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Daily News Links – 31 Aug 2009

Neuroscientists find brain region responsible for our sense of personal space

As Internet turns 40, barriers threaten its growth

Real-time unified search

Visual Search Engine , visualized search..

Search the Internet in Privacy with Startpage (Ixquick)

HOW TO: Find the Name of That Song- Midomi –

Put A Spell: Augmented Reality Game from Ogmento

The Conversational Interface: Our Next Great Leap Forward

Will China Build AGI First? :

As hybrid cars gobble rare metals, shortage looms (Reuters)

Toyota developing anti-drunk driving gadget

Folded nanoboxes could open door to nano-circuits

Tevatron tightens up the race for the Higgs

Counting duplicated genome segments now possible

Eclipse Phase Review

Thought Talking –

Desktop Wallpaper Calendars For September 2009 –

APOD: 2009 August 31 – Open Cluster M25

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Daily News Links – 29 Aug 2009

Is Quantum Mechanics Selectively Erasing Our Memory?

Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine –

We’re In  Midst of a Literacy Revolution

Why future astronauts may be sent to gravity holes

Half Dome Screen Wraps Games and Movies around You –

Electrolux Design Challenge Envisions Your Automated Future

Gene Associated with Language, Speech And Reading Disorders Identified

Researchers Hope to Mass-Produce Robots on a Chip

An intelligent system avoids forgetting things

Archos May Beat Apple to Market with a Tablet Computer — Running Google’s Android

Robot Designed to Help Earth Plants Grow on Mars

Robotic Bear Nurse To Help the Elderly In Japan

Gravity, Quantum Objects, and Violations of the Equivalence Principle

Bionic Limbs With Artificial Intelligence

Solar Panels Built into Roads Could Be the Future of Energy

IBM Takes First 3D Image of Atomic Bonds [Quantum Computing]

We Live in Public: Are We Surrendering Our Privacy–and Sanity–to the Internet?

IBM Patent Means Your TV Remote Will Twitter Too

If Blood Is Red, Why Are Veins Blue?

Nanotubes destroy kidney tumors –

Soap bubbles to take the drag out of future cars –

Möbius Strip Library Adds a Twist to Kazakh Architecture [Architecture]

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Daily News Links – 26 Aug 2009

Daily Inspiration #282
41 Stunning Aged, Ancient & Natural Foot Paths
Milky Way

Electrotransparent Glass

Lego Roboto Solves Sudoku [Lego]

Motoman Robot Has No Legs, Assembles Chairs Anyway

3-D Talking Mona Lisa meets art lovers

Cool use of Microsoft Surface table at Gnomedex –

Monkeys born from eggs that got DNA transplant (AP)

Robots Do Nanoscale Construction

Battlefield Blimp Tracks Low-Flying Cruise Missiles

Advances in Proving the Properties of Software

Why is HTML Suddenly Interesting?

Electrolux Moléculaire 3D Food Printer

Astronauts of the Future May Have Trouble Making Little Astronauts

Spider Robot Slings Webs

Three-Part Nebula Offers A Glimpse At The Inner Workings Of A Star Factory

Futuristic art: The works of Vesna Jovanovic

Nanotechnology inks for self-erasing paper

How Entanglement Could Be Deterministic

Steve Jobs is pouring his heart and soul into an Apple tablet

seven best features in Snow Leopard

Go On, Scoot

Glass Spire to Grace London’s Skyscape

Robotic Fish Could Patrol Waterways

Beyond space and time: Fractals, hyperspace and more

Moral Machines? New Approach To Decision Making Based On Computational Logic

Getting Wired: How The Brain Does It

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Daily News – 26 Aug 2009

11  Inspirational Image Collections –
20 Awesome Wallpapers by J3Concepts –
15  Examples of Water Art That’s Simply Splashing! –

World’s Most Mind-Bending Language Has the Best Development Environment –

Rewriting General Relativity? Putting  New Model Of Quantum Gravity Under Microscope –

