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Tristans Daily Link Review; 27 Feb 2010

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* MIT Stumbles on a Way to Print Flexible Coatings Made of Micromachines
* Bionic Humans: Top 10 Technologies
* Physicists build basic quantum computing circuit
* It’s Alive! Faulders Studio’s Building Proposal Grows Its Own Facade
* Aubrey de Grey at SU
* The wireless future of medicine – Eric Topol

* Losing Google would hit Chinese science hard
* Air Force X-37B spaceplane arrives in Florida for launch
* HUMAVIPS project could lead to humanoids with social skills
* i-SOBOT Puts Out Candles
* Stem Cell Transplant Defeats HIV? Still HIV Free after 2 Years

* The Ultimate Collection of Scaling Visualisations
* A Silent Rotor Blade Paves the Way for Super-Stealth Choppers
* So Exactly Why Is Bill Gates in Antarctica?
* Most Sensitive Neutrino Experiment, Seeks Answers on Matter’s Origin
* NASA Tests Handy-Man Space Robots For Orbital Repairs

* Answer 80-Year-Old Question Makes Computer Modeling 100,000 Times Faster
* Jobs: I’ll decide what to do with Apple’s $40bn cash pile
* It’s Alive! Faulders Studio’s Building Proposal Grows Its Own Facade
* Micro-ear lets scientists eavesdrop on the micro-world
* Physicists Build Basic Quantum Computing Circuit
* Bio-inspired computer networks self-organise and learn

* Human Teeth Reveal History of Catastrophes
* Genes associated with early tooth development identified
* Rachel Maddow Explains Healthcare system
* Tumor Recurrance Red Flags via Blood Test
* Flower Power May Reduce Resistance to Breast Cancer Drug Tamoxifen
* Increasing Neurogenesis Might Prevent Drug Addiction and Relapse

* Stickleback genomes shining bright light on evolution
* Pin-pointing water in space
* Converting Body Movements Into Electricity
* Resting brain reveals connections

* Scientist eyes 39-day voyage to Mars
* Quantum measurement precision approaches Heisenberg limit
* New graphene nanomesh could change the future of electronics

* Infographic: Google facts and figures
* Infographic: Snake oil? Scientific eveidence on popular health supplements
* Infographic: Visualizing News Stories, as a Huge Social Network

* 42,000 Year Old Baby Mammoth Gets CT, MRI Scanned
* Nano advances tackle 2 biggest problems associated with chemotherapy
* Turning Back the Brain Clock
* Hyper Evolution Possible? “Very”-Research Suggests
* First Two Chapters of The Wealth Singularity for Free
* Getting Hospitalized Should Be Like Flying First-Class

* Spacecraft-Collected Comet Dust Reveals Surprises From the Solar System
* EU requests Google delete Street View images after 6 months:
* Dopamine antidepressant boosts low sex-drive
* Gene coevolution of individualism–collectivism and the serotonin transporter gene:
* Resting brain reveals connections
* Nouns and verbs are learned in different parts of the brain:
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Tristans Daily Link Review; 26 Feb 2010

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* NASA Telepresence Droids Could Reach the Moon in Just 1000 Days

* Implanted Neurons Let the Brain Rewire Itself Again
* Argus III – The Artificial Retina is Near!
* Bacteria Colonies May Be Linked By Nanowires
* Can a single layer of cells control a leaf’s size?
* Basic quantum computing circuit built
* Disease gene blocker sneaks past cell defences
* Scientists reveal driving force behind evolution

* Elements of the Universe Shown in New Image
* TED: Pawan Sinha on how brains learn to see
* BeBionic Artificial Hand and Wrist – Now With Kung-Fu Grip! (video)

* Biodiversity Explained by Ignoring the Forest for the Trees
* Nouns and verbs are learned in different parts of the brain
* The Next Global Superpower is… Korea? | h+ Magazine
* Scientists Have Discovered A “Slut Gene” WTF?
* Neutrons poised to play big role in future scientific advances

