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Link archive – 29 November 2009

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* Al Fin: Brain Reverse Engineering
* NS gallery wonderful images radiologist Kai-hung Fung CT pictures…
* Loop-the-Loop Car World Record – YT
* Audio and Video of “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom”
* Video Scenes Pulled from Peoples Thoughts
* Blind man fitted with ‘bionic’ eye sees for first time in 30 years,
* Space Shuttle Atlantis:amazing images from the Space Shuttle’s seven-day stint at the ISS.
* Charlie’s Diary: The myth of the starship

* The 1.8 Gigayear Technology Lead (A Holiday Classic)
* Holographic videoconferencing moves nearer to market – New Scientist
* The Burj Dubai Just Can’t Stop Getting Struck By Lightning
* A Step Beyond Human –
* World Largest Multi-Touch and Multi-User Wall :
* Bacteria-killing prototype relies on plasma, could obsolete hand washing — Engadget
* Brain scanner can tell a Dali from a Picasso – New Scientist

* Microsoft automatically tagging images by reading brain scans. We are…
* Pictures of National Geographic Photography Contest 2009 | This is Life
* Shadow Dextrous Hand grabs attention at Tokyo robot event | DVICE
* Japanese Rice Murals
* Razorfone: phone selection done right with Microsoft Surface
* Beautiful Photoshop Illustrations By Artists Around The World – Smashing Magazine
* Dark power: Grand designs for interstellar travel – space – New Scientist
* Photosounder Turns Your Photos Into Sounds – Urlesque

* IEEE Spectrum: Robot Manipulation Challenge: Clean Up Dining Table, Load Dishwasher
* Dragon Skin body armor gains piezoelectric sensors, keeps bullet-stopping abilities — Engadget
* HMD Augmented Reality Display with Vuzix CamAR « checkout: Video: AR Goggles Test….
* Autonomous BB-Shooting Mini Mech Robot Is Too Violent For Its Own Good
* Implant-based cancer vaccine is first to eliminate tumors in mice
* Video: Improvising Jazzbot Jams With Humans, Really Swings | Popular Science
* Superconducting Magnetic Heat Shield Could Protect Spacecraft During Reentry
* NEXTAGE robot designed to upstage human factory workers | DVICE
* Photos: International Robot Exhibition 2009 ::: Pink Tentacle

* The Future Is All About Context: The Pragmatic Web -… [pic]
* The surgeons of tomorrow: Miniaturized robots that go inside you | ZDNet
* World’s First Osmotic Power Plant Yields 24/7 Renewable Energy – Technology For Change
* 100 Incredible Lectures from the World’s Top Scientists
* FMRI Brain Scans Used In Murder Sentencing | Slashdot
* Micro Machines and Opto-Electronics on a Contact Lense | h+ Magazine
* iPhone Translation App Speaks Three Languages With Your Mouth – Gizmodo

* After social networks, what next? | guardian
* Computerworld European Parliament adopts telecom law after bitter debate
* The Eye of the Machine « The Future Digital Life
* Radical Abundance: How We Get Past “Free” and Learn to Exchange Value Again
* Splitting Time from Space—New Quantum Theory Topples Einstein’s Spacetime: Scientific American
* Robot arm opens doors for wheelchair users – tech – 24 November 2009 – New Scientist

* Juval Lowy argues that the Smart Grid will demand as much software innovation (and labor)as inet
* Technology Review: Reading Thoughts with Brain Imaging
*  Brain Controlled Robot Follows Mental Commands (Video) | Singularity Hub
*  Feeling the way: Robotic device can help visually impaired people

*  Henry Markram Calls the IBM Cat Scale Brain Simulation a Hoax
*  IBM Researchers Lower Language Barrier With Text Translator

*  Intel Health Guide Brings Virtual Doctor Visits to the Mainstream | Fast Company
*  Universal Translators Are All Around Us (Video) | Singularity Hub
*  74 Mesmerizing Slow Shutter Shots – Slow shutter photography – Gizmodo
*  IEEE Spectrum: Nano Solutions to the World’s Biggest Challenges Can’t be Plucked from a Tree

