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Tristans Daily Link Review; 27 Feb 2010

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* MIT Stumbles on a Way to Print Flexible Coatings Made of Micromachines
* Bionic Humans: Top 10 Technologies
* Physicists build basic quantum computing circuit
* It’s Alive! Faulders Studio’s Building Proposal Grows Its Own Facade
* Aubrey de Grey at SU
* The wireless future of medicine – Eric Topol

* Losing Google would hit Chinese science hard
* Air Force X-37B spaceplane arrives in Florida for launch
* HUMAVIPS project could lead to humanoids with social skills
* i-SOBOT Puts Out Candles
* Stem Cell Transplant Defeats HIV? Still HIV Free after 2 Years

* The Ultimate Collection of Scaling Visualisations
* A Silent Rotor Blade Paves the Way for Super-Stealth Choppers
* So Exactly Why Is Bill Gates in Antarctica?
* Most Sensitive Neutrino Experiment, Seeks Answers on Matter’s Origin
* NASA Tests Handy-Man Space Robots For Orbital Repairs

* Answer 80-Year-Old Question Makes Computer Modeling 100,000 Times Faster
* Jobs: I’ll decide what to do with Apple’s $40bn cash pile
* It’s Alive! Faulders Studio’s Building Proposal Grows Its Own Facade
* Micro-ear lets scientists eavesdrop on the micro-world
* Physicists Build Basic Quantum Computing Circuit
* Bio-inspired computer networks self-organise and learn

* Human Teeth Reveal History of Catastrophes
* Genes associated with early tooth development identified
* Rachel Maddow Explains Healthcare system
* Tumor Recurrance Red Flags via Blood Test
* Flower Power May Reduce Resistance to Breast Cancer Drug Tamoxifen
* Increasing Neurogenesis Might Prevent Drug Addiction and Relapse

* Stickleback genomes shining bright light on evolution
* Pin-pointing water in space
* Converting Body Movements Into Electricity
* Resting brain reveals connections

* Scientist eyes 39-day voyage to Mars
* Quantum measurement precision approaches Heisenberg limit
* New graphene nanomesh could change the future of electronics

* Infographic: Google facts and figures
* Infographic: Snake oil? Scientific eveidence on popular health supplements
* Infographic: Visualizing News Stories, as a Huge Social Network

* 42,000 Year Old Baby Mammoth Gets CT, MRI Scanned
* Nano advances tackle 2 biggest problems associated with chemotherapy
* Turning Back the Brain Clock
* Hyper Evolution Possible? “Very”-Research Suggests
* First Two Chapters of The Wealth Singularity for Free
* Getting Hospitalized Should Be Like Flying First-Class

* Spacecraft-Collected Comet Dust Reveals Surprises From the Solar System
* EU requests Google delete Street View images after 6 months:
* Dopamine antidepressant boosts low sex-drive
* Gene coevolution of individualism–collectivism and the serotonin transporter gene:
* Resting brain reveals connections
* Nouns and verbs are learned in different parts of the brain:
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Tristans Daily Link Review; 26 Feb 2010

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* NASA Telepresence Droids Could Reach the Moon in Just 1000 Days

* Implanted Neurons Let the Brain Rewire Itself Again
* Argus III – The Artificial Retina is Near!
* Bacteria Colonies May Be Linked By Nanowires
* Can a single layer of cells control a leaf’s size?
* Basic quantum computing circuit built
* Disease gene blocker sneaks past cell defences
* Scientists reveal driving force behind evolution

* Elements of the Universe Shown in New Image
* TED: Pawan Sinha on how brains learn to see
* BeBionic Artificial Hand and Wrist – Now With Kung-Fu Grip! (video)

* Biodiversity Explained by Ignoring the Forest for the Trees
* Nouns and verbs are learned in different parts of the brain
* The Next Global Superpower is… Korea? | h+ Magazine
* Scientists Have Discovered A “Slut Gene” WTF?
* Neutrons poised to play big role in future scientific advances

* Woman Gives Birth A Second Time After Ovary Transplant
* A Reactor That Burns Depleted Fuel Emerges as a Potential ‘Game Changer’
* Gene-based stem cell therapy specifically removes cell receptor that attracts HIV
* How to live to 100
* Cell-inspired electronics: mimicking cells, MIT designs elec circuits
* Single-Dose HIV DNA Vaccine Induces Long-Lasting Immune Resp in Monkeys

* How Tides Work –
* How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America – The Atlantic
* Is copyright getting in the way of us preserving our history?
* Bacteria Can Make Avatar-Like Electrical Connections in Mud
* Nanotechnology researchers form near-frictionless diamond material
* Effective prostate cancer treatment discovery

