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Link Favourites archive – 29 October 2009

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* Artificial heart breakthrough
* Super slow-motion camera can follow firing neurons
* Russia Develops Spaceship With Nuclear Engine

* Living wallpaper that devices can relate to
* Scientists make cells that form eggs and sperm in lab
* Genes drive behaviour, but culture can select genes: study (AFP)

* Brain responds to human voice in one fifth of a second
* Intel touts NAND-killer breakthrough
* Toyota Creates Its Own Flower Species to Gobble Harmful Gases

* Gene therapy repairs injured human donor lungs for the first time
* Fermi Telescope Caps First Year With Glimpse of Space-Time (w/ Video)

* Physicist makes new high-res panorama of Milky Way
* Liquavista’s E-Paper Plays Full-Color Movies

* Animated stereoviews of old Japan =
* Brain scanners can tell what you’re thinking about-

* Technorati index of science blogs –

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