* Woman Gives Birth A Second Time After Ovary Transplant
* A Reactor That Burns Depleted Fuel Emerges as a Potential ‘Game Changer’
* Gene-based stem cell therapy specifically removes cell receptor that attracts HIV
* How to live to 100
* Cell-inspired electronics: mimicking cells, MIT designs elec circuits
* Single-Dose HIV DNA Vaccine Induces Long-Lasting Immune Resp in Monkeys

* How Tides Work –
* How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America – The Atlantic
* Is copyright getting in the way of us preserving our history?
* Bacteria Can Make Avatar-Like Electrical Connections in Mud
* Nanotechnology researchers form near-frictionless diamond material
* Effective prostate cancer treatment discovery

* On riding the mistake wave:
* Futuristic Home Shower Fixtures: Spa Luxury, Sci-Fi Style
* Wireless speed freaks set to leave Wi-Fi standing
* Tools of Change: Cool Market Solutions and Mind-Blowing Paradigms
* Large Hadron Collider in multi-magnet quench hiccup

* Na-na Na-na Na-na Na-na Batplane!
* Secondlife: Bringing the Web Inworld with Viewer 2
* This Is What Kevin Costner Should Have Had In Waterworld

* Alexander Kruel: New Book Examines the Flawed Human Body:
* Ashalynd: Making Sense of Mountains of Data, tool explores large sets of data
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Tristans Daily Link Review; 25 Feb 2010

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* 25 Oustanding Landscape Photos of Various Types on Imagekind
* March of the Robo Chef – Mechanized Cooks Invade the Kitchen
* Snackbot, the vending machine that comes to you
* South Korean Robot English Teachers Are Go

* Brain implant reveals the neural patterns of attention
* Surprised? How the brain records memories of the unexpected
* First discovery of the female sex hormone progesterone in a
* Book Review: Human Enhancement
* Motorola shows off Kopin Golden-i wearable computer

* TED: Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds
* Millis: Approaches to Interstellar Flight
* Genetically Modified Flowers That Can Smell Like Anything Coming Soon
* Non-magical Tech to Counter Threat of 7 Teravolt Hydrogen, Near Light Speed Travel
* TEDMED 2009 Eric Topol frontiers of wireless medicine!
* The Hummer is Dead
* BMW’s New 14,000 RPM Engine (Video)

* First discovery of the female sex hormone progesterone in a plant
* Fusion’s False Dawn
* New material to harvest electricity from body movements
* CeBIT 2010: Intelligent energy management for the home
* Optical system promises to revolutionize undersea communications
* Hungarian Firm Envisions Electric Car That Splits Into Two Smaller Cars (No Joke)
* Optogenetic Neural Implants Use Precise Beams of Light to Manipulate The Brain
* New material to harvest electricity from body movements
* Energy-harvesting rubber sheets could power pacemakers, mobile phones

* Scientists find why tamoxifen fails some breast cancers
* Photoacoustic Method Screens Lymph Nodes for Cancer
* Stem cells restore sight in mouse model of retinitis pigmentosa
* New Cardiac CT Technology Drastically Reduces Patient Radiation Exposure –
* New cancer-fighting strategy focuses on signaling molecules
* Zen meditation fends off pain
* Biology May Not Be so Complex After all
* Mouse grows human liver
* Feds: There’s no medical marijuana except our medical marijuana
* Breakthrough in tracking a cause of chronic infections
* Drug Delivery Breakthrough: Vehicle Carries Drugs to Specific Organelle Inside the Cell

* Scale of the Universe
* Astronomy Picture of the Day
* Russia Funds its Nuclear Space Projects
* TEDxNASA – Dennis Hong
* 15 mind-blowing moon base designs
* Are We Using The Right Methods To Find ET?
* New High-Res Images of Luminous Star-Forming Region
* MIT Team Offers ‘Snapshot’ of Life in Other Universes
* Invisible ETs? World-Leading Physicist Says “They Could Exist in Forms We Can’t Conceive”
* The Telescope-Toting 747 That Sees More than Hubble
* Next for NASA: Inflatable Space Stations, In-Orbit Refueling, Space UAVs and More
* The Most Accurate, Highest Resolution Earth View to Date
* Senators to NASA chief: Go somewhere specific