* On riding the mistake wave:
* Futuristic Home Shower Fixtures: Spa Luxury, Sci-Fi Style
* Wireless speed freaks set to leave Wi-Fi standing
* Tools of Change: Cool Market Solutions and Mind-Blowing Paradigms
* Large Hadron Collider in multi-magnet quench hiccup

* Na-na Na-na Na-na Na-na Batplane!
* Secondlife: Bringing the Web Inworld with Viewer 2
* This Is What Kevin Costner Should Have Had In Waterworld

* Alexander Kruel: New Book Examines the Flawed Human Body:
* Ashalynd: Making Sense of Mountains of Data, tool explores large sets of data
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Tristans Daily Link Review; 25 Feb 2010

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* 25 Oustanding Landscape Photos of Various Types on Imagekind
* March of the Robo Chef – Mechanized Cooks Invade the Kitchen
* Snackbot, the vending machine that comes to you
* South Korean Robot English Teachers Are Go

* Brain implant reveals the neural patterns of attention
* Surprised? How the brain records memories of the unexpected
* First discovery of the female sex hormone progesterone in a
* Book Review: Human Enhancement
* Motorola shows off Kopin Golden-i wearable computer

* TED: Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds
* Millis: Approaches to Interstellar Flight
* Genetically Modified Flowers That Can Smell Like Anything Coming Soon
* Non-magical Tech to Counter Threat of 7 Teravolt Hydrogen, Near Light Speed Travel
* TEDMED 2009 Eric Topol frontiers of wireless medicine!
* The Hummer is Dead
* BMW’s New 14,000 RPM Engine (Video)

* First discovery of the female sex hormone progesterone in a plant
* Fusion’s False Dawn
* New material to harvest electricity from body movements
* CeBIT 2010: Intelligent energy management for the home
* Optical system promises to revolutionize undersea communications
* Hungarian Firm Envisions Electric Car That Splits Into Two Smaller Cars (No Joke)
* Optogenetic Neural Implants Use Precise Beams of Light to Manipulate The Brain
* New material to harvest electricity from body movements
* Energy-harvesting rubber sheets could power pacemakers, mobile phones

* Scientists find why tamoxifen fails some breast cancers
* Photoacoustic Method Screens Lymph Nodes for Cancer
* Stem cells restore sight in mouse model of retinitis pigmentosa
* New Cardiac CT Technology Drastically Reduces Patient Radiation Exposure –
* New cancer-fighting strategy focuses on signaling molecules
* Zen meditation fends off pain
* Biology May Not Be so Complex After all
* Mouse grows human liver
* Feds: There’s no medical marijuana except our medical marijuana
* Breakthrough in tracking a cause of chronic infections
* Drug Delivery Breakthrough: Vehicle Carries Drugs to Specific Organelle Inside the Cell

* Scale of the Universe
* Astronomy Picture of the Day
* Russia Funds its Nuclear Space Projects
* TEDxNASA – Dennis Hong
* 15 mind-blowing moon base designs
* Are We Using The Right Methods To Find ET?
* New High-Res Images of Luminous Star-Forming Region
* MIT Team Offers ‘Snapshot’ of Life in Other Universes
* Invisible ETs? World-Leading Physicist Says “They Could Exist in Forms We Can’t Conceive”
* The Telescope-Toting 747 That Sees More than Hubble
* Next for NASA: Inflatable Space Stations, In-Orbit Refueling, Space UAVs and More
* The Most Accurate, Highest Resolution Earth View to Date
* Senators to NASA chief: Go somewhere specific

* Directed Self Assembly Technology Darling of the Advanced Lithography Conf
* Is doubling class size evidence of exponential growth in the Singu. ; )
* Will the Internet make us stupider?
* Photoacoustic Method Screens Lymph Nodes for Cancer
* The Facebook Tomorrow
* Fibrecity: 100Mbps Net connection with 1Gbps bursts
* What Will the Fashion Industry Look Like in 2025?
* Programming Massively Parallel Processors
* Can someone tell this Italian Judge what Google Video is?

* Alexander Kruel: 4Chan founder speaks to CNN:
* Alexander Kruel: The Neurocritic: Neuromarketing the Neurology of Facebook:
* Alexander Kruel: Millis: Approaches to Interstellar Flight:
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Argument Against Any General Theory of Consciousness
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Experimental Philosophy Takes on the Experience Machine
* Walter van den Broek: The Future of Wireless Medicine:
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Computers Turn Flat Photos Into 3-D Buildings

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Tristans Daily Link Review; 24 Feb 2010

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* Six tricks that alien trackers could use – New Scientist
* Metamodern: How to study for a career in nanotechnology
* Virulent Bird-Human Flu Hybrid Made in Lab | Wired
* Second Life’s new player builds toward Web
* Should scientists be asking these questions?

