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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 Janurary 2018

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* Giant Tesla Battery In Australia Earns A Million Bucks In a Few Days >>
* ATM ‘jackpotting’ hacks reach the US >>
* Artificial Intelligence’s ‘Black Box’ Is Nothing to Fear >>

* Here’s how to live stream the Grammys tonight >>
* Is your TV Super Bowl Sunday ready? >>
* Jeff Bezos stars in a new Super Bowl ad where Alexa loses her voice >>

* Don’t Make Ai Artificially Stupid In The Name Of Transparency >>

* Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Feature Dual Camera, New Facial Unlocking Called ‘IntelligentScan’ >>
* IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad dies at 91 >>

* Davos, Real Star May Have Been China, Not Trump >>
* Davos, Artificial intelligence and climate change will ruin us, blockchain and women will save us >>
* Davos, Big Tech Is Waiting For Its Grace Period To Run Out >>
* Davos, economists and execs say strategies that led major corporations to world domination in past won’t work anymore >>

* Japanese exchange says hackers stole over $400M in cryptocurrency >>
* Japanese crypto exchange set to repay victims of a $400 million hack >>
* Crypto-jackers slip Coinhive mining code into YouTube site ads >>

* AI-powered face swapping has taken a dystopian turn >>
* Sweatcoin’s app pays you to exercise >>
* CTRL+T podcast: Artificial intelligence may become a human rights issue >>

* Virtual Intercourse with Real People Combines Sex Robots With VR >>
* Facebook Only Cares About Facebook >>
* Superconducting synapse may be missing piece for ‘artificial brains’ >>

* Neutrinos may have more kinds of cosmic sources than we thought >>

* Evolutionary Leap? AI is Mimicing the Human Brain >>
* China developing faster and slower maglev trains >>
* Benefits of clot removal for strokes extended to 24 hours >>

* Apple investors getting spooked ahead of first iPhone X earnings report >>
* First-Ever Evidence That Mosquitoes Can Be Trained >>
* SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch February 6th Launch time 13:30-16:30 EST >>

* A China AI-Powered Robot Army –“Could Help Them Conquer the World” (WATCH Video) >>
* Deploy a Web UI for Your Chatbot >>

* How to Stream The Grammys Without a TV >>
* Tech startups want to go inside your mouth >>
* Progress to molecular quantum computing >>

* Facebook creates gamers program, adds in-app tipping to take on Twitch >>
* The making of Elton John’s VR retirement party >>
* Tesla Employees Say Gigafactory Problems Are Worse Than Known >>

* My Pacemaker Is Tracking Me From Inside My Body >>
* Google’s $249 AI-powered Clips camera is finally on sale >>
* Prototypes for the new space age >>

* Animals Worldwide Stick Close to Home When Humans Move In >>
* The Amazon Go store: techy-cool or creepy-weird? >>
* A ‘Westworld’ mobile game is in the works >>

* In hunt for alien life, oxygen isn’t the only possible sign >>
* Ocumetics Bionic Lens could give you vision 3x better than 20/20 >>
* Car Manufacturers Are Tracking Millions of Cars >>

* The Insight-industrial Complex >>
* Yes, There Is Gravity In Space >>
* Elon Musk’s new Tesla pay plan encourages him to shoot for the stars >>

* Is It Time For Zero-Trust Corporate Networks? >>
* Donald Trump hopes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘happy’ – even if he’s not invited to wedding >>
* Meghan Markle defying another tradition will make speech at her wedding >>

* San Francisco wants to build 12,000 new homes on a former nuclear test site >>
* China’s latest energy megaproject shows that coal really is on the way out >>
* Russia military spending almost halved from 2015 peak and Russia near financial collapse >>

* Economist mag is wrong – Russia-US war risks are dropping >>
* Blockchain Technology Concepts Explained >>
* Superconducting Synapse could enable artificial brains >>

* Portable DNA Sequencer Searches for Life in Extraterrestrial-Like Conditions >>
* Xiaomi knocks Samsung off perch to claim top spot for smartphone sales in India >>
* Major shake-up seen as Chinese smartphone market contracts for first time ever >>

* Social media is giving us trypophobia >>
* China’s Huawei Pay debuts in Russia, as first port of call in global push >>
* China’s Uber ramps up AI arms race, to open third deep learning research lab >>

* Watch Kara Swisher interview with Google CEO Sundar Pichai tonight >>
* Tencent Invests In VR Maker Skydance Media >>
* Samsung Galaxy S9 may pack more reliable face recognition >>

* The Astronaut Who Might Actually Get Us to Mars >>

Davos Video….
World Economic Forum videos >>
Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers keynote speech >>
India’s Role in the World >>
Donald Trump speaks at Davos 2018 >>
Future Shocks: Cyberwar without Rules >>
A New Era for Global Health >>
Creating a Shared Future through Education and Empowerment >>
Data Responsibility in a Fractured World >>
Questioning Our Human Future >>
China in the New Era >>
An Insight An Idea with Sundar Pichai >>
Jack Ma: “Everything we teach should be different from machines.” >>
Finding a New Equilibrium in the Middle East >>
Press Conference: The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Japan >>
The Next Financial Crisis >>
Putting Jobs Out of Work >>
Will the Future Be Human? >>
Agile Governance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution >>
Asia Works: The Fourth Industrial Revolution >>
Future Shocks: Rogue Technology >>

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