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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 Janurary 2018

* Amazon’s convenience store of the future makes me nervous >>
* Google’s $20 Million Race To the Moon Will End With No Winner >>

* Engineers design artificial synapse for “brain-on-a-chip” hardware >>
* Facebook Explores Whether Social Media Is Good For Democracy >>
* How Engineering Earth’s Climate Could Seriously Imperil Life >>

* India wants to collect taxes from its cryptocurrency investors >>
* SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy can’t launch during a government shutdown >>
* This $19 Wi-Fi Endoscope Could Really Come In Handy Someday, Right? >>

* This Fully Autonomous Train Completed A Successful Run In Australia >>
* Cleaning Up Air Pollution May Strengthen Global Warming >>
* DJI’s Mavic Air drone may have improved 4K video >>

* This robot chef makes an unbelievably good lunch >>
* As AI Makes More Decisions, the Nature of Leadership Will Change >>

* The Second Coming Of Ultrasound >>
* Vivo is launching the first phone with an under-the-display fingerprint scanner >>
* An App That Encrypts Your Photos From Camera To Cloud >>

* Facebook hires TV network CEO to land worldwide sports deals >>
* Sphero lays off dozens as it shifts focus to education >>
* Can Machine Learning Guess True Emotions From Facial Microexpressions? >>

* Humans will one day live in BALLOONS in the stormy skies of Venus, claims entrepreneur behind the Mars One project >>
* Nasa begins tests of its 430,000mph probe that will ‘touch the sun’ attempt to predict devastating solar storms >>

* Is the Golden Age of Astronomy Nearly Over? >>
* Tractor beam could levitate HUMANS: Device transforms sound waves into powerful mini-tornadoes to transport large objects >>

* Organic Thin-Film Transistors’ New Gate Dielectric Opens Door to Future Electronics >>
* Kilopower Project: NASA Pushes Nuclear Power for Deep-Space Missions >>
* An Immersive Visualization of the Galactic Center >>

* YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV now have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, report >>
* These drones plant trees by firing seed pods at the ground >>
* Human Heart-On-A-Chip Lets Us Test Drugs On Actual Human Tissue–Not Animals >>

* Making France’s digital potential work for everyone >>
* Augmented reality on the web, for everyone >>
* Car expert Bob Lutz thinks Tesla cars could soon become collectables >>

* How world’s 42 richest people are worth the same as poorest 50% combined >>
* World’s richest 1% get 82% of the wealth, says Oxfam >>

* Brightening neutron-star collision stumps astrophysicists >>
* Algorithm matches refugees with best place to resettle >>

* The Malaysian region that became a hardware hub >>
* Can a £59 DNA kit tell you which diet will really work? >>
* Where SoftBank has invested its $98 billion Vision Fund >>

* Human Memory Comes From a Chance Encounter Hundreds of Millions of Years Ago >>
* How To Win Founders And Influence Everybody >>
* New generation of Chinese movie goers – draw collective blank when asked about Jedi knights or The Force >>

* Diversifying the blockchain >>
* Will 2018 be the year Shenzhen and Guangzhou finally overtake Hong Kong? >>
* Money from Chinese tech firms is deciding India’s next unicorn, say venture capitalists >>

* The new robotics technology set to change the construction industry >>
* The algorithms of our future thinking machines >>
* Thorium reactors may dispose of enormous amounts of weapons-grade plutonium >>

* New TV series with MSNBC about tech, jobs and the future >>
* Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 #aai18 >>
* 3D printers could let you produce your own drugs >>

* Money from Chinese tech firms is deciding India’s next unicorn, say venture capitalists >>
* Trump’s First Year Failed The China Test. His Second Looks Far Worse >>
* How China’s military is girding for battle, and what it means for neighbours >>

* China says US forcing it to strengthen presence in South China Sea >>
* 84% of Matter in the Cosmos a Mystery Not Composed of Atoms, Electrons and Protons >>
* Useful and Timely Delivery Drone Drops Life Preserver to Australian Swimmers >>

* Q&A: Max Bittker’s Twitter Bot Tracks New Words in The New York Times >>
* Software, improved rifles and sensors could make 1.5+ mile sniper shots less rare >>
* 10 nanometer materials enable three times the conversion of heat to electricity >>

* University of Twente boosts efficiency of sunlight conversion of hydrogen fuel using microwires >>
* Ultrasonic Sound tornadoes levitate objects in a soundless void >>
* NIPS 2017 Videos >>

* Rocket Lab Will Charge Less Than $5 Million Per Launch >>
* The Hyper Style Of Hyper Speed >>
* The reboot matrix: which 90s TV shows are ripe for a revival? >>

* China blames the US for its militarization of artificial islands in the South China Sea >>
* Wi-Fi Needs a Home Hierarchy >>
* Visual Processor IP Runs Deep Convolutional Nets in Real Time >>

* Android can now tell you how fast Wi-Fi networks are before you join them >>
* Billionaire entrepreneurs: Mansions, money … and misery >>
* Amazon opens first cashier-less store >>

* The Future of Cloud Services is Borderless >>
* What Crypto Investors (and Warren Buffett) Can Learn From VC >>
* Hackers are stealing millions in cryptocurrency during ICOs >>

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