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Link Favourites archive – 21,22 October 2009

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* University Of Maryland Demonstrates Mini Monocopter
* Robot Gets Swine Flu, Cries About It
* Reduced genome works fine with 2000 chunks missing –
* What’s Next In Augmented Reality?

* Collective intelligence – a large bunch of humans connected using suitable software and social networks

* Rene Daalder: Tinkering till the end of time
* How Engineers Think and How People Think
* Augmented Reality VIDEOS: MIT shares technologies showcased at #ISMAR-..

* Toyota shows a couple of concept vehicles with joystick control systems –

* Anders Sandberg: Cloud Superintelligence
* The GE Vscan Is Like a Having Ultrasound on a Cellphone –
* The Dancing Robot at GITEX!
* Industrial Robots Make Giant Custom Mosaics

* Timewarp: How your brain creates the fourth dimension
* Robot Controlled By Human Brain Cells
* Video – Redirecting Motion in Augmented Reality

* Total recall achieved
* Get Out: Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks Overnight (
* Roppie The Home Service Robot Can’t Dance

* Artificial Robotic Hand Transmits Feeling To Nerves

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