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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 Janurary 2018

* Segway of the sky, ANYONE can fly: French Flyboard inventor reveals new Ezfly hoverboard >>
* Remote-controlled DNA nanorobots could lead to the first nanorobotic production factory >>
* Longer It Lasts, the More a Shutdown Could Hurt the US Economy >>

* Top 10 IT skills that will be in demand in 2018 >>
* China air force stages real combat training >>
* Chinese enterprise builds world’s largest single-unit solar power plant in Morocco >>

* The Coping Economy >>
* Let’s make a deal: Could AI compromise better than humans? >>

* Davos gathering prompts locals to cash-in and leave >>
* Sundance 2018: Reviews and news from the premier independent-film festival >>
* New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more >>

* This Small Robot Moves So Fast That It’s Basically A Blur >>
* The robots are coming – to lend a hand at work >>
* Netflix encourages employees to interview at other companies — here’s why >>

* Why Aren’t There More Smart Americans? >>
* Mike Moritz and the declining America worker >>

* Video Friday: Crawling Baby Robot, Tethered Drone, and New Intel RealSense >>
* Blood test can detect eight cancers in early stages which could save half a million lives every year >>

* Men outnumber women by 32.66 million on Chinese mainland >>
* 35 Big Tech Predictions for 2018 >>
* Can You Arrest People Before They Commit Crimes? >>

* Venture capital investment in AI doubled to US$12 billion in 2017 >>
* Drones, robots and self-driving vans will soon deliver your packages in this Chinese city >>
* Google, Tencent agree to share patents in global tech alliance >>

* Is CES a trouble spot for Apple? >>
* Interfaces are dying, so your brand needs a bigger personality >>
* A Black Hole Is Pushing The Stars Around In This Globular Cluster >>

* Researchers Develop A New Low Cost/Low Weight Method Of Searching For Life On Mars >>
* Tech Tuesday in Davos to power relationships in the Tech community >>
* First full-colour motion video from satellites >>

* Samsung starts producing GDDR6 RAM for next-gen graphics cards >>
* Futuristic “Living” Electronic Clothes And Walls Unveiled >>
* This is the world’s first variable graduated ND filter >>

* This 3D-Printed Heart Could Replace Blood Pumps >>
* Ted Nelson on What Modern Programmers Can Learn From the Past >>
* Electrically controlled DNA robot arm is 100,000 times faster – millisecond moves enable molecular factories >>

* Nanoparticle gel could make mass-market low-cost Holography, LIDAR >>
* How the biggest passion killer for men is trying for a baby >>
* What a government shutdown will mean for NASA and SpaceX >>

* Expect Amazon To Make A Surprising Acquisition In 2018 >>

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