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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 February 2017

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* Woman was kept alive with no lungs for six days while awaiting a transplant >>
* Korean researchers enhance image quality of 3D dynamic holographic displays by 2,600 times and no glasses are needed >>
* Researchers teach cars to work together with or without drivers via Wi-Fi >>

* This wearable hydration sensor could be the perfect partner for your Fitbit >>
* Intergalactic Void Is Pushing The Milky Way Through The Universe >>
* Technology companies fight trump immigration order in court >>

* Netflix project lets you mind-control its interface >>
* Brain Scans May Shed Light on Bipolar Suicide Risk >>
* Ford’s CEO says the future of cities has almost nothing to do with cars >>

* The creator of Pac-Man dies >>
* A Mystery AI Just Crushed the Best Human Players at Poker >>

* Inside the ‘Tunnel’ Elon Musk Is Already Digging Under Los Angeles >>
* What Jobs Sectors Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over in the Near Future? >>

* AI tracks your every move and tells your boss if you’re slacking >>
* Is a master algorithm the solution to our machine learning problems? >>
* Help Me, Obi-Wan! New Hologram Technology Mimics ‘Star Wars’ >>

* ‘Hidden’ Solar Flares Linked to High-Energy Gamma-Rays for 1st Time >>
* On Mars, Life Could Be Hiding Under the Rocks >>

* SpaceX’s Elon Musk Seeks Twitter Help to Change Trump Immigration Order >>
* The Self-Driving Car’s Bicycle Problem >>
* Innovative Direct-Current Microgrids to Solve India’s Power Woes >>

* AI Decisively Defeats Human Poker Players >>
* 5 Hurdles to Reaching the Next Star System >>
* 2017 terahertz science and technology roadmap >>

* Metallic Hydrogen update >>
* Tokamak Energy plans net electricity production fusion by 2025 and commercial grid production by 2030 >>
* First Genetic Results From Scott Kelly’s Year In Space Reveal DNA Mysteries >>

* Doctor Who: Who will be the 13th Time Lord? >>
* Final 25G/50G Ethernet spec finally lands >>
* A Vast and Spooky Void Is Influencing the Milky Way >>

* Trump’s draft cybersecurity order raises policy questions >>
* Tech needs to build wall against Trump excesses >>
* Do Dark Matter And Dark Energy Affect Ordinary Atoms? >>

* Hyperloop go! SpaceX tests student pod designs that could make Elon Musk’s vision reality >>
* Gene Drives Thwarted by Emergence of Resistant Organisms >>

* IoT’s payoff is in the big picture, and Nokia knows it >>
* Scientists Create Electronic Glasses That Can Automatically Focus On Whatever You’re Looking At >>
* Trump Immigration Ban Makes U.S. Airlines Less Secure >>

* NASA’s latest breakthrough is paint >>
* Mind blown: The entire universe could be a hologram >>
* A tiny phone-sized drone could change your selfie game for good >>

* Raybaby is a baby monitor that tracks your child’s breathing >>
* 2K wins right to store your biometric facial data >>
* The Trump Administration Will Admit 872 Refugees Into The US, And Other Trump News From Today >>

* Swedish People Convincing Themselves To Jump Off A Ten Meter Diving Board Is Weirdly Entrancing >>
* Apollo 11 VR Creators are Back With a Brand New Kickstarter: Titanic VR >>
* Teomirn Is A HoloLens App That Teaches You To Play The Piano >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 January 2017

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* Self-Healing Transistors for Chip-Scale Starships >>
* Hybrid cars can save fuel through nature-like algorithms >>
* Peter Diamandis Is The Author Of Technology’s Future >>

* Apps Make Pestering Congress So Easy That It Can’t Keep Up >>
* NASA’s reconfigurable radio can track planes over oceans >>
* How Taking An Acid Trip Is Answering Big Questions About Brain Function >>

* Trump’s executive order spurs Facebook and Twitter checks at the border >>
* How NASA Keeps Track of Alien Worlds >>
* Oxygen ions sent from Earth have been spotted on the moon >>

* Ancient human ancestor was a big mouth >>
* AI tracks your every move and tells your boss if you’re slacking >>
* GM and Honda partner to mass produce hydrogen fuel cells in Michigan >>

