSiri: Coming next week: Your very own personal assistant for your iPhone –
* Intel Research on 11 nanometer and smaller

* 101 Dizzying Spiral Staircases & Twisted Architectural Art Photos
* Alexander Kruel: Hexagonal interactive OLED gaming tiles:
* Cross-cultural recognition of basic emotions through nonverbal emotional vocalizations:
* Alexander Kruel: When should we trust someone’s reputation and when should we ignore it?:
* Alexander Kruel: – Awesome Feats We Haven’t Achieved:
* Christopher A Carr: Horizontal and vertical: The evolution of evolution
* Ashalynd: The Universe is a Quantum Fluid:
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Chapter Nine of Age of Spiritual Machines
* Alexander Kruel: Social Psychology Studies: Why Smart People Do Dumb or Irrational Things:

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Tristans Link archive; 24-26 Jan 2010

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* DIY Bio: A Growing Movement Takes on Aging | h+ Magazine
* Plug your iPod into your t-shirt for power?
* Moving through time: Thinking of the past or future causes us to sway backward or forward
* First rewire of genetic switches achieved
* Building body parts using nanocellulose
* In the Next Industrial Revolution, Atoms Are the New Bits | Wired

* Going For Exawatts: Building the most powerful laser in the world
* World’s First 3D Photocopier Goes On Sale For $17,000 – Gizmodo
* Self-assembling nanostructures: Building the building blocks – Metamodern
* Voice-Heli: Voice-controlled helicopter from Nikko
* COMIC – Steve Jobs drops the big bomb

* Unreality – Ten Optical Illusions That Will Hurt Your Brain
* Bill Gates says innovation can leverage change
* Your Brain Can’t Handle Your Facebook Friends
* South Korea Plans Giant Eco Dome – Ecorium – Gizmodo
* It just getting ott.. The Apple Tablet Dates Back to 1888 -…
* Australia leaves the internet

* Time machine: Windows 3.1 lives again on the web –
* Simple jet: easy to fly, long range, hyper-efficient | DVICE
* Anybots Telepresence Robots Go into Mass Production | Singularity Hub
* Colliding Particles Can Make Black Holes — ScienceNOW
* Brain protein critical to movement, memory, learning deciphered at the Advanced Light Source
* Taking aim on Phobos NASA outline Flexible Path precursor to man on Mars | NASA

* Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM)
* Mobile Phone For The Hearing Impaired by Suhyun Kim » Yanko Design
* Decode Exhibition Points Way to Data-Driven Art
* Video of virus in action shows viruses can spread faster than thought possible « Biosingularity
* Spatial Computing Concept Video for Shopping « The Future Digital Life
* Brain Matters | The Human Spark | PBS Video

* Levitating magnet may yield a new approach to fusion.
* Under the weather? Just swallow a doctor – The Independent
* Individuals to drive personalized medicine era | Broader Perspective
* Full-body scanner blind to bomb parts
* Court Rolls Back Campaign Spending Limits –

* Mind Reading, Brain Fingerprinting and the Law
* Boogie Board writing tablet costs $30, features ‘no power LCD technology’
* YouTube – Lockheed Martin HULC Exoskeleton
* Sexuality and Beyond
* Faces of Haiti – The Big Picture – 46 photos total
* 20 Amazing Macro Photography –
* Mission to the edge of Space – Red Bull Stratos – Trailer

* james reilly: Davos 2010: The World is Broken:
* Alexander Kruel: Kurzweil Discusses the Future of Brain Computer Interfaces at X Prize Lab (Video):
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Live3D
* Alexander Kruel: Rename Capitalism Socialism?:
* Mark H: Artwork by Jean Sebastien Rossbach –

* Alexander Kruel: Is time dilated during a threatening situation?:
* Alexander Kruel: Too Much Information? So, just how reliable is all this information?:
* Wildcat: “Can we grow organs instead of transplanting them?” Anthony Atala:
* File:Tree of life with genome size.svg – Wikipedia, free encyclopedia:

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Tristans Link archive; 21-23 Jan 2010

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* Bigger, Better Telescopes Needed to Find Near-Earth Asteroids –
* Brain Scan Offers First Biological Test in Diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
* Scientists create blood vessel cells from stem cells
* Ford goes to space for better simulators –
* Touchscreen merges the real and digital worlds
* Virtual Iraq Computer Simulator Helps Tackle Combat Induced PTSD –

