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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 December 2017

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* Watch Blue Origin’s New Shepard 2.0 Spacecraft Soar in 1st Test Flight >>
* Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins >>
* New Map Shows The Motion Of All The Galaxies In Our Supercluster >>

* Google’s Year In Search 2017 video is full of hope >>
* Google, Looking to Tiptoe Back into China, Announces A.I. Center >>
* AI filmmaker; Script-writing robot learns to manipulate human emotions by binge-watching tear jerkers >>

* First advert on the moon: Japanese space startup raises $90 million for lunar surface by 2020 >>
* There are more than 1.9 million technology professionals working in the AI sector globally >>
* AI Algorithms to Prevent Suicide Gain Traction >>

* Baby Born With Heart Outside Her Body Is Saved >>
* The tiny space rock New Horizons is headed for may have a moon >>
* Luke Skywalker prosthetic AI hand lets amputee play the piano again >>

* Modern copyright law can’t keep pace with thinking machines >>
* ispace just raised $90 million to launch two private moon missions by 2020 >>
* Busting the Myths About A.I. Invading Our Lives >>

* Jeff Bezos just launched a dummy called ‘Mannequin Skywalker’ into space and safely returned it to Earth >>
* How Machine Learning Can Help Identify Cyber Vulnerabilities >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is Killing The Uncanny Valley And Our Grasp On Reality >>

* Laser-driven technique for creating fusion is now within reach, say researchers >>
* India’s grasp on IT jobs is loosening up. Is artificial intelligence to blame? >>
* Mars overdue a planet-wide dust storm that could harm the rovers >>

* Nvidia AI can change video scenes from winter to summer >>
* NASA’s Mars MAVEN Mission Sheds Light on Search for Life-Bearing Alien Planets >>
* Russian decline in world power will accelerate over the 2020s >>

* Big bird: Fossil of giant penguin discovered in New Zealand >>
* 17 books Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg think everyone should read >>
* T-Mobile is becoming a cable TV provider >>

* IoT Markets to Watch in 2018 >>
* Scientists develop new artificial ovary prototype >>
* Releases free preview of Quantum Development Kit >>

* Scientists create stretchable battery made entirely out of fabric >>
* Why This Explosive, Mars-Like Volcanic Island Fascinates NASA >>
* Humanity’s Expansion into Deep Space Is Inevitable, Industry Experts Say >>

* Space Station Crew Returns to Earth Tonight: How to Watch Live >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Dec 13, 2017: Emilio Enriquez And Seti’s Breakthrough Listen Initiative >>
* Light Camera Founder Explains Delays, Software Bugs, and Slow Data Transfer >>

* A Case Against Net Neutrality >>
* A Case for Net Neutrality >>
* The Silicon Valley Paradox: One In Four People Are At Risk of Hunger >>

* What the US would need to beat China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Salafist-jihadi >>
* The President’s plan to revisit the moon raises lots of questions—here are the answers >>

* Lights, camera, 802.11ax-ion! new 10G WiFi >>
* Why China Isn’t Taking America’s Garbage Anymore—Literally >>
* An introduction to regular expressions >>

* How To Be A Television Futurist In Four Simple Steps >>
* The Race For Ar Glasses Starts Now >>
* What is Next Gen TV and when will it launch? >>

* Students solve a 60-year-old space radiation mystery >>
* The Google Assistant: coming to tablets and more Android phones >>
* Best practices for mobile AR design >>

* Google is opening a China-based research lab focused on artificial intelligence >>
* AI Creates Super-Religion Based on Sacred Texts >>
* The Mystery of How Babies Experience Pain >>

* Could this be the day for Rocket Lab’s Electron launch? >>
* Renault’s concept EV drove me at 80MPH while I wore a VR headset >>
* F-35 will receive upgraded avionics to improve weapons delivery and targeting >>

* Electric eels might be the key to powering implantable devices >>
* Blue Origin tests Crew Capsule 2.0 with ‘biggest windows in space’ >>
* Prepare Yourself for the “Tsunami of Data” Expected to Hit by 2025 >>

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