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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 December 2017

* China’s 7,680mph hypersonic aircraft delivered its warhead ‘within meters’ of its target 870 miles away, new details of historic test reveal >>
* Falcon Heavy raised on pad 39A for first time >>
* Less than 5% of India’s techies are ready for higher end AI and cloud computing work >>

* Britain’s spy agency can’t stop losing cyber talent to major tech companies >>
* Tokyo may use facial recognition for security at the 2020 Olympics >>
* The Robots Are Coming, and Sweden Is Fine >>

* How the world’s first floating city could restore the environment >>
* MoviePass Adds a Million Subscribers, Even if Theaters Aren’t Sold on It >>

* We already know blockchain’s killer apps >>
* Bitcoin’s price sinks as South Korea bans anonymous crypto trading >>
* Bitcoin exchange chief kidnapped as he leaves work >>
* Cryptocurrencies Could Be One Big Ponzi Scheme >>

* Ten ways tech will change your life in 2018 >>
* Lamborghini’s EV initiatives seem to lack a spark >>
* LG debuts the ThinQ, a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker >>

* Google Works With Hotels To Hurt Travel Competition >>
* Mark Zuckerberg’s Real Campaign: Save Facebook >>
* Attending CES 2018? TechCrunch wants to see your company >>

* Carlsberg Turns To AI To Help Develop Beers >>
* Coworking Is Not About Workspace — It’s About Feeling Less Lonely >>
* Scientists made a virtual supernova you can walk around >>

* At an Air Show in China, Drones, Not Jets, Are the Stars >>
* Researchers say life on Mars may have had a better chance underground >>
* Kodi Piracy and Addon Predictions for 2018 >>

* CRISPR knocks out ALS gene mutation in mice >>
* 2018 preview: Gene therapy treats disease while in the womb >>

* How NASA’s Search for ET Relies on Advanced AI >>
* Elon Musk’s surprise SpaceX rocket launch causes multi-car pile-up >>
* Google has quietly become one of the world’s most important hardware companies >>

* Secret to Porpoise Sonar Revealed >>
* Three Brain Technologies to Watch in 2018 –“Neural Dust, Thought-Powered Typing & Mini-Brains” >>
* How a Solar Eclipse Captivated America in 2017 >>

* China has statue of a Transformer that is taller and heavier than the Statue of Liberty >>
* Trump’s ‘Back to the Moon’ Directive Leaves Some Scientists with Mixed Feelings >>
* “Before the Big Bang” –Compelling New Theories on the Origin of Time (2017 Most Viewed) >>

* Ion beam controlled to etch single silicon atom depth >>
* NIST creates spectrometer with 10,000 times more precision than standard devices >>
* Berkeley Labs has built an 8 qubit quantum computer and targets a 64 qubit system >>

* IEEE Spectrum’s Most Popular Stories of 2017 >>
* SpaceX BFR construction will start in 4 to 6 months >>
* Progress to scalable Molecular Machines >>

* Apple and Amazon may set up shop in Saudi Arabia soon >>
* The Killer Combo: When Stored Value Meets a Network Effect >>
* ‘Steve Jobs’ is an Italian company — and Apple can’t do anything about it >>

* 2018 Is The Year Virtual Reality Goes Wireless >>
* How VR Helped Make The World Better In 2017 >>
* Xbox’s lack of compelling games won’t be fixed next year >>

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