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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 September 2015

September 29, 2015 Leave a comment

* Liquid water flows on today’s Mars, NASA confirms >>
* World’s tiniest snail is so small that 10 fit in a needle’s eye >>
* Rechargeable battery to power homes from rooftop solar panels >>

* Neural Implant Enables Paralyzed ALS Patient to Type Six Words per Minute >>
* How a Microscopic Supercapacitor Will Supercharge Mobile Electronics >>
* Multi-Year deal for ongoing upgrades to DWave Quantum Annealers with more quits for Google, NASA And USRA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab >>

* Testing Neurons With Ultrasound >>
* Translational Stem Cell Research Conference 2015 >>

* Are You Ready for a Robot Colleague? >>
* John Markoff at The Interval: Robots and Humans >>

* Work in Transition >>
* On the Edge of Automation >>
* Elon Musk talks about 1200 kilometer range for Tesla Electric cars in 2020 >>

* Even Robots Suck at Building Ikea Furniture >>
* Watch This Magical Concrete Slurp Up 1,000 Gallons of Water In a Minute >>

* LG’s Crazy-Light Gram Series Laptops Are Ready To Take On Apple’s Macbook Air >>
* This Tiny 4-Gram Robot Jumps and Walks Using Memory Alloy Springs >>
* 110-Year-Old Electric Car Sells for $95,000 >>

* uBeam Banks $10M For Ultrasound Wireless Power >>
* Getaround’s Revenue Has Doubled To “Tens Of Millions” In The Last Six Months >>
* Google Is Preparing To Take Over Your Living Room >>

* LG’s Gram laptop is larger yet lighter than a MacBook Air >>
* Google Virtual-Reality System Aims to Enliven Education >>

* Smart Homes Need Smart Communities >>
vroom-service-marriott-hotel >>
* First light-based memory chip puts SSDs on notice >>

* IBM Watson Gets Smarter Artificial Intelligence — Language, Vision And Speech >>
* Netflix For The Arts: New Samsung Gear VR App Aims To Make Virtual Access To Museums Mainstream >>

* Google is putting WiFi in 400 Indian train stations >>
* Can Math Predict Erratic Heartbeats? >>
* These Artificial Teeth Are As Tough As Real Ones >>

* How Your Brain Is Wired Reveals the Real You >>
* Why Humanity Keeps Putting Off the Trip to Mars >>
* Light-based memory chip is first to permanently store data >>

* Strong Solar Flare Triggers Brief Radio Blackout | Video >>
* Google bringing high-speed Wi-Fi to 100 Indian rail stations by the end of 2016 >>
* China’s first domestic aircraft carrier the Type 001A reported to be launched Dec 26, 2015 >>

* Design Tools for the Trillion-Device Future >>
* 2015–16 State of the Future >>
* These self-propelled microscopic carbon-capturing motors may reduce carbon-dioxide levels in oceans >>

* Brain-computer interface enables paralyzed man to walk without robotic support >>
* Pushing the resolution and exposure-time limits of lensless imaging >>
* NASA to Unveil Big Mars Discovery Monday: How to Watch Live >>

* Micromotors remove carbon dioxide in the lab and could eventually be scaled to remove from ocean >>
* Carbon fiber with Molybdenum disulfide promising for large scale hydrogen production >>
* NASA Is Sending Bacteria to the Edge of Space to See if They Can Hitchhike to Mars >>

* A Driverless Mercedes, Smart Drugs And The Complete Tree Of Life >>
* Smaller, Faster, Cheaper, Over: The Future of Computer Chips >>

* This totally crazy wingsuit video made me stop breathing >>
* TRAIN SURFING: terrifying Russian craze involves teens riding on top of trains at 150 mph >>

* Lucasfilm shows off VR prototype for ‘Star Wars’ filmmaking >>
* Gillmor Gang: Special Edition >>
* Nasa’s Mars rover ‘smarter’ than Curiosity >>

* Indian scientists’ discovery can lead to development of new antibiotics >>
* Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring the internet to everyone on the planet by 2020 >>
* The 10 craziest projects Google has acquired >>

* The 10 highest-paying jobs in Britain that don’t require a degree >>
* Volkswagen’s cheating engines can’t be easily fixed >>
* Virtual reality is about to go mainstream >>

