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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 Janurary 2018

* SpaceX performs crucial test fire of Falcon Heavy, potentially paving way for launch >>
* Scientists Have Cloned Monkeys for the First Time. Are Humans Next? >>
* The first self-driven bus line in Stockholm >>

* Pictures in the Air: 3D Printing with Light >>
* This Robot Can Walk and Swim — Inside You >>
* 3D ‘holograms’ made with lasers by moving one particle at a time >>

* Wearable technology that can spot cancer ‘several months’ before it occurs coming >>
* Researchers recorded a thought making its way through the brain in real time >>
* Elon Musk could become the richest man in the world without receiving a single paycheck >>

* AT&T calls for net neutrality laws after fighting to end FCC rules >>
* This Burger King video is the net neutrality explainer you never knew you needed >>

* Electric cars to create new peak hour when they all need a charge >>
* Amazon’s New Store, Shopping Feels Like Shoplifting >>
* Darpa Wants To Build An Image Search Engine Out Of Dna >>

* Apple is testing a new feature to give you access to medical records on your devices >>
* Apple is going after a project Google abandoned — access to complete medical records >>

* ‘Artificial synapse’ points the way toward portable AI devices >>
* TensorFlow brings AI to the connected device >>
* Why Companies and Universities Should Forge Long-Term Collaborations >>

* IBM is sending Watson to the Grammys >>
* Scientists have cloned monkeys and it could help treat cancer >>
* First Primate Clones Produced Using the “Dolly” Method >>

* Elon Musk’s $0 Salary Encapsulates The Legend Of Tesla >>
* Google teases I/O 2018 with treasure maps and cryptic clues (May 8th-10th) >>
* Half-Assed Solar Geoengineering Is Worse Than Climate Change Itself >>

* Microsoft reorgs the software side of its augmented/virtual reality operations >>
* Apple isn’t really killing the iPhone X >>
* Tencent Software Beats Go Champ, Showing China’s Ai Gains >>

* Facebook shakes up its AI research team >>
* New Breakthrough in Organic Cells Will Make Solar Glass a Reality >>
* Job of the future: Wind farmer >>

* The Rise Of The Contract Workforce >>
* New Real-Time Tsunami Early Warning System Calculates Size and Distance Using Underwater Sound Waves >>
* Dirt from ocean floor could boost quake prediction >>

* Could Artificial Wombs Be a Reality? >>
* Netflix boosts Nasdaq to record high >>

* Nielsen will now take stock of all your Instagram posts about TV shows >>
* Facebook AI guru alt-tabs out, Nvidia EULA audits, Baidu changes, GPU tricks, and more >>
* Amazon will start giving third-party sellers data to Massachusetts tax officials >>

* Data Scientist is the best job in America for the third year in a row >>
* How some facial malformations arise >>
* New type of virus found in the ocean >>

* When is a planet too big to be called a planet? >>
* SteadXP’s DSLR stabilizer is a gimbal with no moving parts >>
* Fiddling with a wonky phone tripod is a thing of the past >>

* How Will AI Change Work? Here Are 5 Schools of Thought >>
* World warned to wake up to threat from tech giants >>

* Facebook buys a company that verifies government IDs >>
* This Tiny Robot Walks, Crawls, Jumps and Swims. But It Is Not Alive. >>

* Machine learning gives environmentalists something to tweet about >>
* Introducing AIY Vision Kit: Make devices that see >>
* Get ready for AI to help make your business more productive >>

* Earth to exoplanet: Hunting for planets with machine learning >>
* Opening the Google AI China Center >>
* A look at one billion drawings from around the world >>

* ‘Bone Glue’ Experiments on the ISS Test Possible Treatment for Osteoporosis >>
* Nasa’s Aqua Satellite Watches Ships Crossing The Atlantic Ocean >>
* The Solar Eclipse Caused A Bow Wave In Earth’s Atmosphere >>

* Next Stop, Mars? Life-Detection Gear Passes Test on Earth >>
* Michigan’s MiDAS Unemployment System: Algorithm Alchemy Created Lead, Not Gold >>
* The Google Lunar X Prize’s Race to the Moon Is Over. Nobody Won >>

* Robots Ready to Ski, Paint, and Clean at South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics >>
* Worldview Stratollites are commercial high altitude balloons like Google Loon – Worldview had an explosion December 2017 >>
* Cyberdyne’s Medical Exoskeleton Strides to FDA Approval >>

* Computing Software Whitepaper Engineers, Stop Doing Algebra by Hand! >>
* DARPA Selects Orbital ATK for Hypersonic Engine Research >>
* New hypersonic plane design could see a radically updated return of the biplane >>

* Alibaba and Microsoft Artificial Intelligence read better than Humans >>
* Virtual Ski Slopes Prepare Olympians for Winter Games >>

* Rocket Lab reveals secret project, ‘humanity star’ satellite orbiting Earth >>
* Plex VR Lets Friends Watch Movies And Shows Together On Daydream >>
* Facebook and Crypto: what you need to know for 2018 >>

* MIT researchers say new chip design takes us closer to computers that work like our brains >>
* Satellite secretly launched by a little rocket is expected to be ‘brightest thing in the night sky’ >>
* New Data Shows Solar Energy Creates More Jobs in America Than Any Other Industry >>

* Google is laying the groundwork to make a big play in video games >>
* Here’s What Life Will Be Like With 3D Printers That Can Create Anything >>

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