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Link Favourites archive – 01 October 2009

* Artificial Heart Recipient Has No Pulse
* Nvidia’s Next Generation Fermi GPU Unveiled
* Power Loader Exoskeleton Gives Superhuman Strength

* Researchers use computational models to study fear
* Discovery of key mechanism in the development of nerve cells
* BumpTop Goes Multi-Touch. Um, Awesome.

* Portable Pain Weapons Leave No Trace of Use, May Become Police Issue
* Strap a camera to your head with a VholdR Contour 1080p
* Self-Healing Web Apps Make Scaling Easier

* Communicator Clothing
* Navy’s Future Command Center Makes Star Trek a Reality
* Denial of service denial
* Totally Unfair Robot Fight

* Location tracking on cell phones raises privacy concerns
* Could airships be the new trains?
* Solar System Slammed by Unprecedented Cosmic Rays

* Spiritual Women Have More Sex
* You Built What?! The Shopping Go-Kart

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