* Google Is Bringing Vr To The Classroom >>
* Flowing Water on Mars: The Discovery in Pictures >>
* Searching for Life in Martian Water Will Be Very, Very Tricky >>
* Salty water seen flowing on Mars, not far from Curiosity rover >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 September 2015

September 27, 2015 Leave a comment

* Oculus Announces Incredibly Powerful Virtual Sculpting Tool >>
* Clever Ebola Chip Will Help Doctors Detect Infected People Without Absurd Lab Equipment >>
* This 17-Ton Magnet Is Now Ready To Study Mysterious Particles >>

* The $100 Samsung Gear VR Is Going to Change Everything >>
* I Watched Netflix In VR and Now Reality Seems Hollow and Pointless >>

* This is a Supersonic Shockwave, Backlit by the Sun >>
* Stunning Brain-Computer Breakthrough Could Mean Paralyzed Will Walk >>

* The Star Wars Battlefront open beta starts October 8th >>
* Minecraft Windows 10 Edition headed to Oculus Rift VR headset >>
* Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security is coming to Windows 10 IoT >>

* A video tour of the 1,000MPH Bloodhound supersonic car >>
* Ancient Human Ancestors Heard Differently >>

* This Futuristic Microwave Is for Chocolate Lovers >>
* New chip-based technology to detect Ebola virus >>

* Years You Have Left to Live, Probably >>
* Booming cubesat market and capabilities are still the beginning of fundamental change to the space industry >>
* A new class of anti-obesity compounds with potential anti-diabetic properties >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – Sept 25, 2015: Maggie Scholtz, Mars Rover Drill System Engineer >>
* Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse: A Complete Viewing Guide for Skywatchers >>
* Super Blood Moon to Make Last Appearance Until 2033 >>

* Seeing Alien Power Beaming >>
* Massive Dead Galaxies of the Early Universe Observed >>
* New ‘Stealth Theory’ –“May Explain the Missing Matter of the Universe” >>

* Whatever Happened to the Molecular Computer? >>
* Scotland and Ireland Consider a Linked Renewable Energy Future >>
* Video Friday: CableRobot Simulator, Under Ice Rover, and Robotic Optical Illusions >>

* Is Black Phosphorus the New Graphene? >>
* Don’t Worry, Artificial Intelligence Has A Long Way To Go: Baidu Scientist >>
* Engineers, Ethics, and the VW Scandal >>

* New ‘stealth dark matter’ theory may explain mystery of the universe’s missing mass -mass >>
* Robo Business 2015 >>
* Booming cubesat market and capabilities are still the beginning of fundamental change to the space industry >>

* Roller burnishing tool with automatic diameter adjustment >>
* First brain-to-brain ‘telepathy’ communication via the Internet >>
* A new class of anti-obesity compounds with potential anti-diabetic properties >>

* Bill Gates Terrapower and China national nuclear corp will build a prototype traveling wave reactor- a liquid sodium-cooled fast reactor >>
* A new distance record for quantum teleportation via photons >>
* Facebook’s Oculus Says Gaming Is Just One Thing You’ll Do in Virtual Reality >>

* Graphene Keeping It Cool In Electronics >>
* You Can Now Request Your Uber Passenger Rating Straight From the App >>

* Managing vacations when your team is global >>
* Sling TV shows off its improved guide for the Xbox One >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 September 2015

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* Researchers Tweak Artificial Photosynthesis for More Efficient Hydrogen Production >>
* General Heithold wants combat lasers on AC130 gunships by 2020 ahead of previously stated plans >>
* Spacex Heavy capable of sending a Dragon V2 capsule to Europa >>

* 3-D Printing’s Next Act: Nerve Regeneration >>
* Another Search for Kardashev Type III >>
* China Plans Lunar Far Side Landing by 2020 >>

* NASA Mars Probe Marks One Year at Red Planet >>
* 5 Teams Share First Round of NASA Cubesat Prizes >>
* OpenBCI: Control An Air Shark With Your Mind >>

* Thin Is in for Invisibility Cloaks >>
* New porous hydrogel could boost the success of stem-cell-based tissue regeneration >>

* Novel active mixing and switching printheads enable 3D printing of complex fluids and gels >>
* DARPA Warrior Web Exosuit is undergoing outdoor Army tests on a 6 mile course >>
* The Algorithm That’s Hunting Ebola >>