* Image of the Day: 3D Video of the Cassiopeia A Supernova Explosion –
* Real-Time 3D Modeling for Augmented Reality –
* A federal judge on Friday reduced a $1.92 million file sharing verdict to $54,000 –
* 33 of the World’s Strangest Buildings –

* Miapolis Design to Surpasses Burj Khalifa
* Video: Sprayable, Instant Textile
* Removing Part of Skull Makes for Better Brain Scans
* The Cosmetics Industry Has a Replacement for Animal Testing
* Empathy with robots depends on exposure – New Scientist

* Best of Week: Anthony Atala on growing new organs | TED
* CERN video–the network that powers the large hadron collider.
* Zap that fat: Can lasers make you slimmer in minutes?
* Giant Neutrophil Bullies Little Bacteria! [#video]
* Asteroid Detection, Deflection Needs More Money Report Says
* Nano-motors facilitate communication between brain cells

* Neuron connections seen in 3-D
* Humans Could Run 40 mph, in Theory
* Fabric Dipped In Carbon Nanotubes Could Be Turned Into Wearable Batteries
* IBM Sets Magnetic Tape Data Density Record: 35TB of Storage
* Wandering Cities That Roam The Steppes

* Asimo stars in Living With Robots
* Robocalypse Alert: New Transistor Mimics Synapse Functions
* Haiti earthquake: 360° video – Special Coverage on CNN
* Video: Artificial Organs Made With A Printer, Grown From Scratch
* Daredevil Space Diver To Leap Toward World’s First Supersonic Free-Fall From 120,000 Feet
* Using supercomputers to explore nuclear energy (w/ Video)

* What a maze-solving oil drop tells us of intelligence
* MIT Offers Picture-Centric Programming To the Masses With Sikuli
* Dr. James Gunderson – Gamma Two Robotics interview
* Video game success may be in the mind, study finds
* Video: Fluorescent Bacteria Keep Time Like a Clock

* Horizontal and vertical: The evolution of evolution
* Todd’s Blog: More genomes than I know what to do with
* Space pictures taken from garden shed
* Mars Pictures: NASA’s Most Extraordinary Images EVER
* Hillary on Net Freedom: Tear Down This Firewall
* Youth plugged in nearly most of the day study
* 5 Crazy Optical Illusions

* The auroch revival: bringing back the big beef
* Ashalynd: The neurons that shaped civilization http://y…
* Alexander Kruel: Rats can learn a cooperation game.:
* Alexander Kruel: Video: Laser Hummer Blasts 50 Bombs:
* Alexander Kruel: Video: Anthony Atala on growing new organs:
* Alexander Kruel: How to Make Slow Atoms and Molecules:

* Wildcat: Do Insect Superorganisms Have Implications for Human Society-New Research Says “Yes”:
* Alexander Kruel: What is the explanation: apparent randomness of high-level phenomena in nature?:
* Alexander Kruel: Watching our brain decide when it has enough information:
* Alexander Kruel: The free-energy principle: a unified brain theory?:
* Alexander Kruel: X PRIZE Foundation workshop on brain-computer interfaces (BCI) at MIT:
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Best and Worst Jobs 2010

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Tristans Link archive; 20-21 Jan 2010

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* YouTube getting into movie rental business
* Will Your Mobile Phone Replace Your Wallet?
* Smart mud could be the new plastic
* Hi-Def Intracellular Image Contest Winners + Video:The incredible beauty in the life of cells
* Stereo Speakers Can Levitate Dust for Mars Colonists
* Toyota Sees Robotic Nurses in Your Lonely Final Years

* Report: Possible New Careers from Advances in Science and Technology (2010–2030) –
* Brain asymmetry eases hypnotic trance – New Scientist
* Are Our Brains Wired for Categorization?: Scientific American
* Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon Could Demo Car-Stopping Power Next Month
* Crystal-encased clock runs forever, it’s full of stars
* iWalk Presents World’s First Actively Powered Foot and Ankle

* The Naked Truth: Why Humans Have No Fur: Scientific American
* Painless plasma jets could replace dentist’s drill
* Going Beyond Moore’s Law by Using the Third Dimension
* Accelerating Future » Keith Norbury on Ray Kurzweil Response
* NASA’s Puffin Personal Tilt-Rotor Aircraft
* Breakthrough in developing super-material graphene

* Breakthrough breast cancer therapy reduces mastectomies, saves breast
* HP’s Wall of Touch watches you, too
* Horrifying noisemaker can kill within 30 feet
* First Artificial Muscles Used to Control Eyelids
* Bioloid Climbs Walls The Old Fashioned Way
* 11-Year Old Writes iPhone Drawing App
* Mahru-Z South Korean Robot Maid
* Coke Powered Mobile phone

