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Link Favourites archive – 27 October 2009

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* Ibn Sina Is First Robot To Chat In Arabic
* Brother, NEC look to invade your retinas next year -…
* h+ Darwin’s Robots: Robot Swarms evolve effective communication -…
* Robot Bricklayer Flawlessly Builds 7000 Brick “Infinite Loop” Without Mortar [Robots]
* Petman Walking/Balancing Robot Is Like BigDog’s “Human” Master [Robots]

* Interactive Multitouch Sphere Will Make you Feel Like Gandalf [Multitouch]
* Robotic perception, on purpose
* Journey to the Edge of the Universe (Feature VIDEO)
* Seven questions that keep physicists up at night
* First Hyperlens For Sound Waves Created

* ProFORMA Rapid Model Acquisition –
* Genome: The future is now : Documentary —
* ISMAR09 Demos
* Top 10 Thinking Traps Exposed — How to Foolproof Your Mind, Part I –

* psaffo: Sunday Times: What’s your place in the brave new future?
* How The iPhone Is Blowing Everyone Else Away (In Charts)

* Rethinking What Leads the Way – Science, or New Technology? –
* Stacking Up the World’s Tallest Rockets (
* Martine Rothblatt What is Techno-Immortality?
* Doctors Work Towards Womb Transplants–But Are They Ethical?
* High-Tech Glasses Beam Info Directly Onto Your Retinas

* Does Economics Violate the Laws of Physics?
* I Want To Be Titan The Robot For Halloween
* Holy Grail Of Cancer Therapy: Researchers Find Way To Protect Healthy Cells From Radiation Damage
* You Are Not Tripping: This Car Is Real [Image Cache]
* Virtual Autopsy Table Makes a Dirty Business Clean
* Engineers create fingernail-size chip that holds 1TB of data -…
* GaitAid Augmented Reality System Might Help with Walking, Gait
* bebe le strange | poortaste:(via sparo)

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