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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 Janurary 2018

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* E-Skin Lets You Manipulate Objects in Real and Virtual Worlds >>
* China’s 30 story tall air cleaning tower is a successful test >>
* Amazon brings voice control to its Alexa app for Android, with iOS coming soon >>

* Looking beyond code to make the future work for everyone >>
* 5G New Radio and What Comes Next >>

* A380 saved as Emirates orders another 20 planes, plus 16 options >>
* After Delay, Rocket Lab to Attempt 2nd Electron Launch Today: How to Watch >>
* Watch Japan’s Epsilon Rocket Launch the ASNARO-2 Radar Earth Satellite >>

* Programmable droplets >>
* Microsoft AI can draw objects based on detailed text descriptions >>
* Facebook Will Now Ask Users To Rank News Organizations They Trust >>

* Blood test screens for 8 common kinds of cancer >>
* We’re getting better at screening for cancer, and that could be a problem >>
* Nervy nuke-armed nation fires missile with 5,000km range, India can hit all China, Moscow, Athens, USA’s Indian Ocean navy base >>

* The-Future-Computed.pdf >>
* Introducing RLlib: A composable and scalable reinforcement learning library >>
* The Lightning Network Could Make Bitcoin Faster—and Cheaper >>

* Nuclear reactors the size of wastebaskets could power our Martian settlements >>
* CES Could (And Should) Go Virtual Within The Next Decade >>
* Oculus shows how much VR has evolved at Sundance >>

* New CRISPR method could take gene editing to the next level >>
* Earnings report: IBM shares fall despite first growth in 23 quarters >>

* No, the worst-case climate change futures haven’t been ruled out >>
* Adolescence now ‘lasts from the ages of 10 to 24’ >>

* World’s biggest rocket takes shape: NASA completes engine hot fire tests >>
* Deadly solar flares may have helped seed life on Mars and beyond >>
* When Trading in Bitcoin, Keep the Tax Man in Mind >>

* China’s Quantum-Key Network, the Largest Ever, Is Officially Online >>
* 10 Year Futures (Vs. What’s Happening Now) >>
* This Mind-Blowing Visualization Shows Sun Compared to Universe’s Biggest Stars >>

* Ocean waves hurl boulders more than twice the weight of the Statue of Liberty >>
* The AI that can tell you when you’ll DIE: Stanford reveals ‘startlingly accurate’ system >>

* What We’ve Already Learned About The Future Of Cars In 2018 >>
* Seeing Creation of Most Massive Galaxy Known in 1st Billion Years of Universe >>
* Astronomers Set The Limit For Just How Massive Neutron Stars Can Be >>

* China and Russia have $20 billion partnership to replicate Airbus >>
* Iridium CEO believes Spacex not at fault for loss of secret Zuma satellite >>

* Apple: The exclusive sales channel for an, er, AI toothbrush >>
* Learn how to 3D model and animate in Blender with this online course >>
* Amazon adds voice control to its Alexa app for Android >>

* Meet top startups from Alchemist Class 17 >>
* Machine Learning Can Help B2B Firms Learn More About Their Customers >>
* Control Your Smart Home With Raspberry Pi Add-On Talking Pi >>

* You Could Soon Be Manufacturing Your Own Drugs — Thanks To 3D Printing >>
* Airbnb cuts half of San Francisco listings as new laws kick in >>

* AI voice assistant developer Rokid raises $100M >>
* MoviePass says it will start acquiring movies, too >>

* CES 2018: Key trends >>
* Germaphobes no longer have to take off their shoes off >>
* SoftBank is now Uber’s largest shareholder >>

* The Trouble with Bias – NIPS 2017 Keynote >>
* Responsible deployment of machine learning – Ben Lorica >>
* We need to build machine learning tools to augment machine learning engineers >>

* China builds ‘world’s biggest air purifier’ (and it seems to be working) >>
* What a government shutdown will mean for NASA and SpaceX >>
* This electronic skin lets you manipulate objects without touching them >>

* Rift Core 2.0, Oculus Desktop App Get Improvements in January Update >>
* Scrum? Kanban? It doesn’t really matter >>
* Artificial Intelligence: the impact on employment and the workforce >>

* Monolith Vs Microservice Vs Serverless — The Real Winner? The Developer >>

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