* South Korea to put robot teachers in the classroom
* Work Smart: Claiming Your Name on the Web
* Top 10 Time-Lapse Videos Show Nature at Work | Wired
* Accelerating Future » Richard Dawkins on the Singularity
* Video : The Future Of Personalized Medicine

* 10-of-the-worlds-strangest-social-networks
* TED2010: Philip K. Howard: Four ways to fix a broken legal system
* Avoiding a Digital Dark Age
* Tweetcatcha- Twittersphere visualization story pickup-

* Singularity University’s Summer Program Doubling in Size
* Junctionless Transistors Next Step at 20 Nanometer Node Better Scaling Properties
* Robot Flowers
* A Step Toward Solving The Mobile Router Conundrum
* Evolution in a Test Tube -Scientists Create Immortal Genetic Molecule

* Google Earth’s View of the Boneyard, Where Planes Go to Die
* Breakthrough in All-Optical Processing Could Bring Terabit Data Speeds
* The Present and Future of Unmanned Drone Aircraft: An Illustrated Field Guide

* Hover-Chair Brings Senior Citizen Air Hockey One Step Closer To Reality
* DNA sequencing unlocks relationships among flowering plants
* Nanoparticle Developed To Boost Anti-Cancer Immunotherapy
* So how sophisticated are video games these days? Words from EA’s Henry LaBounta
* Oral Cancer Study Full Tumor Genome; Novel Method Analysis for Individualized Medicine
* What it might take to unravel the lean mean machine that is cancer

* Gene regulation: Can we stomach it?
* Laser adds extra dimension to lab-on-chip
* Game Lets Soldiers Train in a Virtual Iraq or Afghanistan
* Hourglass Figures Affect Men’s Brains Like a Drug
* Next for NASA: Inflatable Space Stations, In-Orbit Refueling, Space UAVs and More
* PR2 Gets Better At Plugging Itself In
* ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Project

* Bitter melon extract attacks breast cancer cells
* Device Measures Magnetic Field of Heart, Providing a New Tool to Diagnose The Organ
* Full Genome Sequencing Helps Create Personalized Blood Cancer Test
* Alien invaders pack the Milky Way
* How the Brain Makes Space for New Memories: By Erasing a Few Old Ones

* Piracy Isn’t Killing The Movie Industry, Greed Is
* Why Modern Business Is Bad for Your Mental Health
* OSCAR understands the language of chemistry, naturally
* Kopin Golden-i head-mounted computer uses Windows CE 6
* Segway Made from Lego Robot Kit Works Without a Gyro (video)
* Ancient Human Ancestors Faced Fearsome Horned Crocodile
* Optogenetics Offers Insight into the Last Frontier: The Brain
* Turn the Tube Around: Futuristic Fridge Gives Free Previews
qtd:  this is not an information revolution, it is a relationship revolution.

* Anibal M. Astobiza: PopSci’s Videos: Future Of: Brain Fingerprinting
* Wildcat: IEEE Spectrum: Genome as Commodity:
* Mobile Banking – Cellphone-based cash transfer system has changed the way Kenyans handle.
* Alexander Kruel: Time Management and Memory | Reduce the Cognitive Load:
* Alexander Kruel: Chimps are intelligent enough to appreciate a full pint
* Wildcat: Copyright and patents should be scrapped, whole new categories of intellectual prop

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Tristans Link archive; 23 Feb 2010

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* Neuroscientists find brain system behind general intelligence
* Researchers uncover DNA genome sequence of extinct ancient cattle
* Genes responsible for ability to recognize faces
* Virtual cell could bring benefits of simulation to biology
* Long-promised cancer revolution begins
* Mouse Gets Human Liver

* New Treatment to Prevent Cancer Recurrence Shows Promise –
* Blocking blood vessel formation prevents brain tumor recurrence in mice
* Neuron connections seen in 3-D
* Research explains mechanism at work in tumor
* MRI: Non-invasive diagnostic tool for diagnosing testicular cancer

* Artificial Skin will use Quantum Tunneling
* When Are We Getting These? – Electric Car
* Adorable bubble car lets you see 360° of the world around you
* MIT’s Sketch-Interpreting Software Turns Tablet Computers into Smart Whiteboards
* World’s First Junctionless Transistor Could Revolutionize Chip Industry
* Israel unveils world’s largest unmanned aerial vehicle –