* These may be the last glasses you will ever need to buy >>
* Hybrid cars can save fuel through nature-like algorithms >>
* Web-connected medical devices are great. Unless . . . >>

* Researchers give driverless cars better cooperation skills >>
* Brain mapping could lead to better Parkinson’s treatments >>
* Deep Learning Will Radically Change the Ways We Interact with Technology >>

* Google’s Go-Playing Machine Opens the Door to Robots that Learn >>
* Update: Trump’s White House website restores judiciary page explainer >>
* India’s space agency to launch 104 satellites on one rocket >>

* Two Infants Cured of Terminal Cancer by Breakthrough Gene-Editing Therapy >>
* “Smart Needle,” the Width of a Human Hair Set to Revolutionize Brain Surgery >>
* San Francisco gets robot barista that can create the perfect cappuccino in less than minute >>

* Storing solar power increases energy consumption and emissions >>
* High blood pressure: More than 100 new genetic risk regions uncovered >>
* Substantial evidence we live in a vast and complex holographic universe >>
* “Universe Could Be a Hologram” –Rosetta Stone That Opens the Uncharted World of Quantum Gravity (VIDEO) >>

* Felines share just FIVE personality types >>
* How does Wi-Fi work at 35,000 feet and why don’t all airlines offer it? >>
* Apple was supposed to move into its new $5 billion campus this month — here’s what it looks like right now >>

* These cells may explain why smoking causes lung cancer >>
* Want to Be a Space Archaeologist? Here’s Your Chance >>
* Photoshop Creator Thomas Knoll on Subscription Software and What’s Good for Engineers >>

* Car-Sized Space Rock Gives Earth Real Close Shave | Video >>
* Under Pressure: Why Spaceflight Is So Hard on Astronauts’ Eyes >>
* What Do Employers Really Think About Online Degrees? >>

* Robo-reptiles spy on their flesh-and-blood counterparts >>
* Why the promise of big data hasn’t delivered yet >>
* Google Earnings Reveal $3.6 Billion Lost On ‘Moonshots’ In 2016 >>

* A Proposal For Juno To Observe The Volcanoes Of Io >>
* Aston Martin’s New Vanquish Volante S Is V Pretty, Supes Powerful >>
* Hummingbird-inspired wind turbines, and more in the week that was >>

* This VR paint studio allows you to collaborate live with anyone in the world >>
* The new A-Team: Agile teams of machines >>
* 5 Xprize teams are launching to the moon this year >>

* Red Aurora Over Australia >>
* Comparison Review of F-35C and Advanced Super Hornet has been Ordered >>
* Russia launching its quietest submarine >>

* Gillmor Gang: Get In Line >>
* Put People on Mars by 2033—for the Good of the Nation >>

* What To Read About Trump’s Immigration Ban >>
* After Math: Shady deals >>
* Microsoft, Uber, Apple, Google: How the tech world responded to Trump’s immigration ban >>

* Musk: Trump ban will unfairly hurt some immigrants >>
* Why Elon Musk Wants Trump to Charge a Carbon Tax >>
* Elon Musk’s private escape tunnel is a step closer to becoming a reality >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 January 2017

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* Surgical robot makes highly precise eye injection possible >>
* Scientists unveil new form of matter: time crystals >>
* Planet Earth makes its own water from scratch deep in the mantle >>
* Instead Of Trump’s Wall, Let’s Build A Border Of Solar Panels >>

* Hydrogen turned into metal in stunning act of alchemy that could revolutionise technology and spaceflight >>
* First hydrogen metal created on Earth draws critical doubt >>
* Did Scientists Actually Turn Hydrogen Into a Metal? >>

* It’s possible to link and then unlink two unrelated memories in mice >>
* ‘Jogger’ is a VR game that uses motion instead of controllers >>
* Juno Just Took One Of The Best Images Of Jupiter Ever >>

* Elon Musk’s Tunnel Could Make L.A.’s Traffic Worse >>
* New ‘needle-pulse’ beam pattern packs a punch >>
* Your Introduction To AR Will Most Likely Be In Your Car >>