* Peter Thiel worries that technological progress isn’t happening fast enough
* Alexander Kruel: Picture-driven computing | programming based on screen shots, not just code:
* Alexander Kruel: Climate Panel Admits Glacier Blunder, Scrambles to Save Face:
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Towards the Future Internet – European Perspective

* Alexander Kruel: The Complete Guide to Quantum Physics – A Few Links:
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Feet hold the key to human hand evolution
* Soner Gönül: CG Girls in Natural –
* Christopher A Carr: Chemical brain controls nanobots:

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Tristans Link archive; 18-19 Jan 2010

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* Twitter won’t let you have more than 500 people on a twitter list? Anyone know why?
* Book: The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps
* Searching for Life in the Multiverse | Universe Today
* Nanotechnology Today: physicists lay the groundwork for cooler, faster computing
* The Greatest Story Ever Told — 02 — The Graceful Exit
* Artificial muscles restore ability to blink, save eyesight

* DARPA says computing geeks are becoming an endangered species
* WTF.. Cruise ship docks at private beach in Haiti for barbeque and water sports
* Horizontal Bar Robot Sticks Somersault

* Meet Your Breakfast Companions Of The Future: Robots Who Feed You
* Apple Confirms Mystery Device – Sends Out Invitations
* Image of the Day -The Water Molecules of the Rose Nebula
* Now You Can See Through Buildings Like Batman Bin Suparman – Transparent wall

* The end of the office… and the future of work – The Boston Globe
* The Vision Revolution: Latest Research Overturns Everything We Thought We Knew About Human Vision
* 40 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography @ SmashingApps
* Robot roach extracts order from chaos
* Broader Perspective: How Daemon/Freedom is starting to happen

* Steven Perez: Haiti six days later – The Big Picture –
* Wildcat: How to Escape Perfectionism – Peter Bregman –
* Ashalynd: The Blue programming language:
* Ashalynd: Faster-than-light pulsar radio waves found

* Amira: Collective Intelligence: The Need for Synthesis | Between Both Worlds:
* Alexander Kruel: Tying light in knots | Bristol University:
* Alexander Kruel: The Global Shipping Network Is Finally Revealed:
* Alexander Kruel: Towards quantum chemistry on a quantum computer:

* Ashalynd: Fwd: 40 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography
* Amira: How is the Internet Changing the Way We Think? The collective conscious

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Tristans Link archive; 16-17 Jan 2010

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* How Water Protected Our Molecules in early Universe
* New method fixes broken proteins to treat genetic diseases
* Chat about: Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?
* Online Medical School Coming Soon
* Patients with no skull are a window on brain activity
* Java based lisp programming language –
* Foresight2010 resource notes:

* Reptile so small fits on pencil top
* Dan Pink on Motivation and DRiVE
* Future jobs what might you be doing?
* Cannons to the Planets
* A Cannon for Shooting Supplies into Space

* 24 Questions for Elementary Physics in 21st Century
* Rethinking the Open Nature of the Internet
* Self-Control Is Contagious, Study Finds
* Nanotube transistors shrink smaller than silicon size

* Diamond Icebergs and Oceans on Uranus and Neptune
* A flying boost for neuroscience – wasp genome
* Dragging Telephone Numbers Into the Internet Age
* China begins monitoring billions of text messages
* Lifetime on a chip

* Angry Flies May Help Explain Human Aggression
* Ethical Technology: Religion, Politics, Death, and Hope
* Innovation: The relentless rise of the digital worker
* Bible Possibly Written Centuries Earlier, Discovery Suggests
* Scientists turn stem cells into pork
* Apple Patent Shows iPods Capable Of Receiving and Recording Live TV

* Robo Cafe robot promises end to the era of waiters and tips
* Belgian Woman Grows Transplanted Trachea in Her Forearm
* LG shows off newspaper-sized flexible e-ink display
* Toward Society 3.0: A New Paradigm for 21st century education
* BBC News – Steve Jobs and Sir Tim Berners-Lee baffle the Brits
* Anxious or sexually competitive? Try God – New Scientist
* Ultra Modern Tafoni Home is a Floating Residence for San Francisco

