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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 December 2016

November 30, 2016 Leave a comment

* Netflix finally lets you download shows and movies to watch offline >>
* Moon-Race Team Reserves Rocket to Land Rovers Near Apollo 17 Site >>
* Google’s training AI to catch diabetic blindness before it’s too late >>

* Google’s Hand-Fed AI Now Gives Answers, Not Just Search Results >>
* AI creates its own bizarre karaoke songs based on a festive photo >>
* Smart skin patch releases blood thinners in closed-loop control system >>

* Apple’s 2017 iPhone is going to be awesome >>
* Virgin unveils a TV V6 box that is 4K HDR >>

* Exoplanet space telescope will launch in December 2017 >>
* Millimeter accurate GPS in smartphones and self driving cars would result from tiny atomic clocks >>
* NASA is developing better gears to make tougher robots >>

* High School Girls Have Designed Africa’s First Private Satellite >>
* Neutron Star May Reveal First Evidence of 80-Year-Old Quantum Prediction >>
* Ultra-Diffuse Ghost Galaxies Float Among Us >>

* Payrise; Researchers find demanding an absurdly high amount is your best bet >>
* Quantum particles seen aligning light from a neutron star >>

* MIT’s sensor network tracks your power-hungry appliances >>
* HP successfully tests its vision of memory-focused computing >>
* Diamonds convert nuclear waste into clean batteries >>

* The future of front-end development is design >>
* Apple’s 2017 iPhone is going to be awesome >>
* ‘It is time to make’ three-person babies >>

* Spacex Satellite net could start gigabit per second operation in 2020 with 800 to 1600 satellites >>
* DARPA not working on safe spaces but safe operation of robotics in space >>
* Watch Humans Destroy the Earth in 30 Years With Google Earth Time Lapse >>

* These are the most popular products of 2016 >>
* How to win a chess match in just 2 moves >>
* 1st Qubits on 300mm CMOS >>

* New Brain-Like Chip Uses Light to Go Blazingly Fast >>
* Truly-global-internet-access-will-be-a-double-edged-sword >>
* Japanese Company Plans Artificial Meteor Shower >>

* The Man Who Invented VR Goggles 50 Years Too Soon >>
* Solar plane will fly two and half times higher than regular commercial jets >>
* Nvidia will follow up 16 nanometer Xavier chip with 7 nanometer chip and TSMC is in development of 5 nanometer and 3 nanometer technology >>

* 50,000 Nvidia Xavier chips would deliver a quintillion operations (EXAOPs) with one megawatt of power in 2018 >>
* First Graphene Photodetector To Operate in the Microwave >>
* Everything You Need to Know About Netflix Downloads >>

* A Record Number Of Corals Just Died At The Great Barrier Reef >>
* Cassini Spacecraft Begins Dramatic, ‘Ring-Grazing’ Orbits Today >>
* Scientists Can Now Control Mice With Radio Waves And Light >>

* WiFi for every room: Tour the WiFi-enabled house of the future >>
* Is Now A Turning Point For China’s Housing Markets? >>
* NZ study reveals deadly role of ‘cancer bubbles’ >>

* YouTube now supports 4K live-streaming for both 360-degree and standard video >>
* Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in December >>
* Will net neutrality survive Donald Trump? >>

* How to Hide $400 Million >>
* George Hotz is giving away the code behind his self-driving car project >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 November 2016

November 29, 2016 Leave a comment

* Portable chlorine generator to bring safe water >>
* Neuroscientists Wirelessly Control the Brain of a Scampering Lab Mouse >>
* Diamonds convert nuclear waste into clean batteries >>

* IBM Researchers Bring AI to Radiology >>
* Paralyzed Man Regains Motor Function As A Result of Stem Cell Therapy >>
* Self Checkout and Image recognition checkout will eliminate cashiers >>

* AI predicts FUTURE: Algorithm studies images to produce a video of what might happen next >>
* New NASA Alien Planet K2-3d Discovered –“Scientists Hope Detect Extraterrestrial Life Via Molecules in Its Atmosphere” >>
* Sentinel-1 Satellites Confirm San Francisco’s Millenium Tower Is Sinking >>

* Nanotubes can turn water solid when it should be boiling >>
* MIT’s sensor network tracks your power-hungry appliances >>
* Earth-like planet is spotted 150 light years away – and it may have the right conditions to host alien life >>