* Nokia introduces MIKA, a digital assistant for engineers and telecom operators >>
* Apple collaborates with rivals to advance AI research >>
* Smart Alarm Clock Wakes You Up at the Best Time so You Feel Rested and Recharged >>

* Medical first,children had cancer cured with genetically engineered T-cells from another person >>
* Scientists create a new form of matter – and say time crystals could lead to a quantum computing revolution >>
* First 3-D observation of nanomachines working inside cells >>

vAI-based typing biometrics might be authentication’s next big thing >>
* Your Phone Can Now Instantly Translate Japanese Text >>
* Alphabet’s long bets start looking better: It’s The Daily Crunch >>

* 371-foot former cargo vessel becomes artificial reef >>
* Girls lose faith in their own talents by the age of six >>
* Windows 10 Creators Update could ship March 31, and we’re already worried about bugs >>

* Robotic hearts and drone umbrellas: The best tech of the week >>
* Lung cancer breakthrough made by Australian scientists >>
* Robotic Food Delivery Is Rolling Into The United States In February >>

* Scientists Increasingly Speak Out >>
* Can a Roommate’s Genes Influence Your Health? >>
* Would YOU take love advice from a robot? AI agony aunt dishes out relationship wisdom online >>

* Scientists Suspect 2015 Earthquake Caused Mount Everest To Shrink >>
* WouldSecurity News This Week: You Can Now Lock Down Your Facebook With a Handy Dongle >>
* Security News This Week: You Can Now Lock Down Your Facebook With a Handy Dongle >>

* Panasonic introduces service ROBOTS to Tokyo Narita Airport >>
* Talking to robots might make you feel better about your love life, new research shows >>
* Microsoft Says It Is Winning Its New War Against Macs >>

* It’s official, as of yesterday: Nina Dobrev returns to television for The Vampire Diaries’ series finale! >>
* ‘Toy Story 4’ Release Date Pushed Back, With ‘incredibles 2’ Taking Priority >>
* Four Planet System Directly Imaged In Motion >>

* This self-balancing rideable wheel could replace the hoverboard >>
* OK Computer >>
* How Long Until The Moon Slows The Earth To A 25 Hour Day? >>

* Google Translate Is About To Get a Lot Better, Thanks To Its Machine Learning Push >>
* 5 Things We Learned From Listening to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett >>
* Private Space Station Coming Soon? Company Aiming for 2020 Launch >>

* Forget Autonomous Cars—Autonomous Ships Are Almost Here >>
* Organovo bioprinting human tissue for drug testing and within 6 years for implanting human livers >>
* Printed human body parts could be available for human transplants within a few years >>

* Potting compounds Protect Electronic Circuits >>
* Watch This Insane First Person Scooter Video And Try Not To Crap Your Pants >>
* Artificial intelligence and the law >>

and …… ….
* Letter regarding Executive Order affecting international students and scholars >>
* Trump’s Immigration Ban Excludes Countries With Business Ties >>
* Theresa May’s foreign policy speech is ‘new and important’ >>
* Surprise! Trump doing what he said he would >>
* Peter Thiel Won’t Say If He’s Bankrolling Lawsuit Against Techdirt >>
* Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted eating dinner with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump >>
* Everything Trump Fucked Up in Science and Technology This Week >>
* How Trump Will Change America >>

* What’s The Worst That Could Happen? A Note From Today’s Guest Editor >>
* What Would Happen If An Atomic Bomb Was Dropped Near You? >>
* The Nuclear Arsenals Of China And The U.S.: Plans For A Future Armageddon >>
* Theresa May visit: UK and US ‘committed’ to Nato >>
* Trump immigration ban sends shockwaves through tech industry >>
* Google Recalls Staff to U.S. After Trump Immigration Order >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 January 2017

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* AI agony aunt learns to dole out relationship advice online >>
* NASA reveals new prediction system for giant ‘doomsday’ solar storms >>
* Apocalypse is 30 seconds closer, say Doomsday Clock scientists >>

* MIT finds actual wisdom in the wisdom of crowds >>
* This iPhone App Can Do Your Kid’s Homework >>
* Watch Microsoft Accelerator London’s Demo Day Here >>

