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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 Janurary 2018

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* Sony’s Aibo robo-dog shows off AI smarts >>
* Baidu sets its sights on Japan with a voice-enabled projector in a dome light >>
* FoldiMate’s laundry-folding robot is my favorite bad idea >>

* Of course you can control your smart home with your underwear >>
* I learned how to drive in a VR traffic school >>
* Flying a real drone in a VR world is as weird as it sounds >>

* What AI Can Do for IVF >>
* AI can warn researchers where CRISPR might make a mistake >>
* Major power outage hits CES, a consumer electronics show >>

* The toilet you TALK to: World’s most advanced loo warms your bottom, sets mood lighting and closes its lid with voice commands >>
* The coolest car tech from CES that you’ll be driving with any day >>
* Forget the gym – could VR be the future of fitness? >>

* Samsung Galaxy S9 to be announced in February >>
* Warren Buffett warns Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will almost certainly ‘come to a bad ending’ >>
* US immigration agents raided 100 7-Eleven stores in what ICE says is ‘a harbinger of what’s to come’ >>

* People Don’t Trust AI—Here’s How We Can Change That >>
* Do YOU trust AI? Researchers call for firms to reveal how the machines are ‘trained’ to boost public confidence >>
* Chinese company beats Samsung putting a fingerprint sensor underneath screen >>

* Porimy Creates 3D Printer That Makes Dentures in a Week >>
* 3-D printing creates super soft structures that replicate brain and lungs >>
* Scientists think they’ve discovered a fourth type of fuel for humans — beyond carbs, fat, or protein >>

* Intel introduces immersive ‘volumetric video’ system to make VR more realistic than ever >>
* Global economy set for decade of gloom as World Bank predicts recovery will fizzle out >>

* Donald Trump announces surprise attendance to Davos World Economic Forum >>
* Lockheed Martin FINISHED building secret hypersonic Plane? Skunkworks boss hints unmanned SR-72 bomber has ‘already been made’ >>
* Lululab’s skincare assistant peers deep into your pores >>

* This robot cleaner switches between vacuuming and mopping automatically >>
* Softbank Vision is to invest a trillion dollars in at least a thousand Unicorns over the next ten years >>

* Russia claims it repelled home-grown drone swarm in Syria >>
* The future is…ping-pong? Omron shows off incredible table-tennis robot >>
* North Korea is sending its popular cheer squad to the Olympics, suggesting the country has been secretly preparing for months >>

* Brilliant turns your light switches into connected-home hubs >>
* Why Our Own Immune Systems Attack Our Best Drugs–and How to Stop It >>
* Tiny homes made of concrete pipes could be the next big thing in micro housing >>

* Wi-Fiber’s streetlights are an easy way to make cities smart >>
* Watch: Referees’ chief Riley explains how VAR works >>

* Assistant fight gets fierce >>
* Scientists turn skin cells into muscle cells, a potential boon for research >>
* Look to the Processor, not the Display, for TV Picture Improvements >>

* 5G Tracker: AT&T Promises Mobile 5G; Verizon Teases Fixed Wireless >>
* Moving Blood Tests from Labs to the Consumer >>
* Scientists are speed breeding plants in a race to beat climate change >>

* Did SpaceX’s secret Zuma mission actually fail? >>
* SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket will test its 27 engines on January 10th >>
* US Launching New Spy Satellite Thursday: How to Watch It Live >>

* Fiber OLEDs, thinner than a hair >>
* Scientists manage to observe the inner structure of photonic crystals >>

* Somnox’s robotic pillow is designed to snuggle >>
* Tesla has finally begun manufacturing solar roof tiles >>
* Robomart autonomous bodegas will deliver produce to your door >>

* This solar-powered smart deadbolt will soon use Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri >>
* Put robots in their place with this fighting robot >>
* 2018’s weird gagdets: Talking toilets, snuggle robots and diet headbands >>

* This 15-foot tall mech weighs 8,000 lbs and can run 20 mph >>
* Suitcase that follows you around, and the hoverboard-companion robot you can ride >>

* The World’s Largest Biometric ID System Keeps Getting Hacked >>
* Dashlane Business Change poor password behavior, company-wide. >>

* The Grandparenting Generation >>
* What Happens to Your Phone Will Be the Least Interesting Thing About 5G >>
* LG is launching its mobile payment system in the US this year >>

* This self-driving pod is Toyota’s new concept vehicle >>
* Warren Buffett’s Surprising Forecast for the American Economy >>
* Film underwater in 4K with this versatile drone >>

* NVIDIA GPUs weren’t immune to Spectre security flaws either >>
* It’s time to chart a course for 5G success >>
* Can An Arrow Fired Straight Up Fall Fast Enough To Kill You? >>
* Spend some time with Samsung’s $2,700 Flip whiteboard >>

* Watch Intel’s CES 2018 keynote in under 10 minutes >>
* Neutrogena’s new ‘skin scanner’ is like an at home beauty consultant >>
* Consumers don’t have the best choice’: Huawei’s CEO went off-script and gave an impassioned speech after AT&T killed its phone deal >>

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