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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 December 2018

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* Meet the CIA’s Insectothopter >>
* OneWeb will fully deploy multi-gigabit global satellite network by 2021 and start with Alaska service in 2019 >>
* Ripple briefly passes Ethereum for second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization >>

* Amazon did a lot of funky stuff this year and it’s paying off >>
* Kodi Returns to Its Roots, Now Available on Xbox One >>
* DeepMind’s CEO told Prince Harry his AI lab now employs 700 staff >>

* The biggest rocket launches and space missions we’re looking forward to in 2018 >>
* CRP Group Prepares to Hit CES 2018 with 3D Printed Motorcycles, Drones and Satellites >>
* 2017 Built a Bridge to Innovation: Year in Construction 3D Printing >>

* 2018 preview: Last chance for new physics at the LHC for years >>
* Is the James Webb Space Telescope “Too Big to Fail?” >>
* A zero-calorie mojito? World’s first virtual cocktail hijacks your senses using lights, scents and electrodes to make water taste like your favourite drink >>

* The Plasma Magnet Drive: A Simple, Cheap Drive for the Solar System and Beyond >>
* First glimpse of Falcon Heavy: SpaceX raises Elon Musk’s ‘megarocket’ on Cape Canaveral launchpad >>
* First ever test of a hypersonic equipped missile that is intended for operational deployment >>

* Atomically Precise Molecular Nanotechnology could fit two DOE funding solicitations >>
* Current and near term quantum computers >>
* New Theory of Gravity and the Dark Side of the Cosmos >>

* All 50 states opt in to AT&T’s FirstNet public safety network >>
* Coaxing Light From Graphene >>
* Microsoft Files a Patent for an Adjustable Tension Thumbstick Mechanism for the Xbox Controller >>

* Slashdot Asks: How Should Apple Have Responded To the Battery Controversy? >>
* Apple finally issues an apology after its iPhone battery fiasco >>
* Why the $29 iPhone battery replacement is Apple’s best move of the year >>
* Apple Sued for Throttling iPhones Without User Consent >>

* Cryptojacking Has Gotten Out Of Control >>
* Our favorite blockchain pitches of 2017 >>
* CryptoKitties, Explained … Mostly >>

* THe Most-read Wired Security Stories Of 2017 >>
* What to expect at CES 2018 >>

* Netflix’s ‘Bright’ reached 11M viewers in its first three days, according to Nielsen >>
* Team Trump tried to diss Obama in its website code, but couldn’t even get that right >>

* AWS showed no signs of slowing down in 2017 >>
* What the Big Mergers of 2017 Tell Us About 2018 >>
* Physics Found Gravitational Waves. Now Come The Existential Questions >>

* Black Mirror launches with terrifying episode that sees robodogs eerily similar to Boston Dynamics REAL robots hunt and kill humans >>
* Where the ‘Ring of Fire’ could ignite in 2018: Researchers reveal the six volcanoes most at risk of eruption >>
* The helmet that knows when you’re distracted: Incredible mind-reading headwear could help drivers better focus on the road >>

* Your body fat may be protecting you against infections >>
* The radical ‘wifi power’ transmitter that can charge your electronics from 80 FEET away >>

* Google is making moves towards mobile-first search >>
* Insider Reflections on the ICO Bubble Part III: 2018 is when crypto begins to move from speculation to utility. >>

* 55 VR Games We Can’t Wait To Play In 2018 >>
* Why AR Just Wasn’t Quite There in 2017, And Where It Goes Next >>

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