* Trump signs executive order stripping non-citizens of privacy rights >>
* Google Maps is getting better at helping you avoid crowds >>
* Scientists have a new way to measure health by determining your ‘fitness age’ — here’s how you can calculate it >>

* Human-Pig Chimeras Suggest a Long Road to Organ Farming >>
* Why Your Acid Trips Last So Very, Very Long >>
* Solar energy jobs are growing 12 times faster than the US economy >>

* Nanomaterials Enable Smaller Chip Packaging >>
* Treating Depression With tDCS: Startup Ybrain Aims for the Mainstream >>
* Lighting Up Lingshed: A Remote Village in the Himalayas Gets Lights and Internet Access >>

* Clingy Alien Planets May Fling Their Moons Out of Orbit >>
* Proposed Space Mission Would Use the Moon to Help Search for Exploding Stars >>
* The Universe Is Expanding Surprisingly Fast >>

* Wolf 1061 Unlikely to Host Habitable Worlds >>
* Hubble Space Telescope Reveals New Estimate of Speed of Expansion of the Universe –“Hints at a New Physics” >>
* Elon Musk Sees Brain-Computer Systems in Humans’ Future >>

* Declining trust in government is denting democracy >>
* Chirp lets computers talk to each other with electronic birdsong >>
* Hugo Barra left Xiaomi to run VR at Facebook >>

* Artificial intelligence can spot skin cancer as well as a trained doctor >>
* ResearchVR Episode 31 – Fixing Machines Using AR with Rolf Behrens, BITNAMIC >>
* Vanishing point: the rise of the invisible computer >>

* A recruiter analyzed results from 3000 tech interviews to find the most successful candidate traits >>
* How In The Heck Does This Straight-Pole-Through-A-Curved-Hole Illusion Work? >>
* What Would Happen in the Minutes and Hours After a Coup in America? >>

* A Brief Chat With Elon Musk About Climate Change, Rex Tillerson, and Donald Trump >>
* Amazon Sells Out of 1984 as America Decides to Read a Goddamn Book for Once >>

* Smart Data Conference >>
* Gigaom AI Now >>
* AI in Practice >>

* Forecasting with Massive Data in Real Time >>
* Developer Week Conference + Festival 2017 >>
* Graphorum >>
* Deep Learning in Finance Summit >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 January 2017

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* Deep Learning algorithm will enable 6.3 billion cellphones in 2021 to diagnose skin cancer matching Dermatologist performance >>
* A 3D bioprinter that prints fully functional human skin >>
* Elon Musk may actually be serious about tunneling under L.A. >>

* Mathematician proposes plan to use deep ocean SOUND waves to stop tsunamis from causing destruction >>
* Gene editing has saved the lives of two children with leukaemia >>
* First inter-species ‘Frankenstein’ transplant is achieved after a rat’s organ is used to cure diabetes in a mouse >>

* DragonflEye Project Wants to Turn Insects Into Cyborg Drones >>
* Engineering Students Aim To Brew Beer On The Moon >>
* Elon Musk could soon share more on his plan to help humans keep up with AI >>

* DWave next redesign will allow for higher connection density 4000 qubits by late 2018 and expansion beyond 10,000 qubits >>
* Survivalism for the rich and famous >>
* Dwave adiabatic quantum system can factor numbers up to 200,000 and a lot larger likely in the 40 bit range >>

* Physicists patent detonation technique to mass-produce graphene >>
* 4 New Ways to Store Renewable Energy With Water >>
* Cassini’s Grand Finale Tour at Saturn >>

* Will Rooftop Solar Really Add to Utility Costs? >>
* Bots_Alive Brings Sophisticated Brains to Cheap Robots >>
* Fewer high paying oil rig jobs because of robots and process improvement >>

* AI Could Transform the Science of Counting Crowds >>
* How Many Gigafactories to provide batteries to offgrid electricity to 1.2 billion people without electricity ? >>
* Nasa Webb Telescope Resumes Rigorous Vibration Qualification Tests >>

* Robotic Fabricator Can precisely lay brick and weld wire and next generation bot will be stronger and lighter >>
* Automation speeds clinical safety surveillance >>

