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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 Janurary 2018

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* Mobile banking is more important than ever >>
* Don’t expect a personal robot butler any time soon >>
* 2018’s must-see movies >>

* Microsoft is working on ‘building-scale’ VR for disaster simulations >>
* Watch this BMW refuel 5 times during an 8-hour drift >>
* New electric wheelchair with a 10-mile battery is a game changer >>

* Bloated Facebook Messenger promises to simplify in 2018 >>
* Google Uses AI to Find Your Fine-Art Doppelgänger >>

* Google: Expanding our global infrastructure with new regions and subsea cables >>
* Amazon Fire TV becomes an interface for Live TV with select Amazon Channels >>
* CES 2018: 5G News and Nuggets >>

* Job Alert: How Would You Like To Babysit Robots? >>
* Open Banking is here to change how you manage your money >>
* IBM is teaming up on blockchain with the world’s largest shipping company >>

* Elon Musk says Model 3 owners will “be able to do pretty much anything” via voice >>
* AWS brings Go support to its Lambda serverless platform >>
* Scientists Use Bacteria, Broccoli to Treat Colorectal Cancer >>

* Japan sounds false alarm over North Korean missile >>
* BitTorrent Client Transmission Suffers Remote Takeover Vulnerability >>
* Google denies launching optimized version of Maps for China >>

* Microdrones That Cooperate to Transport Objects Could Be Future of Warehouse Automation >>
* IBM kills Global Technology and Global Business Services: It’s all ‘IBM Services’ now >>
* Slack Hopes Its AI Will Keep You from Hating Slack >>

* Quika promises free satellite internet for developing countries >>
* Democrats are just one vote shy of restoring net neutrality (Update) >>
* Renewable Energy Set To Be Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels By 2020, Says Report >>

* Google says “no changes” to mapping platform in China after report >>
* Study: Rhythmic interactions between cortical layers underlie working memory >>
* Biologists’ new peptide could fight many cancers >>

* Algorithms transform Chicago scenes into trippy lobby art >>
* US will reveal revised autonomous car guidelines this summer >>
* A modest primer for Ethereum programming >>

* Income distributions show how far India has to go to create even a global middle class >>
* Robots are better at reading than humans >>
* ‘We can’t use old models on new innovation’: A top GSK exec says pharma is about to see a massive shift >>

* Airbnb now lets users pay less up front for bookings >>
* Scientists find females display MORE brain activity than men when they’re aroused >>
* Chinese scientists unveil plan to zap space junk with orbital lasers >>

* Gem Diamond finds 910 carat diamond >>
* Deep neural network models score higher than humans in reading and comprehension test >>
* Global carmakers investing at least $90 billion in electric vehicles >>

* Device creates negative mass and a new way to generate lasers >>
* This is the central spending issue that could make or break the government shutdown fight >>
* A capsized oil tanker is releasing invisible toxins into the sea >>

* Researchers identify protein involved in cocaine addiction >>
* The Air Force has deployed one of its few electronic-warfare aircraft to South Korea >>
* Winter Olympics: How good is North Korea at sport? >>

* Researchers identify ‘social place cells’ in the brain that respond to the locations of others >>
* Are Things Getting Worse? >>
* Ford reveals $11 BILLION electric vehicles plans and promises range of 40 by 2022 >>

* The radical plan to clear space debris by blasting it with a LASER GUN >>
* Pulsar Navigation: Mining Our Datasets >>

* Researchers find that one person likely drove Bitcoin from $150 to $1,000 >>
* China Ups Ante On Search for Alien Life –Another New Radio Telescope Will Be Largest Antenna on Earth Able to Trace Origin of Any Signal >>

* Google Memory Loss >>
* Leak claims Samsung Galaxy S9 might launch on February 26 >>

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