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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 March 2017

* Startup Makes the First Lab-Grown Chicken Tender and Duck L’Orange >>
* Intel’s 15 Billion Reasons Why an AI Chip Revolution Has Arrived >>
* How President Trump Can Shape Space Exploration >>

* Zero 2 Infinity Conducts First Flight Test of Bloostar Balloon-Assisted Launcher >>
* “Alpha Centauri Up Close!” –NASA Looks at Using the Sun as a Giant Gravity Lens to Study Alien Planets >>
* Small Rocket Launched From Edge Of Space | Video >>

* Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Plans Crewed Launch Within a Year >>
* NASA Moving Ahead With Plans for Cislunar Human Outpost >>
* Dark Matter Was Likely a Minor Ingredient in Early Galaxies, Study Finds >>

* Canada To Get Its Own Spaceport >>
* Trump’s Nasa Authorization Act In All Its Glory >>
* Are You Ready For The Nanoswarm? >>
* JAXA Sail to Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids >>

* Reboot of The Matrix in the works >>
* Majority of age-related pathway have not been targeted so plenty of new antiaging drugs will be found >>
* If Fast Radio Bursts are beamed solar sail propulsion then they are powering one million ton spaceships for up to ten thousand Kardashev 1+ alien civilizations >>

* Asteroid clay makes great radiation shield >>
* MEMS based Atomic Force Microscope shrinks to Dime-sized Device >>
* China signaling navy and air force arms race in response to Trump military buildup plans >>

* What Happened When We Took the SCiO Food Analyzer Grocery Shopping >>
* America’s Doctors: Climate Change is Making People Sick >>
* Out-Of-Control Uber Slams Into Gas Pump And Explodes In A Fireball >>

* How to build a steam-powered cannon invented by Da Vinci >>
* Latest Version of Chrome Will Prevent Tabs From Killing Your Battery Life >>
* Antibiotic overuse might be bad for bees >>

* The Crazy Plan to Restore a Woman’s Fertility—and Defy the Limits of Nature >>
* You Might Be Waiting a While to Hear More News About The Batman >>
* The Gorgeous First Trailer for Pixar’s Coco Is Here >>

* Why preserving wild spaces is important to agriculture >>
* X-ray technique creates nanometer-scale 3D reconstructions of computer chips >>

* NVIDIA releases a tool to benchmark your VR setup >>
* Sound waves can be used to fool your phone’s motion sensors >>
* Google’s AI gets human help to avoid offensive search results >>

* A Robot Ear Surgeon Drills Into the Future of Medicine >>
* The World Is Completely Unprepared for a Global Pandemic >>
* McDonald’s begins testing Mobile Order & Pay ahead of nationwide launch >>

* The First Climate Model Turns 50, And Predicted Global Warming Almost Perfectly >>
* Hasta La Vista, Arthritis: Scientists Grow Human Skin on Robots >>
* New Zealanders steal beehives in honey ‘gold rush’ >>

* Supersonic Planes Are Mounting a Comeback—Without That Earth-Shaking Boom >>
* Netflix really wants to be a legitimate movie studio >>
* Mosaic problem stands in the way of gene editing embryos >>

* Complex Life Could Be Vastly Older Than Thought >>
* Dark matter took its time to wrap around early galaxies >>
* Google’s DeepMind makes an AI program that learns like a HUMAN by using old knowledge to solve new problems >>

* Do YOUR kids know what TV commercials are? 82% of children in ‘Netflix only’ homes confused by the concept >>
* Drift King Chris Forsberg Effortlessly Slides Up A Mountainside In California >>

* The ‘robo-hands’ that can be worn by surgeons to remotely control surgical tools INSIDE patients’ bodies >>
* Scientists can hack sensors in cars and phones with a $5 speaker >>
* SpaceX beats United Launch Alliance for GPS satellite launch >>

* Drift King Chris Forsberg Effortlessly Slides Up A Mountainside In California >>

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