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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 December 2017

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* Microsoft releases quantum computing development kit preview >>
* Google’s new Star Wars AR stickers put Porgs everywhere >>
* Fowl Language: AI Decodes the Nuances of Chicken “Speech” >>

* Stanford AI Index finds rapid technical progress and industry growth >>
* Could Russia’s president one day be a ROBOT? >>
* 3D-printing biocompatible living bacteria >>

* Scaling Deep Learning until systems reach human level performance or better >>
* Self driving car news from Tesla, Nutonomy and Apple >>
* DNA Has Gone Digital—What Could Possibly Go Wrong? >>

* Google’s Assistant will help ‘sync’ your smart home devices >>
* Gene therapy gives ‘bubble babies’ immune systems >>
* Elon Musk’s Boring Company sold $600,000 worth of hats >>

* Is Elon Musk even allowed to send his car to deep space? >>
* An AI That Makes Fake Videos May Facilitate the End of Reality as We Know It >>
* Future of AI: Blockchain and Deep Learning >>

* Apple gives a rare private demo of its driverless car system that uses lasers to detect pedestrians and cyclists from a distance >>
* Apple AI chief reveals more progress on self-driving car tech >>

* A.I. spots epilepsy seizures in advance >>
* Fasting may boost brainpower by giving neurons more energy >>
* Targeting this protein could prevent Alzheimer’s >>

* Dogs are BETTER at reading our moods than we are >>
* Kim Jong-un’s ‘secret BIOWEAPONS plan >>
* Scientists Are Using Eye-Tracking To Discover How We See Design >>

* The Net Neutrality Debate Hinges on Defining the Internet >>
* In-Space Manufacturing Is About to Get a Big Test >>
* Blue Origin Preparing to Resume Test Flights from West Texas >>

* Trump to sign directive ordering NASA to return to the Moon >>
* What Do I Do All Day? Livestreamed Technology Ceoing >>
* NASA’s high altitude ER-2 scans California’s wildfires >>

* Carbon Nanomaterials Could Push Copper Aside in Chip Interconnects >>
* NASA will have big Kepler AI assisted discovery announced on Thursday >>
* Google’s premium Home Max smart speaker goes on sale >>

* ITER fusion project lies about the dates, budget and power levels >>
* Boeing only has lies and empty promises about Mars so NASA will not cut off $4 billion per year for SLS rocket >>
* A ‘groundbreaking’ new drug could help people living with a rare neurologic condition >>

* Earth is Approaching Pre-Permian Extinction Levels 252-Million Years Ago >>
* Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser Aces Glide Test Flight >>

* Apollo 17 Astronaut Begins Releasing Diary 45 Years After Moon Mission >>
* METI: A Longer-Term Perspective >>

* AI in Healthcare Summit >>
* Google AR Stickers let you drop Star Wars and Stranger Things characters into any photo >>
* MakeX announces the first 3D-printing backpack >>

* Microsoft releases free preview of its Quantum Development Kit >>
* Fired Tech Workers Turn To Chatbots for Counseling >>
* BBC launches Alexa skill for live radio and podcasts >>

* McLaren built a $1 million hypercar that it says is unlike any other vehicle in the world >>
* DNA has gone digital – what could possibly go wrong? >>

* A New Optical Illusion Was Just Discovered, And It’s Breaking Our Brains >>
* Flying cars don’t exist yet, but one company already wants to race them in the desert >>
* Microsoft’s holiday ad brings adorable monsters to life with Paint 3D >>

* Amazon Alexa can now wake you up to music >>
* Tinder >>
* Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi film production date revealed >>

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