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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 March 2017

* AutoX Slaps $50 Webcams on a Car to Make It Drive Itself >>
* Intel’s Bold Plan to Reinvent Computer Memory (and Keep It a Secret) >>
* Vodafone prepares an LTE moon shot >>

* Europe five year project to scale up molecular biocomputers, could outperform quantum computers >>
* Lice-Hunting Underwater Drone Protects Salmon With Lasers >>
* Large Hadron Collider Discovers 5 New Gluelike Particles >>

* Google Maps lets you share your location with friends and family >>
* The Brains of Blind People Really Are Wired to Enhance Other Senses >>
* Nokia blasts 250 Gbps across Atlantic in optical test for Facebook >>

* A New Technique Captures Stunning Timelapse Footage of the Smallest Living Things >>
* Next frontier in smart voice assistants: your ear >>
* Healthcare research: IBM uncovers new way to stimulate the body to fight disease >>

* Via’s 360-degree VR cameras ship for under $100 >>
* The glasses that give you superhuman vision: Researchers reveal filters that trick our eyes into seeing ‘invisible’ colors >>
* New Chilean Atacama Desert Observatory –To Probe First Signals of the Big Bang >>

* Brain’s ‘feel good’ system: Scientists pinpoint the region that causes addictions to hijack our thoughts >>
* COOKING could soon power up your phone: Radical new material can charge batteries from heat >>
* We’re off to Mars says Trump as he signs a law by the 2030s >>

* Studios Mull New Movies at Home, 30 Days After Release For $30 >>
* Nest security cameras can be knocked out via Bluetooth >>
* Stephen Hawking Fears He’s Not Welcome in Trump’s US >>

* The Next Mobile Computing Platform: A Pair Of Sunglasses >>
* Universe, a mobile-only website builder, lets you create pages in ‘under a minute’ >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day; Central Cygnus Skyscape >>

* Trump’s Electronics Ban on Airplanes Makes Less Sense Every Day >>
* Does the new ban on large electronic devices actually make flying safer? >>
* Jason Chaffetz Wants to Use Facial Recognition to Track Immigrants >>

* Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware >>
* Inside The Hunt For Russia’s Most Notorious Hacker >>
* A ‘Digital Alchemist’ Unravels the Mysteries of Complexity >>

* Rosetta: Chronicling Cometary Change >>
* The Missing Galaxies of the Cosmos >>
* Power Components for Battery Applications >>

* Software Engineering Jobs Dominate List of Best Careers for 2017 >>
* A serious assessment of the Technological Singularity >>
* World Will Pass $150 trillion GDP on a purchase power >>

* Mountain Biking Down an Abandoned Mine Shaft Is a Dimly Lit Descent Into Hell >>
* The Word ‘Planet’ Is So Important and Such Bullshit >>
* Share your trips and real-time location from Google Maps >>

* Apple’s iPad lineup is way too confusing >>
* Meet Bixby, Samsung’s New Virtual Assistant >>
* Robotic glove lets people with limited hand mobility perform daily tasks >>

* Shaking Up the Dinosaur Family Tree >>
* Female fish with bigger brains choose better mates >>
* Old blood can be made young again and it might fight ageing >>

* A little less ET, a little more astrophysics, if you please >>
* Why sperm need to go backwards to reach the egg >>
* ‘Pointless’ laptop ban to start by Saturday >>

* NASA prepares ‘futuristic’ clock for space >>
* Experiment to brew beer on Moon not selected to fly on TeamIndus spacecraft >>
* Inside a $20M apartment in one of the new luxury buildings changing NYC’s skyline >>

* Here’s everything leaving Netflix in April that you need to watch >>
* Telstra’s Gigabit Class LTE Network, the work of art >>
* Upload LA – A 20,000 sq ft VR & AR Focused Skills Training, Coworking and Community Space >>

* Vive Cat Tracker Video Shows Purrrfect Use Of New Add-On In Action >>
* Anonymous Sources Say Apple Wants To Evolve With AR >>
* How Mobile Apps Reduce Follow-Up Visits After Surgery >>

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