* Directed Self Assembly Technology Darling of the Advanced Lithography Conf
* Is doubling class size evidence of exponential growth in the Singu. ; )
* Will the Internet make us stupider?
* Photoacoustic Method Screens Lymph Nodes for Cancer
* The Facebook Tomorrow
* Fibrecity: 100Mbps Net connection with 1Gbps bursts
* What Will the Fashion Industry Look Like in 2025?
* Programming Massively Parallel Processors
* Can someone tell this Italian Judge what Google Video is?

* Alexander Kruel: 4Chan founder speaks to CNN:
* Alexander Kruel: The Neurocritic: Neuromarketing the Neurology of Facebook:
* Alexander Kruel: Millis: Approaches to Interstellar Flight:
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Argument Against Any General Theory of Consciousness
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Experimental Philosophy Takes on the Experience Machine
* Walter van den Broek: The Future of Wireless Medicine:
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Computers Turn Flat Photos Into 3-D Buildings

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Tristans Daily Link Review; 24 Feb 2010

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* Six tricks that alien trackers could use – New Scientist
* Metamodern: How to study for a career in nanotechnology
* Virulent Bird-Human Flu Hybrid Made in Lab | Wired
* Second Life’s new player builds toward Web
* Should scientists be asking these questions?

* South Korea to put robot teachers in the classroom
* Work Smart: Claiming Your Name on the Web
* Top 10 Time-Lapse Videos Show Nature at Work | Wired
* Accelerating Future » Richard Dawkins on the Singularity
* Video : The Future Of Personalized Medicine

* 10-of-the-worlds-strangest-social-networks
* TED2010: Philip K. Howard: Four ways to fix a broken legal system
* Avoiding a Digital Dark Age
* Tweetcatcha- Twittersphere visualization story pickup-

* Singularity University’s Summer Program Doubling in Size
* Junctionless Transistors Next Step at 20 Nanometer Node Better Scaling Properties
* Robot Flowers
* A Step Toward Solving The Mobile Router Conundrum
* Evolution in a Test Tube -Scientists Create Immortal Genetic Molecule

* Google Earth’s View of the Boneyard, Where Planes Go to Die
* Breakthrough in All-Optical Processing Could Bring Terabit Data Speeds
* The Present and Future of Unmanned Drone Aircraft: An Illustrated Field Guide

* Hover-Chair Brings Senior Citizen Air Hockey One Step Closer To Reality
* DNA sequencing unlocks relationships among flowering plants
* Nanoparticle Developed To Boost Anti-Cancer Immunotherapy
* So how sophisticated are video games these days? Words from EA’s Henry LaBounta
* Oral Cancer Study Full Tumor Genome; Novel Method Analysis for Individualized Medicine
* What it might take to unravel the lean mean machine that is cancer

* Gene regulation: Can we stomach it?
* Laser adds extra dimension to lab-on-chip
* Game Lets Soldiers Train in a Virtual Iraq or Afghanistan
* Hourglass Figures Affect Men’s Brains Like a Drug
* Next for NASA: Inflatable Space Stations, In-Orbit Refueling, Space UAVs and More
* PR2 Gets Better At Plugging Itself In
* ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Project

* Bitter melon extract attacks breast cancer cells
* Device Measures Magnetic Field of Heart, Providing a New Tool to Diagnose The Organ
* Full Genome Sequencing Helps Create Personalized Blood Cancer Test
* Alien invaders pack the Milky Way
* How the Brain Makes Space for New Memories: By Erasing a Few Old Ones

* Piracy Isn’t Killing The Movie Industry, Greed Is
* Why Modern Business Is Bad for Your Mental Health
* OSCAR understands the language of chemistry, naturally
* Kopin Golden-i head-mounted computer uses Windows CE 6
* Segway Made from Lego Robot Kit Works Without a Gyro (video)
* Ancient Human Ancestors Faced Fearsome Horned Crocodile
* Optogenetics Offers Insight into the Last Frontier: The Brain
* Turn the Tube Around: Futuristic Fridge Gives Free Previews
qtd:  this is not an information revolution, it is a relationship revolution.