* Carnival of Nuclear Energy 279 >>
* ’4-D’ printing technology allows self-folding of complex ‘transformer’ objects, using smart shape-memory materials >>
* Smart robot accelerates cancer treatment research by finding optimal treatment combinations >>

* First all-optical chip memory >>
* Rethink Robotics’ Sawyer Goes on Sale, Rodney Brooks Says ‘There May Be More Robots’ >>
* AI system solves SAT geometry questions as well as average American 11th-grade student >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 September 2015

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* Scientists Propose Using Fast Radio Bursts To Chart Universe In 3D >>
* HBO NOW Is 2015’s Top Video Streaming App By Revenue, Study Finds >>
* Physicists Smash Quantum Teleportation Record With 60-Mile Fiber Jump >>

* What Does Virtual Reality Feel Like? This Muscle-Stimulating Arm Band Will Show You >>
* Facebook and Oculus Will Bring Insane 360-Degree Video to Your News Feed >>
* Speed Across Jakku in This Awesome Star Wars Virtual Reality Demo >>

* Would you trust Intel, Vodafone, Siemens et al with Internet of Things security? You’ll have to >>
* 3D Carbon nanotube chips with processing and memory interwoven in layers can achieve over 1000 times compute speed and they havea demo chip >>

* US Air force has $2 million prize for engine that has turbine power to weight but piston fuel efficiency >>
* Carbon Nanotubes Can Outperform Other Carbon Capture Materials >>
* Bosch claims they will commercialize 400 watt hour per kilogram solid state batteries at half the price of todays batteries by 2020 >>

* 3D-printed guide helps regrow complex nerves after injury >>
* Recommended Robot and AI Reads This Week >>
* Make Your Own Buttons with a Gel Touch Screen >>

* Software Makes Robot Learning Like Child’s Play >>
* Clearpath’s OTTO Robot Can Autonomously Haul a Ton of Stuff >>
* Telltale Antineutrinos Could Reveal Rogue Nuclear Programs >>

* BMW’s Car Parks Itself While You Stand To One Side and Watch >>
* DARPA successfully demos remote control A10 thunderbolt II for Persistent Close Air Support >>
* 3-D printing lightweight, flexible multiple materials in real time, including electronic circuits >>

* DNA-guided 3-D printing of human tissue >>
* Navy Diversifies Ships’ Cyber Systems to Foil Hackers >>
* Robot Shows How Babies Are Actively Plotting to Make You Smile >>

* Watch This Amazing Video of an Exoplanet in Motion >>
* Extreme Star Discovered –Brightest in the Universe With a Massive Magnetic Field >>
* Your Brain Isn’t a Computer. It’s a Quantum Field. >>

* Hands-on with Intel’s 5GBps wonder, the DC P3608 SSD >>
* Ultimate VR simulator throws you around in mid-air >>

* Microsoft’s Xbox Beta app hits the Windows 10 store >>
* Foreign DNA Trapped Inside You May Be Changing Your Behavior >>
* How earthquakes can trigger copycat quakes 1000 kilometres away >>

* Gravitational-wave detector rebooted to sense clashing stars >>
* Virtual Reality comes to Facebook >>
* Can App-Enabled Smart Meters Solve the Water Crisis? >>

* Here comes the ‘revenue recession’ >>
* Netflix turned the TV model on its head and now we have proof that it’s working >>
* The Angry Birds Movie trailer is out, and it stinks like a pig >>

* European airline passengers are getting fast 4G internet >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 September 2015

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* Robo Wunderkind’s Programmable Bricks Are Like Legos That Teach You How To Code >>
* Welcome to your Smart home: Custom control — anywhere, anytime >>
* Virtual Reality Goes Beyond Gaming >>

* Humans walk around in our own personal cloud of airborne bugs >>
* House Dust Organisms Reveal Location and Residents >>
* Makeup for the Selfie Generation >>

* 3D printers used to make Ruffles potato chips >>
* Teens turn trash into treasure with 3D printing >>
* Protein system can detect viral infection, kill cancer cells >>

* Dog clones are unlocking the future >>
* ‘Cow-size reptile’ may have been first creature to stand on all four legs >>
* Repair nanobots on damage patrol (w/video) >>

* Physicists determine the three-dimensional positions of individual atoms for the first time >>
* J. Craig Venter to Offer DNA Data to Consumers >>

* Salim Ismail on Exponential Organizations >>
* Forget the Turing test – there are better ways of judging AI >>
* Quadcopter Walking A Quadrupedal Robot >>

