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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 December 2017

* Cities With Uber Have Lower Rates Of Ambulance Usage >>
* Scientists Are Designing Artisanal Proteins for Your Body >>

* Rigetti has a 19 qubit quantum computing system and it runs unsupervised machine learning >>
* Bitcoin climbs back above $16,000, rallying more than 50% from Friday’s low >>

* Billionaires may be the future of space policy — here’s what they want >>
* A Japanese startup wants to put advertising on the moon >>
* Genomics and AI push the boundary of precision medicine in blood cancer >>

* 2018 should be the year of quantum supremacy >>
* The new space race is postponed until 2018 >>
* CRISPR gene therapy preserves hearing >>

* The Year Women Reclaimed The Web >>
* 2017 Was The Year We Fell Out Of Love With Algorithms >>
* The universe may be full of ex-moons flung from their homeworlds >>

* State of Artificial Intelligence in 2017 >>
* Electric armband to banish agony of migraines >>
* Japan may refit a helicopter carrier to handle F-35B stealth fighters in response to threats from China and North Korea >>

* The Biggest Spaceflight Stories of 2017 >>
* Metal Asteroid Psyche Is Ready for an Early Visit from NASA >>
* Eisenhower on the Threat of “Big Science” >>

* ‘Gaming disorder’ may get classified as a mental health condition — here’s what that means >>
* Flying in aeroplanes exposes people to more radiation than standing next to a nuclear reactor — here’s why >>
* The wildest scientific discoveries of 2017 >>

* The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner >>
* Uber is offloading its money-losing car lease business >>
* What Amazon’s Alexa Economy Pays the People Building Its Skills >>

* Google’s new AI ranks photos on their technical and aesthetic quality >>
* Google’s lead in mapping will help in visual search >>
* 17 Top 3D Printing Themes of 2017 >>

* How a Machine That Can Make Anything Would Change Everything >>
* Using drones to build the ambulance fleet of the future >>

* If the Pentagon Is Hiding Aliens from Us, the Zoo Hypothesis May Explain Why >>
* When to Decentralize Decision Making, and When Not To >>
* What to Do When You Don’t Feel Valued at Work >>

* At Last, The Age Of The Electric Car Really Arrives >>
* Make your MacBook Pro even better with the MemPro USB-C hub >>
* Google 2017 in review: Hits, misses, and WTF moments >>

* Movie Theaters Were Already in Trouble. With Disney’s Fox Deal, It’s Double >>
* In homage to ‘Star Wars’, man tests a robot hand that allows control of each prosthetic finger >>
* Is Noah’s Ark buried on a Turkish mountain ? >>

* Trump Thinks He Deserves More Credit Than Media Is Willing To Share — CNN Theorizes Trump ‘Is Probably Right’ >>
* Downbeat iPhone X sales projections hobble Apple shares >>
* Cutting Loose: Crafty Paper Silhouettes Animate Architectural Landmarks >>

* All the TV shows coming in early 2018 — and whether you should watch them >>
* Amazon’s Alexa won Christmas in America this year >>
* Uber as an ambulance substitute >>

* The 39 Games We Can’t Wait To Play In 2018 >>

* This Athletic Robot Is Making Us Feel Bad About Our Lifestyle Choices >>
* The world’s first vending machine for the homeless just launched – and it’s totally free >>
* Advanced Algorithms: A Free Course from Harvard University >>

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