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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 December 2017

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* The Genius of Things Summit >>
* Explore a Model Factory >>
* Adding a Bit of Artificiality Makes Graphene Real for Electronics >>

* The Real Danger To Civilization Isn’t AI. It’s Runaway Capitalism >>
* How AI can make us better at arguing >>
* Carnegie Mellon reveals inner workings of victorious AI >>

* Alpha Centauri almost certainly home to mini-Earths that could be capable of sustaining life >>
* More Americans are killed by LAWNMOWERS than Jihadi terrorists on average each year, statistics reveal >>
* Apple’s wireless AirPod earphones sell out until JANUARY >>

* Airbus and Williams F1 building the Zephyr that flies at 20km >>
* Advisors urge military mobilization in Northeast China because of high risks of Korean War >>

* Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple added to Bloomberg Financial Terminals >>
* China three year nationwide AI action plan – smart cars, factories, robots, drones, homes and more >>

* Artificial intelligence will detect child abuse images >>
* DARPA is working on a project that would drop a swarm of drones from an airplane — and fly back into it after their mission is complete >>
* This Self-Driving AI Is Learning to Drive Almost Entirely in a Virtual World >>

* Europe’s steepest funicular railway launches in Switzerland >>
* Anti-aging drugs that might be only a few years away >>
* Bitcoin Futures Trading >>

* The Search for Life on Mars Should Go Underground, Scientists Say >>
* “Oumuamua Update” –‘Our Alien Visitor Was Exposed to Cosmic Rays for Billions of Years Before Entering Our Star System’ >>
* ‘Oumuamua Probably Isn’t A Spaceship—but It Could Have Passengers >>

* Fulfilling the Promise of AI Requires Rethinking the Nature of Work Itself >>
* Unquantify Your Health With This Screenless Smart Scale >>
* From Black Panther To X-men: Dark Phoenix, The 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2018 >>

* Robotic wheelchair gives you a piggyback ride >>
* Tesla discourages commercial cars from using Superchargers >>
* How To Automatically Silence Autoplay Videos In Chrome >>

* Is Technology Value-Neutral? New Technologies and Collective Action Problems >>
* Four Big Trends to Watch at CES 2018 >>
* VR, AI Help Bots Collaborate with Humans >>

* India plans to build the world’s largest solar-wind power plant >>
* Rich people are only content when they centre on themselves >>

* Wound scanner shows bacteria glowing if your body is infected >>
* Scientists just created the world’s smallest Christmas card >>

* Carnegie Mellon’s ‘Superhuman AI’ bests leading Texas Hold’em poker pros >>
* Choosing the right level of abstraction with TensorFlow >>
* CRISPR in 2018: Coming to a Human Near You >>

* How To Turn Complicated Ideas Into Simple Concepts >>
* Five Workplace Issues We’ll Be Talking About In 2018 >>
* Another AI attack, this time against ‘black box’ machine learning >>

* Japan Opens First Drive-through Funeral Service >>
* Try Not to Lose ‘World’s Smallest’ Fully Functional Mobile Phone >>
* The state of AI adoption >>

* Toyota plans to sell more than 10 electric cars by the early 2020s >>
* 3D-Printed Cake Looks Like Something from ‘Blade Runner’ >>
* China Blocks Foreign Companies From Mapping Its Roads for Self-Driving Cars >>

* Google Defeats Worldwide Site Blocking Order in US Court >>
* Scientists Discover a Gene for Pain Thanks to Some Super-Tough Italians >>
* The Internet of Things Is Going to Change Everything About Cybersecurity >>

* India will deploy two thousand Google laser internet links for highspeed network backbone >>
* 2017 year in review: Good riddance! >>
* Toyota will electrify entire vehicle lineup by 2025 >>

* BMW teams up with Solid Power to develop solid-state batteries for cars >>
* ‘Rainbrow’ is an iPhone X game you play with your eyebrows >>
* Impatient With Colleges, Employers Design Their Own Courses >>

* France files supplier contract complaint against Amazon >>
* One in ten women have been told to go home and change by their boss >>
* End of an era for the 747 as final US flight touches down in Detroit >>

* Inner workings of victorious AI revealed by researchers >>
* The Kepler-90 Planetary System >>
* $13.7 billion Whole Foods buy has turned the world against Amazon — and we’ll see the sparks fly next year >>

* Donald Trump Is Dropping Climate Change From a List of Security Threats >>
* The World’s First Fully Solar-Powered Train Just Left the Station >>
* Mclaren’s New Million-dollar Hypercar Looks Like A Giant Matchbox Toy >>

* Technology Is Threatening Our Jobs; How to Re-Invent Yourself in an Age of Continuous Uncertainty >>
* Amazon is the biggest threat to bitcoin right now >>
* New Zealand Prepares Consultation to Modernize Copyright Laws >>

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