* The Netherlands ‘counters’ Trump with international abortion fund >>
* Could Nasa Be Muzzled Under Trump Administration? >>
* No Changes to NASA Research or Communications Under New Administration >>

* Galactic Stripping Mystery Uncovered >>
* Japan Becomes A Military Space Player With Latest Launch >>
* US Navy will fire 150 kilowatt laser on a test ship in 2018 and then from carriers and destroyers in 2019 >>

* A deep learning algorithm outperforms some board-certified dermatologists in diagnosis of skin cancer >>
* US Navy Sticking With Advanced Arresting Gear in Next Carrier despite tripling cost from $476 million to $1.4 billion >>
* New Zealand Could Have Been Part of the United States >>

* Intriguing New Hints for Jon Snow’s Next Quest on Game of Thrones >>
* Why 466-Million-Year-Old Meteorites Are Still Raining Down on Earth >>
* Xbox Developer Says Scorpio is a Full-Blown “Next-Gen” system >>

* How Technology Trumps Politics >>
* HoloLens is helping engineers visualize building blueprints >>
* Researchers Issue Security Warning Over Android VPN Apps >>

* World’s Largest Telescope Will Revolutionize The Future Of Astronomy >>
* Apple finally picks up pace in the world’s fastest growing smartphone market >>
* California power companies want $1 billion to build EV chargers >>

* ‘Metamaterial’ can switch from soft to hard – and back again >>
* Umbrellas Plus Sunscreen Best Bet to Beat Burns >>
* Researchers reveal lab experiment that could prove Stephen Hawking’s ‘grey hole’ theory that information in a black hole ISN’T lost forever >>

* Female sex hormones may help women multi-task, say scientists >>
* Scientists might have found the perfect spot for life on Mars — and it’s where no one expected >>
* Goodbye Monkey, hello Rooster—Celebrate Lunar New Year with Google >>

* Elon Musk will start making traffic busting tunnels next month >>
* Elon Musk’s Plan to Tunnel Under LA Is Misguided Nonsense >>

* The Chelíabinsk Effect –“Explosion of 18-Meter Asteroid Over Russia Spurs Deflection Research” (VIDEO) >>
* Antarctica South-Pole Telescope Detects Signal –“First Direct Evidence for Cosmic Inflation Following Big Bang” >>
* Asteroid 2017 BX ‘Rerun’ – Earth Fly-By Explained by Astronomer | Video >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 January 2017

January 24, 2017 Leave a comment

* D-Wave’s $15 million quantum computer runs a staggering 2,000 qubits >>
* The AI that will search for alien life: NASA reveals smart drone to search oceans of Europa >>
* ‘Metamaterial’ can switch from soft to hard – and back again >>

* ‘Mental Viagra’ a step closer >>
* Moon Beer? Brewing Experiment Short-Listed for Indian Lunar Lander >>

* 5 Teams Move Forward in Google Lunar XPrize Moon Race >>
* Tiny Terahertz Modulator Packs a Big Data Punch >>
* NASA/Goddard –Probes Great Mystery of Black Hole Creation at Big Bang >>

* What you should know about 802.11ax >>
* A leap in affordability and power to weight ratio with Fabric Pneumatic Exoskeleton Technology >>
* Astronomer searches for signs of life on Wolf 1061 exoplanet >>

* Two Galaxies Got Into a Fight and the Result Was Breathtaking >>
* An influential theory about emotion and decision-making just failed a new test >>
* A New Order of the Ages >>

* Paleontologists Discover Traces of 80-Million-Year-Old Collagen In A Dinosaur Bone >>
* Automotive executives see 10 times more revenue potential in connected cars >>
* Mystery Meteorites Hit Earth 470 Million Years Ago >>

* Artificial Intelligence Is About to Conquer Poker, But Not Without Human Help >>
* Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to open up facility in Toulouse, France >>
* Wasps are like city slickers: Clever creatures make trading partners to help them compete for the best deal >>

* British scientists create a £38 million ‘super laser’ that is 10 TIMES more powerful than any other of its kind >>
* Ants Use Celestial Cues to Travel in Reverse >>

