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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 March 2017

* The U.S. Military Wants Its Autonomous Machines to Explain Themselves >>
* Robotic Kelp Farms Promise an Ocean Full of Carbon Neutral, Low Cost Energy >>
* Robot Knows the Right Question to Ask When It’s Confused >>

* This 8K ‘VR’ ride is the craziest thing I saw at SXSW >>
* Robot eavesdrops on men and women to see how much they talk >>
* Is Netflix working on mobile-friendly content? Firm hints that it could release small-screen versions of its series ‘over the next few years’ >>

* Recoded organism paves way to new genetic language of life >>
* For the First Time, U.K. Allows Clinic to Proceed with “3-Parent” Baby Procedure >>
* Miniature lab the size of a TISSUE BOX begins science experiments in outer space >>

* Hidden HIV Reservoirs Exposed by Telltale Protein >>
* Earth’s inner Van Allen belt is far weaker than thought – and could lead to radical new spacecraft designs, NASA reveals >>

* Trump’s 2018 NASA Budget Request Would Scrap Asteroid Redirect Mission >>
* NIH would see huge budget cut under president’s proposal >>
* “Andromeda Once Flew Past Our Milky Way Galaxy At Close Range” –New Discovery Upends Einstein’s Theory of Gravity >>

* Booming Space Launch Required Rethinking of Ranges, Experts Say >>
* 3D Printing Saving Satellite Builders Time and Money >>
* Russia Recruiting For Its Moon Bound Cosmonauts >>

* Ultrafast laser pulses used to efficiently independently manipulate energy levels of electron pairs >>
* Automation that could take away human jobs can also open the massive resources of the solar system >>
* Warming Mars and thickening its atmosphere can be done in 10-100 years >>

* Video shows first sighting of the new Tesla Model 3 prototype >>
* Israel looking at Advanced F15 with more range, new electronics, sensors and double the weapons >>
* Israel may have already used new F35s in January for missile strike in Syria >>

* Preparing in case of an Artificial Intelligence job winter >>
* 9 Nuclear Explosion GIFs That Will Come in Handy During the Trump Era >>
* High-intensity interval training is great for you—but it won’t keep you from aging >>

* This vaccine just might stop Ebola from annihilating the great apes >>
* These AI-Powered Robot Spiders Utilize Your iPhone’s Incredible Processor >>
* Could Robots Actually Create More Jobs? >>

* Machine learning newbs: TensorFlow too hard? Kick its ass with Keras >>
* A Holy Grail of Personal Computing Hits the Auction Block; Apple-1 >>
* A new test can detect your blood type with color-changing paper >>

* Scientists Are Turning Earth Into a Telescope to See a Black Hole >>
* Intriguing New Hints About the First Order’s Forces in Star Wars: The Last Jedi >>
* Scientists want to define just how smart robot surgeons are >>

* Nvidia and Bosch team up on self-driving car AI supercomputer >>
* NASA plans to make a telescope out of the Sun >>
* Yale Researchers Find That Autism Genes Helped Us to Become Smarter >>

* Men need alcohol to enjoy social situations while women are happy to bond sober, study finds >>
* Planting more flowers in your garden in the spring and summer could quadruple the survival rate of under threat bees >>

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