* A $750 Pill And A Founder Who Doesn’t Know When To Stop Tweeting >>
* Radio Waves Reveal Hidden Stars at Milky Way’s Center >>
* CERN: “Confirms the Fundamental Symmetry of the Universe” >>

* No Sign of Galactic Super-Civilizations >>
* DARPA Tests Battery-Powered Exoskeletons on Real Soldiers >>
* Trash Hauling Robots Are Cool, But Do We Really Need Them? >>

* Details on antimatter triggered fusion bombs >>
* How Engineers at West Virginia University Caught VW Cheating >>
* U.S. ‘Master Clock’ Keepers Test Terrestrial Alternative to GPS >>

* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Gigahertz Antenna-on-a-Chip Theory Is Questioned >>
* J. Craig Venter to Offer DNA Data to Consumers >>

* What Eric Schmidt gets right and wrong about the future of artificial intelligence >>
* ‘Tree of life’ for 2.3 million species released >>
* We’re all Surrounded by a Personal Cloud of Bacteria >>

* A 3d Food Printer Could Press And Print Your Next Meal >>
* 4 Billion People Are Still Without Internet >>
* New Coating Radiates Heat to Keep Solar Cells Cool—and More Efficient >>

* How Low-Tech Farming Innovation Can Make African Farmers Climate-Resilient >>
* This Week’s TV: A Ton of New Shows, But Only One of Them is Worth Your Time >>
* Humanity makes first ever withdrawal from the doomsday seed vaultRead more NewsCherry Trail HDMI stick PCs arrive, bringing big performance boost >>

* NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX 980 GPU For High-End Gaming Notebooks >>
* NASA’s Resource Prospector Mission Could Land On the Moon In 2020 >>
* Hands-On With The New Formlabs Form 2 3D Printer >>

* Artomatix Is An Artificially Intelligent Game Designing App >>
* Sony rolls out ‘Dungeon Defenders 2’ as a paid alpha on PS4 >>
* Cohero Health Aims To Improve Patient Care For The 26 Million American Asthma Sufferers >>

* Buttonmasher: The world simulators that let you practise reality >>
* Drone footage shows over 100 sharks gathered off the Florida coast >>
* Predicting The Future Primes Your Brain to Learn >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 September 2015

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* Video Of A Quadcopter Walking A Quadrupedal Robot >>
* Robots’ Next Big Job: Trash Pickup >>
* 40 foot tall 3d Printer for printing houses >>

* Sensors You Can Swallow Could Be Made of Nutrients and Powered by Stomach Acid >>
* Power Ingestible Gadgets With Batteries You Can Eat >>

* A Life-Size Plush BB-8 Is the Next Best Thing To a Real Droid >>
* A New Light-Based Memory Chip Could Change the Fundamentals of Computing >>

* You Can Turn Your Phone Into a Radar Gun With a Simple Wireless Accessory >>
* Microsoft Edges bets on browser-only Skype >>

* The new Apple TV works with your wireless headphones >>
* Don’t Be Afraid Of Killer Robots, Says Yuri Milner >>
* Streaming Services Amazon, Netflix And HBO Win Big At Emmys >>

* Marines test Google’s latest military robot >>
* What Bitcoin Is Now And What It Could Become >>
* TC Disrupt SF 2015 Day 1 Begins Now – Watch It LIVE! >>

* NASA challenges students to develop inflatable heat shield for Mars >>
* Will Oculus VR Make More From Selling Headsets Or Software? >>
* Volvo wants robots to help collect your garbage >>

* Software Is Smart Enough for SAT, but Still Far From Intelligent >>
* Why the Human Brain Project Went Wrong–and How to Fix It >>
* Can Solar Desalination Slake the World’s Thirst? >>

* Bionic pancreas automatically controls diabetics’ blood sugar >>
* NASA’s space shotgun to blast asteroids >>
* Beyond Disruption and Digital Transformation: A New Framework for Business Process Redesign >>

* Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight >>
* Why I Quit My Facebook Quitting >>
* U.S. Restarts Hunt For Gravitional Waves With Advanced LIGO >>

* Why America’s Top Mental Health Researcher Joined Alphabet >>
* Ultrathin invisibility skin cloak for visible light >>
* Apple’s Electric Car Could Ship Within the Next Five Years >>