* Anibal M. Astobiza: PopSci’s Videos: Future Of: Brain Fingerprinting
* Wildcat: IEEE Spectrum: Genome as Commodity:
* Mobile Banking – Cellphone-based cash transfer system has changed the way Kenyans handle.
* Alexander Kruel: Time Management and Memory | Reduce the Cognitive Load:
* Alexander Kruel: Chimps are intelligent enough to appreciate a full pint
* Wildcat: Copyright and patents should be scrapped, whole new categories of intellectual prop

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Tristans Link archive; 23 Feb 2010

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* Neuroscientists find brain system behind general intelligence
* Researchers uncover DNA genome sequence of extinct ancient cattle
* Genes responsible for ability to recognize faces
* Virtual cell could bring benefits of simulation to biology
* Long-promised cancer revolution begins
* Mouse Gets Human Liver

* New Treatment to Prevent Cancer Recurrence Shows Promise –
* Blocking blood vessel formation prevents brain tumor recurrence in mice
* Neuron connections seen in 3-D
* Research explains mechanism at work in tumor
* MRI: Non-invasive diagnostic tool for diagnosing testicular cancer

* Artificial Skin will use Quantum Tunneling
* When Are We Getting These? – Electric Car
* Adorable bubble car lets you see 360° of the world around you
* MIT’s Sketch-Interpreting Software Turns Tablet Computers into Smart Whiteboards
* World’s First Junctionless Transistor Could Revolutionize Chip Industry
* Israel unveils world’s largest unmanned aerial vehicle –

* Midday nap markedly boosts the brain’s learning capacity
* Brain Mind and Behavior: Defining the Mind
* Pope enters airport body scanners row
* About Humanity+ UK 2010

* Care-O-bot 3 Goes Open Source
* Darpa Plans Test for Hypersonic Weapon
* Nanotechnology Sparks Energy Storage on Paper and Cloth
* DNA Evidence Tells Global Story of Human History
* Scientists create tiny RNA molecule with big implications for life’s origins
* Winners Int Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge

* Wonders of the Solar System starts March 7th BBC2 for 5 weeks
* Five Minutes With: Professor Brian Cox
* Philip Howard’s TED talk on simplifying law now up
* Atheism, Life Extension and the Singularity
* Richard Dawkins on the Singularity
* The prime numbers, arranged in a spiral
* Human gods too provincial-Richard Feynman

* CompactFlash 5.0 – 144 Petabytes of Storage –
— In Future Card Will Hold 200 Years Worth of Porn
* 256 GB USB flash drive shipping in the US

* 10 Things to Know About Bloom Energy
* Stars Can Teach Us a Thing or Two about Manufacturing Carbon Nanotubes, NASA Finds
* All About Space Travel, Time Travel, Quantum Tunneling & Zero-G Sex
* 7,000,000,000 in HD
* The Non-unique Universe

* Mountains of e-waste threaten developing world
* More for Less for More: How to Disrupt in the Age of Scarcity
* How to Face Your Company’s Mortality
* Diamond Trees: A MM Based System for Compositional Atmospheric Homeostasis
* Google Earth Hits the Android Market, For a Lucky Few
* Tricorder/Aliens-motion-tracker handscanner kit gets $6m

* Clash of 3-D movies to hit underprepared cinemas
* 6 of the wildest airport take-offs and landings you’ll ever take
* Mathemeticians Figure Out What Makes Women Beautiful
* Recordable web-embeddable video conferencing (via @chrisgrayson)
* Pearltrees, human-organized network of interests

* Alexander Kruel: We were but soft machines, and God was a malfunction.
* Alexander Kruel: Yitta Schwartz, Who Died at 93, Had 2,000 Living Descendants
* RAPatton: Space shuttle Endeavour rare night-time landing –
* Alexander Kruel: Israel Long Range UAV Suitable for Bombing Missions:
* Alexander Kruel: Life beyond our universe:
* See-ming  Flicr…
* Ashalynd: 10 Best Brain Blogs

