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Link Favourites archive – 30 September 2009

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* Scientists discover clues to what makes human muscle age
* Concepts are born in the hippocampus
* Physicists Explain How Human Eyes Can Detect Quantum Effects
* Second-generation air-powered robot hand gets more sensitive

* Cancer Diagnosis Via Semiconductor
* ISS Could Get its Own Electron-Beam Fabrication 3D Printer
* Industrial Part Tossing Looks Like Fun, Has Questionable Practicality
* Intel Robot Finds Wall Socket, Plugs Self In [Robots]

* Hacking DNA
* Carrier: A New Concept for Wheelchair Design
* The Brain: Where Does Sex Live in the Brain? From Top to Bottom.

* Apple tablet rumoured anew, this time even more specific
* Elpida Unveils Industry’s First 2-Gigabit DDR2 Mobile RAM
* Google Invites Everyone to Catch Its Real-Time Wave

* 50 Greatest Space Photos Ever !
* Brain-Machine Interface, Unplugged
* Geek answers Top 10 Unanswered questions in Geeky Movies

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Link Favourites archive – 29 September 2009

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* Quantum Entanglement Visible to the Naked Eye
* Livepack: wireless streaming HD video from anywhere
* Video: Takeshi Maeda’s OmniZero.9 robot transforms, carries creator, blows minds

* Wildcat2030: “The Future of the Internet–And How to Stop It | Open Culture”
* By 2040 you will be able to upload your brain…
* Researchers unravel brain’s wiring to understand memory
* David Orban Talks to Randal Koene on Whole Brain Emulation

* Vision-guided robot fastens lug nuts
* Locust flight simulator helps robot insects evolve
* Demo of AI Virtual Pet Answering Simple Questions

* Could a microchip help to diagnose cancer in minutes?

* Can Wind Power Be Stored?
* Bits: Apple Rehires a Developer of Its Newton Tablet

* Banking Via Twitter?
* DNA Test Shows Hitler Skull Is That of A Woman
* Video: Lockheed’s Amazing Monocopter Drone Takes Flight

* Blueprinting Biology | A visual language for mapping biological systems

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Link Favourites archive – 28 September 2009

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* Robo-One Tournament shows off thought-controlled robot
* Integrated circuits Have been made with particles called Excitons

* Two Proteins Enable Skin Cells To Regenerate
* Cooking May Have Made Us Human
* New Mathematical Model Suggests How The Brain Might Stay In Balance

* ArTimes Weekly Linkfest

* Dead Salmon ‘Responds’ to Pictures of People
* Ultrasonic Dishwasher Cavitates Your Dishes to Cleanliness [Dishwashers]
* Green Watch turns you into a walking environmental sensor

* Murata Seiko unicycling robot gets an awesome upgrade
* Video: SARCOS half human half robot (Exoskeleton)
* Neo City

* Status of Stem Cell Research
* Wowee… robotics; Wrex the Dwag & Rovio Mobile inet Webcam –
* A Simpler, Gentler Robotic Grip
* Past ISMAR Videos

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Link Favourites archive – 26, 27 September 2009

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* Intel’s Light Peak Optical Standard Actually Originated at Apple
* MIT dissertation — a draft of Nanosystems — e.drexler now online
* Trippy 35-Foot Interactive Screens Decorate Microsoft Campus [Art]
* IBM’s “Brain” Guy: Dharmendra Modha

* Information politics: the defining issue of our age – Telegraph
* Asteroid Impacts are the Biggest Threat to Advanced Life in the Milky Way -Stephen Hawking
* No home in the galactic outer suburbs
* A Prototype Detector for Dark Matter in the Milky Way | Universe Today

* U3-X Personal Mobility Device: Air Bag Optional
* Neurocinema Aims to Change the Way Movies are Made
* [+664] “Dead” baby wakes up for his funeral wake
* GeorgeDvorsky: Woman implanted with wrong embryo gives birth –
* World’s Largest Bridge to Stretch Over 13 Miles Long [Architecture]

* Future is TV-shaped, says Intel
* Prospects in Theoretical Physics (PiTP) – 2009
* Announcing Project 10^100 idea themes -.
* Scientists Discover How To Send Insects Off The Scent Of Crops
* Engineers track bacteria’s kayak paddle-like motion for first time

* The sum of knowledge — online and accessible, no less
* TEDMED 2009 is Coming – The Best of the Best Will Speak on Medicine
* New Study Detects Oral Cancer Via RNA in Spit
* Extensive Synthetic Biology Coverage at the New Yorker
* Quantum Probability Theory May Explain Failures of Human Logic

* Rudimentary Intelligence Enhancement: researcher converts his brain into ‘e-memory’”
* Launch Your Own Satellite Into Orbit for Only $8,000
* Intel’s Atom CE 4100 SoC Will Transform Internet TV
* 7500 lines of Bug Free Code, Mathematically Verified Crash Proof Operating System Kernel

* Machine Vision on the Horizon: Vitamin D Launches Object Recognition for Video
* Beautiful Examples of Kinetic Photography
* Gigagalaxy Zoom! [Starts With A Bang]
* FoodScanner Makes Calorie Counting a Breeze –
* World’s most important drugs –