* Robert Scoble: look back at 20 years of adobe Photoshop with John Knoll:
* Robert Scoble: Have you ever seen a cooler office than Charles Alleneck’s
* Wildcat: The future of art & copyright in a short sci-fi story- Melancholy Elephants
* Spaceweaver: Biologists wake dormant viruses and uncover mechanism for survival
* RAPatton: Solar Eclipse January 2010: Sun turns into a blazing ring of glory
* Causal Measures of Structure and Plasticity in Simulated and Living Neura
* Wildcat: The dangers of a high-information diet
* Alexander Kruel: Laser Simulation: Light, Radiation, Lasers, Photons, Energy Levels
* Alexander Kruel: U.S. Diverts Spy Drone from Afghanistan to Haiti

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Tristans Link archive; 14-15 Jan 2010

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* Mothers boozing alters offsprings genes, in mice
* TR: Using Printed Nanocircuits to Sense Hormones
* Apple hits out at tablet bounty | guardian
* Your Pet May Predict Your Personality
* Neural thermostat keeps brain running efficiently
* Foresight 2010 – The Synergy of Molecular Manufacturing and AGI
* Automate or die warns robotics expert

* MIT’s Food Printer Concept
* Alien Planet Safari – James Webb may be good also at exoplanet spotter
* Game-changing nanodiamond discovery for MRI
* Boa – Boston Arcology Urban Housing by E. Kevin Schopfer
* Nanosystems Capture and Destroy Circulating Tumor Cells
* Bio-Printer gives a new dimension to tissue engineering: Biomed Middle East
* Google Attackers Identified as Chinese Government
* Breakdancing Japanese Robot. Seriously

* Strange Golden Insectoid Visitor – Concept Art
* LCDs, make way for LPDs
* Top 100 Fail Clips of 2009
* 124 x Best Photos of 2009
* 25 Breathtaking Examples of Nature Photography

* IMAX Hubble 3D Trailer
* TR: Inflatable Device Stops the Bleeding
* Drake Equation explains lack of aliens and girlfriends
* Toyota Planning Full-Color Night Vision for Drivers Based on Insect Eyes |
* Honda: Dream the Impossible: Documentary Series:
* Glial cells aid memory formation

* Nanoscale: Robot Arm Places Atoms and Molecules With 100% Accuracy | h+ Magazine
* Earthquake in Haiti – The Big Picture : 48 pictures
* Nanotechnology sensors measure cancer biomarkers in whole blood
* Developing bioinformatics methods: by who and how
* Future And You: changes you expect we will see during the next ten years

* List of 50 Top Nanotechnology and Materials Science Sites
* Men more evolved? Y chromosome study stirs debate
* Power of genomics cracks soybean code – Yahoo! News
* China Censors Google’s Threat to Pull Out of China –
* $100,000 for Evidence of Apple Tablet
* Corventis’s PiiX Monitor Promises to Predict Heart Failure
* Indoor Personal Mobility Robot rides like a Segway

* Invisible Bracelet Shares Emergency Medical Information and Contacts Loved Ones
* Wireless Body Monitoring System
* Seats of emotional intelligence found in the brain

xixidu: Invisible Bracelet Shares Emergency Medical Information and Contacts Loved Ones
xixidu: Latest GeoEye Satellite Imagery of Haiti Devastation Now Available on Google Earth
xixidu: Is Anything Real Anymore?
xixidu: 50 best science blogging posts of the year 2009
xixidu: It’s now possible to wire up a city nervous system without any government or authority.
xixidu: Major step forward in developing ‘real’ pharmacological cognitive enhancers
Wildcat: What Keeps Time Moving Forward? Blame Big Bang: Scientific American

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Tristans Link archive – 13 Jan 2010

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* Researchers identify protein needed to develop auditory neurons
* Nanomedicine: Ending ‘hit and miss’ design
* Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds
* Learn the five secrets of innovation – CNN
* Carnegie Mellon scientists crack brain’s codes for noun meanings
* 1,000m underground central heating system planned
* How galaxies came to be: Astronomers explain Hubble sequence

* Reality Checkup: Medical AI Still a Hard Sell in the Clinic: Scientific American
* Nano Needlese Inject Molecules Into Cells
* 3D View of the Brain – PhysOrg
* Simple DNA nanomachine is capable of continuous rotation
* Gdrive debuts: 1GB free file storage in the Google cloud – Geek
* Ongoing human evolution could explain recent rise in certain disorders

* RCA Airnergy Charger Harvests Electricity From WiFi Signals
* Official Google Blog: A new approach to China
* New Nano-car? Tiny Dragster Has Chassis, Axles, & Buckyball
* Longevity gene helps prevent memory decline and dementia
* Q & A: Did Inflation Happen Before the Big Bang?
* Robot Babies Are Always A Mistake | BotJunkie