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Tristans Link archive; 20-22 Feb 2010

February 22, 2010 1 comment

* No Sex Needed: All-Female Lizard Species Cross Their Chromosomes to Make Babies
* The Internet in 2020-What the Experts Predict
* Worms illustrate impact of genomics
* Programmable spy tank turns your kid into an app developer
* Are you willing to spend $28,000 to preserve your body?
* What Came Before the Big Bang? Leading Physicist Presents a Radical Theory

* New blood test will show women’s egg levels
* PopSci at Toy Fair 2010 on Vimeo
* Printing body parts: Making a bit of me
* Dolphins can turn diabetes on, and off

* Where Humans and Robots Connect
* Artificial Retina Enables Blind to See Again
* Discovery Dates Seafaring 100,000-Plus Years Ago
* Artificial nose can distinguish between coffee brands
* Does Zonal Swishing Play a Part in Earth’s Magnetic Field Reversals?

* Man appears free of HIV after stem cell transplant
* Comparison shows robot-assisted option offers advantages for kidney surgery
* Biologists use mathematics to advance our understanding of health and disease
* Biotech, Nanotech and Synthetic Biology Roles in Future Food Supply Explored
* What causes chest pain when feelings are hurt?
* Are you willing to spend $28,000 to preserve your body?
* A Roller Coaster Chase for a Cure

* Robot film crew knows what sports fans like -New Scientist
* Scientists Intend To Turn HIV Against Itself In New Trial
* Symmetric graphs of regular simplices
* ResearchGATE professional network for scientists.

* MIT’s Flyfire Turns Swarms of Autonomous LED Copters Into Floating 3-D Displays
* Research uncovers how antidepressants actually work
* Drake wants off-world listening post for alien messages
* Technology Review: Phone Game Needs No Server
* Explained: The Placebo Effect
* What is rewarding brain stimulation?
* xixidu: Books I bought recently

* Technology shapes man or man shapes technology?
* Adobe Flash Developer Says iPad’s Flash Allergy Due to Hovering, Clicking Cursors
* CU physicists use ultra-fast lasers to open doors to new tech, unheard of just years ago
* Where did all the people go from the collapsed financial institutions?
* Apple Secures Nifty Near-Field Wireless Patent for iPhones
* Learning from the Brain: Computer Scientists Develop New Generation of Neuro-Computer

* Turning down the noise in quantum data storage
* Best Tech Guy caller EVER with Leo Laporte
* Students find practical application for math in robotics
* Hydrogen taxi cabs to serve London by 2012 Olympics
* Try a watch on using augmented reality
* Whats that boat outside your window? cool site real-time global shipping traffic:
* Future Of Tech: Immortality, Transhumanism, and Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity
* VIDEO: Holograph –

* Mark H: Awesome Illustration Graphic Design Inspiration, Case Studies:
* Wildcat2030: Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus
* Alexander Kruel: What is rewarding brain stimulation?:
* Alexander Kruel: xnet: What is rewarding brain stimulation? :
* Alexander Kruel: Untitled:

* Alexander Kruel: Science is the Only News:
* Wildcat: Homeokinetics- Physics of Complex Systems What is Homeokinetics?
* Alexander Kruel: Med Patient Social Networks Are Better Scientific Institutions:
* Ashalynd: What happens when you type URL into the address bar of a browser …
* Alexander Kruel: Expanding the Genetic Code:
* Genetically Engineered Pig Lung Oxygenates Human Blood, Paving Way For Transplants:

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Tristans Link archive; 19 Feb 2010

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* Video: Samsung Beam Hands-On : Pico
* The future of pedestrian navigation at Occipital
* Music: New youtube feature, add your own play list, find an artist.
* Nooka Augmented Reality Accessorizer: Not Real But It Should Be
* Jeremy Rifkin: The third industrial revolution
* New Freitas paper: Diamond Trees
* In The Future, We Will Cook Dinner On Giant, Fiery iPads