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Link Archive – 23 November 2009

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* How the brain filters out distracting thoughts to focus on a single bit of information
* Eating with the fishes
* Heat-Sensitive Color-Morphing Glass Tiles
* The empathy gene – Holy Kaw!
* CosmoLearning | All 6000+ Courses –
* The Digital Binocular Station – AR

* 50 Amazing Realistic CG Portraits – Noupe
* Toyota Partner Robots heading to the moon, offworld colonies inevitable -…
* Broader Perspective: Humanity: hedgehog or fox?
* ConceptArt.– Medusa, Flaming Babies and More…
* Has Sci-Fi Run Out of Steam?
* Magic Mouse Drivers for Windows Now Available

* CERN: Want a better idea of what is a “splash” of particles?: .
* Large Hadron Collider ready to restart – The Big Picture

* Nanotechnology Today: researchers create nanoparticle coat to prevent freezing rain buildup.-
* How LED Tattoos Could Make Your Skin a Screen | Wired –
* Slashdot :How Heavy Is the Internet? –

* How Long Can a Nuclear Reactor Last?: Scientific American –
* Sony’s Massive 280-inch 3D LED Display –
* Intel Wants Brain Implants in Its Customers’ Heads by 2020 | Popular Science –
* Atomic-level Snapshot Catches Protein Motor in Action (w/ Video) –
* Another Nice Pic/Wallpaper set… –
* Olympus BioScapes Competition Winners (9 Images) | Photo of the Day
* Black Hole Drive Could Power Future Starships –

* Plasma Rocket Could Help Pick Up Space Trash | Universe Today-
* MITnews: Liquid battery big enough for the electric grid? –
* arXiv: The Emerging Field of Biophotonic Communication –
* Laser Weapon Shoots Down Airplanes In Test –
* LHC Update « Not Even Wrong –
* YouTube Now Reads Your Lips for Automatic Captions, Kinda –
* This Is Not Your Grade School Solar System: Gallery –
* BBC News – Lab worms are stunned by ‘phaser’ –
* Google Chrome OS revealed, won’t be ready for a year –

* SCI-FI Science; Physics of the Impossible (Micho Kaku) Series Clip –
* Interactive Entertainment using Augmented Reality –
* Uranium to 2020 Update –
* Fwd: Beyond genomics, biologists and engineers decode the next frontier -..
* New Software To Assist Doctors in Making Decisions –

* Mesmerizing, Isn’t It? | Popular Science –
* Application Makes Your iPhone Blow Air –
* NEC’s New TV Remote Uses No Batteries –
* Video: iStetho Turns your iPhone into a Stethoscope –
* Nanotech Exterminators: Scientists Capture, Destroy Cancer Cells in Bloodstream –

* Al Fin: Actually, No, IBM Did NOT Simulate a Cat’s Brain
* The Cat is Out of the Bag and BlueMatter

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Link Favourites archive – 18 October 2009

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* Ask the Brains: Are our Brains Constantly Making Subconscious Calculations?: SciAm
* Bigger not necessarily better, when it comes to brains
* The Coming Nuclear Crisis : arXiv:
* What’s Your Strategy for the Next Decade? – Harvard
* Inter-Dimensional Space Travel — Illusion 360 – Amazing Art
* IEEE Spectrum: Numonyx Makes Stackable Phase-Change Memory

* Video: Bombproof Wallpaper Test
* Can these sunglasses really stop bullets? | DVICE
* Quantum Physics Visualized – Quantum sculptures – Gizmodo
* The Ten Best Videos Of Man (and Creature) Fused With Machines – Cyborgs Gizmodo
* Could Future Space Missions Infect the Milky Way?
* Quantum processor executes 160 different operations –