* Control Your PC With the Puyocon Motion-Sensing Ball – Gizmodo
* Can Tablet Computers Really Hit Prime Time This Year? Analysis
* Synthetic Skin Delivers Gene Therapies Straight to Body, No Needles Necessary
* I-FAIRY lets you become a robot puppet master | DVICE
* Landspeeder and AirMule drone: Starwars here we come | DVICE
* Now, Electronics That Obey Hand Gestures – NYTimes

* Foresight 2010: the Synergy of Molecular Manufacturing and AI
* The Battle of the Brain –
* Brain ‘entanglement’ could explain memories – New Scientist
* FuturePundit: Computer Servers Cheap Compared To Electricity
* What came first in the origin of life? A study contradicts the ‘metabolism first hypothesis
* Four Trends for the ‘Tens – Harvard Business
* BBC News – Chemical computer that mimics neurons to be created

* Wildcat: What Keeps Time Moving Forward? Blame It on the Big Bang: Scientific American
* Wildcat: Neuroscience, Sociology and Human Interaction and Technology x3Vids
* Wildcat: The Truth About Digital Sweat Shops: The fear is that online labour market
* Wildcat: Prions: Do They Reshape the Definition of Life?
* xixidu: Carbon nanotubes help pairs survive a breakup
* xixidu: Kenya fishermen see upside to pirates: more fish
* xixidu: Parrot’s AR.Drone captured on video – it’s like having your personal Predator!

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Tristans Link archive – 11-12 Jan 2010

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* Quantum entanglement achieved in solid-state circuitry
* Pulsar bursts move ‘faster than light’ – physicsworld
* Quantum computers do chemistry – New Scientist
* New target discovered for treatment of cancer | Eureka!
* Top 10 Sci-Tech Stories Of The Decade – physorg
* Doomsday Clock to Change This Week

* Computer Servers Cheap Compared To Electricity
* What came first in the origin of life? A study contradicts the metabolism first hypothesis
* Four Trends for the Tens
* BBC – Chemical computer that mimics neurons to be created
* Visionaries 2020: Future of Nanomedicine Robert A. Freitas Jr.: Futurist magazine
* 3mm Mini Camera for Endoscopic Applications

* FIRST Robotics Competition 2010 Worldwide Kickoff
* Can the World’s Telecoms Slash Their Energy Consumption 1,000-Fold?: SciAm
* Microsoft’s Plan to Save Windows Mobile
* BBC Reporter breaks ‘unbreakable’ mobile phone at CES
* The one hundred most influential works in cognitive science from the 20th century
* Holo AD (cool 3D holograph)

* The Semantic Robot Vision Challenge
* Sneak peek of new Adobe Photoshop CS5 technologies
* 10 major innovations to look for in the coming decade
* Military Deluged in Drone Intelligence
* Artificial leaf could make green hydrogen – New Scientist
* Researchers discover molecular security system that protects cells from potentially harmful DNA

* Quantum computer calculates exact energy of molecular hydrogen
* Broader Perspective: Aging research: systems biology, genomics and new tools
* Top scientist Susan Greenfield told to quit her job – and her flat
* Study explains why light worsens migraine headaches
* Laser projector win gadget awards at CES
* Why playing in the virtual world has an awful lot to teach children.
* Wall Street Journal on Feynman, Drexler, History, and the Future

* Amira: The Future of Decision Making: Less Intuition, More Evidence | Harvard Business
* xixidu: Microvision laser projection gun hands-on
* xixidu: Vernor Vinge and David Brin: Reflections
* xixidu: Woolly-mammoth Genome Sequenced
* xixidu: Mind-Reading Systems Could Change Air Security
* xixidu: Modern Physics: A Complete Introduction | Free Stanford Lectures

* What is globalised human society going to do with the mass of unemployed human beings t..
* xixidu: Video showing precise control of rat locomotion through rewarding brain stimulation
* Chris Harris: video of rat motivated to exercise through conditional rewarding brain stimulatio.
* xixidu: Transhuman Goodness: The future of futurism
* xixidu: Rain or Shine? Computer Models How Brain Cells Reach a Decision
* Wildcat: Article on virtual worlds: it is a place to test models of voting, democracy, connecting & ..
* xixidu: Gresham College | Many free audio and video lectures…
* Spaceweaver: Mind – Research on How the Brain Perceives Time – NYTimes
* See-ming Lee: Photoshop: Celebrities in trouble

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