* Should We Replace Workers With Robots to Save Energy?
* Breeding Cows for Genes – World’s Most Expensive Cow $1.2m
* TED: Bill Gates We Need an Energy Miracle
* Gates Notes: What I’m Learning Talking about Energy Miracles at TED

* Transhumanism: The way of the future – The Scavenger
* Robot Soccer (Football) Getting Better, Goes Global
* Aikon 2 robot sketches the human face
* Robot Photo Studio From Ortery Replaces Photographers
* IBM develops promising contender for cheaper solar cells

* A Biochemist Explains The Chemistry Of Cooking
* Gallery: Best Science and Engineering Visualizations
* This Building Is Invisible to Radar, and Blinding to Everyone Else
* Python Explosive Snake Saves Soldiers Opening the Gates of Hell
* Modular Living On Barcelona’s River
* An addendum on “The Fall of Civilizations

* Scientists develop personalized blood tests for cancer using whole genome sequencing
* Personalized biomarkers monitor cancer
* Rewinding the Clock for Aging Cells
* Long-Distance Runners May Have Endurance in Their Genes
* Scientists Map Genetic Regulatory Elements for the Heart
* In learning, the brain forgets things on purpose

* Clinical trial underway: Miniature ultrasound device could revolutionize pain relief
* Breakthrough technology for testing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s drugs
* Nao Robot
* Real Terminator Robots By 2015-2025: Part 2/5
* The DiY High-Speed Camera That Is About To Change Your Life

* Microsoft, Into the Light: The Unofficial Windows Phone 7 Strategy
* UFO Sightings: The Shapes They Are A-Changing
* Nooka Augmented Reality Accessorizer: Not Real But It Should Be

* NASA to Invest $75 Million for Suborbital Science Flights
* One Step Closer to the Robot App Store: ROS 1.0 and DIY Robotics
* Civilization V Announced For This Fall
* Lego Creating Multiplayer Online Game
* School allegedly uses students’ laptop webcams for espionage, lawsuit ensues
* God is an Alien Scientist
* Tesla’s Lab for sale: $1,650,000 –

“So many businesses worry about making mistakes they become afraid to take risks.” – Mark Zuckerberg

* Wildcat: Our Digitally Undying Memories – The costs of collective memory –
* Ashalynd: Wildcat2030: IBM’s Jeopardy-playing machine can now beat human contestants
* Wildcat: Building Web Reputation Systems: The Blog: On Karma:
* Alexander Kruel: Robert Freitas Details how Diamond Trees Would Control the Atmosphere:
* Christopher A Carr: Genetically Engineered Pig Lung Successfully Oxygenates Human Blood
* Alexander Kruel: 50 Fascinating Lectures All About Your Brain:
* Jackie: 50+ Stunning Example of Photo Manipulation:

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Tristans Link archive; 18 Feb 2010

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* Social network face Recognizr app –
* 50+ Stunning Example of Photo Manipulation
* NTT DoCoMo demo eye-controlled music earphones
* Just when you thought 1080p was it, Mitsubishi demos 4K2K
* The Brain’s Dark Energy: Scientific American
* Breakthrough Danish Enzymes to Lower Biofuel Price Point To Petroleum Levels
* Nanopool – Ultrathin Glass

* Smart-swarming mini-copters create dazzling 3D display
* LEGO Robot Solves Any Rubik’s Cube In Less Than 12 Seconds
* New Robots of the Future
* New prosthetic hand accurate enough to play Jenga

* The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension – Ideas that explode like dynamite
* Map of the future
* A Preview of BeBionic Artificial Hand
* Artificial foot recycles energy for easier walking
* Technology Review: Busting Blood Clots with Sound Waves
* Alzheimer’s breakthrough – diagnosis in minutes

* How to Do the Ultimate Aging Study
* Singularity University: Ralph Merkle on Hyperdrive
* Kopin Golden-i Gen.2 wearable computer on course for 2010 launch
* I Am The Very Model of a Singularitarian
* Warp speed would kill Kirk and his cronies in an instant
* Cupola Gallery; Space Windows Pics –
* U.S. Wargamers Wrap Up Massive Cyberattack Drill: “We Are Not Prepared”
* Exclusive Peek Inside Citi’s Banks of the Future