Disappearing Bees Have Devastated Ribosomes –

Geneticists Close to Cracking Code for Common Cold –

Mobile map projector with GPS lights the way –

Wireless Health Monitoring System for under $200 –

At the Dawn of the Augmented Reality Industry (Bruce Sterling) –

Hemispherical Screen –

Our Tech Future? A Machine That Can Sense What You’re Thinking –

Handbot Climbs Shelves, Has Rope Launcher –

Understanding the importance of E=mc^2 –

On Finding Needles in Genetic Haystacks –

New study suggests the brain predicts what eyes in motion will see –

Scientists Make Temperature-Regulating Coffee Mug –

LEGO toy helps researchers learn what happens on nanoscale –

Inventor Demonstrates Humanoid Robot’s Latest AI Abilities Video –

Touchy Feely Robot Promises to be Gentle (and Check for Cancer) –

Autonomous Robot Cleans Up the Ocean for Navy Ships –

The anti-Twitter: New site requires 1,400-character MINIMUM –

Magnetically-propelled cars could save our cities from congestion –

DARPA Wants ‘Precision Jamming’ To Take Enemies Out of the Conversation –

Radioactive Cancer-Binding Buckyballs For Targeted Chemotherapy –

New Theory Questions Why We Sleep –

Eye Cells from Stem Cells –

See USB flash drives manufactured in this shocking behind-the-scenes video –

Why a Singularity Will be Gradual – Sci-Fi Says So –

Survival in a post-apocalypse blackout –

Using technology to turbocharge innovation in a downturn –

timoreilly: Willow Garage mulling a “robot app store.” Yum.

NASA To Team Up With Russia For Future Mars Flight –

If You’re Not Seeing Data, You’re Not Seeing –

Gravity-Wave Hunters Find Nothing—and Make a Big Discovery –

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Daily News – 25 Aug 2009

Arm dentists with lasers, say researchers

Robots swim with the fishes

zygbot: IEEE Spectrum: Thomas and Janet: first kissing humanoid robots

Does Language Shape What We Think?: Scientific American

Intel’s Roadmap Includes 4nm Fab in 2022

Blog – New Measure of Human Brain Processing Speed

Powerful, Simple Rocket Fuel Made from Water and Aluminum

How Real Innovation Moves the Needle

The future of energy: Human Nature, Not Technology, Is The Challenge.

GuyKawasaki Photographer, Photoshop master Peter Funch’s indescribable images:

Glow-in-the-dark red blood cells made from human stem cells

3D Hologram: Best Video Conference Ever

Eco Rides: CitySailer fuel cell powered two-wheeler keeps you safe even without a helmet

15 Stunning Sunrises and Sunsets –

High-Speed Robot Hand –

Nano-bio Material Kills Cancer Cells, Leaves Healthy Cells Unharmed –

To save lives Indian doctor rethinks the toilet –

Top Future Blogs –

Top Daily Galaxy Posts –

Panasonic Ushers In 3D HDTV Era —Will Ship 3D Displays in 2010 –

Encyclopedia of Life grows; clues on ageing, pests –

A Safe Approach To Nanotechnology –

Tiny Robots Get A Grip On Nanotubes –

Daily Makeover: give yourself a daily virtual makeover –

Free screen sharing web app –

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Daily News Links – 22-23 Aug 2009

