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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 March 2017

* Go-Mentum Station | New test track for high-tech automated vehicles >>
* French election in May 2018 will decide the future of Europe >>
* Recapping Google NEXT 2017: Deep Learning As A Service >>

* Meet Nomadic: The Company Turning Local Movie Theaters Into VR Arenas >>
* Uber’s self-driving car crashes in Arizona >>
* British Airways starts scanning faces to enable faster boarding >>

* US Navy mostly automated ‘Magic Carpet’ aircraft carrier landings starting 2019 >>
* ‘Black Box’ technique may lead to more powerful AI >>
* Facial Recognition Software Will Soon Replace Your Wallet >>

* Norway wants to build the world’s first full-scale ship tunnel >>
* Google’s AI Explosion in One Chart >>

* Molecule Kills Elderly Cells, Reduces Signs of Aging In Mice >>
* This nature-inspired wind turbine is shaped like a tree >>
* Most Cancer Is Bad Luck And Early Detection Is A Cure, Say Hopkins Researchers >>

* This animatronic dog will deliver your social media notifications >>
* Silicon Valley LiDAR Maker Quanergy Angles For A Trump Border Wall Contract >>
* Five to Try: Super Mario Run finally arrives, and Samsung unpacks its Galaxy S8 event app >>

* The first housekeeping robot is here — and it has the best name >>
* Video Friday: Robotics for Happiness, Drone Films, and Jeff Bezos’ Robot Suit >>
* Scientists Demonstrate Method of Turning Spinach Leaves Into Human Heart Tissue >>

* Technology is killing jobs, and only technology can save them >>
* A 21st-Century Version Of OS/2 Warp May Be Released Soon >>
* Does Social Media Make Millennials Want To Travel More? >>

* Want Commuters to Ditch Driving? Try Giving Them Cash Money >>
* US Scientists Launch World’s Biggest Solar Geoengineering Study >>
* Stem cell therapy restores sexual function in impotent men >>

* 21 bot experts make their predictions for 2017 >>
* Hate to Break It to Steve Mnuchin, But AI’s Already Taking Jobs >>
* Critical step in cellular repair of damaged DNA identified which could be big for reversing aging >>

* President Trump Hails NASA’s Space Exploration Spirit in Weekly Address >>
* Watch Stars Orbit The Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole >>
* A Smarter Gun >>

* Russia designing submarine that will use composite materials for the hull and other parts and fire hypersonic Zircon missiles >>
* Norway will build first ship tunnel that will be 121 feet tall and 87 feed wide and a mile long >>

* How Smartphones Became The New Heroin For Teens >>
* Quantum Theory Could Explain Our Sense of Humor, Study Shows >>
* How to transform your smartphone into a real-world Star Trek tricorder >>

* Augmented reality gets a second life in manufacturing >>
* The brain up close: Radical microscope reveals nerve synapses firing in breakthrough that could shed light on Alzheimer’s and depression >>
* The million dollar personal submarine >>

* House of the future? £50,000 space-age home shaped like a washing machine fits FOUR rooms into one by rotating 360 degrees >>
* World’s largest ‘artificial sun’ shines brightly for the first time >>

* Most Cancer Cases Arise from “Bad Luck” >>
* Is Most Cancer Just Random Bad Luck No Lifestyle Matters A Lot >>
* The Crazy New Camera Tech That Made Planet Earth 2 Possible >>

* Fallout 4 VR, Ghostbusters and Rock Band VR: The Week In VR Gaming >>
* How A Recession Could Boost VR Adoption >>
* HIV breakthrough may help scientists kill sleeping virus cells >>

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