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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 Janurary 2018

* SpaceX plans to fire the Falcon Heavy rocket’s engines on Wednesday >>
* Amazon Go debuts, and its prying cameras foil our shoplifting attempts >>

* AI’s intelligence and stupidity in one photo stitch fail >>
* AI Is Going To Supercharge Surveillance >>

* Dumb Driver Attempts Tesla ‘Autopilot’ Defense During DUI Arrest >>
* Melinda Gates just made a move to put the male-dominated VC world on notice >>
* Melania Trump says she’s a ‘full-time mum’ who refuses to hire a nanny — and it reveals a growing trend with the rich and powerful >>

* AI that cracked ancient secret code could help robot translation >>
* Elon Musk could make up to $55 BILLION on new pay deal >>
* What Elon Musk’s Insane $55 Billion Pay Deal Says About The Tech Industry >>

* Adobe’s AI-powered Photoshop update is a time-saver >>
* The latest Photoshop update makes it usable on 8K displays >>
* Adobe Photoshop CC now makes selecting objects a one-click affair >>

* Elon Musk’s Boring Co. pitches plan to build a tunnel under Culver City to LA >>
* The Boring Company’s plan to dig a longer tunnel under Los Angeles is up in the air >>

* Netflix is now worth more than $100B >>
* Netflix added 8.3 million customers in Q4, its biggest growth ever >>
* Netflix’s programming boss says ‘Everything Sucks!’ is the next ‘sleeper hit’ you should keep an eye on >>

* Many consumers are sceptical about Amazon Go — first-day lines aside >>
* Researchers are worried that a brain illness known as ‘zombie deer’ disease may start infecting humans >>

* Spy balloons flying 40km up track drug smugglers on the ground >>
* The working relationship between AIs and humans isn’t master/slave >>
* VR helps US Olympic ski and snowboard teams prep for South Korea >>

* A New Kind Of Propulsion System That Doesn’t Need Propellant. It Converts Electricity Into Thrust And Vice Versa. >>
* First Image Ever of the Surface of Giant Star Beyond Our Solar System >>
* Why You Should Fear ‘Slaughterbots’—A Response >>

* How Social Media Is Killing Athletes; We can’t normalize bigger, faster, farther anymore >>
* Jennifer Aniston Is Not Starring In ‘Friends’ Movie, Viral Trailer Is Fake >>

* Companies not investing in AI will miss out on revenue boost and new jobs >>
* Udacity opens applications for its Flying Car Nanodegree program >>
* IBM researchers use AI to predict risk of developing psychosis >>

* Element AI opens London outpost with focus on ‘AI for good’ >>
* AI-powered robot finds common soap ingredient may combat malaria >>
* Robots must be taught MORALS to help them make decisions in life-or-death situations such as car crashes, May warns >>

* A Super Cool Demonstration Of What Different Singing Styles Look Like Under An MRI >>
* Trump’s new solar tariffs could kill 23,000 US jobs >>
* Google is building an AI research team in France >>

* Why cutting-edge braneworld theories say our universe began in a white hole >>
* Experts reveal how the male sex chromosome could one day disappear completely >>
* When A Mom Feels Depressed, Her Baby’s Cells Might Feel It Too >>

* The Physics Of Why Bigger Drones Can Fly Longer >>
* China’s new drone company is building a UAV with a 20-ton payload >>
* Atom-Thin Memristors Discovered >>

* An artificial synapse for future miniaturized portable ‘brain-on-a-chip’ devices >>
* Air Force Maintains Trust in SpaceX After Secret Zuma Mission: Report >>
* Become a data science prodigy with these online courses that are 95% off >>

* Life on Earth Started Earlier Than Thought, Challenging Theory of Solar System’s Origin >>
* Can the Human Species Adapt to Life Beyond Earth? >>
* China – US economies will be within 10% currency fluctuations from 2022-2027 >>

* Finland is the Mobile Data Capitol of the World >>
* Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography is finally happening for 7 nanometer and 5 nanometer chips >>
* Self-driving cars and AI will leave a ‘THIRD of the population unemployed’, expert warns >>

* Drones learn to navigate autonomously by imitating cars and bicycles >>
* Grappling with the Futures Symposium >>
* How AI will reshape the logistics and transportation industry >>

* Speech analysis software predicted psychosis in at-risk patients with up to 83 percent accuracy >>
* The future of education is virtual >>
* AI Silicon Preps for 2018 Debuts >>

* Artificial synapses fill the gaps for brainier computer chips >>
* Robots could take your job – but you can retrain to find a better one report >>
* Facebook AI chief Yann LeCun is stepping down to take on dedicated research role >>

* At-Home Medical Tests Are Putting the Power of the Clinic in Your Hands >>
* When Robots Take Over Our Jobs, It’s Women Who Will Lose Out Most >>
* Dark Future: Here’s When We’ll Have a Location-Tracking Implant from Black Mirror >>

* Why I am leaving Google for blockchain endeavors >>
* Learn Blockchains by Building One >>
* Hacking Nuclear Systems Is The Ultimate Cyber Threat. Are We Prepared? >>

* Sony May Have Just Patented New PSVR Controllers >>
* Olympic Athletes Are Using STRIVR To Train For 2018 Winter Games >>

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