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Link Favourites archive – 06 October 2009

* To peer inside a living cell –
* Models begin to unravel how single DNA strands combine
* Physicists seek to keep next-gen colliders in one piece
* Is Toshiba’s $11K Turbo TV the Media Hub of the Future?
* mindhackz: Body Posture Affects Confidence In Your Own Thoughts, Study Finds

* IBM Unveils Personal DNA Sequencer Project
* Lemnis Lighting Unveils First Household Dimmable LED Bulb
* Funai Touch Sensitive Image Projectors Could Arrive By 2010 [Projectors]
* The Future of Mice (If There Is One) [Microsoft]
* Vstone Robovie-PC Is a Real PC and a Real Robot [Robots]

* Google PowerMeter’s first device partner
* Rocket company tests world’s most powerful ion engine
* I.B.M. Joins Pursuit of $1,000 Personal Genome
* Conductive Threads Weave A New Musical Interface
* Vaccine May Treat Cocaine Addiction

* Emergence of a New Online Museum
* Could a 1.8 Gigayear Technology Gap Exist?
* Prosthetics with aesthetics
* Heartland Robotics Update
* Wearable and Fractal Antennas Will increase Broadband Speed to Personal Electronics

* Using the Red One and 5d Mark II to Create Living Magazines [Magazines]
* Turn your Flash into iPhone apps with Flash Professional CS5
* Future MDs will put their DNA to the test -…

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