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Link Favourites archive – 15 October 2009

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* Spherical Robot Can Climb Over Obstacles
* David Calkins Interview by Sander Olson
* Master List of 500+ TED Videos With Summaries
* The “//” in URLs was a Mistake, Says Sir Berners-Lee
* The Future of Money
* Artificial Black Hole Created in Chinese Lab

* Body Computing Is a Glimmer of Hope in the Health-Care Chasm
* 3D CMOS camera for your cell phone?
* Facial width-to-height ratio predicts aggression
* Mass Spectrometer Smells Out Tumor Cells During Surgery
* Is This The World’s Smallest Astromech Droid?
* Hydrogen-Powered Navy UAV Shatters Flight Endurance Record

* Stanford Magnetic Biosensor 1000 times more Sensitive to Cancer Biomarker Proteins
* Internet coalescing into lump of Google
* BMW Simple Handles Itself Like a Real-Life Tron Lightcycle [Concept]
* iRobot Makes First Version of T-1000 or Number Six—We Will All Die Anyway [Robots]
* ‘Spider pill’ used for scans
* ‘Naked’ scanner in airport trial –

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