* Midday nap markedly boosts the brain’s learning capacity
* Brain Mind and Behavior: Defining the Mind
* Pope enters airport body scanners row
* About Humanity+ UK 2010

* Care-O-bot 3 Goes Open Source
* Darpa Plans Test for Hypersonic Weapon
* Nanotechnology Sparks Energy Storage on Paper and Cloth
* DNA Evidence Tells Global Story of Human History
* Scientists create tiny RNA molecule with big implications for life’s origins
* Winners Int Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge

* Wonders of the Solar System starts March 7th BBC2 for 5 weeks
* Five Minutes With: Professor Brian Cox
* Philip Howard’s TED talk on simplifying law now up
* Atheism, Life Extension and the Singularity
* Richard Dawkins on the Singularity
* The prime numbers, arranged in a spiral
* Human gods too provincial-Richard Feynman

* CompactFlash 5.0 – 144 Petabytes of Storage –
— In Future Card Will Hold 200 Years Worth of Porn
* 256 GB USB flash drive shipping in the US

* 10 Things to Know About Bloom Energy
* Stars Can Teach Us a Thing or Two about Manufacturing Carbon Nanotubes, NASA Finds
* All About Space Travel, Time Travel, Quantum Tunneling & Zero-G Sex
* 7,000,000,000 in HD
* The Non-unique Universe

* Mountains of e-waste threaten developing world
* More for Less for More: How to Disrupt in the Age of Scarcity
* How to Face Your Company’s Mortality
* Diamond Trees: A MM Based System for Compositional Atmospheric Homeostasis
* Google Earth Hits the Android Market, For a Lucky Few
* Tricorder/Aliens-motion-tracker handscanner kit gets $6m

* Clash of 3-D movies to hit underprepared cinemas
* 6 of the wildest airport take-offs and landings you’ll ever take
* Mathemeticians Figure Out What Makes Women Beautiful
* Recordable web-embeddable video conferencing (via @chrisgrayson)
* Pearltrees, human-organized network of interests

* Alexander Kruel: We were but soft machines, and God was a malfunction.
* Alexander Kruel: Yitta Schwartz, Who Died at 93, Had 2,000 Living Descendants
* RAPatton: Space shuttle Endeavour rare night-time landing –
* Alexander Kruel: Israel Long Range UAV Suitable for Bombing Missions:
* Alexander Kruel: Life beyond our universe:
* See-ming  Flicr…
* Ashalynd: 10 Best Brain Blogs

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Tristans Link archive; 20-22 Feb 2010

February 22, 2010 1 comment

* No Sex Needed: All-Female Lizard Species Cross Their Chromosomes to Make Babies
* The Internet in 2020-What the Experts Predict
* Worms illustrate impact of genomics
* Programmable spy tank turns your kid into an app developer
* Are you willing to spend $28,000 to preserve your body?
* What Came Before the Big Bang? Leading Physicist Presents a Radical Theory

* New blood test will show women’s egg levels
* PopSci at Toy Fair 2010 on Vimeo
* Printing body parts: Making a bit of me
* Dolphins can turn diabetes on, and off

* Where Humans and Robots Connect
* Artificial Retina Enables Blind to See Again
* Discovery Dates Seafaring 100,000-Plus Years Ago
* Artificial nose can distinguish between coffee brands
* Does Zonal Swishing Play a Part in Earth’s Magnetic Field Reversals?

* Man appears free of HIV after stem cell transplant
* Comparison shows robot-assisted option offers advantages for kidney surgery
* Biologists use mathematics to advance our understanding of health and disease
* Biotech, Nanotech and Synthetic Biology Roles in Future Food Supply Explored
* What causes chest pain when feelings are hurt?
* Are you willing to spend $28,000 to preserve your body?
* A Roller Coaster Chase for a Cure

* Robot film crew knows what sports fans like -New Scientist
* Scientists Intend To Turn HIV Against Itself In New Trial
* Symmetric graphs of regular simplices
* ResearchGATE professional network for scientists.