* General relativity tested on a tabletop
* Most precise test yet of Einstein’s gravitational redshift

* Return of Ancient Viruses: Freed from Glaciers in a Warming World
* Healing touch: the key to regenerating bodies – New Scientist
* Stem cell experiment reverses aging in rare disease
* Love hormone may help autism symptoms
* Stem cell experiment reverses aging in rare disease
* How accurate are cancer cell lines?
* Researchers chart genomic map spanning over 2 dozen cancers
* Sorting the drivers from the passengers in the cancer genome
* Solved: the puzzle of how cells age
* Genome sequencing of 3 parasitoid wasp species

* Researchers can watch drug activity in a molecule (w/ Video)
* Scientists discover how protein trips up germs (w/ Video)
* Genomics- Next gen machines could answer different research questions.
* A caring god would not have designed us like this
* Molecular DNA Reader Speeds Up Genome Sequencing
* Full-Spectrum Genomes

* Philip Zimbardo shows how people become monsters … or heroes
* David Cameron: The next age of government

* Wildcat: Brainfood – Can You Imagine The Next 60 Years?:
* Wildcat: Inspired Ethonomics: Seoul Reengineers a Freeway Into a Stream
* Alexander Kruel: VoxOx Universal Translator makes multilingual communication a breeze:
* Alexander Kruel: How augmented reality can revolutionize learning
* Alexander Kruel: Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world TED:
* Alexander Kruel: ITU sees 5 billion mobile subscriptions globally in 2010:

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Tristans Link archive; 17 Feb 2010

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* Lasers Could Speed Cancer Testing
* Starship pilots: speed kills, especially warp speed
* Researcher predicts stem cell fate with software
* Norway is building a 10 Million watt monster wind turbine
* Gyrotron Non-Lethal Energy Beam Weapons on Air Force Gunships

* Coming Soon: A Radiant Cooker That Can Deep-Fry Foods Without Oil
* The Search for Extraterrestrial Genomes
* Woman With Genetic Disorder Seeks Husband with Health Insurance on
* Biotechnologists stumble upon ‘female Viagra’

* This Twittering Tree Can Tell You How it Feels
* Inside The International Space Station (VIDEO): Take A Dizzying Tour In The ISS
* Five billion people to use mobile phones in 2010: UN –
* Ralph Merkle Molecular Manufacturing Interview by Sander Olson
* Newly Found “Secrets To Aging” Are Over Hyped
* Alzheimer’s breakthrough – diagnosis in minutes

* World’s First Digitally-Processed Gigabit-Class High-Speed Transceiver Chip
* Preview of BeBionic Artificial Hand
* New Lasers Fight Crime, Martians

* RHIC Collider Creates Quark-Gluon Plasma at 4,000,000,000,000 Degrees Celsius
* Changing the Language of DNA: Altered Cells Taught To Read 4-Base-Pair Codons
* Fermi Telescope Closes on Source of Cosmi
* Your Face Is A Social Business Card

* Ping-Pong-Playing Terminator
* Surface science goes inorganic
* Student uses artificial intelligence to understand bee behaviour
* Using gold nanoparticles to hit cancer where it hurts
* Fluorescent probes light up cancerous tumors

* TIROL-CHOCO Robots Look Sweet, Aren’t Edible
* Next Flash Version Will Support Private Browsing
* Fractal Climate: A Lot Can Change In a Million Years
* Full-screen weather tracking is now available at
* David Agus  A new strategy in the war on cancer

* Robots To Clear the Baltic Seafloor of WW-II Mines
* Human brain electrodes capture the twilight zone
* The Trouble With Adult Stem Cells—and Why They Won’t Displace Embryonic Ones
* Astronauts take shutter-raising spacewalk
* Changing the Language of DNA: Altered Cells Taught To Read 4-Base-Pair Codons

# Alexander Kruel: Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world | TED:
# Alexander Kruel: ITU sees 5 billion mobile subscriptions globally in 2010:
# Alexander Kruel: 20 Great Talks on the Future of Information:
# Ashalynd: If you want 2 install Windows 7 on VMWare Server,some hints here
# Tonya Scholz: Love hormone may help autism symptoms:

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I’ve been reviewing cancer articles last 3mths, question is there are real progress here cancer cures any time soon, or are these just headlines, without go forward substance, let me know what you think?

