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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 December 2017

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* Artificial Intelligence Predicts Outcomes of Chemical Reactions >>
* Innovation Group presents The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2018 >>
* Ten predictions for digital media in 2018 >>

* Watch every panel from Disrupt Berlin 2017 Day 1 >>
* Watch the first day of Disrupt Berlin LIVE right here! >>
* A New Route to High-Sensitivity Pressure Sensors >>

* Could Intelligent Machines of the Future Own the Rights to Their Own Creations? >>
* Rise of robot therapists: World’s first bot has more than 2 million conversations a week via Messenger >>

* How the brain keeps time >>
* Wandelbots wants to reinvent the way we program robots >>
* Helping AI master video understanding >>

* Google’s AI Built an AI that Outperforms Any Made By Humans >>
* China’s A.I. Advances Help Its Tech Industry, and State Security >>
* Wars of the future will use algorithms like ammunition, according to experts who warn Chinese and Russian AI could ‘rule the world’ >>

* China thinks its controlled internet model will work on a global scale >>
* NASA may have added years to Voyager 1’s life >>
* Sheryl Sandberg says she faced sexual harassment and firms lack clear policies >>

* Spacesuit ‘take me home’ feature could save lost astronauts >>
* Proof Work aims to decentralize medical data by using the blockchain >>
* New nanowires are just a few atoms thick >>

* Lia is launching the first-ever flushable pregnancy test >>
* AISpotter uses computer vision to make coaches’ jobs easier >>
* Notch can record your body movements >>

* There’s now a Facebook Messenger app for kids not old enough to use Facebook >>
* Reason8 is an AI assistant for managers and meetings >>
* Reading at work >>

* Bill Gates’s 2017 Holiday Reading List >>
* ‘House of Cards’ returns in 2018 — without Kevin Spacey >>
* How Criminal Courts Are Putting Brains—not People—on Trial >>

* New Survey Takes The Hubble Deep Field To The Next Level, Analyzing Distance And Properties Of 1,600 Galaxies >>
* Caltech Scientists Use Undersea Robots to Probe Antarctica Ocean “Hotspots” >>
* I brought a self-driving car home for the holidays — and no one cared >>

* Study: IBM’s Watson Found Cancer Treatments That Doctors Overlooked >>
* Voyager and Mission Longevity >>
* LiDAR strips landscapes down to their bare glory >>

* Using Neural Networks to Predict Outcomes of Organic Chemistry >>
* IBM scientists demonstrate 10x faster large-scale machine learning using GPUs >>
* eTrack Tech has a mission to make manufacturing safer for small businesses >>

* This fleet of self-driving public buses in China will carry a bigger load >>
* VW declares war on Uber with new ride sharing service using electric minibus it says will replace a MILLION cars around the world by 2025 >>
* Is this Amazon’s new delivery drone? >>

* How the brain keeps time: Scientists discover networks of neurons that stretch and compress to track tempo >>
* Could All of the World’s Cars Be Electric? >>
* If you invested $1,000 in Netflix 10 years ago, here’s how much you’d have now >>

* Facebook rolls out kids version of Messenger >>
* The Last Jedi: can Star Wars’ Rey break Hollywood’s obsession with privilege? >>

* All the TV shows that have been canceled in 2017 >>
* Deep Learning In The Clinic: Predicting Patient Prognosis >>
* Programmable drug delivery platform combats diseased cells at genetic level >>

* Cell-derived drug delivery systems >>
* Wearable health monitoring with stretchable nanogenerators >>
* Successful implantation of heart pump with power cable behind the ear >>

* Elon Musk Isn’t Joking About Sending a Tesla to Mars >>
* There are 170,000 fewer retail jobs in 2017—and 75,000 more Amazon robots >>
* Humanity’s fight against climate change is failing. One technology can change that. >>

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