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Link Favourites archive – 25 September 2009

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* Smart Phone Knows Where You Are Even Indoors
* Flexpickers Precisely Pick And Place Piles Of Processed Pancakes
* Robot computer to mark English essays –
* LittleDog Is Even Creepier than BigDog [Robots]

* New Drug May Treat Pancreatic Cancer
* AIDS vaccine surprises scientists, proves partially successful

* Microsoft Releases Prototype of Research OS “Barrelfish”
* Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens
* Brain Scans Reveal What You’ve Seen
* Planned emission cuts still mean far hotter Earth

* New Device Tested for Extracting Oxygen from the Moon
* Columbia Hills Flyover 2.0; Awesome Meridiani Mosaics | Universe Today
* University lab demonstrates 3-D printing in glass
* Emo Labs Invisible Speakers: HDTV Screens Could Become The Speaker [HDTVs]
* Harnessing nanopatterns

* Scientists map potato genome, hope to improve crop yield
* Cracking the brain’s numerical code
* PS3 Motion Control and 13 Compatible Games Coming Spring 2010
* NASA Shoots Laser From Maryland to Hit the LRO Spacecraft, 250,000 Miles Away
* Honda’s U3-X Personal Mobility System Is Segway Meets Unicycle

* YDreams: Flyar Birdies Bring Tweets to Your PC
* It Took A Year, But Fitness Gadget Fitbit Will Finally Launch
* Surrogates: A little too true to life

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Link Favourites archive – 24 September 2009

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* Stimulating sight
* Green roofs may help put lid on global warming
* Miruko: Wearable eyeball robot interface

* Wacom Intros Multitouch Graphics Tablets
* Flight of the remote-controlled cyborg beetle [Neurophilosophy]
* Asteroid attack: putting Earth’s defences to the test
* The Zerkin Glove – Touching the Future, Now
* Microchipped BP Pills Remind Patients to Take Their Meds

* For proteins, evolution can’t go backwards
* Windows 8: More early clues start to emerge
* The Pink Phone Pictures Microsoft Doesn’t Want You To See Yet [Exclusive]
* Intel Hints at Its Own Smartphone Operating System
* The New Weapon Against Climate Change: Condoms

* Digital revolution is happening outside the classroom
* Wally Hermes Yacht
* iTrip: First iPhone-controlled hardware
* How far could you travel in a spaceship?
* Too Busy to Go to the Doctor? Just Visit Her Online

* Obscura CueLight Pool Table Is $200,000 Worth of Fancy – Obscura cuelight
* Computer Program Can “Out” Gay Facebook Users
* IBM Links SatNav to Car Radios
* Making Realistic Skin for Robots

* WeebleCopter Uses Rotors, Weights For Stable Hops
* Build the Ares I-X in Less Than Six Minutes | Universe Today
* Intel Light Peak Optical Tech Achieves Insane 10Gb/s Speeds [Intel]
* US looking to deploy long-endurance hybrid airship over Afghanistan
* How many people have you slept with? 2.8 million?

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Link Favourites archive – 23 September 2009

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* Augmented Reality Markup Language (ARML)
* Computer model shows changes in brain mechanisms for cocaine addicts
* SIL06 Robot Land Mine Detector
* Naked mole rats may help cure cancer
* Augmented Reality Headsets to Help ISS Astronauts
* Kopin Golden-i Gen 2 concept

* Immortality only 20 years away says scientist
* Courier: First Details Microsoft’s Secret Tablet – Gizmodo
* Closer Look at Intel 4-Screen Laptop Suggests Superior Multitasking, Procrastinating [Concepts]
* World’s First USB 3.0 Webcam Streams Uncompressed 1080p Video [Webcams]
* Moore’s Law Marches on at Intel

* Computer model shows changes in brain mechanisms for cocaine addicts
* The Science (and Art) of Depression Medication
* How To Make Ferrofluid
* Augmented Reality Gets New Dimension: Layar Adds 3-D
* SGI’s ‘Personal Supercomputer’ Handles 80 Cores, 1TB of RAM [Sgi]

* Tiny remote-control robots play soccer under glass
* Picasa Adds Facial Recognition And Geo-Tagging To Its Desktop App
* Intel announces 22nm chips for 2011
* an intelligent car able to learn from his owner’s driving and warn him in case of accident
* Superior 3D Graphics for the Web a Step Closer
* Solar Home Built by Students

* New discovery reveals fate of nanoparticles in human cells
* Using Brain Waves to Help Treat Depression
* Origin of Stupidity
* Lies my parents told me
* A short introduction to transhumanism
* Microsoft departs @SecondLife migrates to OpenSim via @maxpingmagazine –

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Link Favourites archive – 22 September 2009

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* Sony Ericsson introduces motion controlled earbuds
* Laser-Accurate microphone captures ‘pure sound’
* Video: Japan’s Robot Tiles Create Infinite Walkway
* Microsoft Phone and Tablet En Route: Riding Apple’s Coattails?
* New Cellphones Monitor Your Health, And May Soon Deliver Medicine