* Women lose their mental sharpness in their 50s >>
* The best jobs to apply for in 2017 are in tech >>
* A Pluto landing is possible … in this NASA video >>

* Netflix February 2017: Here’s What’s Coming To, And Leaving, Netflix In February >>
* Trump White House Website No Longer Includes Spanish, But Will It Ever Return? >>
* Apple just revealed a big way Siri is going to take on Amazon Alexa >>

* Doomsday Prep For The Super-rich >>
* Facebook billionaire Peter Thiel a Kiwi citizen, owns Wanaka estate >>

* This Amazing Video Shows Just How Much Software Has Eaten the World >>
* Learning to Live Gracefully with Change and Uncertainty >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 January 2017

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* NOAA’s GOES-16 satellite sends first images of Earth >>
* You Can Have A Robot Arm On Your Desk For About $200 >>
* New sensors can detect single protein molecules >>

* Get Ready for the Sentiment of Things >>
* Satellite’s 1st Views of Earth (and Moon) Are Jaw-Dropping >>
* Machine Vision Helps Spot New Drug Treatments >>

* Instant Tethering lets you easily share your connection with nearby Android devices >>
* Eye-Tracking Technology Is Coming To VR, And Here’s What It Will Do >>
* Samsung’s Note7 nightmare is over. So what now? >>

* Trekkies can now wake up their Amazon Echo by saying ‘computer’ >>
* Facebook’s VR social network is surprisingly stunning >>
* Scientists Just Melted a Solid Below Its Freezing Point >>

* Silicon Valley Biotech Showcase Forecasts The Future Of Pain Treatment >>
* China’s Great Firewall to crack down on unofficial VPNs – state-approved net connections only >>
* This billion-dollar fund wants to prevent the next epidemic >>

* Magnetic brain stimulation improves a precise type of memory >>
* AI system performs better than 75 percent of American adults on standard visual intelligence test >>
* Can MOOCs Cure the Tuition Epidemic? >>

* Elon Musk Says Tesla Aims to Cut Crashes by 90 Percent >>
* Achieving Zero Hunger >>
* Carbon Nanotube Memory Company’s Ship May Finally Come In >>

* Toyota’s Gill Pratt on Self-Driving Cars and the Reality of Full Autonomy >>
* Near term off-grid electrification for 1.6 billion people and enabling the extremely poor to reach future purchasing global middle class >>
* Ep. 436: Common Misconceptions in Probability >>

* Bill Gates Warns That Damage Caused By Bioterrorism Could Be ‘Very, Very Huge’ >>
* Star Wars: Episode VIII Is Now Star Wars: The Last Jedi >>

* Artificial life breakthrough as researchers reveals first ‘alien’ organisms built with synthetic DNA >>
* EmTech Digital 2017 >>

* Gene modified ants >>
* Virtual out-of-body experience reduces your fear of death >>
* Samsung’s make or break Galaxy S8 will be delayed following Note 7 battery problems >>

* How aging changes the fat in our cells >>
* We Have to Teach Girls Not to Fear Failure >>
* Scientists make a viable semi-synthetic organism >>

* Colliding Asteroids To Blame For Earth’s Meteors >>
* Brain scans shed light on an extinct species >>
* Davos Highlights AI’s Massive PR Problem >>

* 15 crazy facts about the outrageous LA mansion that just listed for $250 million >>
* “Breakthrough?” –Magnetic Fields May Reveal Evidence of Dark Matter >>
“Destination Mars” –Elon Musk and Trump Partnership May Signal NASA Shift: “Human’s a Multi-Planet Species” (VIDEO) >>

* AT&T adds an international roaming day pass with catches >>
* Ringing in 2017 with updates to our Google Voice apps >>

* Early Meteorite Bits Reveal Clues About Solar System’s Evolution >>
* Astronomers reveal never-before-seen features of a ‘hole’ on the sun that could swallow 2 Earths >>

* Basic income experts say Trump could be the radical change America needs >>
* Trump Appoints Anti-Regulation Net Neutrality Enemy to Head FCC >>
* After 8 years, here are the promises Obama kept — and the ones he didn’t >>
* The end of passports? How Australia plans to make travel documents obsolete by 2020 >>
* Donald Trump channel >>

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