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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 March 2017

* From singing posters to talking t-shirts: Tech turns everyday objects into FM radio stations >>
* Empathy device lets a friend’s brain signals move your hand >>
* NASA study measures massive temperature spikes of wind INSIDE black hole >>

* Oculus has big plans to augment your reality >>
* Microsoft is launching a Netflix for video games this year >>

* Teenager’s sickle cell reversed with world-first therapy >>
* An astrophysicist explains dark matter — the most mysterious part of the universe >>
* Smart condom will rate sexual performance >>

* Inductive heating of Magnetic Nanoparticles enables safe thawing of cryopreserved transplant organs >>
* LINE announces the AI ​​based “Clova” >>
* Electronic Roses Could One Day Turn Gardens Into Batteries >>

* Windows ‘Mixed Reality’ VR headsets will hit the Xbox One and Project Scorpio next year >>
* Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa clash at Mobile World Congress >>
* Netflix Uses AI in Its New Codec To Compress Video Scene By Scene >>

* LG’s SteamVR headset is a bulky yet promising HTC Vive alternative >>
* Facebook Uses Machine Learning To Spot Suicidal Users >>
* Robots could be covered in HUMAN FLESH to help grow skin grafts for the injured >>

* Elon Musk agrees to Michigan fifth grader’s letter requesting a contest for homemade Tesla car ads >>
* NASA’s Mission to Europa Enters Design Phase >>
* Pizza Hut reveals bizarre ‘Pie Tops’ that let you order a slice with a click of the ankles >>

* First hint of how DNA calculators could supercharge computing >>
* Ads Will Be Even Harder to Escape Now That Posters Can Hijack FM Radio >>
* How your T-shirt could ‘speak’ via FM radio >>

* Why Indoor Robots for Commercial Spaces Are the Next Big Thing in Robotics >>
* The Tiny Robots Will See You Now >>
* Biotech Firm Halts ‘Revolutionary’ Cancer Treatment After Patient Deaths >>

* Counterfeit drugs are putting the whole world at risk >>
* Virgin Galactic Unveils Spin-Off Virgin Orbit for Small-Satellite Launches >>
* VSS Unity’s Latest Glide Forum For Branson’s Spaceflight Optimism | Video >>

* Google’s troll-destroying AI can’t cope with typos >>
* Should economists be more concerned about Artificial Intelligence? >>
* SpaceX Isn’t First Private Company to Offer Trips Around the Moon >>

* What The Oldest Fossil On Earth Means For Finding Life On Mars >>
* Rise Of The Super Telescopes: The European Extremely Large Telescope >>
* 7 Questions For 7 New Planets >>

* How fast and impactful will artificial intelligence, new wave automation and robotics be on job markets ? >>
* Computing exponentially faster using DNA >>
* IBM and Warwick Image Highly Reactive Triangular Molecule for the First Time >>

* More rigid molecular magnets could boost hard drive capacity 1000 times >>
* Watch a Large Hadron Collider Experiment Get a Major Upgrade >>
* Amazon begins large-scale rooftop solar installation across its warehouses >>

* Here’s What the Last Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer Revealed About the Villains and Their Plans >>
* This First Trailer for the New DuckTales Is Ducking Perfect >>
* ‘Robots Won’t Just Take Our Jobs — They’ll Make the Rich Even Richer’ >>

* YouTube TV Is Live >>
* Iflix, Hooq, Viu, Netflix, Viki, Catchplay And More: It’s A Crowded Video-On-Demand World >>
* Moscow Metro Mechanoid: A quirky ‘runaway’ robot with a wonky wink and piercing blue eyes will greet travellers on Russia’s subway system >>

* Wireless Arm Patch May Blunt Migraine Pain >>
* LiveSYNC You Control 360-Video Playback of Multiple Devices >>
* Your Phone Could Soon Sound as Good as a $15,000 Hi-Fi >>

* AxonVR’s haptic box made a tiny deer dance on the palm of my hand >>
* Sci-fi fan ‘used 3D printer to build guns’ >>
* WaveShades are sunglasses that can be used as a wallet >>

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