* WatchOS 2 Is Finally Available for Apple Watch >>
* What’s the Best TV Mount? >>
* first-time-managers-dont-do-your-teams-work-for-them >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 September 2015

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* China successfully launches new Long March 6 rocket and looks forward to next generation Long March 5 in 2016 >>
* Not Even the People Who Write Algorithms Really Know How They Work >>
* Watch the ISS Zoom Over the East Coast >>

* Watch The Disrupt SF Hackathon Live Right Here! >>
* Inhabitat’s Week in Green: new EV concept cars and Napmobiles >>
* Vehicle-to-Grid And Vehicle-To-Home Tech Ready For Prime Time >>

* Researchers draft the first comprehensive tree of life >>
* The first 3-D–-printed drug, a malaria vaccine >>
* Afraid of Induction? Try This Hybrid Gas Cooktop >>

* How the Higgs boson is born and how it dies: the most precise picture so far >>
* 50 apps to improve your smartphone >>
* Turns out early risers and night owls have different DNA >>

* Breakthrough in 3D technology as new technique regenerates complex nerves >>
* Advanced Ligo: Labs ‘open their ears’ to the cosmos >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 September 2015

September 20, 2015 Leave a comment

* Watch these drones build a rope bridge >>
* DARPA has cheap, network of radiation detectors for cloud based map of radiation

* Human cyclist reaches a record 85.71 mph human powered speed record >>
* European Union 5G-Xhaul program to develop 10 gigabit per second cellular data by 2018 >>

* This Is How Much Food It Would Take to End World Hunger >>
* Ford Brings In-Vehicle Notifications And Sensor Access To Its Sync AppLink Developer Platform >>
* The Devialet Phantom Is A Living, Breathing Music Robot With Real Power >>

* ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ is a shallower, more polished ‘Minecraft’ >>
* Bittorrent Traffic Share Drops To New Low >>
* In the Age of Loneliness, Connections at Work Matter >>

* Researchers Fly 50 Autonomous Planes Simultaneously >>
* Graphene Gets a New Competitor >>
* DARPA’s Targeted Electrical Stimulation of the Brain boosts Memory >>

* DARPA looks to revolutionize orbiting satellites with robotic refueling, repair and construction >>
* We’re on the Brink of a Revolution in Crazy-Smart Digital Assistants >>
* The Coolest Cars at the Planet’s Biggest Motor Show >>

* European Union 5G-Xhaul program to develop 10 gigabit per second cellular data by 2018 >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Sept 18, 2015: Planet Hunter Prof. Sara Seager >>

* Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all solving the same problems >>
* Why We Work >>
* MRI scans used to create 3D-printed hearts for surgery practice >>

* Zymergen looks to marry synthetic biology, new materials and machine learning to create a million new genomes >>
* This robot learns like a toddler >>
* What it would be like to live on Mars >>

* Scientists create human sperm in lab, but does it work? >>
* Now you see it, now you don’t: Invisibility cloak nears reality >>
* Why virtual reality could be the future of viewing photographs >>

* Scientists seek permission to genetically ‘edit’ embryos >>
* Scans Spot Brain Damage in Those With High Blood Pressure >>
* Boeing Rejects Aerojet Rocketdyne Bid for ULA and Affirms Vulcan Rocket Support, Lockheed Martin Noncommittal >>

* Antibacterial Soaps Fail to Beat Plain Soap >>
* Scientists create ‘protein patch’ that repairs damage caused by heart attack >>
* A fast cell sorter shrinks to cell phone size >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 September 2015

September 20, 2015 1 comment

* This Washer Uses Oxygen, Not Water, to Freshen Clothes >>
* Hulu brings picture-in-picture TV viewing to your iPad >>
* This Protein Naturally Fights Hiv >>

* Ford designs smartwatch app for electric, plug-in hybrid car owners >>
* New chocolate may help beat Alzheimer’s >>
* ‘Invisibility cloak’ could turn beer bellies into six-packs >>

* These are the Chinese military advancements that could shift the balance of power in Asia >>
* This futuristic band uses vibrations to funnel music directly into your head >>

* Is the World’s First Foldable Smartphone Finally Ready? >>
* NASA’s Zero Gravity Facility Looks too Space-Aged for Reality >>
* Japan’s Friendly Robot Is Getting a Snarky Attitude Adjustment For Americans >>

