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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 Janurary 2018

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* Inside Amazon’s surveillance-powered no-checkout convenience store >>
* The Little Rocket That Could Sends Real Satellites To Space >>
* Google CEO Sundar Pichai compares impact of AI to electricity and fire >>

* The 5 Things to Watch at Davos 2018 >>
* Technology will widen pay gap and hit women hardest – Davos report >>
* Beyond Davos – in avalanche country – lies an inescapable fragility >>

* The People Who Started the Shutdown Don’t Know How to End It >>
* President Trump Suggests the Senate Should Invoke the Nuclear Option to Stop the Government Shutdown >>

* Surgeons in France Just Performed the First-Ever Double Face Transplant >>
* In the battle for the future of voice computers, Google is moving fast — but Amazon is still moving faster >>
* Deep Learning Could Help First Responders Offer Critical Aid in the Wake of Disasters >>

* Diversifying the blockchain >>
* Machines Teaching Each Other Could Be the Biggest Exponential Trend in AI >>
* AI, virtual reality make inroads in tourism sector >>

* Is It Time For Open Processors? >>
* Flixable Helps You Find the Perfect Thing to Watch on Netflix >>
* Zuckerberg’s control of Facebook may be a threat to the value of the stock, Macquarie says >>

* In Space and Cyber, China is Closing In on the United States >>
* Rocket Lab Launches 2nd Test Flight of Electron Small-Satellite Booster >>
* New RNA Telomere Therapy Reverses Aging >>

* Buildings are responsible for almost half the worlds emissions and energy usage >>
* China’s next aircraft carrier will make its Navy distant second behind the USA >>
* 2018 might be Amazon’s year to take a leading role in online advertising >>

* As Cars Go Robo, Their Makers Find New Partners >>
* 30 trips everyone should take before turning 30 >>
* Blockchain or Bullshit? >>

* This electronic skin lets you manipulate objects without touching them >>
* How is AI replacing jobs? Which roles and industries will be most impacted? >>
* The AI That Prepared Astronauts for Space Could Now Help Fight Crime >>

* Inside Amazon Go, a Store of the Future >>
* Amazon’s checkout-free store opens to the public January 22nd >>
* Amazon adds Alexa to the Alexa app on Android >>

* New Zealand Just Became 11th Country To Send Rocket Into Orbit >>
* What’s next for Rocket Lab >>

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