* Google Is Using Its Deep Learning Tech To Diagnose Disease >>
* Lego, Crayola, and Others Imagine Autonomous Cars of 2050 in Futuristic Design Challenge >>
* Germanium Can Take Transistors Where Silicon Can’t >>

* Bad memories stick around if you sleep on them >>
* Weaponized Antibodies Use New Tricks to Fight Cancer >>
* Fusion breakthrough as researchers reveal liquid metal ‘showers’ could finally make reactors a reality >>

* We may be able to tap into our memories from infancy >>
* World’s oldest woman turns 117 >>
* Here’s What Placebos Can Heal—And What They Can’t >>

* China to invest $140 billion by 2020 to relocate 10 million poorest citizens and lift 70 million above poverty line >>
* The Robot Revolution Comes to Synthetic Biology >>
* Nvidia Xavier chip 20 trillion operations per second of deep learning performance and uses 20 watts which means 50 chips would be a petaOP at a kilowatt >>

* Google’s AI Reads Retinas to Prevent Blindness in Diabetics >>
* SF’s Transit Hack Could’ve Been Way Worse—And Cities Must Prepare >>
* Science and Buddhism Aren’t in Conflict—They’re Doing Different Things >>

* Diamonds as the ultimate semiconductors for superior sensors and power devices >>
* Nuclear Energy Startups want to make nuclear energy radically less expensive >>
* China approves $36 billion of subways and other links to reduce commutes >>

* DARPA seeks drone escort for military truck convoys to protect against enemy drones >>
* Raytheon Sets Phasers to Drone Destruction with Directed Energy Weapon Test >>
* Science Vs. Cinema: ARRIVAL >>

* NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is getting ready to skim Saturn’s rings >>
* Sit Ringside for a Rocket Launch in This Incredible New Video >>
* New ‘Species’ of Galaxy –“Faint Objects the Size of the Milky Way With 1,000 Times Fewer Stars” >>

* ‘Spectacular’ First Images And Data Released From Exomars Orbiter >>
* NASA’s Kepler Mission Reveals Our Solar System is Extremely Rare –“And We Have No Idea Why” >>
* MIT Creates AI Able to See Two Seconds Into the Future >>

* How Scientists Are Preparing For A World Without Antibiotics >>
* lobal News Network RT Shares First 360-Video Recorded in Space >>
* Get A Taste of the ‘Timeless’ TV Show’s Space Race Episode In 360 Video >>

* Why are dinosaurs everywhere in VR? >>
* Pros and cons: Our quick verdict on Google’s Daydream View >>
* Powerful Earthquake Jolted New Zealand Seabed 6 Feet Upward >>

* Watch an Air Pistol Pellet Slice the Flame of a Candle in Slow Motion >>
* Here’s a Rare Photo of Donald Trump Using a Computer >>
* So How Close Do You Live to a Nuclear Bomb? >>

* MIT and Google have reinvented the office cubicle >>
* Indians went on an iPhone buying spree after government demonetized currency >>
* Google Asked to Remove a Billion ‘Pirate’ Search Results in a Year >>

* We Now Live In The Unnatural World >>
* New Zealand is the first country to wipe out unwanted butterfly >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 November 2016

November 28, 2016 Leave a comment

* NASA X-Ray Tech Could Enable Superfast Communication in Deep Space >>
* Researchers Successfully Achieve Suspended Animation With Mouse Embryos >>
* Researchers remove mutated DNA from mitochondria to slow or reverse a cause of aging >>

* JDI Developing 800 Pixels Per Inch Display That Is Ideal For VR >>
* MIT’s new method of radio transmission could one day make wireless VR a reality >>
* Hackers are holding San Francisco’s light-rail system for ransom’ >>

* Hospital to get first dedicated 3D tissue-printing facility >>
* Making cells ignore mutations could treat genetic diseases >>
* AI learns to predict the future by watching 2 million videos >>

* Anti-drone gun takes down targets from 1.2 miles away >>
* Disruptive Forces Blow Up 21st Century Business Models >>
* Near Term Planet photographing exoplanet telescopes >>

* New magnetic field theory gets us closer to nuclear fusion >>
* iPhone 8 with curved OLED screen coming, report says >>
* Remotely Control Your Fireplace With Google Home and a Raspberry Pi >>