* MIT’s Flyfire Turns Swarms of Autonomous LED Copters Into Floating 3-D Displays
* Research uncovers how antidepressants actually work
* Drake wants off-world listening post for alien messages
* Technology Review: Phone Game Needs No Server
* Explained: The Placebo Effect
* What is rewarding brain stimulation?
* xixidu: Books I bought recently

* Technology shapes man or man shapes technology?
* Adobe Flash Developer Says iPad’s Flash Allergy Due to Hovering, Clicking Cursors
* CU physicists use ultra-fast lasers to open doors to new tech, unheard of just years ago
* Where did all the people go from the collapsed financial institutions?
* Apple Secures Nifty Near-Field Wireless Patent for iPhones
* Learning from the Brain: Computer Scientists Develop New Generation of Neuro-Computer

* Turning down the noise in quantum data storage
* Best Tech Guy caller EVER with Leo Laporte
* Students find practical application for math in robotics
* Hydrogen taxi cabs to serve London by 2012 Olympics
* Try a watch on using augmented reality
* Whats that boat outside your window? cool site real-time global shipping traffic:
* Future Of Tech: Immortality, Transhumanism, and Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity
* VIDEO: Holograph –

* Mark H: Awesome Illustration Graphic Design Inspiration, Case Studies:
* Wildcat2030: Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus
* Alexander Kruel: What is rewarding brain stimulation?:
* Alexander Kruel: xnet: What is rewarding brain stimulation? :
* Alexander Kruel: Untitled:

* Alexander Kruel: Science is the Only News:
* Wildcat: Homeokinetics- Physics of Complex Systems What is Homeokinetics?
* Alexander Kruel: Med Patient Social Networks Are Better Scientific Institutions:
* Ashalynd: What happens when you type URL into the address bar of a browser …
* Alexander Kruel: Expanding the Genetic Code:
* Genetically Engineered Pig Lung Oxygenates Human Blood, Paving Way For Transplants:

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Tristans Link archive; 19 Feb 2010

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* Video: Samsung Beam Hands-On : Pico
* The future of pedestrian navigation at Occipital
* Music: New youtube feature, add your own play list, find an artist.
* Nooka Augmented Reality Accessorizer: Not Real But It Should Be
* Jeremy Rifkin: The third industrial revolution
* New Freitas paper: Diamond Trees
* In The Future, We Will Cook Dinner On Giant, Fiery iPads

* Should We Replace Workers With Robots to Save Energy?
* Breeding Cows for Genes – World’s Most Expensive Cow $1.2m
* TED: Bill Gates We Need an Energy Miracle
* Gates Notes: What I’m Learning Talking about Energy Miracles at TED

* Transhumanism: The way of the future – The Scavenger
* Robot Soccer (Football) Getting Better, Goes Global
* Aikon 2 robot sketches the human face
* Robot Photo Studio From Ortery Replaces Photographers
* IBM develops promising contender for cheaper solar cells

* A Biochemist Explains The Chemistry Of Cooking
* Gallery: Best Science and Engineering Visualizations
* This Building Is Invisible to Radar, and Blinding to Everyone Else
* Python Explosive Snake Saves Soldiers Opening the Gates of Hell
* Modular Living On Barcelona’s River
* An addendum on “The Fall of Civilizations

* Scientists develop personalized blood tests for cancer using whole genome sequencing
* Personalized biomarkers monitor cancer
* Rewinding the Clock for Aging Cells
* Long-Distance Runners May Have Endurance in Their Genes
* Scientists Map Genetic Regulatory Elements for the Heart
* In learning, the brain forgets things on purpose

* Clinical trial underway: Miniature ultrasound device could revolutionize pain relief
* Breakthrough technology for testing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s drugs
* Nao Robot
* Real Terminator Robots By 2015-2025: Part 2/5
* The DiY High-Speed Camera That Is About To Change Your Life

* Microsoft, Into the Light: The Unofficial Windows Phone 7 Strategy
* UFO Sightings: The Shapes They Are A-Changing
* Nooka Augmented Reality Accessorizer: Not Real But It Should Be

* NASA to Invest $75 Million for Suborbital Science Flights
* One Step Closer to the Robot App Store: ROS 1.0 and DIY Robotics
* Civilization V Announced For This Fall
* Lego Creating Multiplayer Online Game
* School allegedly uses students’ laptop webcams for espionage, lawsuit ensues
* God is an Alien Scientist
* Tesla’s Lab for sale: $1,650,000 –

“So many businesses worry about making mistakes they become afraid to take risks.” – Mark Zuckerberg

* Wildcat: Our Digitally Undying Memories – The costs of collective memory –
* Ashalynd: Wildcat2030: IBM’s Jeopardy-playing machine can now beat human contestants
* Wildcat: Building Web Reputation Systems: The Blog: On Karma:
* Alexander Kruel: Robert Freitas Details how Diamond Trees Would Control the Atmosphere:
* Christopher A Carr: Genetically Engineered Pig Lung Successfully Oxygenates Human Blood
* Alexander Kruel: 50 Fascinating Lectures All About Your Brain:
* Jackie: 50+ Stunning Example of Photo Manipulation:

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