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve been reviewing cancer articles last 3mths, question is there are real progress here cancer cures any time soon, or are these just headlines, without go forward substance, let me know what you think?

* Dr. Li’s list of anti-cancer foods: red wine, liquorice, dark chocolate… yum!
* Possible cancer cure found in blushwood shrub
* Halting Blood Vessels Key to New Cancer Treatment; Possibly Obesity -Wired
* Data not drugs: Taking control of your health in the age of genetics
* MSU researcher linking breast cancer patients with alternative therapies
* TEDMED: David Agus: A new strategy in the war on cancer
* Cancer: ‘Primitive’ gene discovered
* Attacking Cancer Cells with Hydrogel Nanoparticles
* Scientists discover molecular pathway for organ tissue regeneration and repair
* The ‘Secret Weapon’ of Retroviruses That Cause Cancer

* Rice physicists kill cancer with ‘nanobubbles’
* Fighting cancer with light : Lasers
* Magnetic nanoparticles show promise for combating human cancer
* Switch That Turns on the Spread of Cancer Discovered
* Doctors tout NanoKnife for easy tumor removal
* Chicago Cancer Genome Project Studies Genetics of 1,000 Tumors –

* Research team targets self-cannibalizing cancer cells
* Researchers create drug to keep tumor growth switched off
* Scientists synthesize unique family of anti-cancer compounds
* Blocking cell movement for cancer, MS treatment –
* An Early Warning System for Cancer –
* IEEE Spectrum: Fighting Cancer with Protons

* Nanotechnology in the Fight Against Cancer –
* Baker’s yeast: A promising, natural therapy for cancer?
* Researchers develop anti-cancer ‘nano cocktail’

* NIH Guides Nanomedicine Towards Killing Cancer
* Implant-based cancer vaccine is first to eliminate tumors in mice
* Nanotech Exterminators: Scientists Capture, Destroy Cancer Cells in Bloodstream –
* Weak Link In Cancer Cell Armor Identified
* Australian scientists plan to regrow breasts after cancer
* Tissue Penetrating Laser Images Tumors in A New Light

* Holy Grail Of Cancer Therapy: Researchers Find Way To Protect Healthy Cells From Radiation Damage
* Technology Review: Monitoring Cell Death Could Help Cancer Treatment:
* Can we grow organs instead of transplanting them?
* Breakthrough breast cancer therapy reduces mastectomies, saves breast
* Stem cells which ‘fool immune system’ may provide vaccination for cancer
* New RNA interference technique can silence up to five genes
* Switching off hunger hormone affects desire to drink
* Researchers link calorie intake to cell lifespan, cancer development (w/ Video)

* Lasers and Nanoparticles Team Up to Target Tumor Cells
* Nano-bio Material Kills Cancer Cells, Leaves Healthy Cells Unharmed –
* Robot’s gentle touch aids delicate cancer surgery –
* Cancer’s break-in tools possibly identified [physorg] –
* Study supports DNA repair-blocker research in cancer therapy  –

* Fighting cancer with nanotechnology  –
* Researchers identify potential new avenue to attack cancer  –
* Stem Cell Daughters Lead To Breast Cancer
* Human cells secrete cancer-killing protein –

* New way to kill cancer found using body’s immune system –
* Researchers discover molecular pathway for targeting cancer, disease –
* Targeting cancer stem cells in the lab
* The Gene Bubble: Why We Still Aren’t Disease-Free

* Heywood at TEDMED – Information is a Patient’s Power (Video)

* Screw Modern Med’s; just eat your way out of cancer….

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