* Mark Cuban’s Plan to Choke Google’s Super Powers – Mark Cuban – Gizmodo
* ALMA Telescope Takes Its First Sub-Millimeter Measurements of Space | Popular Science
* Selected sessions streamed live from Web 2.0 Expo New York
* 15 Google Interview Questions That Will Make You Feel Stupid
* A “Dino Chicken” Could Be Created in Five Years By Reversing Evolution -… [pic]

* A new look for Google Translate -…
* Evidence of other universes?
* Nanotechnology team discover how to capture tumor cells in bloodstream
* New iPhone Robot Remote-Control Lets Your Fingers Do the Walking |Fast Company
* Multitouch Poker: The Future of Casinos?
* and the story begins – ConceptArt

* Adobe Releases Flash Player 10.1 And AIR 2.0 – Both Include Multi-touch Support
* 80+ Strange and Fantastic Buildings Architecture | Showcases | instantShift
* Scientists Create Bacteria that Lights Up Around Landmines :
* Titanic Thirty Meter Telescope Will See Deep Space More Clearly | Wired
* Copyright Time Bomb Set To Go Off
* The War For the Web – O’Reilly Radar
* IEEE : For Willow Garage, Robotics Is Personal
* Listen, watch, read: Computers search for meaning
* Lecture: Introduction to Synthetic Biology

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Link Favourites archive – 16 October 2009

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* Can Your Body Be A Battery? – Blood batteries – Gizmodo
* Integrating Sound and Vision to Enhance Robot Perception
* SPDY: Google wants to speed up the web by ditching HTTP – Ars Technica
* Mandelbulb: The Unravelling of the Real 3D Mandelbrot Fractal

* Nanodevices Bend under the Force of Light: Scientific American
* Why the mainstream media is dying
* Universal programmable two-qubit quantum processor created
* New Dating Sites Match People Through DNA Tests | Slashdot
* Meet the British Man with the “Bionic Bottom” – Gizmodo
* Random Thoughts: WorldWide Social Media Use Statistics

* Esoteric Creativity: Michael Paulkner’s Visualizations | Brain Pickings
* McCabism: Supersymmetry and the Large Hadron Collider
* The Carl Sagan deep space exploration vessel dwarfs its own builders
* Nanotechnology Today: Is your microrobot up for the (NIST) challenge?
* 33 Excellent OLED Energy Saving & Eco-Friendly Designs | WebEcoist

* Avatar Machine Design Museum – Designers in residence 2009 on Vimeo
* Voyage Through CERN’s Large Hadron Collider
* LHC to Finally Start Next Week, Again | Wired
* Robot Practices Tai Chi And Swordplay In Preparation To Kill Us – Hubu 2 robot

* 4 reasons why V’s motherships don’t make sense | DVICE
* Finger Touching Phone Concept Gives You – Finger touching phone – Gizmodo
* Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena Many, many of them!
* Dense Plasma Focus Fusion Video Background

* Haptic Ring Lets You Feel Objects in Augmented Reality
* German Architect Wants to Build World’s Largest Artificial Mountain
* Video: The View From the Highest Man-Made Point on Earth

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Link Favourites archive – 13 October 2009

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* IEEE Spectrum: Lessons From a Mechanical Child
* Signature of consciousness captured in brain scans…
* Weak Link In Cancer Cell Armor Identified
* Long Telomeres and Rebuilding Telomeres Clearly Linked to Living to 100
* Gene knockout may cheer up mice

* New Neurons Make Room for New Memories
* A Shortcut for Detecting Alien Worlds — ScienceNOW
* Soon, Babies May Have Three Biological Parents | Popular Science
* Single-Slot Graphics Card Drives Eight 2560×1600 Monitors Simultaneously –

* Quantum ‘trampoline’ to test gravity – New Scientist
* IEEE Spectrum: MIT’s Shape-Shifting Robots
* Unusual Massive White Dwarf Stars Have Oxygen Atmospheres | Universe Today
* New Speaker Design Turns Music Into Water-and-Light Show – Fast Company

