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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 December 2018

* Crispr Isn’t Enough Any More. Get Ready For Gene Editing 2.0 >>
* Tourist Snaps Sneak Peek of SpaceX Falcon Heavy Payload Fairing in Florida >>
* NASA in 2017: The Space Year in Review in Videos >>

* Time Crystals to Tetraquarks: Quantum Physics in 2017 >>
* Dig Deep: DARPA Contest Aims to Take People Underground >>
* Cargo Industry Tests Seaplane Drones to Deliver Freight >>

* First genetically engineered super horse, designed to be faster and stronger in 2019 >>
* Love at first sight is really just lust or even false memory >>
* Can AI keep these zoo animals warm? >>

* Resolution of self driving car sensors improved 1,000-fold to detect objects through fog >>
* SENS antiaging progress in 2017 >>
* This Autonomous Quadrotor Swarm Doesn’t Need GPS >>

* LG and Here help self-driving cars share their knowledge >>
* Game of the Year: Jordan Minor’s Actual Games of the Year (2017) >>
* After getting crushed by Google’s AlphaGo, top Go player will try to beat Chinese AI >>

* Airbus is on the brink of killing off the A380 superjumbo if new Emirates order fails >>
* North Korea may launch another missile and weaponize anthrax on its next ICBM >>
* Technique to allow AI to learn words in the flow of dialogue developed >>

v2018 preview: Bitcoin and ICO bubbles are set to burst >>
* If Dogs Can Smell Cancer, Why Don’t They Screen People? >>
* Cracking the Brain’s Enigma Code >>

* Israel might launch its own cryptocurrency >>
* World’s coolest chip runs at near absolute zero >>
* Elon Musk vows to build Tesla pickup truck ‘right after’ Model Y >>

* The Most Intriguing Alien Planet Discoveries of 2017 >>
* An Alien Solar System: TRAPPIST-1 Discovery Tops Our 2017 Exoplanet List >>
* Dragonfly: Contemplating a Return to Titan >>

* Kia and Hyundai cars will include AI assistants starting in 2019 >>
* Google’s Voice-Generating AI Is Now Indistinguishable From Humans >>
* When Harry Met Barry: The BBC Obama Interview >>

* Freed From the iPhone, the Apple Watch Finds a Medical Purpose >>
* How Big Tech Is Going After Your Health Care >>
* Warning over new Android virus which can physically melt phones >>

* US reveals radical ‘Gray Wolf’ cruise missiles that can chat among themselves to create ‘swarm’ attacks >>
* Banana with an edible SKIN >>
* The rise of the flirtbots: Automated systems are getting kisses and even marriage proposals from customers >>

* Spacex will have many more launches in 2018 including manned mission in August >>
* Beyond Crispr -Cas9 Gene editing >>
* Auto-motivation! The Top Car Designs From 2017! >>

* This is how a molten salt nuclear reactor works >>
* Why did last week’s SpaceX launch look so strange? >>
* The World Health Organization may soon recognize video game addiction >>

* Tech billionaires amassed wealth faster than anyone else in 2017 >>
* Instagram will now add ‘Recommended’ posts to your feed >>
* Piracy Notices Can Mess With Your Thermostat, ISP Warns >>

* Vietnam Deploys 10,000 Cyber Warriors to Fight ‘Wrongful Views’ >>
* Putin wants to police social media ahead of Russian election >>
* China’s extension of EV tax rebates is good news for car makers >>

* Acoustic Attacks on HDDs Can Sabotage PCs, CCTV Systems, ATMs, More >>
* True wireless charging is about to become a thing >>
* The Most-read Wired Business Stories Of 2017 >>

* Plummeting temperatures could send the world into a ‘mini ice age’ in 2030 >>
* Incredible time-lapse footage shows Elon Musk’s Space X rocket blasting off >>
* Growing organs a few ink drops at a time >>

* The Top Tech Books Of 2017: Part Ii >>
* NASA hopes to send a probe to Alpha Centauri in 2069 >>
* Consumers In Germany Were Paid To Use Electricity This Holiday Season >>

* Bitcoin: Would you want to get paid in cryptocurrency? >>
* Apple Watch adding EKG monitoring feature >>
* Scientists Are Designing Artisanal Proteins for Your Body >>

* Tesla cars will soon get a new feature that owners have been demanding for months >>
* Phone Security >>
* The wildest scientific discoveries of 2017 >>

* The Verge 2017 tech report card: Amazon >>
* The Verge 2017 tech report card: Google >>
* The Verge 2017 tech report card: Samsung >>
* The Verge 2017 tech report card: Facebook >>

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