15 Stunning Examples of Waterfall Photography –

Waves Photos by Photographer Clark Little –

Spirals Set –

Sand Art –

Futuristic Robotic Kitchen Assistant –

Students build tour guide robot –

Robot’s gentle touch aids delicate cancer surgery –

Robot Cats Purrrrfect for Elderly –

zygbot: BEAR robot roars to the rescue

Neural Networks Mapped In Dementia Patients –

Human Lifespans Nearly Constant for 2,000 Years –

Metamaterials learn to remember –

New images capture cell’s ribosomes at work –

Failure to launch: abandoned NASA projects –

DNA scaffolds could make nano-circuits –

5 Most Expensive U.S. Military Vehicles To Date –

Human sex from the inside out –

Time Paradox [Pic] –

Forecasts ‘n’ fives –

Blue Is Beautiful, But Only In The Theater –

guardiantech: US now trains more drone operators than pilots

GeorgeDvorsky: C64 Emulator for iPhone Seems Imminent

GeorgeDvorsky: The Future Doesn’t Have A File System

rfurlan: Who Is Responsible If A Robot Kills Someone? [Ai Murder!]

amazing-house-design-in-japan-a-garden-inside-the-house –

quote: “Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us.” – Henrik Tikkanen

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Daily News – 21 Aug 2009

AVATAR Official Movie Trailer Released –

Handbot Climbs Shelf, Steals Book, Gets Away –

Innovation: Are we ready for the Autonomous Age? –

William Sims Bainbridge Religion for a Galactic Civilization 2.0 –

The Origin of the Mind (preview) –

Three Possible Economic Models (Part 1) –

US Army wants 2.3 gigapixel camera for aerial surveillance –

5 Terrific Ted Talks on Future Technologies –

Gene swap experiment makes altering bugs easier –

Mind Control Can Make You A Better Surgeon –

Floating Solar UFO To Clean Osaka’s Dingy Canals and Castle Moats –

Giant Free-Roving Robotic Cages Could Be the Healthy Future of Fish Farming –

First 3-D Patterned Nanostructures –

Poor Design Choices In the Star Wars Universe –

Stanford scientists scan 2,500-year-old mummy –

Are you the next Usain Bolt? The answer could be in your saliva –

Switching on the power of stem cells –

Scientists make “sugar bug” drug for bowel disease –

psaffo: Best 4 minute explanation of Health Care issue yet — don’t miss the very end:

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s High-Speed Data Connection Beams 461 Gigabytes Per Day –

Giant Free-Roving Robotic Cages Could Be the Healthy Future of Fish Farming –

LED display technology gets a twist –

Twitter to show whereabouts of tweeters –

Scobleizer: Seeing the “next Twitter” at

@jeffholden showing me how to create microstories, pretty cool.

Screenr: Instant screencasts for Twitter –

Is Hollywood Afraid of Twitter’s Real-Time Review Effect? –

[PIC] – the-final-frontier –

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Daily News Links – 20 Aug 2009

-Deaths linked to nanoparticles in China – Reuters: More info at

-New DNA Test Uses Nanotechnology To Find Early Signs Of Cancer [kurzweilai] –

-Anti-aging gene linked to high blood pressure [physorg] –

-Watching stem cells repair the human brain [physorg] –

-Rich interaction may make computers a partner, not a product [esciencenews] –

-Toward limitless energy: National Ignition Facility focus symposium, Aug. 19-20 [esciencenews] –


-Device detects sugar in food — sweet! –

-Rich interaction may make computers a partner, not a product –

-AcceleGlove Remotely Controls Objects With Hand Gestures

-Social Media Revolution video –

-The social media revolution is going nowhere [telegraph] –

-Why geeks get the girls [newscientist] –

-Evolution 2.0: On the origin of technologies [newscientist] –

-Science Fiction’s Robotics Laws Need Reality Check –

-Innovation urged for water management in Asia [nature] –

-First half of September brings a whirlwind of cool, new gadgets [physorg] –

rar rar… all thats left is Apple Mac Tablet to be sold at Mc’donalds..

