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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 February 2018

* Nuro’s self-driving vehicle carries packages, not passengers >>
* Imverse’s groundbreaking mixed reality renders you inside VR >>
* Watch Blue Origin Fire Up Engine for Huge New Glenn Rocket (Video) >>

* These Smart Banknotes Could Bring Crypto To The Masses >>
* What Changes When AI Is So Accessible That Everyone Can Use It? >>
* Listen to the world’s first TALKING killer whale >>

* Apple could let you run iPad apps on your Mac >>
* Samsung is making chips for cryptocurrency mining >>
* Is the world headed toward an AI Cold War? >>

* Inside Amazon’s Spheres >>
* Sony patents detail VR motion controller concepts >>
* How Blockchain Could Kill Both Cable and Netflix >>

* Podcast #20: Ending Aging, Part Two, with Elizabeth Parrish >>
* Amazon, JPMorgan, and Berkshire are creating a healthcare company >>
* Cobalt Could Untangle Chips’ Wiring Problems >>

* Everything we know about iOS 12, the biggest software update coming this year >>
* Robotic Habitats imagines a self-sustaining AI ecosystem >>
* Get around underwater in style >>

* Bill Gates Reveals Father Suffers From Alzheimer’s Disease, committing $100 Million >>
* A futuristic Hyperloop system may be coming to 3 unlikely cities >>
* Applying machine learning to the universe’s mysteries >>

* World’s tallest man meets shortest woman >>
* Andrew Ng is launching a $175 million fund for AI startups >>

* Google credits AI for stopping more rogue Android apps in 2017 >>
* Microsoft is helping developers make cloud-connected games >>

* Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse Thrills Millions Around the World >>
* Sex differences in human brain structure are already apparent at one month of age >>
* A.I. researchers develop neural networks to predict government corruption >>

* Yamaha’s AI transformed a dancer into a pianist >>
* Measuring space telescope distortion to one-tenth the size of a hydrogen atom will enable earth sized exoplanet analysis >>
* Zocdoc builds patient confidence using TensorFlow on AWS >>

* 50 Years Ago a US Military Jet Crashed in Greenland – With 4 H-Bombs On Board >>
* NASA Astronaut’s Rocker Past Helped Shape His Future in Space (Video) >>
* Superpowered Chinese Lasers Could Soon Rip Open Raw Vacuum >>

* The Most Detailed Map Ever Made Of The Milky Way In Radio Waves >>
* Brain Waves Control Our Memory >>
* What is hot in multi-billion dollar RNAi, Gene therapy and CAR-T biotech? >>

* China’s 240 petaflop supercomputer >>
* Super-strong aluminum as strong as steel >>
* A Nationalized 5G Network Could Settle Network Neutrality For Good >>

* What is Microsoft’s ‘Polaris’ project? >>
* Jet-powered flying Segway >>
* AI May Have Finally Decoded the Mysterious ‘Voynich Manuscript’ >>

* Your fitness tracker knows too much about you >>
* Piece of DNA Containing Coded Key to One Bitcoin Cracked Days Before Deadline >>
* The problem with building a “fair” system >>

* Diligent Robotics Bringing Autonomous Mobile Manipulation to Hospitals >>
* South Korea will regulate, not ban, cryptocurrency trading >>
* Alexa can send SMS messages using your voice >>

* MPEG Founder Says the MPEG Business Model Is Broken >>
* 60+ new live online trainings just launched on O’Reilly’s learning platform >>

* First students arrive on campus to pursue “hybrid” masters degrees >>
* Volvo’s first EV will be a hatchback shooting for 310-mile range >>
* Google’s cleaning up the Play Store, using machine learning to remove 700,000 bad apps >>

* What Trump means when he talks nukes at the State of the Union >>
* Learn how to code with Python by taking these online classes for just $19 >>
* Scientists are zeroing in on where intuition comes from, biologically >>

* Soon in-flight Wi-Fi will be both inescapable and really fast >>
* Incredible £700 pocket-sized DNA scanner could help detect diseases in real-time >>
* People know when they are dying and prefer to be alone, reveals academic >>

* To control RNA, hide it under a ‘blanket’ >>
* How Responsible are Killers with Brain Damage? >>
* Trump’s Tax Bill Seen as a “Poke in the Eye” to America’s Solar Future >>

* Its Other ‘smart’ devices at home that should really frighten you.. >>
* Erica, robot that is so life-like, will replace a Japanese TV news anchor in April >>

* Brain systems responsible for our ability to learn language came into existence BEFORE humans >>
* The DeLorean is Coming Back, in the Future >>
* Why your airplane’s wings will never snap off from turbulence >>

* Trump Endorses “Right to Try” for Terminally Ill Patients >>
* Separating Science Fact From Science Hype: How Far off Is the Singularity? >>
* Ford patents driverless police car that ambushes speeding drivers using AI video >>

* Tesla customers get their first glimpse of the Model 3 >>
* Xbox is in trouble — and Microsoft is considering a major acquisition to fix it >>
* Google is launching a new digital store to sell cloud-based software >>

* Amazon just revealed its new Spheres building, which features a mini tropical forest >>
* US Report Confirms Russia Is Developing the World’s Most Powerful Nuclear Weapon >>
* World’s oceans in 2017 were the hottest on record ‘by far’ >>

* China Wants to Create the Chips to Power the Future of AI >>
* China Has Built a Huge Floating Solar Farm on Top of a Deserted Coal Mine >>
* China gathering AI and quantum technology researchers as part of military applications push >>
* China has no plans to clone humans following success of monkey trial >>
* China takes lead in space technology in 2018 >>

* You can now use selfies to help you make a flawless Bitmoji >>
* DroneGun Tactical is a portable (but still illegal) drone scrambler >>
* You can use Alexa to send SMS messages now, if you’ve also got an Android phone >>

* The Startling Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer’s >>
* This 60 FPS Footage Of A Drone Racing Down Mountains Will Give You Vertigo >>
* Molly Maloof, Silicon Valley doctor and health tech innovator >>

* New Study Links Human Consciousness to a Law That Governs the Universe >>
* Ready Player One Trailers >>
* Antman and Wasp Trailer >>

* Tensorflow Lite: Neat, but an ordeal to get running on your mobe >>
* Art history AI sees links between hundreds of years of paintings >>

* Robots might help prevent toxic mine spills >>
* Hey, Elon Musk: This Arizona company says it has a better flamethrower >>
* Op-Ed: America under Trump should seek strength through cooperation and not competition >>

* Researchers Cure Lung Fibrosis in Mice With a Single Gene Therapy >>
* The End Of Root Canals: Stem Cell Fillings Trigger Teeth To Repair Themselves, Research Study Claims >>
* ‘Holy Grail’ of dinosaur fossils found in Egypt >>

* Ways AI Will Fight the Cybersecurity Battles of the Future >>
* Thousands in Kenya are getting free money for 12 years in UBI experiment could redefine social welfare >>
* VRLA 2018 Tickets On Sale For May 4 and 5 >>

* Trump didn’t say much about tech in his first-ever State of the Union address >>
* Netflix parents get a paid year off and Amazon pays for spouses’ parental leave >>
* Here are the three sectors in China with the most billionaires >>

* Experts Answer: Should You Be Allowed to Create Your Own Clone? >>
* Artificial Intelligence Can Support Killer Viruses in the War Against Superbugs >>
* In a World First, Children Get New Ears Grown From Their Own Cells >>

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