* How Scientists Are Preparing For A World Without Antibiotics >>
* Self-driving Cars Are Just The Beginning >>
* Commuters Get Free Rides After Hackers Target San Francisco Public Transit >>

* ‘Diamond-age’ of power generation as nuclear batteries developed (w/video) >>
* Flying start for world’s first graphene-enhanced aircraft >>
* Researchers demonstrate world’s first qubit device fabricated in standard CMOS process >>

* NASA’s EMDrive And The Quantum Theory Of Pilot Waves >>
* One Obstacle To Curing Cancer Patient Data Isnt Shared >>
* World’s first farmers were ANTS >>

* Watch a Helicopter Pilot Nail a Ship Landing in a Ridiculous Storm >>
* An Amusement Park That’s Also a Giant Spa Is Obviously the Greatest Idea Ever >>
* This Machine Weaves Chain Link Fences Like It’s Knitting a Sweater >>

* Cheap, Rugged, Sweat-Sensing Skin Patch Hints at Bloodless Testing >>
* Manmade diamonds become batteries when placed near radioactive sources like nuclear waste like carbon-14 >>
* Arp 240: A Bridge between Spiral Galaxies from Hubble >>

* Google’s new multilingual Neural Machine Translation System can translate between language pairs even though it has never been taught to do so >>
* Caltech scientists use bacterial protein to merge silicon and carbon and create new organosilicon compounds >>
* China’s new mach 6 hypersonic missile has over twice the range of best US air to air missile and new drones could create a stealth plane targeting network >>

* How to Make Sure Netflix Loads as Fast as Possible >>
* Experts solve the mystery of 49 giant sinkholes discovered in China >>
* Creating bee ‘superhighways’ may be the only way to reverse the dramatic decline in their numbers >>

* The smart bandage that turns yellow to provide an early warning of infections >>
* Was Einstein WRONG about the speed of light? >>
* DNA tests could soon tell you where the cotton has come from >>

* AI can create videos of the future >>
* World’s smallest flying camera 1.6 inches wide – only costs $99 >>
* Toddler robots help solve how children learn >>

* Automation in an Accelerating Future – Anders Sandberg >>
* Troubling Study Says Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Who Will Be Criminals Based On Facial Features >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 November 2016

November 27, 2016 Leave a comment

* CERN introduces Large Hadron Collider’s robotic inspectors >>
* For the First Time, Living Cells Have Formed Carbon-Silicon Bonds >>
* Will AI usher in a new era of hacking? >>

* New trailers: Martin Scorsese’s passion project, a young Barack Obama, and more >>
* The final trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story asks you to trust in the force >>
* Czech scientists develop human lung model to aid treatments >>

* Mobile and enterprise are the keys to VR/AR scale >>
* Japan looks to create a superfast supercomputer for deep learning >>
* Maserati’s electric Alfieri two-seater coming in 2020 >>

* External brain stimulation goes deep >>
* ‘Artificial gravity’ device could be key to astronaut health on Mars mission >>
* Desperate NASA Asks Public What to Do With Astronaut Poop >>

* Why-apple-is-getting-into-the-energy-business >>
* Island powered up 24/7 with microgrid >>
* Alexa can now talk you through recipes >>

* “Speed of Light Was Faster in the Early Universe” –Theory Soon to be Tested >>
* Law In The Age Of Social Media >>

* Airbus flies new plane for the first time >>
* Android Circuit: New Galaxy S8 Leaks, Nokia Returns To MWC, Shiny Samsung Challenges Apple >>

* The Brain’s GPS Tells You Where You Are and Where You’ve Come From >>
* How Zika Spiraled Out of Control >>
* The iPhone hologram projector is real — here’s how to make one >>

* AMD APU roadmap to 7 nanometers in 2019 >>
* Get ready for TV screens you can roll up >>

* New nGet ready for TV screens you can roll upzeural-network algorithm learns directly from human instructions instead of examples >>
* $7.5 billion destroyer lost propulsion in port shaft crossing Panama canal >>
* India will try to build up from slow and overcrowded trains to modern high speed rail >>

* Intel will deliver 100X increase in deep learning training >>
* AI Supercomputing era has arrived and FP16 exaflop supercomputers in 2018 >>
* Japan will build a 130 petaflop AI cloud infrastructure supercomputer in 2017 >>