-Anti-aging Gene Linked To High Blood Pressure [sciencedaily] –

-The old future – the way we thought things would work out – truly is gone.” –

-Seeing quantum effects on a big scale [phsicsworld] –

-Moshe Pritsker on Lengthening Human Life [sicenceblogs] –

-The Brain: The Dark Matter of the Human Brain [discovermagazine] –

-Depression Dulls Brain’s Pleasure Sites [webmd] –

-Recreating the Big Bang Inside Metamaterials [technologyreview] –

-I’m Writing A Book With A Little Help From 2000 Of My Closest Friends – All Tech Considered –

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Daily News Links – 19 Aug 2009

-DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show [xixidu] –

-Researchers pinpoint neurons that control obesity in fruit flies [physorg] –

-Tunisian woman expecting 12 babies: reports [physorg] –

-Evolving Robots Learn To Lie To Each other –

-The Neuro Revolution [hplusmagazine] –

-How to turn seawater into jet fuel –

-Artificial Tongues Pave Way for a New Generation of Robots [trendsupdates] –

-Heathrow taxi pods become a glorious, driverless reality [engadget] –

-Phone That Shames Weather Bureau [yankodesign] –

-Gargantuan NOAH ‘Ark’ Proposed to New Orleans with Straight Face [dvice] –

-How It Works: Protecting New Orleans With The World’s Largest Water Pump –

-A “Complex” Theory of Consciousness [scientificamerican] –

-The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar –

-Modified HDTV screens used for 3-D technology [physorg] –

-Nuclear fusion research key to advancing computer chips [physorg] –

-Finished reading advance copy Stewart Brand’s “Whole Earth Discipline.” 
It’s gonna turn the environmental movement on its head.. [@psaffo] –

-Meanwhile, People Are Dying [ieet] –

-Is Google Reader The Next Friendfeed? –

-Remove Duplicates in Google Reader [socalgeek] –

-How to Create a One-of-a-Kind Twitter Background in Photoshop –

-Quotation: “You don’t get anything clean without getting something else dirty.” – Cecil Baxter

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Daily News – 18 Aug 2009

-Attention-grabbing hotels: sleeping with show-offs [smh] –

-Lunar Nuclear Reactor [technologyreview]-
-Planet Size Perspective…. [pic]
-Big Wave Theory Offers Alternative to Dark Energy [space] =
-In Search of Antimatter Galaxies [physorg] –
-Building block of life found on comet [reuters] –

-Education at the crossroads [sethgodin] –

-Makerbot is Asking You to Help Make More Makerbots [singularityhub] –
-Robot sex to tempt future tourists? [stuff] –
-From the Robot App Store to the Global Robot Brain [hplusmagazine] –
-Sony patents reveal emotion recognition software [kurzweilai] –
-Advance toward an ‘electronic tongue’ with a taste for sweets [physorg] –

-Military funds development of brainwave binoculars [blnz] –

-Hands-Free Laparoscopic Retractor EndoGrab Gets CE Mark [medgadget] –
-Cancer’s break-in tools possibly identified [physorg] –
-Faster, cheaper way to find disease genes in human genome passes initial test [esciencenews] –
-Secrets of the sandcastle worm could yield a powerful medical adhesive [physorg] –
-Anti-Aging Pill Targets Telomeres at Ends of Chromosomes [scientificamerican] –
-Study supports DNA repair-blocker research in cancer therapy [harvardscience] –
-Will Aging Decelerator Drugs Work? [futurepundit] –
-Study supports DNA repair-blocker research in cancer therapy [esciencenews] –

-A Touch of Ingenuity , show off their pressure-sensitive touch pads. [technologyreview] –
-Is Apple Shooting for the Cloud? [fastcompany] –
-Whatever this thing is, it looks awesome [dvice] –
-Free Digital Textbook Initiative [jalam1001] –
-Flex’s coopetition: HTML5 [insideria] –
-IBM uses DNA to make next-gen microchips [reuters] –
-Computer scientists scale ‘layer 2’ data center networks to 100,000 ports and beyond [physorg] –

-The Origin of: Scientific American {164th year} [scientificamerican] –
-The Most Powerful Force in the World : tech [kk] –

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