* Researchers identify gene variant linked to glaucoma
* A turning point in the struggle against cancer?
* Dark Matter Part I: How Much Matter is There?
* Rewards work better than punishment in enhancing cooperation

* Branching and interfering parallel universes
* Finding Alpha Videos
* Study reveals complexities of female arousal
* Stealth Education in 3-D: Premiere 3-D IMAX of Molecules to the MAX

* Researchers discover molecule responsible for axonal branching
* Scientists use blood-brain barrier as therapy delivery system
* Simultaneous Nanoscale Imaging of Surface and Bulk Atoms
* Swimming robot makes waves
* I wanna be a Mattepainter:

* $6/Kg to orbit
* Night Time Artificial Cloud Study Conducted
* Sony Ericsson introduces motion controlled earbuds
* The future, Indian-style
* guardiantech: Lord Norman Foster plans to build on the moon

* Small springs could provide big power
* Video: Pool-Playing Robot Is Unbeatable
* Video Surveillance System That Reasons Like a Human
* Statistics Show That Atheists Are a Dying Breed
* A Century of Stem Cell Research
* Henry Markram’s Artificial Brain in a Computer (Video)

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Link Favourites archive – 21 September 2009

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* 20 Stunning Infrared Photographs
* Dead Salmon’s “Brain Activity” Cautions fMRI Researchers
* Turn Your Photo Into an Animated Face
* Sand artist Kseniya Simonova, winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent…

* Total Recall: How the E-Memory Revolution Will Change Everything
* Highest GigaPan Panoramas Taken On Earth’s Surface
* The Reactable
* Augmented Reality: GeoVector World Surfer™

* Why are we the naked ape?
* Did You Know 4.0
* The iPod Video Projector allows you to share videos

* This solar kiosk could be your ‘gas’ station one day
* DARPA Wants A Few Good Space Debris Cleaners
* Medical Monitoring Networks Get Personal

* New from Boeing: Flying Bot Swarms You Control With Body Language
* Humanoid Robot Plays Soccer

* Panasonic’s Robotic Bed makes sleeping with robots a reality
* Sherwood NetBoxx combines AV receiver with an Internet media streamer
* chrisgrayson: Augmented Reality Glasses: @Vuzix adds a 2nd pair (310) to
the “Wrap” product line, but still have no launch date. –

* Star Wars, Mattel mind-controlled toys now shipping –
* Neil deGrasse Tyson + UFOs + Argument from Ignorance = AWESOME
* Live to See 2025 –
* Personalized genomics inflection point –

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Link Favourites archive – 18 September 2009

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* Robots get smarter by asking for help
* Medical societies push standards for robotic surgery
* Rodney Brooks, Co-Founder of iRobot, on to New Company
* Acrobatic Octopus Arm Could Be Model for Flexible Robots
* Solo Autonomous Sewer Inspection Robot
* Research teams successfully operate multiple biomedical robots from numerous locations
* Joules the robot cyclist no threat to Lance Armstrong

* For the first time, scientists have observed ferromagnetism in an atomic gas
* Algorithm Generates a Virtual Rome in 3D from 150,000 Flickr Photos
* Scientists Create First Ever Magnetic Gas
* How to Make Water Drops Bounce Off Each Other Like Beach Balls
* Blueprint for a Quantum Electric Motor

* What does 3.6 million pounds of thrust look like?
* HDI concocts 100-inch laser-based 3D HDTV, calls rivaling technology child’s play
* 45,000 excess deaths annually linked to lack of health insurance: study

* Genes controlling insulin can alter timing of biological clock
* Killing cancer like a vampire slayer
* Video Implanted Tooth Restores Vision
* Plug-and-Play Medicine

* rfurlan: Use a 3D Printer To Get Out Of Handcuffs [Hacking]
* Retinal Imaging Display to be Available in 2010?

* Advanced Solar Panels Coming to Market
* Would You Live in a Solar-Powered Microhouse?

* mindhackz: New Links Between Epilepsy And Brain Lipids
* Dude, can I crash on your Athena Sofa?
* Fancy cellphone runs Windows XP, now up for pre-order

* Agriculture 2.0: The First Sustainable Agriculture Investment Conference –
* The Race to 1,000 MPH
* Probe gets clearest glimpse yet of cosmic dawn
* Sun Surprisingly Active During Low Point in Cycle
* CJR Focuses on Futurity and Why Science Needs a Storyline

* Can’t afford your own private wormhole?
* Mike Treder The Meaning of Freedom
* timoreilly: J Coulton:Just want to be part of the DNA of future entertainment. too much to ask?”
* Scobleizer: Apple Tablet NOT It’s HP. Who saw this coming
* Universities Launch Futurity to Bring Science to the Web

* Planar Assembly of Loose Parts
* FastForward Radio-George Dvorsky- Are We Alone? – Sep 23,2009
* WFS: 20 forecasts for 2010-2050
* Dear geeks, we give you the incredible, amazing, awesome, Apple keynote
* ToyBots: The Stealth Prototype
* More Augmented Business Cards

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