* Firefighter 360 Augmented Reality Game–It’s Hot! | Fast Company
* Intelligent Learning Retinal Implants to Adapt to Real Eyes – Retinal implants
* Your Next Body Is Growing In a Lab Right Now – Gizmodo
* HMD System at Daimler AG
* Robot negotiator ends tense Colorado siege
* Amazing Homes Built with Whole Trees
* Australian scientists plan to regrow breasts after cancer

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Link Favourites archive – 12 October 2009

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* The Future of Vancouver Takes Shape – Olympic village – io9
* The Best Sub-Light Propulsion System This Side of Luyten 726-8B – Space – io9
* Nanotechnology Today: University of Cincinnati researchers create all-electric spintronics
* Augmented Times: New Video for ARForce
* ASIMO’s 9th birthday party and a bunch of pictures of the precursors to the capable little robot

* Iowa State engineers develop 3-D software to give doctors, students a view inside the body
* Video: Nokia’s Vision of Mobile Devices in 2015 – Nokia’s vision of the future 2015 – Gizmodo
* Evolution of a single gene linked to language : Nature News
* Surfing the Road On an iPhone-Controlled Oldsmobile – iphone car – Gizmodo
* Gadget Singularity: Let’s Ditch Our Buttons and Screens Forever – Gizmodo

* Nature’s Most Wicked-Looking Robot, the Bacteriophage
* Soccer-Ball-Sized Submersible Robots Will Track Ocean Currents and Disasters
* NASA Scientist Converts iPhone into Chemical Sniffer | Popular Science
* Joule Biotechnologies Figures Out How to Make Fuel from Air Fast Company
* Accelerating Future » AGI vs. Whole Brain Emulation —

* Freedom Leg Looks About 1,000,000x Better than Crutches
* NASA Creates Key Building Block of Life in Lab
* Technology Review: A Personal Power Generator
* Singularity University: Cracking the (Human) Code | Epicenter |
* Technology Review: Mimicking the Building Prowess of Nature

* X-ray diffraction microscopy peers into tiny cells –
* European Researchers Plan Automated “Road Trains”
* Mind Hacks: Emulating the brain on a chip
* Who Needs Sunglasses? New Contact Lenses Respond to Light
* Ultrasound security could help prevent implanted medical devices from getting hacked – Geek

* Physics Breakthrough at Twice the Speed of Light | h+ Magazine
* Mind Reading (Neural Decoding) Goes Mainstream | h+ Magazine
* Scientists decipher the formation of lasting memories | BreakThrough Digest Medical News
* Rupert Murdoch: for whom the net tolls
* Open the Future: Putting the Human Back Into the Post-Human

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Link Favourites archive – 10 October 2009

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* IEEE: How To Make a Humanoid Robot Open a Door
* Words, Gestures Are Translated By Same Brain Regions
* Audeo Captures Electrical Signals From The Brain To Create Sound –

* This Cyborg Life – Gizmodo
* I Never Thought Water Drops Looked Like This – High speed video – Gizmodo
* Tissue Penetrating Laser Images Tumors in A New Light
* MIT To Make Digital “SixthSense” Open Source
* Find the 15-Minute Competitive Advantage – HarvardBusiness

* Scientists want debate on animals with human genes | Reuters
* Replacement Penises Grown in Lab (For Rabbits Now, Humans Later?)
* Review of Vitamin D Video Beta Launch – It’s Pretty Awesome | Singularity Hub
* Artificial DNA -An Immortal Library of Human Knowledge?

* 45 Strange and Funny Photoshop Manipulations –
* Reminder to watch.. Michio Kaku: Physics of the Impossible (December 1st Science Channel 10pm)
* RT @tedgreenwald Merkle: Effort to build a nano robot arm wd cost $1b over 20 years. Won’t happen b/c gov’t funds…
* 10 Personal Branding Predictions for 2010 | – Dan Schawbel

* Advances on Many Fronts to Spinal Cord Injury Repair

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Link Favourites archive – 09 October 2009