* Billionaire Broad Group CEO still adamant that 838 meter tall Skycity skyscraper will be built >>
* Japan Throws Down the Gauntlet With Plan for World’s Fastest Supercomputer >>
* Tickets for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Go on Sale Next Week >>

* 2.1Gbps speeds over LTE? That’s not a typo, EE’s already done it >>
* New Game of Thrones Set Pictures Hint at a Big Betrayal >>
* Photographer’s Deepest Sky View Reveals a Stunning Triangulum Galaxy >>

* Music Designed for an Oscilloscope Looks and Sounds Cool as Hell >>
* What Every Layperson Should Know About String Theory >>
* Peter Thiel taps a principal at Founders Fund for Trump’s transition team >>

* These ‘Star Wars’ phones are the Androids you’re looking for >>
* Does Facebook Generate Over Half Its Ad Revenue From Fake News? >>
how-to-tell-if-machine-learning-can-solve-your-business-problem >>

* Google’s DeepMind Made an AI Watch Close To 5000 Videos So That It Surpasses Humans in Lip-Reading >>
* SpaceX to launch ocean-monitoring NASA satellite in 2021 >>

* Faraday Future delays EV production plant in Nevada >>
* NASA says the ISS’ inflatable module is doing great >>
* Pathologists Look Forward to a Future with Deep Learning and Neural Networks >>

* HitFilm’s VFX software now supports 8K and 360-degree video >>
* 10 World Renowned Meditation Tech Experts Share What’s Next In 2017 >>
* Pixel-rich VR display eliminates the ‘screen door’ effect >>

* This Connected Wearable Isn’t For Humans, It’s For Horses >>
* Plex’s machine learning tech auto-tags photos for you >>
* Can Software Virtualization Bridge The Increasing Gap Between Devices And Technologies? >>

* Immerse Yourself in the Jungle With a Wild 360-Degree Video >>
* Facebook’s internet beaming drones aren’t coming to India >>
* Will Salt Water Quench the World’s Thirst? >>

* The laser that can ‘see through’ thick forest – and spotted a Stone age settlement in Ohio >>
* Explore the ’embryo atlas’: Incredible 3D interactive map gives clearest ever glimpse into first two months of human fetus development >>

* Website erases your online existence with the click of a button >>
* Hyperloop down under: Australian engineers show off their design for Elon Musk’s 760mph travel pods >>

* Language trends run in mysterious 14-year cycles >>
* Groundbreaking study reveals insects, spiders and worms in homes and gardens carry 1,500 viruses >>
* Tesla’s solar roofs might be Even cheaper than expected >>

* Latest motorcycle technology keeps riders connected >>
* Sky to launch mobile service to dial up TV business >>
* Google’s AI can now lip read better than humans after watching thousands of hours of TV >>

* Quantum Computers Could Crush Today’s Top Encryption in 15 Years >>
* Blood from old people has harmful toxins so blood banks need to be changed and all blood needs to be regularly filtered >>
* DARPA developing robots to fix and maintain satellites that are one tenth of the distance to the moon >>

* UK will add £2 billion a year by 2020-21 for a UK version of DARPA >>
* China successfully fires radical 300+ mile range hypersonic missile that would put key parts of US air operations at risk >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 November 2016

November 24, 2016 Leave a comment

* Sphero’s Wearable Now Lets You Control Your Home Like a Real Jedi >>
* This Stick-on Sweat Monitor Knows When You Need A Drink >>
* MIT builds low-cost synthetic muscles out of nylon cord >>

* Gravity can light the world with this new technology >>
* Gravitational Waves Discovered from Colliding Black Holes >>
* Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs turned Earth’s surface into liquid >>

* Watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Daydream VR is actually fun >>
* How Root Wants to Bring Coding to Every Classroom >>
* USS Zumwalt gets Panama tug job after yet another breakdown >>

* We Might Finally Know How Rogue One Is Handling Its Opening Crawl >>
* The First Full Trailer for the CW’s Huge DC Crossover Is an Alien Invasion Epic >>
* Details on Michelle Yeoh’s Rumored Role In Star Trek: Discovery >>
* NBC’s Emerald City Looks Like it Owes a Big Debt to Game of Thrones >>
* Let’s All Laugh at How Garbage CGI Was in the ’90s >>
* 32 movies you have to see this holiday season >>
* BBC: When Adele wasn’t Adele… but was Jenny! >>

