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Link Favourites archive – 28 October 2009

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* ROPID can supposedly walk, run, jump faster than many other similarity constructed robots he can respond to voice…
* Architecture that repairs itself: Rachel Armstrong on

* Video – Muscle-Computer Interface Meets Microsoft’s Surface
* Technology Review: Muscle-Bound Computer Interface

* Check out this new YouTube feature: l
* Time Travel with Augmented Reality

* Photoelastic Touch takes the multi touch experience to a whole new level -…
* With Robot-Performed Virtual Autopsies, Your Corpse Gets a Stunt Double [Robots]
* Electrodes in Brain Give Insight Into How We Use Language
* Magnifye Makes Powerful 17 Tesla Superconducting Magnets That Take up 2 Million times Less Space and Are Cheaper to…

* Augmented Teddy Bear You Can Touch
* Self-powered smart window
* A Virtual Voyage Through the Brain of a Mouse

* Xerox Develops Ink To Print Circuits On Nearly Anything
* Robotis Demonstrates New Balance Sensor Module

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