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Link Favourites archive – 4-5 October 2009

* Ultrafast DNA Nanosensor
* Augmenting Aerial Earth Maps with Dynamic Information (augearth)
* Cool: PlayboxAR (Augment Reality Gaming) –
* Gyrowheel Gyroscopic Bicycle Wheel Will Eliminate Training Wheels [Bicycles]
* Videos: Airborne Laser Burns Things Good
* AR – PTAMM system allows “multiple objects to be recognized & localized on multiple maps.-

* Singularity Summit – Gary Marcus On The Fallibility and Improvability of the Human Mind
* SS09: Peter Thiel On His Single Greatest Fear
* SS09: Anders Sandberg “Whole Brain Emulation”
* SS09: Anna Salamon “Shaping the Intelligence Explosion”
* SS09: Ed Boyden
* SS09: Itamar Arel “Technological Convergence Leading to AGI”
* SS09: Goertzel, Hameroff
* ss09: lisarein: coverage of the singularity summit:
* Popsi Singularity Summit 2009: Thus Spake Kurzweil –
* Favourite Twitter Quotes SS09 –

* Is US Outsourcing Away Its Competitive Edge- Is it Killing Its Innovation Machine?-.
* New study pinpoints gene controlling number of brain cells (w/ Video)
* Preventive Medicine and Docs vs. Genomics
* Where are the medical diagnostics?

* Clock gene and moonlight help corals to co-ordinate a mass annual orgy
* timoreilly: Love this video about being a scientist: “What’s the job part?” Every young person…
* NASA Is Running Low on Plutonium-238 Fuel
* Tourists to ISS Two at a Time Starting 2012?
* Google Video now accepts videos up to 16GB in size
* When Penguins Attack – Tower Defense Time Waster

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