* The world in 2076: We still haven’t found alien life >>
* The world in 2076: The population bomb has imploded >>

* Google’s AI can translate language pairs it has never seen >>
* 10 smartphone trends to watch in 2017 >>
* Anyone for quantifiable VR mindfulness? >>

* Scientists Create Battery That Charges In Seconds and Lasts For Days >>
* The Normalization Of ‘normalize’ Is A Sign Of The New Normal >>
* Facebook is unlikely to succeed in China, even if it compromises on free speech >>

* Kenyan Startup Uses the Sun to Turn Human Waste into Cooking Fuel >>
* Mars Ice Deposit Holds as Much Water as Lake Superior >>
* F-35B controls missiles on an Aegis equipped destroyer to shoot down a drone >>

* How Do We Colonize Jupiter’s Moons? >>
* NASA Developing Tasty Bars for Future Missions >>
* Trump will eliminate $2 billion climate change research from NASA >>

* Looking In: Skywatcher Captures Wide-Field View of Helix Nebula >>
* ‘Global Warming Hiatus’ Not Good News For Planet Earth >>
* Vector Space Raises Additional Funds to Support 2017 First Launch >>

* The Truth about “Self-Driving” Cars >>
* China successfully fires radical hypersonic ‘very long range air to air missile’ that could hit targets 300 miles away >>
* A computer glitch caused the Schiaparelli spacecraft to crash into Mars at 335 mph >>

* Thanksgiving 2050: To feed the world we have to stop destroying our soil >>
* Auckland Uni spin-off to develop ‘emotionally responsive’ avatars >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 November 2016

November 23, 2016 Leave a comment

* Cars opened by selfies could soon be a thing >>
* 3D Printed Bullets Developed and Tested by Russian Researchers >>
* Gravity sensors might offer earlier warning of earthquakes >>

* Indium Selenide Takes on the Mantle of the New Wonder Material >>
* China Is Testing A New Long-range, Air-to-air Missile That Could Thwart U.S. Plans For Air Warfare >>
* To Keep The Cranberry Industry In Its Birthplace, A Farm Turns To Drones, Data, And Automation >>

* Japanese Scientists Name An Element ‘Nihonium’, Now Where Are The Rocket Punching Super Robots? >>
* Our preparation for alien contact is like ‘Neanderthals having a plan in case the US Air Force showed up’, says Seti expert >>

* Astronomers use light from X-ray source to study nearby stellar cloud >>
* Forget Building Walls, Technology Is Tearing Them Down >>
* ‘Out Of This World’ Uses For Expandable Habitats Explained By Robert Bigelow >>

* Real life robotic ball drone has been tested by US marines like devices in Jurassic World >>
* Why Southern China Broke Up Its Power Grid >>
* Thermoelectric Material in Paintable Liquid Form can go onto almost any surface to convert heat to electricity >>

* Japan’s Upgraded Mobile Mapping Technology Aims to Make Autonomous Driving Safer >>
* Wtf Are Purple Carrots And Where Did They Come From? >>
* MIT’s New Plastic Muscles Could Bring Us One Step Closer to a Real-Life Westworld >>

* Your dog can remember all those silly things you’ve done: Canines have ‘episodic’ memories, just like humans >>
* Deepest water found 1000km down, a third of way to Earth’s core >>
* SpaceX wants to launch more satellites than are already in orbit >>

* Surgeon behind world’s first human HEAD transplant says the operation could take place in the UK next year >>
* Hubble rounds up the first worlds we’ll check for alien life >>
* Gravity may have chased light in the early universe >>

* Net neutrality, beloved by Netflix, looks headed for the ax under Trump >>
* New Zealand’s 7.8 magnitude quake ripped this mountain apart by more than 30 feet >>
* Scientists discover neuron-producing stem cells in the membranes covering the brain >>

* Brain Implant Allows Paralyzed Woman to Spell Out Messages With Her Mind >>
* Wireless advances in treating spinal cord damage, morphing wings for aircraft, and the world’s tallest tropical trees >>
* How your brain tricks you into believing you’re the reasonable one >>

* Trump’s NASA looks good for human space exploration and terrible for Earth science >>
* Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’ >>
* Donald Trump’s media summit was a ‘f−−−ing firing squad’ >>
* Donald Trump: ‘The Wind Is a Very Deceiving Thing’ >>