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* IBM finds path to mobile and voice browsers
* Gene Therapy Stalls Development Of Huntington’s Disease In Mice
* Graphic: Evolution: life on Earth is one big extended family
* Slashdot: Tech Allows Stable Integration of Wind In the Power Grid
* mindhackz: Why Our Brains Will Never Live in the Matrix

* Broader Perspective: Ubiquitous information technology fields
* How an Engineer Turned a Cellphone Into a Microscope
* Pure Design Awesomeness by Niark | Webdesigner Depot
* AGI-09 Conference on Vimeo
* Cartoon.. [pic]

* Microsoft to show off new visualization language at PDC
* Martian landscapes – The Big Picture –
* IEEE Spectrum: Video AWE Robotic Wall Reconfigures Itself Into Workspace, Lounge
* FiatLux Visualize Free Is Now Free for All

* Signature of Antimatter Detected in Lightning
* Video: Microsoft Demonstrates Next-Gen Interface, with Motion Sensing and Eye Tracking | Popular Science
* How Much Power Does The Human Brain Require To Operate? | Popular Science

* Microsoft : Craig Mundie : demo of a Natural User Interface. With things like itracking….
* Robot With Digital Neurons Explores How Brains Adapt To Change | BotJunkie

* Michio Kaku: Physics of the Impossible (1st December Science Channel 10pm)

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Link Favourites archive – 06 November 2009

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* AT&T On-The-Go Coupons – YouTube
* The Robots Are Coming! Oh, They’re Here. –
* Applause For The SmartHand: Human-machine Interface Is Essential Link In Groundbreaking Prosthetic Hand
* Youthmobile 2030: 6 Crazy Cars for the Next Generation | Sustainability | Fast Company

* How Superman Might Read the NY Times – Infractor
* LaserMotive is First Ever Prize Winner in Space Elevator Games
* Sony demos game controller to track motion and emotion – NS

* Responsible Nanotechnology: CAD Robots For the Masses
* Video: Robot Robovie Rescues Little Wooden Doll From Obstacle Course
* Essay: Steve Jobs’ Legacy Is Missing Clue to Apple Tablet

* Does Technology Reduce Social Isolation?
* The mind and brain in 2010
* Gregory Benford On Artificial Biological Selection for Longevity

* Video: Robots Taught Human Communication Secrets:
* Company sequences whole human genome for $1,700

* Book: The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe
* Wired’s Map of the Future

* New Laser Cure for Cataracts | BreakThrough Digest Medical News

* No joke: Large Hadron Collider shut down by speck of bread | DVICE
* New Digital ‘Electronics’ Concept May Continue Moore’s Law

* Technology Review: A Battery-Free Implantable Neural Sensor
* Are we Entering a Robotics Era of Evolution?
* Genes show when a woman’s biological clock will stop – New Scientist
* Nanotechnology devices: Molecular machines shift into gear

* Three Paradoxes of the Internet Age – Part One – O’Reilly Radar
* Shareable Ink Turns Paper Forms Into Digital Entry System
* Top Twitter Lists –
* Interview: Space Station’s IT guys
* IEEE Spectrum: Capturing Sound with Smoke and Lasers

* European Space Agency launches flood-predicting, earth monitoring satellite
* Scientists Build a Smarter Rat
* Military Links Drones into Unmanned Squadrons

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Link Favourites archive – 03 November 2009

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* Adept Quattro Is Fastest Ever Pickup and place robot
* Tiny laser-scanning microscope images brain cells in freely moving animals
* Digital ‘plaster’ for monitoring vital signs undergoes first clinical trials

* Internet Age means egalitarian ‘hunter-gatherer’ society • The Register
* Scientists Decode DNA Of Domestic Pig
* The Gene Bubble: Why We Still Aren’t Disease-Free
* Autonomous Audi TTS Will Ascend Pike’s Peak Course at High-Speed

* Singularity Summit 2009 Videos Now Available
* 3-D system based on optical fiber could provide new options for photovoltaics

* Motion Capture Helps Robots Wiggle Hips
* Translator glasses lets you see what other people are saying
* Breakthrough in industrial-scale nanotube processing

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