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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 January 2018

* White House says it’s not considering a national 5G network >>
* Pocket-sized scanner helps fill gaps in the human genome >>
* Bank-based blockchain projects are going to transform the financial services industry >>

* Nissan has developed slippers that ‘park’ themselves >>
* Facebook tries giving chatbots a consistent personality >>
* UK hits its 95 percent ‘superfast’ broadband coverage target >>

* FCC chairman Ajit Pai is opposed to a government-run 5G network >>
* Trump’s rush to build a national 5G network may backfire, give China edge >>
* Trump administration considering government takeover of 5G network >>

* Twitter erupts after man steals menstrual pads from Amazon’s new cashier-less store, showing how a person could exploit the company’s honor system policy >>
* Silicon Valley’s Secret Test Track for Self-Driving Cars >>
* Trump will reportedly ask for $716 billion in defense spending in 2019 budget >>

* SpaceX Falcon Heavy success could kill Space Launch System >>
* Bringing the Sharing Economy to the Airwaves Will Boost Your Bandwidth >>
* Boeing HorizonX invests in Berkeley aerospace battery tech startup >>

* Researchers Use a Blockchain to Boost Anonymous Torrent Sharing >>
* Investing in Indonesia >>
* As AI Meets the Reputation Economy, We’re All Being Silently Judged >>

* Changing the color of 3-D printed objects >>
* MIT’s ColorFab can 3D print jewelry that changes colors >>
* New Wave of Mini Satellites Could Boost Climate Research >>

* Simple, Energy-Efficient Recycling Process for Lithium-Ion Batteries >>
* Robert Afzal is developing powerful laser blasters for the U.S. military >>
* A microscopic fungus could mop up our Cold War-era nuclear waste >>

* Another blow for ego-depletion theory – practice counteracts effects of diminished willpower >>
* Backward wind on ‘hot Jupiter’ confuses astronomers >>

* Alibaba, Foxconn Invest in Chinese Electric-Vehicle Maker >>
* BMW takes full ownership of DriveNow’s car sharing service (updated) >>
* MIT 3D Prints Color-Changing Accessories >>

* Malaysia’s capital will adopt ‘smart city’ platform from Alibaba >>
* The ‘Holy Grail’ of dinosaur fossils has been uncovered by scientists >>
* AI Promises Life-Changing Alzheimer’s Drug Breakthrough >>

* Introducing the airport built over a motorway >>
* Why we need to create AI that thinks in ways that we can’t even imagine >>
* Artificial intelligence is the weapon of the next Cold War >>

* Learning From First Principles — Demis Hassabis >>
* Superconducting switch, which can ‘learn’ like human brain, developed >>
* For AI to Get Creative, It Must Learn the Rules—Then How to Break ‘Em >>

* MIT nanosystem delivers precise amounts of drugs directly to a tiny spot in the brain >>
* China Plans to Build the World’s Largest Steerable Radio Telescope >>
* Are We Living in a Hologram? >>

* “Einstein’s Toolkit” –Reveals as Yet Undetected Spacetime Events >>
* Chinese Investors Keep Losing Billions Online. Here’s Why >>
* Get 3x more performance than an entire rack of 24 HDD >>

* The Likelihood of Massive Exomoons >>
* GOLDMAN; ‘High probability’ of a stock market correction in the coming months >>
* 2 bitcoin traders were held at gunpoint in an armed raid in rural England >>

* Scientists use pocket-size device to map human genetic code >>
* NASA tests light, foldable plane wings for supersonic flights >>
* Scientists Just Created Rain and Snow on Demand in Idaho With Cloud Seeding >>

* Google confirms investment in Indonesia’s ride-hailing leader Go-Jek >>
* Anvato, Google’s complete OTT video platform, now on Google Cloud Platform >>
* Intel reportedly notified Chinese companies of chip security flaw before the U.S. government >>

* Samsung Galaxy S9 may pack more reliable face recognition >>
* Security fears over fitness devices mapping the locations of US soldiers and secret military bases >>
* Grammys 2018: See the Full List of Winners >>

* ‘A true bloodbath’: The timebomb that may bring down bitcoin >>
* Breakthrough could provide new allergy, asthma treatments >>
* An ER visit, $12,000 bill — and a health insurer that wouldn’t pay; A new insurance policy expects patients to diagnose themselves >>

* Personalization through tech is the future of the beauty industry >>
* How to file your income taxes on bitcoin in 2018 >>
* Blockchain Platforms: One Chain to rule them all? >>

* Alibaba expands into mobile gaming in India with eye on digital payments, e-commerce >>
* Alibaba helps Malaysia implement smart city programme >>

* Xi’s book on governance republished amid worldwide demand >>
* Key equipment of ITER project produced by Chinese enterprise, shipped to France >>

* More private investment goes to China’s space industry >>
* 64GB phones aren’t big enough for me anymore >>
* Apple could use ARM coprocessors for three updated Mac models >>

* The Future Is Automated And Every Job Is At Risk [Pt. 1] >>
* A Tale Of Two Cities: How Smart Robots And AI Will Transform America [Pt. 2] >>
* Robots, Retraining And UBI: How To Solve The Coming Automation Crisis [Pt. 3] >>
* Screw Emotional Intelligence–Here’s The Key To The Future Of Work >>
* Suppliers Say the Future of Fruit Growing is Automated >>
* Amazon’s New Supermarket Could Be Grim News for Human Workers >>
* One in five jobs could be lost to robots in the next 12 years >>
* Jobs most at risk from automation are in cities that voted ‘most strongly for Brexit’, think tank claims >>

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  1. January 30, 2018 at 12:59 am

    This is the only way I have to contact you. My Seeking Delphi(tm) blog and podcast should be one of your sources. To Whit: I write for Age of Robots magazine, and host the futurist podcast, Seeking Delphi™. I am sure you are aware that Elizabeth Parrish, the CEO of Bioviva, is the first person to ever undergo genetic editing therapy to attempt to reverse some aspects of aging. In an exclusive Seeking Delphi™ podcast interview released this evening, she calls bioethics “the least ethical thing on the planet right now.” She does this in the context of implying that bioethics impedes research progress and personal choice. Please credit Seeking Delphi™ if you use any of this.




    • January 30, 2018 at 1:20 am

      Sure, NP, ill add link in tomorrows links.

      • January 30, 2018 at 1:25 am

        Thanks. I have been a subscriber to your daily post for about four years now and have recommended Futureseek to several of my professional futurist colleagues.

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