* Europe’s New Mars Orbiter Begins Testing Science Gear >>
* State of the Arts 2016: AI for Good & Music that Transforms >>
* Watch the Bee Movie Trailer, Except Every Word Is In Alphabetical Order >>

* How Physics Falls Apart If The EMdrive Works >>
* Luxury Dreamliner Makes Other Private Jets Look Like Garbage >>
* Prepare Your Workforce For The Automation Age >>

* Good robot design needs to be responsible, not just responsive >>
* What is 2017’s top wireless router with the fastest speeds? >>
* SpaceX wins NASA launch contract for first-ever global survey of Earth’s water >>

* Xbox One game streaming comes to Oculus Rift on December 12 >>
* The 2017 Toyota Yaris points to the future of cars >>
* Google Maps will now tell you how busy a place is in real time >>

* VR and AR Could Revolutionize Construction, But There Are Still Big Challenges >>
* Social VR: Who Is Going to Get It Right First? >>
* How VR Could Change Courtrooms (And Why There Might Be Resistance) >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 November 2016

November 22, 2016 Leave a comment

* Scientists’ realistic lab-grown gut tissue thrives in mice >>
* Brain Cancer Patients Survive Longer by Sending Electric Fields Through Their Heads >>
* Beyond Touch: Tomorrow’s Devices Will Use MEMS Ultrasound to Hear Your Gestures >>

* A cure for ageing? Scientists discover breakthrough procedure to replace specific parts of ageing cells >>
* Scientists have created working human nerves in a lab >>
* Gene Editing Will Transform Cancer Treatment >>

* There’s an incredibly detailed Google map of everywhere you’ve been >>
* Graphene Solar Absorber Could Enable Cheap Thermal Desalination >>
* When You Fly Over a Foreign Country, Your Airplane Owes Rent >>

* Boeing ‘base Station’ Concept Would Autonomously Refuel Military Drones >>
* What Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Actually Do In Your Apps >>
* Most students can’t tell fake news from real news, study shows >>

* This Microbe Could Be the Planet’s Most Prolific Predator >>
* Can some animals TASTE light? Cells found in worms are 50 times better at detecting rays than a human eye >>
* The flexible superbattery that could keep your phone charged for a WEEK – and top it up in seconds >>

* There’s No Suction In Space, Because Suction Is An Illusion >>
* AI pilot helps US air force with tactics in simulated operations >>
* Almost HALF the world will be online by the end of 2016 >>

* The Latest 200 MPH Supercar Is Completely Electric >>
* No, Teenage Blood Won’t Make You Young And Beautiful >>
* Hedgehog-Based Authentication Is the Only Way to Be Truly Secure >>

* Come Fly With AI, IBM Cloud Builds ‘Chatbot’ Virtual Travel Agent >>
* What’s on your TV: ‘Gilmore Girls,’ ‘3%’ >>
* Self-Driving Cars Will Love the Driving Hell That Is Boston >>

* China as the New No. 1? Not Quite >>
* International Tokamak Fusion is thousands of lifetime physics and engineering jobs >>
* Debating the Paris climate agreement is it $5 trillion to 2030 or $100-200 trillion by 2100 or is it both >>

* This New Smartphone Stabilizer Turns Your Videos Into Cinematic Moments >>
* Report: Google’s Pixel is off to a roaring start on Verizon >>
* 9 new ways that Google Cloud Machine Learning can help businesses >>

* Tesla runs an entire island on solar power >>
* Facebook is testing a feature that’ll help you find free public Wi-Fi >>
* Michigan’s 335-acre Willow Run autonomous car test facility breaks ground >>

* 4K Netflix Arrives On Windows 10, But Only Via Microsoft’s Edge Browser >>
* How Augmented Reality Will Change Tech Experiences >>
* NASA demonstrates EM Drive theory, but don’t get too excited >>

* Solar homes could get batteries from this glowing dye >>
* This autonomous aircraft can fly close to the ground and inside obstructed terrain >>
* Researchers find ‘nicer’ females are paid LESS that more assertive women >>

* In the fight against fake news, artificial intelligence is waging a battle it cannot win >>
* Trump’s Safety Comes With Sticker Shock Of $1 Million Per Day To Taxpayers >>
* Elon Musk’s plan to blanket Earth in high-speed internet may face a big threat: China >>

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