* The Highest Tightrope Walk in The Southern Hemisphere Looks Terrifying >>
* ABC News introduces VR initiative with 360-degree tour of Syria >>
* NASA’s Confirmation of Enceladus’s Global Ocean –“Moves it to the Top of the ‘Most Habitable Spot’ Beyond Earth”, >>

* Giant Radio Telescope Could Detect E.T.’s Call >>
* PrintPut Integrates Touch Sensors Into 3-D Printed Objects >>
* Wearable Uses Your Local EM Field to Track Your Electronics Use >>

* Self-Driving Features Can Save on Electric Vehicle Battery Costs >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>

* We Finally Know What Is Sending These Weird Black Hole Light Flashes >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 September 2015

September 17, 2015 Leave a comment

* Nanoparticles Disguised As Blood Cells Could Destroy Diseases >>
* Home Energy Storage Enters a New Era >>
* Marine life dipped by 50% in 40 years >>

* Natural defence against HIV discovered >>
* Cloud-connected Roomba sucks (in a good way) >>
* Salesforce wants to dominate Internet of Things, Benioff says in keynote >>

* More Evidence for Coming Black Hole Collision >>
* Death-Diving Comet Plunges Into Sun | Video >>
* Lockheed offers TR-X Stealth Spyplane to replace the still in service 70 year old U2 Spyplane >>

* Researchers Demonstrate A Terahertz Multiplexer >>
* Four Child Inventors Who Weren’t Arrested And One Who Was >>

* A Genetic Database Will Identify What’s Really In Our Food >>
* Xerox’s Printable Memory Labels Can Store Data to Combat Counterfeits >>

* 8 Printable Martian Habitat Designs That We Want To Live In >>
* A Space Shotgun To Shoot At Asteroids >>

* Wi-Gig signals are bouncing off the walls, can’t settle on the sofa >>
* Video: Why Do All These Animals Hate Drones? >>
* NASA delays Orion capsule’s first manned flight until 2023 >>

* Researcher Trying To Teach Computer What Women He’s Attracted To >>
* Cortana in the car: Microsoft may use its digital assistant to get back on the road >>
* AT&T won’t slow down unlimited data users until they hit 22GB >>
* AT&T raises unlimited data cap from 5GB to 22GB >>

* Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will add an empathy button >>
* Here’s exactly what Mark Zuckerberg said about the ‘dislike’ button >>
* First Drone-Owning Brit Convicted Of Illegal Flying >>

* Talking to the IoT >>
* 360-degree video puts you in a bombed-out Syrian war zone >>
* Ocean Fish Numbers Cut in Half Since 1970 >>

* What does an Internet fiber-optic backbone cable look like anyway? >>
* Earth’s gravitational pull shrinking the Moon: Nasa >>
* Like humans, birds too fall in love >>

* Google’s moonshot businesses could be losing as much as $4 billion a year >>
* 3D-Printed Bubble House Made for Mars >>
* NASA: “Confirms Global Ocean on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus” >>

* Designing AI Infrastructures that Sustain the Human Race >>
* Tunable brain cells that morph on demand >>

* New optogenetics process could lead to neurological enhancements and treatments >>
* Body Talk With Magnets >>
* The Hunt For the Fat Gene >>

* bees-win-as-us-court-rules-against-neonicotinoid-pesticide >>
* Brain stimulation can alter our desire to punish wrongdoers >>

* Microsoft CEO wanders his house with HoloLens >>
* Spiderfab could enable 100+ meter space telescopes by 2022 >>
* Modified Mars Sample Return possible in 2022 to 2026 >>

* 2015-16 State of the Future >>
* Whoa! Sun-Watching Spacecraft Finds 3,000th Comet >>
* Construction of Crew Access Tower Starts at Atlas V Pad for Boeing ‘Starliner’ Taxi to ISS >>

* These Headphones Transmit Sound Into Your Skull >>
* Intelligent machines: Call for a ban on robots designed as sex toys >>
* If Your Robot Commits Murder, Should You Go to Jail? >>

* Could an airliner that flies anywhere in under three hours be in service by 2030? >>
* We’re on the Brink of a Revolution in Crazy-Smart Digital Assistants >>

* Nanoparticles in Disguise Are a More Potent Antibiotic Treatment >>
* These photos of F-22 Arctic Raptors in Alaska are so striking they look unreal >>
* Mysterious Google Patent Reveals Possibilities For The Future Of Google Glass >>

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