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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 March 2017

* Quantum Algorithm Classifies 9,500 Handwritten Numbers >>
* How a Future Mars Lander Could ‘Crush It’ on the Surface >>
* How Artificial Intelligence enhances education >>

* Nanoscale simulation of complex logic will enable solution to certain problems that are not suited to binary systems >>
* MIT lab’s smart boots could keep astronauts on their feet >>
* Get the Job: Virtual Reality Portfolios And Resumes Have Arrived >>

* Google wants you to consider a new ‘smart’ denim jacket >>
* It’s Possible to Hack a Phone With Sound Waves, Researchers Show >>
* Can you solve the chess problem which holds key to human consciousness? >>

* The Smart Cities Summit Speakers >>
* Ray Kurzweil updates Singularity predicted arrival as 2029 >>
* A Revolutionary Genetic Experiment is Planned for a West African Village – If Residents Agree >>

* One Small Step for a Paraplegic, One Big Step Toward Reversing Paralysis >>
* Fractus Antennas Pitches New “Antenna-less” Smartphone Technology >>
* Sony’s Motion Sonic wristband makes sound with a wave of your arm >>

* Terrifying simulation reveals the catastrophic conditions of the supercell storm that created ‘El Reno’ >>
* Laser pulses in air detect uranium from afar >>
* The First Smartwatch for Blind People Receives Braille Notifications >>

* Watch Nasa test engines for the world’s biggest rocket in a stunning 360-degree video >>
* Tech company proposes edible drone to solve world hunger >>
* Dwave sells 2000 qubit quantum annealing to Volkswagen, Virginia Tech and upgrades systems for NASA and Google >>

* People are asking futurists if humans will one day swim as fast as sharks >>
* Peak Car Ownership is near – beginning of the fall of car ownership >>
* Complex Life May Have Emerged on Earth Much Earlier Than We Thought >>

* Researchers are using tomato peels and eggshells to make tires >>
* Your Computer Might Become an Expert Lip Reader to Keep Your Data Safe >>
* The quest to engineer entire organs in a lab >>

* You Can Now Get 3D-Printed Designer Furniture That Won’t Break The Bank >>
* Scientists Made the Perfect Underwater Glue By Stealing an Idea From Shellfish >>
* Hayo’s Kinect-like sensor for your home now has an API >>

* Survive Zombie Apocalypse in 3D-Printed Autonomous House >>
* Google Cloud Next ’17: A Dizzying Array Of New Features And Capabilities On Day 2 >>
* If My Airplane Crashes, What Are My Chances of Survival? >>

* Internet Of Things Connectivity Options Come Into Focus >>
* ‘Full Throttle Remastered’ will tear up the road this April >>
* Laser pulse study could lead to ultrafast computers >>

* The Nobelists and Their Molecular Machines >>
* Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage & Analysis >>
* Scientists are conspicuously missing from Trump’s government >>

* Oldest plant-like fossils discovered are 1.6 billion years old >>
* World’s first fluorescent frog that glows bright green >>
* Does quantum theory explain human consciousness? >>

* We traveled 3,000 miles just to look at the “Wallpaper TV” >>
* Robots need work, but beware rise of fascist AI >>
* VRWC 2017’s Investor Showcase Lets Startups Pitch For Up To £2 Million >>

* Doctor Who trailer >>
* 17 ridiculous ‘smart’ gadgets that really exist >>
* Sex In Space Not Kinky Preoccupation: Odd Data Found In Serious Studies >>

* Signal’s encrypted video calling is now available to all >>
* Humans Made the Banana Perfect—But Soon, It’ll Be Gone >>
* Japan takes a big step toward widespread drone delivery service >>

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