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Link Favourites archive – 07 October 2009

* Communicating person to person via  power of thought alone (w/ Video)
* Video: Singing Robot –
* PhotoSketch- This Is a Photoshop that Blew My Mind -…

* Man grows new skull after decades – (via…
* Smart ‘Lego’ blocks take touch screens into 3D
* Want a 4K TV? Sony has a $76,000 Set with Your Name on It [4K]
* Robotic Driving and More at Cornell
* Driving on Glass? Inventor Hopes to Lay Down Solar Roads

* IBM’s “DNA Transistor” Could Sequence Genomes on the Cheap
* IBM looking to win the x-prize in genomics?
* Nobel Prizes for Anti-Aging Research

* The Future of Health Care Is Social
* Jinni, “ for movies”, now in Public Beta

* 10 Old Technologies That Are Now the Next Big Thing
* Brad Pitt’s Foundation Unveils Floating Home That Rises Up (and Away) in Floods
* New Videos Show Most Powerful Space Engine In Action [Space]

* Unfurl The Rolltop (The Flexible OLED Display Laptop)! [Concept]
* Panasonic Fusion Will Make You Want to Steal an Airplane Economy Seat [Airplanes]

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